Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Incursions IX to XX Official Alerts and

Salutations, Good Readership, I hope you are doing better through each alert officially about the Incursions IX underway of dna-Insurgents coded homeland invading as miscreant attackers in homes and businesses, non-reenactment warfare declared against them by every head of state and by all executive orders of ability to do so on view at each Police Station, still attacking workforces of Fashion and Resort inclusive of Housing and Resort. The USAF Air Force One Office's: Project Fashion One is asking again for any ufo artwork you may be able to send to any air base to assist in the prevention of attacks work going on, also underway. The workforces of mostly children or teens deserted by deaths in families of violent attacks by miscreants have been put into their similar groupings to be raised in businesses of Fashion and Resort as they've expressed the wish for. There are still more search and rescue animals to foster, now in compounds of good care but not the same as homes that are paid for in basic living expenses for the families and the animals' care, of course. Please register with the foster programs at Utah's Humane Society. There are Federal grants already to cover most fostering shortages that would occur that could prevent some families from donating their time and effort. These heroic animals are being revived and medically cared for after they've spent days in tunnels guarding children from Jane Doe traced origins, the children being placed already in adoptions. Of the 2,000 USSS cats doing the search and rescue and guarding there were over 1,000 left for dead in the tunnels, after their rush to guard the girls and preceding the rescue teams. All are revived medically now, and returning to work, but some need only short fostering while in casts, etc., for those able to volunteer. You may also contact your USSS desk at any Police Station for more details.

The inventions of the past are meeting the present as the USMC ARTS/Religions is hiring for projects those with historic agility and maneuverability among the ARTS profession, so that personnel can be freed up to do other life-saving critical jobs upon the Military schedules, now. Work is for pay, and some already listed at the lists you know from the Police Station's courtesy to help all of you find the jobs you'd like in your career focus that are needed to be done that the Military doesn't have time to do. Yes, this means some career Arts profession jobs are now to be had from the USMC ARTS/Religions.

The interest that is growing in the 2012 non-religion discovered of Chichen Itza's culture dominating known texts and documentation in Western histories. Some of that culture's confused if decipherable overlap of cultural influence includes what you've learned on this blog and elsewhere in the secretive work schedules at night time useful in caravan times to add extra products to the saleable offerings. By morning. The difference in Mayan lands at the time of the Conquistadores interactions was that over-night money made was dedicated to fun, not living expenses or investments. In other places in European regions the extra night of work was to empower to invest without depleting the usual resources. Not into saving, for its own sake, overall. The ability to save was a Roman Times philosophy recorded for its obviousness but not explained in Bibles since it was common knowledge. Still going on then was the 4-month lenten, not quite a Lent, but of its origins, just as many religions interacting developed the people who developed the ideas of how to organize and run the later Church. The lenten was for saving costs of extravagant foods which entailed often forays into the allowed areas of wilderness to hunt or graze from the lands and to await monies arriving or to not spend money on hand. The saved amounts was considered self-effacing prestigious and for the use on vacations, themselves a prestigious experience.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, project literature
Army (any), finance
USSS-USSF-SS1, USN-SS2, USSS badge reactivated
*at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery, Stockton, CA, a watercolor asking USD$1Million LeTempsFuit:TimeFlies