Friday, March 18, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Windows Washed

Salutations, the rainy weather follows an artful city's Saint Patrick's Day that still saw like its other fellow-affected cities by the Incursions I to XX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders raiding in now at least 90,000 even numbers of paramilitary armed attackers in home raids. There is a second attempting wave of attackers, think of the letter Y formations, of unknown but directly verbally attacking swaths of disgruntled-with-thee sanctimonious parsimonious inching-closer degrading attackers. Plenty of time to exercise your rights under the warfare acts declared daily in each city by executive orders, 8 in this city, alone, for worldwide, on view at the Police Stations' terminals and not able to be cancelled; and also for the through the 24th declaration of Federal Military Martial Law enacted worldwide by our FBI German affiliates and Russian Military. There are 180 million soldiers, foreign, additionally in this country alone to protect the status quo and homes and residents, and also familiar with the Arts, or Fashion-Art. In case you didn't know that so very many were trained on these subjects in our Military. Yesterday, I enjoyed a day of volunteering at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery and also attended the artist's reception at the University of the Pacific's Reynold's Gallery. William S. Rice, a resident in this area albeit after the Victorian Era who painted local scapes and with watercolor and woodcuts being displayed. After, I sipped a cup of Jaimaican blue coffee and worked further on the data for the Fed that is still needed urgently to locate missing workforces being searched and rescued and also to develop the rising by pushing it up hill economy in the directions genetically feasibly, as well as by selections. The cuneiform-UN language being accessed is the one being deciphered for the locations and the methods of doing business to help find the large groups, over half a million located again and in appropriate care returning to their fields of Fashion and Resort. Another business plan of the Ancients included as the #4 type of economy for this world a third or less of it being one of jewels and jewelery as currency. Interestingly, it works in many situations, including warfare, and was useful in redeeming many illegal foreclosures without harming those ignorant by not knowing the laws about military houses and locations required to remain held by the same military and persons from their lines continually. To protect the world in the established grids of response, among other reasons. Thanks to other military heads the rest of the data for the Fed has arrived despite their vacations and other calendar events, and of the cuneiform-UN of the already organized Fashion-Resort Economy (ours, again, being established off of the Fashion-1 of 3rd and 4th workforces and not all seven or including the Economy-2 enjoined necessary or the Resort economy needed). Alerted, now, already, are you the Good Readership of all known persons of backgrounds that include a birth certificate or baptismal certificate or similar legal records about the found groups certain they were military and involved in declaring warfare during ignorant moments against known leaders or prominent persons such as mayors, journalists, etc., even today. They, the threateners illegalis, it turns out, were in incomplete and improper boot camps, partially correct in data, and then veering them off into wrong camps. Wrongful ethics and techniques were taught, and please read on to determine how to get them into boot camp again as you the Good Readership have been completing on the U.S. Congress and other governments over the past eight years, now a-ready. The said Congress paying out in immediacy in person the over USD$30Million per apprehension or body bag of Incursion I to Any invaders and raiders; meet your congressmember personally for the payout if you'd like. At official offices, not during breaktimes posted.

If, having found a "Lunch Hour Close" sign posted, and a person within who accepted you or one you know into an official recruiter for the Armed Services/Forces office during that time, you are to go back to boot camp for actual training, not the imposterism one of the lunch hour invader. No systems are up and running during the closed hours posted, unless a State of Emergency or Federal one such as underway, with details on how to check on such as at the Police Station and then verification through the regular Judicial System for stamps then, and other tracking data in technology form, nowadays, if necessary to be completed in task before that posted hour was up. A proper recruitment should be about 4 hours long, wiht a return trip to some office of official signage known looked up at a Library or similar where documentation prepared in entirety that designates even your shoe size and sock color and pay grade insigniaed all over it or something similarly noted to designate your class group at the boot camp. Etc. Not under half an hour, certainly. And if your intent was to go into the actual Military, the return boot camp is fully paid for with no job loss possible for attending and an ethics exam will be taken, first. The Good Readership and therefore general populace are ready and able to help. These matters are not light hearted at all, as especially dire situations are being corrected now and recently such as finding and closing five faux Guantanamoes. Done work, and good work to all who participated. Other ways to know if you need to know if you need to go back to boot camp and haven't been contacted yet, knowing that all the military are attending continual and continuing bootcamp training any day any place as needed. For anything. That would be such as USMC Reconnaissance (Recon) that were mistaught terms for intelligence work (spying) once only for behind enemy lines. All USMC are Recconnaissance, now, all therefore trained already in intelligence work within and without any country border. As a glass house was once not for novels or other public dictionary making party jargon before, and had meant in the 007 decades a house covered by full-time surveillance to protect the dweller, even if absent, by hidden cameras particularly favored (glass being on the cameras, relating to the glass house term, as it seemed as though all the walls of the house were not solid due to the amount of surveillance). Not four walls or nearly so altered in houses to actually be glass by some demands of military, and those who were told to put up overly coded glass walled houses have turned in the lists for analysis of why they weren't while in Top Secret security clearances as required for most Silicon Valley or technology jobs in design into implementation or marketing have been.... Go, now, and get your actual boot camp done, then. As the glass house term for protected persons during security clearance (and all soldiers have a security clearance) included things such as you've read on this blog of soldiers or USSS or similar law enforcement being able to enter a premise so protected in order to remove for instance a black widow across the baby's crib. Anytime, any day. Any is the type of warfare training you should have received by now over 8 years, just so that I've stopped being the only person trained worldwide on it as a form of warfare on this actual planet.

Back to jewelery and economies that like it. For a hiatus. A coalition, or two, is invited to form up if it will help those in this profession. One by USN-USMC and of Jewelers and Resort. Two by USAF and see Notes: Alone A Head of, head to, Tu-tu Clan of, USSF (not USSS who had a said named file but were known to decorate it with kings in tutus for ballet season, albeit).

Autonomoes and the official actions from all heads of state are in pincer-moves to close about each needed sector illegalis targetted by miscreants or those they lead into forays. Even still calling them games. High crimes of automatic treason convictions and the morgue lists do list for no charge the persons often not surprisingly found on them from this gathering military statistic that cities' affected do not deserve.

Verving back to last night's social function on the holiday, I was pleased to learn that Stanford University's personnel were also taking time to view the show, and gabbing about their ability to help students get more than one degree per year. They notified me, to my glee of a small moment, that I'm the first to be going for four degrees in one year in their scholastic programs. Since I touted the NASA funding DVD and/or training available demonstrating the typical astronaut technique of tactical approaches to be able to get 4 or even 8 degrees of education per annum. Astronaut Alan offered to teach this subject. Remember that if you are working with the military or governments or otherwise to deter Incursions in any and the affected cities by, then you likely qualify for up to 30 or 40 degree grants fully paying (except spending money) from mostly the families of victims who'd put aside the school grants intended for their own children, left incapacitated by the home invasions and homeland invader raids as so coded. Joy not being the moment in the gratitude to them, over 80 million already in one case with 40 million children still alive after attacks: see Santa Barbara Police's case and of the USSS case 103/4, or just ask where they've moved it. Over 80 years of case work now available against the Incursions dna-Insurgent miscreant led attacking into Resort and Fashion gene pools, but not only.

A thought from the USMC ARTS/Religions for definition: art decor is to interior decor as fine and decorative art is to commercial-vogue. If you have more definitions for making quizzes into games for work for pay projects, please send them to the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:Fashion, or ask for the list from it for work for pay in many to any area, including Fashion, Arts.

USAF, fashion director