Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Official Incursion XI Alert to 18:81 80K Cats &Moon

Salutations, this site is glad again to give you data on the newly attacked cats by poisons of spray to bottle of 80,000 even number needing cleaning of eyes and orofices and possible organ transplant again free from NASA, as a homeland invasion correctly coded by HSA and all Governments dna-Insurgent styled using military garb and gear tactic. The apparent exhtortion was a method and available as motive to Law Enforcement, and others also targetted illegalis. Fashion the Economy-Industry is beginning to function again as are the preparations of the Resort Economy as the Incursions are battled away into new letters formed again viewable from space. The rumors of sudden moonbase shutdowns and slave colonies floating above the planet are as rampant as others of no-truth as one I heard of myself being supposedly in print of being a strippers, which I've never been, of course, being USSS guarded 24/7 and with security clearances requiring not even dancing, always being ensured around me and others alike. The same big view to small pettiness is typical prostitution madame now pegged again in Los Angeles County as whereabouts of attempts to reformulate a station of even though Law Enforcement and with Military assisting in that city of same name were able to close down and implode the prostitution underground tunnels and apperature. Mostly incest cult attempts, also, but no known cult. And attempting to drug illegalis anyone in the public to claim entrance to their houses, so watch your pouches and pocketbooks, and more than proverbially. The attempts to run dry cash at drop points to delivery points is a great amount of effort unusual to normal populaces so that there is a sudden shock sometimes of the sudden awareness by a victim of what took a long time and machination in planning by perpetrators on the road to do so for a very long time in the Incursions. Differing from petty crimes and ones of opportunity. Confirmend from the USMC ARTS/R is that no cult is attacking or ancient religion renamed Mormonism as some assailants claimed today, once again. The faux cops attacks, though, are still adding up to the awaited 844,000 to match the list of 8 known categories of 844,000 typed attackers by job-categorization that you've seen listed on this site before and in special funding for pre-war, into ware and wear for these times. No alarm need be had though at an authority figure being impersonated illegalis as the USMC Reconnaissance surveillance everyplace requested by prior White House Administration gives instantaneous confirmation to 100% dna still at any Police Station or Court House with print outs, and into the judges chambers or courtrooms for instant calling up of any date and time and place and other data including the existence of the "one" and only person at any given place and time. Into search and rescue again of the most likely places for people by their existence number to their avocations by coordinates on the instant hand held gear of Police, Fire Officials and Rangers and also many Military Units. Including officials you'll see on foot and answering calls of intrusions officially such as House of Representatives and Senate and Administration, taking the Incursion XI as others personally. Although the raids of the White House have gone down to nearly half daily from 67 per day attempts to take over this country by that door and gravel route. More on this day's raid topics, as the countries of Sweden and Switzerland and Tanzania and Zimbabwe and Canada Special Forces check in also and South Africa later today confirming better states happening now and more reinforcements of military arriving both ways to guard neighborhoods most regularly; and Mexico reaccepting for deportations to convict in person their own major amounts of perpetrators again similar to about 13 months ago in Incursion styles. Poisons that are mild are still being detected about places such as in local air qualities or business water sites or other beverages so that the FDA lists of its guarding still up in public places is instantly accessible; symptons of mild exposure include up to huddling and reflexes to cover heart or genitalia of a sudden. To over reaching. More of today's interests below.

The seismic ozone hole readings of energy affecting nerve centers and the electricity in the Fashion Resort Economy fields plus now daily of FED useage are good data for business sectors and workforces to find out. The ozone has a once unexpected effect on the electricity of the nerve networks used to on this earth a range of 1 to 10, ideally, up to -21 to 24+ occasionally, and now for many days on astronomical calendars plotted over 100 more. So that today's 181 is very high to a point of 'normal' if even a momentary hallucination. Similar to the other day's blog of Incursion proportion of reaction to soldiers learning they were being affected by many thoughts of worst fears of types of attacks, handled. But to the everyday person, there is no urgency in my opinion as a military psychiatrist engaged by CA Psychological Operations for such a task. But do realize that some unusual heat sensations may occur someplaces on the body including of jewelry or regalia, etc., measureable. Sitting in a shade spot will alleviate. The extra activity of the body's electricity is unreported in from the medical community still other the the Army School of Medicine, which also has again the deageing dietary recommendations for the 10% of the populace's support that didn't receive it with the list of wear from the USMC last year. Military installations at cafes will again be glad to hand out the list of recommendations for, either or both, or direct you to the Police Station of a nearby court house which ever has time for us. Most of the military installations set up of a sudden are still in tact worldwide at the cafes and bar-restaraunts fully functioning with mobile medical facilities for any attacked including animals in a military style or approach, no cost for it, but a possible wait for the surgeon to arrive. Or waiting in place.

The ARTS this past weekend saw more direct visits from many in the USMC in particular, as I did at the local galleries, Tidewater and Elsie May Goodwin Gallery. I have others on my list to visit, soon. Today, though, I'm working on color code charts and Fashion sector items with data on the worldwide trends hoped for. The type that will employ others in groups or individuals to some countries. The finishing school codes are being noted and added in by many, for information. The color groups of awaited missing workforces' trends are going again all the way back to the proverbial times of Creation stories, including the charts from Garden of Eden. Noted are the heraldic influenced colorings and codes of styles from royal courts avoided by tribal that were meant to deter affection being automatic about them. The basis of using but not wearing for fashion paramilitary-/courtier-attire, although most fashion-codes are not about making one loveable or endearing, but about the other things going on in the world around the time and place. More workforces are being formed up by the USAF AirForce1 Office's: Project Fashion One, 'formed up' being the military term of getting onto the parade field in uniform and in formation to march in cadence and prepare for pagaentry to the music and bugle-form, with flags held and waved in synch.

Thank you again Good Readership for making this blog site the top one worldwide in ratings, after it went over expectedly on a regular timing to CNN's blogger(s) as happens a couple times a year, or so. The next groupwide activity that is of historic interest the USMC ARTS/R is inviting for participation for worldwide understanding of Ancients and their connection with religions and trend-focus has to do with another llenten. Recurring twice in a year happened every few decades and required no more than voluntarily abstaining from a chosen substance, purposefully saving towards something. Reminding of the international and local financial planners who were on television shows, too, such as the David Bach with his site referred to on my earlier blogs with thoughts of how to save with something changed in the same lifestyle. The saving concepts being good ones, and more on this in a next blog, as it related to the cyles of ancient business trends and travels of stargazers.

Take care, and thank you for visiting at this official site of the Military on Costume, history of and PhD referential of History, of costume.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), Project Literature