Friday, December 2, 2011


Salutations, XXi-Incursion overlfowing into Bay Area San Francisco now after spelling swaths into pluegerism of terra-uplueger non-plague plague coded by anciens fulfilling specialty of dna-Insurgents pestilence Biblical is id-theft visciously then/now; black sun orbs still counted numbers into areas some days, today 104 fell overnight and 140,000 raided cities 833,666 of 900,000's new neighbor-list-coded: pronged-2/3-overlap. Blogs refer with sergents'/staff-sergents' lined with A.A. interested declared by author as military doctor official battlefield into other for new designation alcoholism an handicap code as required, into disorder-debilitation, as. Arts/thanks/how about below; scroll. To animals of sergents'/staff-sergents'. Gifts+books/promotional-blogs of by-CIA Amcn/Mexican paid free to topic or soldier/staff-of/send-to holidays; of f. Pres. Teddy Roosevelt's personal fund for gift to public all known qualify for, contact even missed non-invasive technology for i.d. known already about, nearly Dept. of State contacted to do; all credit card companies known give lowered by 1%-interest rate on lode card used for blog listing purchased of promotional-link:
* franklin:novel; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* zaruff:novel, zoo; by denver_jake
* dracula_2:novel; by Bram Stoker
* how_to_write_well; by James Clavell, kmwall
* devon_1:novel; KrisWall-Brown
* dressed_for_dinner:novelized, love,glam,1980s; by d. Joe Ekman, kmwall
* how_to_avoid_entrapment; by HM Queen ElizabethII
* sopa: famed sopa opera, on family, by Xchris, Alan Sands, kmwall
* 12_houses:novel; by George W. Bush
* huts:novelized; by jones_spd
* XO_bolts:novel; by USAF_joe
* XO_house:novel; by grant_un-
* pet_on_river:novel, wash; by mide_joe
* tornado_and_burro:novel, coloring gear; by Count Zorro (feline, famed) NASA, Father Dave
* no_more_mother_treasure:Mormon without kin Mother-1, by USMC ARTS/R(eligion); Govt's known all, kmwall
* forte':novel, loudly play, workbook, databook, Carnegie Hall, real CIA film, USMC Recon film; by teacher_unknown, kmwall; [to:drama;high-fiction, edu]
* done:novel; by mitch_mukuallaen
* joan:novel, of Arc; by Father John
* crum:novel, spite; by amy_ring, kmwall
* done:codebook Fashion, by doctors Stockton PD
* biblical_5:novel, how it was written humor, horror cafe, song included worry_on, jargon list in, look at kmwall O.E.S.; by monastery commissioned for
* cramiun:novel gift; brain surgery; by ray_vonce
* a_queen_of_Englad:underknown royalty and ancien trails, her drive/tour; by HM Queen ElizabethII, kmwall
* about_mouse_house:novel espionage; by kmall
* candle:moviemaking how-to [light:IV]
* rare_plants:insure; by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* all_good_wolves:NASA wolves, MI6, search and rescue, behave, train, retire, feed, care, invest, church for; by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* dressed_desserts:how to finish, attend one; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum
* santa_tails:novel; by don_deouaeaxn of denver_unit1Jamaica
* dawn:novel for girls aged 10; by kmwall
* vigorous_victorian:how she walked talked went everyplace; by grain_dde, kmwall
* ten_and_new_trend:as one in and more; by Georges Marciano
* fashion_51:novel, terror; by Anna Wintour, kmwall
* face:tale military v.p.; by kmwall
* dome':novella; by James Clavell, kmwall [to:dorm;noir2]
* travel_route_to:novelized, PDOfficers stalked; police-2 military solution; [personal ad:answer]
* umbrella_rose:novella; kmwall
* entitlement_ban:story after accused; by Sgt.StevenWall
* alum_bears_backyard_life:story/book, search and rescue, go to zoo; by Jim Ricks, kmwall
* world_book_of_fashion_fact:history trivial archival includes item from Lysa Sysombath; by kmwall
* salve:to save city; by dan_doc
* the_city:novel; big destruction of bootcamp first released public; by kmwall [to:Armageddon:onto]
* chestnuts:novel; Xmas romantic; by James Clavell, dan_dan
* sumr:novelized; pleothine film included, calendars, queen wars of intelligence; by kmwall
* on_wheels:novel; angel lore; by Kansas State Government, CANADA Special Forces
* bravado:novel; bi-gear-7-level included, by Nora Roberts, kmwall
* wessd_4_art:a-textbook; RAF benefit
* -an_angel_baby:novel; by Richard Marcinko, John Mayer, kmwall
* dressed_in_nines:novel series, id-theft, public places series, in New York parks; by NYPD
* samarosa:novel; escape from porno-illegalis; by James Clavell, Bob Mayer, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, Al Gore, kmwall
* living_dead:novel of, sorcery warfare, explain, CIA approved, gothic-xian trend; by tu-Tu', kmwall
* luxco:novel, prince of luck; below earth's crust myth; by kmwall
* generalissimo:novelized film included, X0 A.D., warfare, in 9 languages; by kmwall
* of_heraldry_and_any_god:Y we naughe; by Justin McCarthy RAF, Father Mike, kmwall
* food_slave_ring:novelized; by John Nesbitt
* princess_di_cut_her_hair_again:how; donated by herself, benefits military unit
* seance:novelization, Stockton-proper; by g_aplomb unit
* ten_soldiers:novelized, abuse top; by kkcourt FFL
* its_about_you_babe:BabeRuth, 1984, 2 A.D., B.C., Atlantis; by MA, vellum, kmwall
* i_jasmine:novel; by Jay Wall; perfect marraige
* denver_dank:textbook Fashion code; fasthion 1/11; by FBI Dir. Muehller,
Above mostly ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House or USAF/ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House.
Thanks: Waste management or Postal delivery helpful holidays extra response workers areas affected by Incursions listed blogs, extra support from promotional gifts going to them for Holiday bonus avoid your cost for, of Sayonara series, like; requests.
Art: Mine showing at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery 8x10watercolors 3-trees(cats) USD$440,001, orchidUSD$181,001 prices set by universities including: Stanford, UCSantaCruz, SUNY,+; 2nd buyer prices set higher for ideal new-2 GovernmentAuction site for safety trades(arts attacked).
NYC's new Art Center opens, Dr. Knox teaches topic cranky-fashion, by HSA. (*scroll:how-to*)
K.M.Wall, c.o.
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
of all Marine Corp. its USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
DEA-#101/+USSS-SS1 SEAL et al
p.s. write production level like military personnel over 21 years at 9 hours daily for 230+ days a year to sell to public as blog-now-promotionals; enjoy.