Thursday, February 16, 2012


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* glare_bi:text Fashion; by denver_unit trim
* gourrex_vau:text Fashion; by denver_unit tim
* dressed_a_rose:novel; by cancel_qcue, Bob Lily
* brown_n_ken:novel; by jacqueauvnsxjoque, kmwall
* orange_a_day:novel; by Nick Nolte
* gory_gore:novelesque; by John Nesbitt
* pare_bear_vue:book pad; by California State bear made Abracus
* whiteen_leon:novel; by Cardinal Count Theo, Dave Barry, kmwall
* done_right:book; by Justice Department, Gene Wohl
* -un:music; by Procul Harem
* im_drafted_too:by joe
* flock:novel North Iraq with song almost_like by doctor of entertainment James Ricks and sogno doves by Rick Post; by dom
* sailor_man:novel; by James Clavell, kmwall
* maiden_song:novel new bomb Sir Tan and by him; inside song vague_vulgar_vague:by Distrubed, Gwen Stefani
*riven:novel NASA; by kmwall
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
minister Ministry of Fashion and FFL member and officiator in SAS also knight of Columbus
USAF director fashion/art designer and RAF+ NASA
omc All Marine Corp its USMC ARTS/R as co-head
ARMY(any/ finance also USSF special-op personnel NASA
NAVY(any/ literature its project also USNSEALs as unit_one
commanding officer any