Thursday, January 27, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts Arthurian Metallurgy and Call for Coaches

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are able to both accept and reject today as the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invasion attacks upon homes took the latest but expected twist of fate twining legendary with the actual explainable but with metal of the past superior in battles above ground and martial arts wins. The militaries are being trained with extra hand-to-hand combat for the ancient and winning styles of martial arts from the King Arthur Court times, expected with the sorcery level of attacks promised in the 98 years of warfare declared upon all countries defined by our American president as this duration. The Navy are all to report in for expert and added hand-to-hand combat methodology counter-motion and movement order moves of martial arts capability, for battle in homes against martial arts trained superior of the past and ancient eras now upon us. Those of Army methods of hand-to-hand may be frontal upon approach for deterring by throwing, and more. The USMC is in the lead, but this is a move upon the open fields of wavering battles after an enemy declared has become one with their own formation approaching. Because we are defending, you and yours may await or descend into the underground housing that resembles yours in your affected city, or for training. The metals of the hand held weapons of the dna-Insurgents were extracted from Germanic and Ninja superior kilns of the past, known and unbendable and unbreakable but of unusual forging so that they overheat and can be immersed into a wall or cement, think stone with sword. The metal weapon cools right then and can't be used in the battle. Later, some of the astronauts or other weapons experts of swordsmanship level can demonstrate the actual Arthurian Court sorcery sword weapons that don't look like a sword at all, until utilized in the appointed manner, rather reminiscent of Machiavellian. A call is out for sports coaches or team building coaches at all levels so that they may assist today and on paying schedules to train masses from underground who followed orders to stop battling us above and to fight our wars for us. These new recruits lived underground taken from bloodlines along the way, horrifically in unusually technology useage manners for the families involved. The recruits, though, will be in coliseums underground training in stations going between boot camp and sports camp training. Their finest wish is to become martial arts sports teams and work and compete alongside the regular sports world martial arts teams. Due to their dignifies ethical behavior, their request to train and compete in regular sports is to happen. The coliseums were built by runaway teens some time ago who wished to be part of our above ground world, but watching below and learning by emulation of what they espied by cameras placed about cities. Solved, the coliseums are sound as the brainy children used diagrams and supplies like the militaries they watched building tunnels near people they liked. Thank you for participating in this specialized level of training, both ways. Both sides. Thank you to the law enforcement who at strange hours today assisted the worldwide CIA to especially secure the nations. Commendable. Also, to all the worldwide judges who did so, together, despite time zone differences. More below on this day, already.

A Catholic bishop descended underground to help the situation above and lead the dna-Insurgents that were sporting upon all above to awaiting help. These para-teams were able to follow orders. Respect authority know. And, they stood by to watch a competition between our military and theirs devised to have the winner of a hand to hand combat with their weapons against our unarmed determine their fate. The phone companies are to be congratulated for this fast thinking on their proverbial toes for leading the threatening leaders to homes of military assigned to handle raids upon civilian areas or zoos, which they knew of, instead of trying to handle the faced down threats all alone. Smart thinking can always win. The phones in most affected cities are still being handled by the military quadrant system in play. Thank you for your patience and for your regular calling trees on the phones guaranteed kept open or provided.

Another round of applause goes out to extraordinary groups noticed of the running military units, the hundreds of marathoners who arrived to run ten mile circuits about the affected cities, and the 40 million 'commoners' who arrived by primordial divine deliverance plans (proto-heraldry, think House of Commons, Boston Commons, and where else you've noted commonwealth terms for those settled who were cared for by the royalty as they will say for centuries). This city has enough underground terrain prepared for their indefinite stay to guard and battle. Take your time with this all, for they arrived to assist your phenomenal regular militaries already stationed about in their own group bloodline formations historical that always complement and don't interfere with the military movements. Their uniforms are very reflective of ours, and they are receiving their pay disbursements from any USSS office from any police station, anytime. After the horrific statistics of the repeated crime waves identical to past cases of astronomical numbers, tolerance is not the matter at hand.

More of our animals are needing extra befriending after search and rescue today who have worked faithfully beside us in the military and law enforcement. Even these amazing animals are weary and need heartening. They need to be walked for pleasure, have a ball tossed for fun, a tug of war for no reason, or other temporary fixes for their lives. Volunteering is easy from the USArmy Animal Caring Unit, Husbandry Control or Animal Doctoring Units, any of. The Humane Society will take calls, but transfer for us. Hs'LadyLove awakened her naval ship and myself as they contacted me last night under her sudden cover of darkness approach to come rescue in this city with her mate, Count Zorro and Doctor Baldr. Watching in the military live viewers as she jumped overboard and led the way in a determined swim was her stubbornly successful feat. Strong determination lets a cat swim and win. Dr. Baldr is good with water, and Count Zorro has never shirked any of his supreme tomcat tasks, and likes his new fur donated. Thank your own animals today, if you're able.

The USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne is still receiving successfully its daily contest entries for dinner suit that reflect uniforms of history; men's are now to be included. $40, and $50 each contest, respectively, from the grantors. Please submit your own fashion designs regularly, at any quantity until asked otherwise. A letter of recognition of participation goes with all of this.

What do you know of the historic saint, and of Saint Francis of Assisi in particular? There was an unusual underground following of this saint that was undecided whether to help or hinder the affected cities. They like the new saints, well enough, and would like to participate more in the likening behaviors. Historical data of the timelines and world around this saint would be something those who can lecture or teach can be hired for now. See the lists at the police station of unlimited work from the military, not once only projects or leaf-blowing of the past wars (the professional landscapers requested the latter type). Costume history will be meaningful. Trade zones. Business in monasteries. Details, such as how many dishes were washed per day, and such details.

Trees in California are being discussed, and their history so that if you are a ranger or a group of the, please consider the open project from the military USMC ARTS to help with determining data that is historical and needed to anchor other research about. Such as when terraforming was redone by tribes five thousand years ago (details from the military available) and also factoids such as the yew tree being selected to restart soiled areas, although other trees were considered the first trees such as certain firs, simply because it was taken for granted everyone would recall how to use yews to reterraform desecrated or degraded lands. Other early tribal and military plans are available that describe the business sectors to work from, as agreed to by every tribe.

It is a gray day, and I've been working on artwork and military meetings scheduled today. I, being the commanding officer worldwide for any such Incursions by dna-Insurgents attacking at any level or over any timeline continually, am pleased to see all of you who arrive at meetings. You comprehend now that warfare training is not for fun sports games, as battle training that protects the real world is quite helpful to comprehend is actual and not festive. Up to a hundred battles a day underground protecting cities affected is the normal count for now, and eighty was expected. Thanks for helping with manual details such as putting together shoe kits for the soldiers in the tunnels and other citizens helping, as one tunnel altercation will ruin one pair of shoes, each time. The military is providing the shoes. And other full restoration as detailed by U.S. Congress. Volunteering for the mundane will be appreciated in the long run.

Taking time to read another book this week, I selected a romantic story called Secret Surrender by Lisa Dawn MacDonald ISBN#160154006x. I'm also knitting a border for a dark green mottled uniform. The topics highly popular almost to the point of wearying the lecturers we have for you from the military for funding and no-cost educational purpose have included the most attended being the first uniforms dyed by hot lava rocks. Something similar to tye dye but in various lava colored hues. I'm glad you're fascinated as I am, and the lecturers will be returning after a time or rest and recreation.

If you are working with the Special Forces at any time from history in bloodlines, please report in also, as the pay disbursements will be coming from the information at the USSS offices at police stations of clergy offices. Work immediate. Up to sixty percent of the populace may become employed from the warfare funded coded trust funds of Congressional supplementing but of private ilk, mine included. To the worldwide clergy, there will be next month the Mayan 2012 fascination data you are most likely to need to move through Incursion VIII of dna-Insurgent attacks and for crowd management to crowd control handling. The details selected will be available from the USMC Religions and also for the annexed social orders. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head
USN, project literature
USArmy, finance

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Incursion VIII Alert and Resorting It and Fashion Tribe

Hello to everyone, I wish to thank all of you good readership and the law enforcement you've contacted for patiently working with the worldwide military for this present Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invasion by mostly MPD-unfriendly to paranoid schizophrenic attackers in duos and attempting to enter cities affected boundaries armed and on attack plans of letter shapes again. Those arriving by the expense covered transportation have United Artists (UA) to thank, and the animals arriving in regular seating areas as K-9 and guide dogs are able to thank MI1 for their effort. Also, Hawaii's ever present FBI SWAT and others that worked to lift for now the quarantines for the military and homeland defense animals needed for the ultra-warfare that includes tunnel apertures and small areas of indeterminable terrain such as strangely corrugated metals where small children or strange laboratory creations await. Trackers of the declared enemy underground of the Incursion VIII that have been arising to the surface by homes attacked used as rendezvous points are in pairs and act as legendary styled fallopian tube children raised to believe they are supra-human soldiers, ala Trojan Horse (White Horse Campaign times). More directly.

The judges today are on a day off of unusual cases that were running overtime and now are able to discuss with city residents what is underway as they take shifts in the various military installations that are cafes. For awhile. This morning merely ten hotel rooms were still vacant but after the housing provided by the USMC and Sacramento HUD office listings for regular and intermittent soldiers working with the USN SS and incoming Ninja and of course the USMC. In our city we are dignified by NATO linked command officers and others similar that are guiding into battle or protection routes and other similar battleground work including by desktops; especially ten percent of the State of California which our Governor is assisting with meeting. This ten percent are already trained for ultra-warfare at home, from anywhere. U.S. Congress today is paying out in cash or any form currency determinable USD$860,000 per apprehended or deceased dna-Insurgent or ilk of attacker or raider upon our affected cities. The payments are usually within minutes and the USSF personnel are today handling the currency transfer and deposits including courier work for those assisting our cities affected by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders. Hundreds of marathoners and runners are welcomed into the City of Stoctkon today who are now in patrol routes in provided paramilitary ultra-light (feather weight) gear, also delivering parcels (think baton races) and food and water to those who are at the perimeters of the cities and counties holding back the invaders. The typical raiding parties are from dna-Insurgent ill-bred stock of prostitution brothel origin by intention to attack cities listed on their plans written and taken away from them in hundred year intervals. Locust, they are not. Many a discussion on trained insects though are at ready today for funding for the medical and assisting communities, again about eleven trained insects that in the field of battle or otherwise perform surgical healing procedures on attack victims, mainly soldiers, including repairing the body, stitching with webs, and others. They are fascinating, and have been in specialized use. There are other synthetic means of nearly instant repair of the body tissue available for demonstration that will help attacked victims including our soldiers of today and future modern times become healed whole completely within one minute, two hours or four days, depending upon the method selected. This is the real Military, and the science and technology is very real, and now in the public view somewhat. More below.

Telephone lines quadranted are starting to be restructured in a repair status for the homes in the City of Stockton by the military guided directive, as the ten thousand illegal(is) switching-boxes that rerouted times four (fourty thousand affected residences being attacked) their victims-intended. These illegal phone switching boxes were of Army notice and detected in their circa time of 1980s. Used primarily by reenactor-illegalis levels of kiddie porno and prostitution illegalis to the point of massacre of children as discussed yesterday. The ones described on this blog site yesterday of one million little girls aged seven to eleven arrived in the City of Stockton jurisdiction range and under military transport that intercepted to their benefit the arriving law enforcement and officials of delivering the casework victims. Thank you to all who are volunteering to work for this case by medically diagnosing and determining causal death proceedings and medical records data to describe family or country of origin. Mexico's officials are in the city, and Spain and Haiti also have top government officials present to assist. Your kindness in the sensitivities of this case from the Santa Barbara, California police files is appreciated. The last time the phone switching boxes were used and against a mapped public sector was then, during that case's timeline.

The USN will also be out and about today various places including cafes or else contact the police departments about the sudden and new seeming opportunity for root-name origin-dna of bloodlines that were organized in round one of Earth's considered creation time that met in tribal type settings for seven years of mutual meetings but these selected now are from the fashion bloodlines. These root names will be discussed, about 20,000 have been contacted and more may be expected to the 30,000 established and still in existence in the business of Fashion in networks of communications and that also tend to work with councils and churches that do regular monitoring of things for the world of fashion including livelihood guarantees of participants. The engineering and technology world has prefabricated virtual reality level living and display areas and working quarters for these business professionals in a regularly guarded forever mode of doing business. The official tribal status will be called Fashion Tribe in various languages, simplicity at stake, and the value is that of regular Native American reservation levels and funds and protections of, and landed opportunities including one-year stays to utilize the benefits of the fashion tribe reservation that can range from rustic to ultra-futuristic, for work.

Expected soon are arriving relief forces from fashionably sounded out similarity such as Seville and Saville Row, soon, developed into temporary groupings of paramilitary units of special-operations quote and capability, formed like a deputized level of special-operations units to explain terminology. If you are of this mind set to be working for Incursion VIII's homeland invasion by dna-Insurgents by fashion coded or encoded groupings, please let your chain of command know or your Armed Forces recruiter at their regular office of signage. Certain uniform alteration is possible by the many tailors and seamstresses picking up these one-time assignments from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion One (UN).

Today, I'm researching the Victorian Era around this county and have to express appreciation for the localized for the time being literary communities and business persons for looking up certain details for me. While I was otherwise engaged. Interest in encampments and historic towns lately has mostly been of the ghost hunting level for the mass market audiences, but of hobby level. Their buying habits are training us in the military to observe that their changes to more than one book or movie per week is a new understanding. Many books lauded in history are flying off the market due to overbuying. This is fine.

Historic details in entertainment will be discussed more on this blog as it is still and from now on a PhD referential site for historic costuming and also an official site of the military worldwide. Thank you for being a good readership and supporting its use in a structure of notification for the best known communications systems now in place to alert, and record in historical annals. Because many of you have requested more information on my personal life and as it goes along, I'm pleased to share that today the country of Spain signed me on for some special work in exchange for them purchasing the cost of another degree for me. This type of work exchange is quite a benefit for many employers and I've welcomed this in the past, including small or large private firms that often find more tax cut benefit and such by helping employees that they can plan ahead with. I'll share more about other escapades noted and questioned friendly style by people I work with all along such as questions of, Where did that leaf on your shoe from Bolivia come from? And other tales that are not as tall as I am, really. The other request granted by the military will be physically accurate details of my own physical appearance to stop the abetting of identity thieves bluffing in error those gullible by lack of knowledge. Others may also do so that work with us in the military and who assist the affected cities attacked by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents homeland invading.

Thank you for reading.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, co-head ARTS
USN, literature
US ARMY, finance

Friday, January 21, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Resorting it Short

Hello to everyone and I hope you are able to consider assisting the affected cities beseiged by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders, today from Mexico and not expected to return according to the Mexican government for being 'non-citizens-now' as non-entities. The travel industry and airlines included are having their extra unused seats taken for this use of instant resort level travel to paramilitary affected zones for those volunteering or calling up their unusual fort-styled forces of social clubs of long standing or remembering on records and books for immediate identification such as rotary clubs and old athletic clubs and gun clubs and noted scholastic or gaming clubs, and similar, so that the travel cost is covered for you the good readership with apt courage now by a police station organized and accessible 'municipal 0' fund (the 0 looks like a cross is through it or had a partial one, formed by a military keyboard; clear is the code used). Thank you, in advance. Reasonably, the two Stockton resident militias went this week to the worst affected cities, with the blessing of the locals, to help the populace unnamed except in law enforcement and military case work for the moment of all teenaged and now younger girls being raped in that locale in ritualized militarily styled attacks. Upon homes or family-promoting environments, where the detriment was intended psychologically as well; this has to do with why one hundred percent of the teens are being afforded on a music industry person's grant to the governments the pay for bootcamp training or also called training camp for the real militaries. The city of Stockton and others are besieged in a manner that the phone systems are down purposely as the military and Offices of Emergency Services prepared by testing for in public a few years ago, and each household and person is equipped with one phone, mobile, for now. The number of days ahead are to be disclosed another time. Those arriving on their own already are being afforded the same as those requested today, and who have responded by dna-responsiveness that being their bloodlines of worth in good behavior or who have training to handle the very bad. An old Santa Barbara Police Department case is reopened (all but the military involved are deceased) with one million murdered girls at a time, foreign abductees, and now linked to an Oregon Police case delivered to our Military in Stockton for handling; also a million deceased, same modus operandi. There are more than three million others arriving, and an undisclosed police department is bringing another of these -- a million -- bodies of the young girls all mutilated in attempts to do special effects for film that are not fake and then sold for prostitution illegalis to the death of the victim. Some of the survivors are expected to need housing and handling by mental health care experts and child protection units and charities, as for each historic million dead on this case, one million escaped by the help of the deceased. Your own children have been learning apt self-defense skills in the schools, of late. Note that money is the motivation, and the victims families of this Incursion VIIIattacks upon us all by dna-Insurgent homeland invaders level all had school monies set aside for these children. Many underground persons found means to set these fundings up, also, despite remaining technically homeless. Most of these victim's casework will also be residing in their countries of origin, so as not to overly affect any area's crime rates where detrimental, but providing income-level case work for those avaialable, per or each occasion from. More on this below.

The soldiers who were found in private armies underground stopping homeland raids have been accepted into regular militaries this weekend, after detection that they were living in cavelike tunnels. Using the most ancient language (see the linguistics:occultims and its linked degrees from Stanford University, and others), these soldiers are able to teach it as the form of cipher being used by attackers of the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland raiding parties. These soldiers speak the local dialects smoothly but are otherwise illiterate of it, only knowing the oldest ancient cuneiform written language which is technically perfect for any military or new and forming government or business world. There are job reqs open for those who can teach the local languages: writing of and reading of. Other lingual jobs today include sorting obvious misstyled word useage such as the word "Punjab" being replaced illegally with "putah": the first being from a stylized military formation from the Raman ancient war cultures being accessed from Indic (India's) history, and CIA level data is needed and to be distributed of."Putah" is a colloquialized term for prostitute, but there are also waterways a short while away with the same name, and other Gold Rush Era catches. Technical writers are also sought today for job reqs for this Incursion VIII detailing or short-list conceptual work, from concept to technical-detail: think of the short and small-sized lists of helpful hints that arrive with computers or technical products that are in addition to training manuals and included are those for law enforcement and also military. See the Police Station lists from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne.

Military housing arrayed in protection alignments for the countries are usually the first arriving in a newly terraformed area, historically. Most of these locations were illegalis targetted by the dna-Insurgents. The lifestyles of the Victorian Era settlements and including those in this areas Gold Country from the Gold Rush Era are of the historic three-day party circuit grouping. Being discussed in the funding level and also extra coursework level immediate training at fashionand technical schools near you, the three day parties included the technologies of modern daily useage that were thought to be merely for party entertainments. Lighting by batteries from Egypt's ancient culture for an example were simply not considered yet for anything but the Versailles-styled cocktail party type function. Modern gadgets belie the fact that our ancestors ever thought that way, even in the Industrial Revolution, most noted by food and clothing manufacturing and weaponry improvements.

Phone systems in your areas go down in preference for the dominant unhackable military equipment that ensures there are exacting and reliable systems functioning. The other system employed today are also of job req level of runners of courage. The hundred mile runners of the Tarahuamara Tribe that you've heard of here before, the marathoners such as would be running the same races as military paramilitary and special-ops units now out and around the cities, running. There are wildlife imitating patterns of formation being utilized by some groupings of persons approaching the affected cities by attackers of the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders. These wildlife patterns are observed to be non-harmful and have not been firing upon our affected cities, and on the same perimiter patterns outlined originally by USSF for the USMC's MI1 wolf dogs and wolves (trained K-9 level, and able to follow any K-9 command, also, if found separated from units). The counties of the wildlife formation patterns provide an unwritten communication and attempt to being recognized at the command levels. These are a human barrier unspoken against what is detected on USMC Reconnaissance to be arriving in various endpoints. The President of the United States of America you'll recall used a library here to show a new and selected special-ops unit how he analyzed the nine-years-away future attackers detected formed up underground self-devised out of their own laboratories. They declared warfare upon the surface planet for no political or country boundary claims, but of a reincarnation threat. Armed, and deadly, though. Meanwhile, the Incursions VIII and upward in count will be the ones of pre-destination arrivals of these dna-Insurgents intentionally misbreeding. Again, the Vatican's library stored definitions and textual data on 'miscreants' is appropriate levels of reference and study about for this third time in Earth's history of this type of dna-Insurgent worldwide takeover attempt.

The homes of music industry persons of technical compatibility in business and or instrumentations are also reported in as under attacks by Incursion VIII. Please report in through your networks, and the USMC wolves being airdropped to protect your computer systems and your household are to be cared for by our military at our cost; reimbursements on the way from the USSS office of any Police Station. Historic attacks similiar to those today were what caused Iberian music industries of the Middle Ages to hide in alleyway black-tie level events, particularly during the Dark Ages, so must lineal music industry families are equipped with known escape routes and military directions of how to report and handle today's attacks upon their own.

Fashion department of schools are sorting out observations by assigning military uniforms out in the open once thought to be fashion as homework assignments now. These are fine assignments, and can be done with the military in mind a couple of times now and then, as they acknowledge topics such as shabby-drabs being noted skyrocketing with fashion ladder climbers in this business field, as opposed to rockstar video glamor or past decades of changeovers in Fashion, and others that can be discussed. Some of the USAF fashion directors of the past are available by request for these online and group interviews by technical methods such as SKYPE or its type, and please excuse the spelling errors in the practical rush today. For those needing a quick opportunity. The Dark Nineties (90s) is one such topic by a famed person who'll be glad to be introduced to you as the surprise lecturer online or in virtual or recorded format, live. Thank you for signing up for this duo of no-cost and funding level for those making charitable contributions today to the defense of their own church organization areas.

The paramilitary cats in our worldwide militaries and our law enforcement are dropping in numbers due to age and its attrition even as they achieve superb levels in battles underground against homeland invaders and neighborhood raiders. One cat will drop an attacker and kill them in 90 seconds and under now, with the military training. Coming to you. These abilities are in addition to the search and rescue training of how they lead livestock, wildlife and people (especially children) to safety. And, lead the rescuers to them. The trained cats took many years to perfect in training skills, as the military animal handlers learned more about them. The shorter training schedules now is the benefit. These cats, such as Count Zorro the tomcat and his mate Hs'LadyLove are over seventeen years old, and some of their kittens are now dying of old age. Other USSS cats that babysit the new litters are over thirty years of age, and well and fine. There is no exacting age for a military cat to survive until, and so homes to foster new litters from our laboratories partially funded by a Federal grant are being sought. Please contact your local military offices, in England those In Her Majesty's Service and abroad at any CIA expressed office or location, and also your local animal control or especially the worldwide Humane Society for this specialized project. All care and food for the animals involved are provided. If you have extra room for Count Zorro the tomcat's other affiliates such as his special-ops units goats and donkeys and horses and some hybrids, please also mention it. Goats, for example, are terrific at keeping up a lawn for a suddenly busy household, and are able to help Count Zorro in his workload with our militaries and police departments. Their care is also provided for by our military and can be accessed through the Humane Society level contact.

Opera and other highly skilled vocalists in the City of Stockton at now the largest conservatory of music worldwide (and the oldest in California) have often had fire damage from a local incident with toxic smoke some time ago. The military will offer a one time medical treatment for any hazarded performance on your schedule to alleviate the smoke affect.

Thank you all.

Sartorially yours,
commanding officer

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Primordial to Victorian Root Jobs

Hello to everyone, and I hope that you are handling your own directly contacting alerts soon if not already about Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders attempting to take over industry sectors to residential groupings of areas and those falling prey also include being from famed games such as scrabble wins by all numbers. That type of data is helpful with the profilers analyzing for the Military the actual crime waves threatened by those in groups of ten times some number. I am pleased though already at the massive cooperation in the Incursion VIII affected cities as the residents went quickly to their awaiting lookalike underground cellar levels prepared by the Military in cooperation directly with their municipalities' Office of Emergency Services from their city council level. Some data came to help us with providing the same level of services as job openings to bloodline groups of applicants whose heritage level pride help with courage in the affected cities, including unique and extra levels of postal delivery work or protections of if there is a link to the Victorian or other historic postal deliverers. The Police Stations will be glad to print out the lists of jobs and short-term projects, including the others needing less immediate but quick response to resize patterns for businesses in the clothing manufacturing line of work for the 60 percent of American women now with an average waistline of 23 inches, and holding. They are not weight conscious but are budget conscious, so the Military has no need to provide extra medical care to them outside their own regularly required ones from us or through their own providers. Thank you to the law officers retired who have been found by us to be assisting on their own merit in underground tunnels many groups of deserted children in various stages of growth to adult hood. And the other law enforcement who are letting us do our job in the cities well focused on Arts, its subcomponents and detection of its elements such as the newest of fashion-direction (with new job openings starting in this field). The others who are helping us on last moments notice, though unhappy to be interrupted (noted) who are in truth supporting those they put into local offices to show gratitude are arriving on the front line of attacks in the affected cities. Some of the other casework handed back to the police officers in particular are still being done with the thousands of perpetrators unique and repeating, but the USSS office at your police stations will be able to extract the data you need from the cases being worked.

Art direction is one area that the USMC has paid much attention to, and it is being noted especially with gratitude back to the military for the artwork and textbooks keeping up with the newest two year deadlines. The head of the USAF was observed by many to have fulfilled his own 8-year contract to write a textbook early, within 8 months to get back to work on forming up specialized units now. The latest new direction of fashion-direction is more akin to art direction for higher education than to fashion trends work, and the USAF's paramilitary special-ops units hiring at ten per day is also going to be working with those of you who sign up for the fashion-direction jobs. The units to be expecting to work closely with are the USAF's fashion art special-ops unit, and the USSF art fashion special-ops units. The ability to work with Viet Nam era personnel is required in the art fashion unit levels of interaction.

Today is a gloomy day overall for the city skies around here, and I'm pleased to be able to take my charcoal and sketch book for a short walk, combining my walking patrol today. Several of the military and sherriff's department K-9 wolves are about on patrols, too, as you the general populace took to them well in lauding their appearance with the USMC a few years ago, you'll recall. These wolves are trained by the USMC and military and K-9 handlers and use the same signals, but their nasal cavities are able to determine different scents, wherever K-9 dogs are confused by organ donations or illegal transfers of them. Remember that over 90% of the dna after an organ transfer temporarily acts upon the body like scar tissue accelerated healing and the scents are now known to be also those dominating from the dna of the organ donor, confusing in search and rescue or other pursuit. The wildlife in use in the military choosing to work with us are of different dna strands, and this extra ability to differentiate is useful in the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent attacked cities. To help out with all of this effort, University of San Francisco(USF) and WWF are doing some special funding and training for continuing education units transferrable (CEUs plus) with training on wildlife militarily handled and as working animals. These animals seek out soldiers (perhaps by scent) when in trouble such as homes destroyed and take food from hands, anyhow. One of our signals.

With the above in mind, I won a contest with other soldiers yesterday of live sketching of the bobcat guarding my house and playing with my knee cap on live Reconnaissance and winning his first portraiture, with my police and fire department cats you know. The rest of their friendly lookalike teams that are used to hiding by blending into the environments is explained in the courses being offered for funding. The other animals to be introduced will the special-ops units of historic heraldically listed birds such as crows and others of ancient religious memory and logging in lore. Their recorded success mission data is exacting and they are good with the human and household pet populaces, as are the other birds in training again such as the hunting hawks, and more. The reptilian and insect special-ops units are also being discussed, including the rattle snakes that carry cameras and equipment to explore and return, and the insects with miniature equipement that are already accustomed to laboratories, and similar, that have been working with the USSS for some time. Thank you for supporting these funding events.

Education paid for is a recent high interest of those arriving to help us and of being able to guarantee their continual help within the affected cities by Incursion VIII of dna-Insurgent raids and homeland invasion. Reenactors illegalis are now aligning themselves in a sudden awareness and change of heart and getting away from the illegal underground and home invasion level torture shows they were participating in witting or unwitting on the Internet and via phone companies (recall that these companies help us investigate and front-line stop said). There are training seminars to show these new types of arrivals how to get the types of higher educations outside the regular grant systems from the governments that may be depleted, and how to get the degrees as soon as possible. Ridiculous amounts are being welcomed every place and everywhere now as keen and appropriate levels of interest in any profession.

Christina Skye's spy novel-type romances are on my today bedside reading along with others that are piled up. Noted, is the highly sensual details for the children to be reading with parent-types along. Mostly, twelve years old and older are these book markets and within this thirty-something readership geared level of story type.

Sartorially yours,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Protocol in Raid Aftermath No Game

Hello to everyone, and as this is yet another blog this week on the opening of the warfare declared status against Incursion VIII of the increased homeland invasion status raids by homeless behaving reenactors illegalis in mostly teens targetted yesterday. Teens were attacked in record numbers so that it is a military action now in play, and the President's standing state of emergency is for this long-term forseeable future of non-lawful raiders. Since the affected cities had reportedly from the FBI officially all teens nearly or actually attacked in homes or similar, familiar terrain. Some surgical repairs of the teens is underway at no cost from the Military that is from the mobile medical units and at the hospitals agreeing to work as military hospital status. By this morning, the highest amount of teens ever recorded are entering boot camp funded by the Congressionally funded funds privately held and monitored so as not to burden the country's current budgets on a status of being altered lower. The typical person now aiding the Incursion VIII homeland invaders of dna-Insurgents is doing two things wrong that after the President and his worldwide Office's mandate yesterday and still going on to remove from the militaries any disobeying a commanding officer of chain of command order or being disrepectful and their background be given to new soldiers recruited without backgrounds from underground caverns freed up and responding correctly to the military commands, including myself as the actual commanding officer. USMC ARTS was pleased to help protect and monitor during the series of raids of ten thousand at a time in affected cities the talent scouting star-raters. These talent monitoring persons have a job to decide who can be recruited for stardom jobs. The music industry had many people being rated yesterday and several local people and others in the military received a fair rating and also several work opportunities to record music or shape careers in the Arts and Entertainment. The streets were lined until after midnight in Stockton alone with standing room only teenagers in many places, particularly on the Miracle Mile. They are to be credited already for assisting to help the military in stopping raids on the city attempted. Underground are some tunnels with further houses and streets resembling the top built in order to allow for comfort and acclimationg while battle grounds in tunnels are declared by such as the ten thousand at a time homeless behaving or once having been known prostitutes in the penal system records. Mostly from San Diego, California and also Viet Nam underground and some other places. Grouped with paramilitary weapons for home raids. The music industry is reflecting the hardened strength of courage arising in most of the populace as it is requesting very strong metal music again. Pleasingly, your submissions of musical tracts will be able to be submitted to the USMC ARTS and also via a route through the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne. More below.

Some very many requests have come in for more personal data on myself, the blogger you've mostly read over the years. Today what is on my mind is the receipt of more fashion degrees of education; I promised in my job capacity as the USAF fashion director to obtain over a hundred degrees, after the requisite four in the field. Very little of my time other than recovering in relaxation and some sleep is the fact that I have had no time to attend church services at all in many months. I chatted with a USMC's family member a few days ago and she assured me that I had been to church with her that very morning; as I had not, that identity thief was apprehended today. Another interesting rumor that panned out in apprehending an identity theif impersonating me illegally since my own teens was caught trying to be married to a head of the French Foreign Legion in some presumed transfer of marraiges, or something she had masterminded for thirty years. She started with slipping into a cocktail party, and just this week the dna denying her attempt to appear on the Military records as his wife, when it would be illegal to list any mistress. As none are allowed in the military. Two identity theives this week caught, but both had altered all their appearances and backgrounds to perfect ones for their living lie, except for their hair. Since the Egyptian trend has ended with the abrupt cliffhanger that it does, and out with it was the fascination with hair, this was an interesting correlation in many cases. Later this morning, though, the typical identity theif is being cuaght out wiht stolen scalps or hair in some form or another. And there it is, more about myself and more to come. On the military records, and actual, I'm a widow status. No divorces, as none are allowed with my security level clearance or by my requisite prenuptial agreements. Remember that it is illegal permanently (and not meaning hair solutions or styles) to ever use my name or change anyone's name to mine and birth certificate attempts to put my name on a new arrival will also continue to be rejected.

Nosepicking is a sign of misled homeland raiders that is their known attempt to be able to cast curses, or such. Office of the vice president's office of occult services, to you now. There is a good amount of persons out and about helping some of the victims of mistaught occult attempts such as the nose picking with direct and one on one protocol lessons. I am pleased to recommend while this effort is happening that you the good readership be sending in your own lists to help us on short time tables. Normally, the Department of State employees that I work with in this capacity as a revisionist of protocol have time and grace to travel. This will all keep them very busy. Please consider a common courtesy of sending us at this office two of your own echelon or royal household or social club protocols. Etiquette tips for our changing times are welcome, if brief, such as at the table.

Yesterday the President met with some of my soldiers that arrived to report in for duty and about very future actions that he viewed in the USMC Reconnaissance holding this and all countries in security and safety continual. You may request to view it yourself and see just what is underground and is ahead in years to come arising to the surface that declared warfare against all countries and peoples. Rumors were abounding that are false that our president is a woman and not male, which of course is false. He is quite the gender of male and no one is to follow anyone's orders attempting to say that they are from a secretly female president. My own security clearance level you have learned long ago is always above the heads of state offices and continually so. I don't negotiate, or have any remorse (not to be misconstrued for being rueful) or relenting (required by USSS). These are some character traits known to be on the dna strands in various combinations; see yesterday's blog.

A travelling dignitary often resident in affected cities recommended yesterday some reading material, and on the classics list is Vanity Fair. I hope to find it and catch up on this missed book, and I hope you'll enjoy these follow-ons.

Remember that no one can assess anyone in the public (including inside buildings where the public can go) for medical conditions or presumed traumas. There is a lot of case work being gathered also for the reasons undetermined in profiling for why childrens doses of medicines being given to them from a public sector level such as the Justice Departments or Military's resources are being stolen. They're also being used to dope the child's other family members in false assignments to deliver by ruse or without knowledge these medicines not for them. The homeless marchers again are taking credit for it, but since they lie perpetually any how on recordings and records and for nefarious purpose, they don't get to be closed cases.

Remember not to fall for the idea that reenacting in public is allowed as it is extortioners and embezzlers and trespassers, and murderers no longer penalizing affected city's crime rates. You the good readership know about that already, having been contacted as over fifty million of you per minute have been reading this blog. Via the several servers from the military that are shielding you and are all that the actual hackers ever runs into (or views). I am working on a novel today, a declared day off by the Military for me, and hopefully I'll get more grand plotpoint ideas. You are all to be thanked for supporting the privately funded and congressionally funded directly bootcamp training and training camp education underway in your own areas. Parents of the children attending are accepting well the instructions on how to awake or alert a now lethal and self-defense oriented child, for example. And I know you will all feel safer soon, and stop worrying like many in public eateries and dining establishments that they only have a year to live past the Incursions I to VIII affects, anyhow, and so they may as well help them for a while. Don't fall prey to the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents actual propoganda. Take good care, remember to read a good book soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Wanted Techo Arts in Fashion

Hello to everyone, and thank you to all of you good readership helping to transition out the prior Incursions I to VII alerted officially here and on the other military sites by seargents and on international news networks by judges and the government. If you contacted the RAF for training the Military levels of your horses, the office handling the funds for paying their trainers for you are at the Justice Department in this country. There, ask for the royalty-military fund which is funded to handle my working with them and now for the search and rescue effort training. Alerted for today of the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents raiding homeland invasion is the intake of the sought ten thousand masterminds accounted for and mostly reforming into work loads from an attempted King Arthur's court round table. In their wake are yesterday 21 entire armies from self-trained levels of ultra-professional warfare capability and disciplined behavior including in the public sector and locations. They are obeying my commanding officer orders and the surface and therefore worldwide military directives, as the real soldiers that they are. Others are also scouting and coming into today from where once trapped underground and which have trained by co-developing technologies at a pace familiar to Science with the above ground technical developments. There is a call for scientists and technologists and technocrats and artisans who are familiar with working with this level or who are willing to work beside acclimated and adjusted cults and religions to compensate for the later expected and perhaps unfriendly to attacking other underground armies arising. Please sign up at the USAF Air Force One Office contact data or any Police Station. You may print this email if you are the SS or SA or other applicants still arriving within the expected scope to work with the USSF autonomous plan linked to USN (worldwide Navies) and in the present USMC lead to USN link, still. The housing will be explained and it is at museum quality level and similar, and can be permanent if requested if your application arrived already, and similar. The SS affiliates underground are not the same as the Aryan social club level raids in neighborhoods that just was put down by the self-appointed charity level assisted privatized units of mentally retarded persons who succeeded. The Knights of Columbus and other charities are being utilized in funding and needing refunding as is happening in the Accountancy, Armies worldwide. And the other funding from the gift items online and elsewhere that you purchased by the Holiday Season. Teenagers are reporting in today an exceptionally high number of assaults upon their persons by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent attackers; please supply with discretion their case data for the Military and specialized group therapy in social settings (cafe ilk popularity level) by their school principal's offices, at ready; the Justice Department also. The home invasions being also organized by the Incursion VIII attackers dna-Insurgent level or designed are preying on the fact that no known historical or present military are commanding-omniscient, but have been fabled before to have been by expert knowledge of warfare types, and also similar in experience are those of expertise in protecting the public sector accused of not being psychic enough to be paranormally helpful. Hope is a term the attackers through about lightly and cruelly, as none of the present world (politic campaigns aside) are organized structurally around the ideal of hope. Other dna-strand items of detail are interesting and being put into use, including in the above mentioned need for workers who can comprehend the coming attacks on the public detected that are at dna or molecular level. Powers of ten, again, or divisibles of them, but also other number sequences of the numerical approaches. Counting downward or upward between any number and nine plus a number, or inverted or inversed or astronomically appropriated as in the galaxy attacks of the recent weeks. Heraldry into chaos mathematics or fractal patterns that immitate artwork. No seeming connection perhaps to yesterdays oddball cruel attacks upon the public and animals of 70,000 persons with snippets of dog nostril organs inserted for a brief and confusing over-stimulated sensory experience used to lure public sector victims to participate in falsely evolving into something else to go homeless underground, as spies illegalis. Read on about the monastic security level work. Thank you to the heads of police departments and their commands yesterday for impromptu and perhaps confusing immediate meetings to help them develop plans to assist at the gang like crime level attack plans foisted on the public by the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents, detected. And to city council members in their Office of Emergency Services level demand.

USMC ARTS has detected further interesting data, sparked by the notation of oxblood red being the first temple decor shades, for thought pattering, more red and with it can be patterened or bordered black for art direction. Those following it into scholastic learning phases of the mind. Akin to Gothic spires and high ceilings for higher thought. Similar to the time frames in history are insect artwork, perhaps more can be sent by the public to the USMC ARTS, any military base address or location. The insect level of artwork indicated even preheraldry and pre-stick-art (walking stick weapons level martial arts battle training for public civil places, think Irish walking sticks) is pertinent. The insect was part of military symbol and its medical technical know how. AMA and others of medical training are reviewing this early data from the Military, which is fascinating and applicable now. Insects used in surgeries as living helpers now; soon will be plants used to sustain humans and war animals acting as living life support systems. More below from the USSS on.

The fact that the worldwide Egyptian trend in Fashion and lifestyles explained at CIA Factbook level and embraced by the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion includes the reminder that bracelet cuffs were the Egyptian currency daily handed out to be spent at markets and as entry fees to guards at gates. The crowd management level is mapped and catalogued, and so now is the interest in the scarab used in the currency level as monetary symbol only until some Middle Ages or later heraldry attempts merely money symbology. The scarab resembles an early insect though from the era discussed above, that did become military paramilitary symbology, and with light and shadow added. There are great big or very small artwork pieces usually such as flags visible in battle or caravans. These later became skirts on formal gowns made for dancing or just for revelry in primordial musical trend areas that respected them such as Granada. You'll recall some earlier blogs about.

Monasteries and levels like them have been discovered, often underground before or while temple building construction was underway, in history, have also had the immediate attention of the Military.

USN Project:Literature is asking for authors to apply to work in novel manuscript levels assigned as science fiction, Westerns (Victorian) or mysteries. Also, linguists willing to explain for literary styled textbook level insertions and lessons about ancient and primordial linguistics such as useful to comprehend dna-Insurgents attacking in public seemingly with quiet dignity but use ommission of letters from words that in the historical times saved space and cost. The ability to comprehend the sometimes even helpful concern terminology from attackers in public intending to harm while disarming is the focus, but strict literary, liturgical or scholastic level project work is needed to be handled today.

Guard post and guarding work is needed for immediately with monastic and security level or similar levels of comprehension, and I hope you'll apply to the local security companies such as the Pinkerton brands and through the Police Stations. The ability to tolerate the often cold environment where monks are urgently decoding frozen settings with often the remaining evidence of those who left out the data explained for our modern translators is of the type of courage required. The typical banking level or courier truck bonded level guarding is also appropriate. Some extra insurance bonding will take place. Relief of those who ran to help the monks by guarding them is the motive for the requisitioning.

Thank you, the good general public, for your concern on personal items yesterday and for today please volunteer your knowledge on Babylonia, Avalon, and Aragon, historically to the Military. ]

Sartorially yours,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alerts of Incursion VIII Raids Official and Condolence

Hello to everyone and as full permanent warfare code is "on' (full and any status warfare worldwide is on, domestically and in civilian terrain, permanently) I hope as I think of you the general public and write this blog of official alerts of the beginning homeland raiding invasion by dna-Insurgents called Incursion VIII that you are recognizing your preparedness for it, as recognized by the Military worldwide. The reality is that over 80 Incursions called homeland raids by dna-Insurgents operating in lethal and illegalis swathes upon the public terrain in reenactment attempts of duping and crime tactics in addition to automatic weapons level extortions and trespassing of homes of victims by the number ten times some other number is present. The sadness upon us all today that I thank you for your sympathy cards arriving at Travis AFB, the Department of State and perhaps later at Moffett AFB or affiliates for the loss of the retired now MKelley as a numbered-bloackman callsign (all USNavy Seals may be known by a numbered version of the same callsign that is official nomenclature worldwide even along with the official assigned symbols), and also for the loss of my nine personal friends by torture home invasions who worked with me in several fields including USSS work, all matters pertaining to the royalty. The other loss of a friend JCastle in the USMC is awaiting the possible engagement to a suitable royal including or excluding myself as he'd stated was also noted, despite mixups that stated he and I were wed a year ago, but since no weddings overlap, there may not be any considered file or name mixups. Apprehended today and stopped for high treason by the Military was one and certain Cristina-Marie claiming in error (a lie, of course) that she was both a military and a royalty but she would not have been Princess Cristina-Marie, of course. No one in royalty for your pertinent information may actually use the name like another in the military or royalty with titulature that is like anothers. No two may be undetermined, for those who follow the entertainment and royalty magazines, for example. The heads of the countries worldwide wish you to know of their support of our President today as he enacted his power in office to permanently declare that no soldier may defy a commanding officer or deny warfare orders or efforts (although the warfare-effort you've learned is from the research prior to war times and after advanced casework by a law enforcement officer as has occurred) without losing their lives and identities to then be used officially by the USMarshall's for the direct assistance by superior then officers or soldiers to conduct their once public or military business at hand. The president is serious and I support him in this decision, also. The US Congress also enacted on its quick system for doing so that it is also supporting him and myself and others in leadership for this Incursion series process called warfare declared at all and any levels. You'll recall they did the same thing that you can look up that is also for the omitting from any investigations or otherwise my own sex life, as it is clear to you the good readership is not of purpose to military or law enforcement or otherwise. The reasons for the perfected security backgrounds had by the time a commanding officer is brought into official power include the ability to assess for all time their ability to remain clear and ethical in decisions and lifestyle. Truly the lifestyle is unable to be able to be had any other way. When I met with the practical joker who instigated the now working privately including for my own interests with projects and such with agencies the commanding officer of the ship you saw on the news who caused the errant filmage, the filmer accepted leniancy and is now helping stop similar crimes in his new work. The analogy realis is that of my own personal knowledge and recruitment of the past where counterfeiters (known to USSS whose main work is actually mostly financial matters) is of hiring convicted counterfeiters to work with the governments to then design counterfeit free currency. This has all happened. Not to be confused with misassumed 'forgive me' modes by attackers of the Incursion I to VII by dna-Insurgents in small comfort to the families that are affected. A unique new cannonized person is helping with this for the soldiers for those of you needing belief bolstering now, an Alejandro GRO, that you may request assistance with via your regular saintly contact levels or USSF. By email, or such is fine in any style of email to any AFB, for now. The filtering systems are working quite fine for this all, now. Remember that there are no practical jokes allowed in the Military, again. Commanding officer direct and standing orders, prosecutable as Congress declared, also. Disprespect in any form to the commanding officer, ever, myself, means instant removal from the military in rank or actual status employed as until treason conviction. It is very serious and never allowed to disobey or challenge any C.O., ever. Read more below for the concerns of the attacked nations from Incursions VIII by dna-Insurgents now underway.

The USAF Fashion has many jobs for now that may be accessed at the Police Stations to which we are eternally grateful for their assitance to the general populace requesting our paying work assignments. Pattern resizing is among them as being recognized in the immediate need for all companies in fashion addressing the results of CIA-filed studies stating the American and European women already reported in their loss of 60 pounds and who are now at average 23-inch waistlines, F- or G-cup bustlines and their own female body type hip and leg structures. The reasons for the extra thinness is not sympathy for models, who stay often at that body structure, but rather due to skipping meals to save for family needs. This is sad, but addressable as the economies become more stable and begin to rise, but for now as the USAF's Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion One has delivered up to the 8th clothing outfit to each person in America alone.

Dogs nasal skin parts have many olfactory nerves that live and have tissues they touch respond up to 24 hours after those attacked find a snippet of the skin in their nostril. The brain temporarily responds and extra-smells to the point of reacting to sudden mysterious illegal phone calls from Charlies Angels' types of persons illegally telling the victim to smell something for them and report it (spy). The actual legal owner behind all the fabulous Charlies Angels movies and show episodes happens to be unknown to the public and a regular Military boot camp trainer, and who knows what the difference is between this reeneactment level of attacks victimizing the public are about, versus his real work in the militaries. No one in the militaries or spy agencies worldwide would ever do the unethical thing of surprising a public with dog skin in the noses and telling them they're instant spies. The ultra glamor of it all is part of the illegalis lure threatening any civil or other area of business or living or defense of homeland and strucures from part of what is called ultra-warfare. Why in one of the many reasons the presidents warfare declared and state of emergency standing for attacks upon business sectors, homes in defineable sections militarily and other individuals such as dog skin spy recruitments.

The USMC Arts is piggybacking with the RAF animal trainers who are recruiting trainable animals for the military purpose of defending your own homeland neighborhoods and properties, with free training of your own animals which will continue to be housed by you. Please accept this gift to the public if you may.

The other work available suddenly is in tracking paperwork from many places that require CPA style tracing and numbers analysis. Please also check these, as tax season is taking precedence for many good workers whom the Military would like to allow to conduct their private sector business on time rather than require them to work for us as is legal and preceding.

Be sure to read up to yesterday's blog with the news of the Mormon community's entanglements in ancestry with brothels on records of their dna ancestry's involvements there instead of showing up for their work place assignments by massive quantities of their numbers. Those who contacted with repayment plans for their ancestors who reneged on passage to America and then for the contractual work assignments as beekeepers were accepted repayment plans. Their spokespersons were able to negotiate for them in the required level as their brothel interactions of dna pasts has mostly spurred on the underground raiding misbreeding in the scores to one ratio of the surface of our planet of legal residences. Incursions are illegal.

There is no occasions where adventurism will be acceptable in the public and the adventure deluded miscreant led participants are even to be removed from royal households permanently or any other level if caught, and not in any games they declare. There are no occasions where they may be reenacting outside a battlefield of the past as 501c3 level nonprofit, with police guarding paid by cash visible in uniforms only; never in resident housing or other such failed attempts and this has been the case since the warfare on declarations.

Take good care, and I'll be blogging with you again on this official military site and PhD referential blog site. I have received more degrees today granted (scheduled, etc.) that were the target of some attacks upon the public and couriers today, and so thank you to those who fully cooperated to get them to me, and others. No one may use another's degrees in any form, for good reason. I'm glad of your help as a good readership and for making this the top rated blog again worldwide.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer all worldwide militaries
USMC ARTS co-head
USAF fashion director
USN Project Literature

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Primordial Thrones and Incursions IV to VII Alerts

Hello to everyone, and although Incursion VIII is detected by the Military-known (the real militaries as you would find walking into any signage Armed Forces recruitment office, for example) there is another round of illegalis (warfare automatically declared even as the filing of paperwork and Congressional acts, such as, happen for that deficit of peacetimes, et al.), realize that all who claim accounts against any military personnel past present or future of incest, bestiality or even into the other claims of unlawfulness are having executive order 43489 permanently declaring them to be executed as an act of warfare continuing, as the countries of the world declared. Wrongful of them including especially the Mormon communities is their ability to have gone back to following en masse unlawful hookers illegalis again this morning also apprehended and for destroying a lawful royal court legal Native American Tribe in the acts proscribed by their bee-brothel ancestors. No reenactment in the public or outside the police cordoned zones of 501c3s is ever allowed again. Do not mistake any one for military or other legal leadership or law enforcement without verifying their identifications. No one is allowed to claim alive goddesses now and claim to have therefore a right (which never existed) to raid cities or trespass in the name of adventure or otherwise. Remember that as was announced on the real news networks and from the DOD and the President's office and this official military site that there is no instance where your thoughts (electrical impulses, all) are not recorded and immediately at the courthouses and elsewhere. My executive orders are enacted daily, for said and such purposes. The primordial thrones of stone are the first ones and the tribes having these first legal and overriding priorities in the worldwide laws (akin to Shari'a types laws or maritime, etc.) get you the readership new to comprehend what the rest already have. The lack of ability to think clearly to a proper end result is the result of following the illegal goddess cults claiming to be reenacting only while embezzling and recruiting the bitter from particularly Mormonism, for now. Forty million and more just attempted overnight to raid the cities of the affected by Incursions IV to VII and the USMC and its affiliates were there on the sidewalks and traversing the pavements to protect the neighborhoods. Along with the police and other law enforcement who came to assist with and pick up the case work of the details relevant. Remember that your thoughts will convict you, as predicted in your 110 legal bibles being turned inside out for various purposes at play by Incursions IV to VII. Only ten have been turned into adventurism attacks against the affected cities. The Mormon Church in all its legal names and said of is required to pay for the protecting of the cities affected by the Incursions underway by dna-Insurgents for allowing baptisms of these militaries building up against the surface of the planet while underground. And, also for harboring a convicted of high treason group of women as false secret and supposed prophetesses using the name "Jo" or "Joe" and the man whose identity they stole to do so has been extracted from their grips. No one other than the listed publicly leadership of their church and myself and other USMC religion heads are allowed to give their church any supposed or enactuated prophecies or instructions. For destroying a tribal royal court that fled partly to Alaska under the Aleut later groupings, the Mormon settlers and their descendants enacted an automatus set of laws allowing for the full protections of these Peoples (not surname called by). The actual tribe is not extinct by has handed in their tribal regalia to the Military in the proper and systematized procedure (see U.S. Department of State files from Office of Protocol) to request from the military the eugenics program participation for their tribal leadership deceased by assasinations-illegalis. More below on why the bee community level heraldic-nearly beekeepers who joined the early Mormon church are misthinking on again on their royal court involvements (nearly involved) from those times.

The bees were needing keeping in America, from their African origin. The royal courts of Europe were aligned with a most ancient tribe called Aluaca (or nearly the spelling translatable) that is pronounced nearly as OW-OO-Ka. Their royal court in transit was settling into Europe in the Victorian era, a process that takes decades and also signed agreements and over seven years of training for applicants to work with royal courts even as their beekeepers. A majority-missed of the early Mormon settlers were supposed to have turned up for their job in America paid for in transit and other pre-income as beekeepers for a respectful level of work on contract. They would've earned then the right to join the evolving European royal courts as courtiers (people who work for royal courts, with or without titulature). The missing benefit to employers of that time will be reimbursed by a legal system in play; just as the stagecoach robberies were fully reeimbursed and refunded to the descendants of the soldiers that had their pay robbed from stagecoaches. A bit of work that the military accomplished with law enforcement and others. Because the actual Mormon Church was enjoined to all worldwide churches and religions permanently through and as the USMC Religion, one worldwide religion by Military need recognized by all governments to run permanently all religions was already done, as you noted on the blog and other legal notations. Without fanfare, it took several years. Those most afraid of this process were able to handle participating in the most direct running of the worldwide religion which gathered all into one, if and as they are recognized as legal. Annexation forms and lists are available to the groups raiding that halt only as they follow the Law from now on and also participate in refunding to the discussed tribe(s) their losses from the Ancestry. Similar even without the enacting of my and other executive orders permanetly (no game of reenactment, don't mistake it for one, or short timelines based upon brothel timelines)... The ability to comprehend lawfulness and why are basic to humanity and survival. The next steps for Mormons coming through the shock that their main body of ancestors were beekeepers who had paid for secret passage across to America and then which ran off from the new job owing and starting up brothels under a fake guise of a false versions of Jewish styled systems will be explained by their clergy, at the asking of. Some seminars are being provided with the extra learning needed to comprehend basic laws overriding any they thought would allow them illegalis behaviors, courtesy of certain known persons of celebrity or fame or respect in their community. A bit like choosing from a course for traffic school options, but only decided upon this morning, after last night's raids on cities. The cities' crime rates are not part of these military homeland invasions by Mormon baptised invaders of dna-Insurgents. Choose well from the courses and find out if as a Mormon involved in correcting these errors against a tribe held hostage in one form or another by their ancestry and its illegal system a royal court of interest can be joined in the end of the proper and actual training. There is a number of good teachers from the House of Windsor available from the USSS office at your local Police Station, and these courses are also available to the general populace. A donor of significant means (wealth) has donated much of the other non-Mormon public's training for these matters of illegalis. The rights of the Tribe set up at the beginning of what is considered the Garden of Eden times by these Christ-endeared religions are understandable once explained. If you've missed this level in bootcamp training or in other schooling. More below on the success of the Scottish Clans and their bloodlines with training from Mormons, separated already for up to a year from the Mormon communities for intensive training underway, and excepted, yet, from the need to amend (ala Concentration Camps of Germany level, and precedents preceded abhorration laws of the ancients taking hold, and more -- see California Psychological Operations Moffett AFB data for the public on). Most Mormons being handled in the repay by effort and learn a way type training programs underway for the ancestral extermination attempts of a previous and legal living existing tribe are going to go into a psychological help mode for their own minds called vexation, in mental health Vedic medical treatment levels. The Justice Department level employees working to assist with their concerns and learning steps are to know this.

The questions of where the first knitting came from arose and led into the research to track down an overly silent tribe of this discussion on today's blog. Knits are part of the bootcamp training, and so are also considered part of this historic data PhD referential site that I'm pleased to scribe, here. The ability of my bootcamp instructors to also make this site permanently even if in record=form only an everliving' military official site is also something I've thanked them for publicly. The knitting was first done as the royalty that were also the military came out of living in trees to avoid cinders worldwide still embroiling the planet surface. Chaos was descriptive and also the name ascribed to the process of repairing even magically or miraculously seeming. How this happened and more of it will be coming from the White House assignment that I accepted to notate in a published form for brief sale, later on. For now, such details need to be known in the public. The knitting of items in the trees including overly dyed plant materials (think of organics in knitting such as hemp, and others) was recorded and observed correctly as the first interior decor. Later, knit items were the first medal-oriented rewards. Clothing was of barks, feathers, plants, and other things that grew in trees. The overwork ascribed to these ancient textile grand-widths earned great appreciation. Still traceable today are the 'fishers of men' that literally fish for royal kingdoms or in ancestrally agreed to assignments in places determined such as Irish coastlines are also historically assigned to tat, weave table cloths, and other items of beauty. Usually in the last part of the day. The first parts of the days were for the royal tribe or kingdoms groupwide care. I hope you'll enjoy some of these details, and imagining how in the world (to over use an euphemism) these plants of great regard in the first garden kingdoms in our present world history were later superseded by the animal wools. Although the plant fibers knit with were oversaturated (or, subsequently drained), meaning overly colorful to be seen well, the first woolens were the natural color, only. There are some viewings of the first robes of royal courts that were mentioned as to be available from certain police stations if they are up to the accommodating of these requests. The first robing was not glamorous but functional for cold and night time hiding. The next ones were well embellished with jewels, already akin to later royal courts noted for their roughened fabrics and their large and encrusted jewels.

The time for my blogging in these typically difficult but truthful topics is up for today, and I'll look forward to blogging with you more soon. The topics of Versailles link to the Mormonism baptized raiders attempts and their church signals unknown to them from inception via a Versailled uncomprehended linkage will be up soon. It is my enjoyment to discuss this most elaborate of royal courts that at one time entirely or nearly so was interested in Fashion, the business. Take good care. And remember to attend your tribal legalis dominant law and abiding seminars, splendidly or not.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USMC ARTS, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project:Literature

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alerts of Incursions IV to VII and Primordial Fashionable

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are about all as good readership have been able to read up to the last blog as the official alerts about the dangers of Incursions IV to VII of dna-Insurgents raiding worldwide and underway are stated anew. Incursion VI may be closing soon, but not soon enough for those who need time off from it all. My own mandatory vacation days (to utilize the ones on the calender) are coming along just fine, but mainly in a focus as I read and do more artwork. The raids in affected cities are going down in number reaching their end target within the houses or work places or automobiles of the victims, which will allow for more productivity and reaching of goals in these cities. Please keep reading below.

Remember that the ruse of the Incursions by dna-Insurgents is that of reenacting, as the lure and ploy that they actually think we will believe. The daily paperwork for part of this type of warfare has opened up many legal profession types of work load projects including searching for names, divorces, and other ploys against those unwitting or unwilling to change their names or get divorces or sell property to those caught removing it from properties, en masse. Please check with the Army finance. The USMC ARTS is also pleased to be looking for more attractive artwork in weapons in history and of angels, any kind. Both relate to the upcoming Incursions VII on forth. The President of our country would like to see the Incursions shortened to three years or so, which would require a great amount of public cooperation, maybe probable, but the ability to do so is going to be up to you, the People. The reasons have to do with the fact that even more years of warfare have been declared by dna-Insurgents, so it might take zone after zone to nullify their attack effect. There is a good announcement in the underground layers going on in a new form of lifestyle available to those who are willing to assist many who were trapped in strangely monitored underground layers imitating the surface of the planet. I just traversed in the last few days those reported by a law officer of his report of up to 100 underground layers looking just like the City of Stockton. I also viewed a 101th, started. Why would this all be built? I don't have an answer for you yet, but some soldiers sought along with others thought to have disappeared including retired law enforcement who answered pleas for help or assistance underground are amazingly fine and well. But, some have been gone from our surface life after being trapped without a way back to the surface for two or more years. The Military has a way for those of you in the public to work with these layers and acclimate those underground, and who have been defending the surface from rising dna-Insurgents. More below.

If you have an ability to volunteer or work for the Military to do this type of acclimation then please be ready for some astronaut style training. G-force machinery needs to be built quickly so that the under-surface working crews being requested from you the good readership can get you ready for the disorientation of rising and sinking between layers of living levels honed out and now structurally approved. Fast is going to be the experience, and things such as soft street tar and immediately drying paint will be demonstrated so that you are not disoriented. There are tens of thousands to one per over hundred layer, and they have some animals that need care including wildlife birds caught up that need feed. Rivers and waterways are running through, and the experience of being in the underground layers are not unpleasant and can be anticipated as a good additional lifestyle element for many of you. There will be more listed job projects work like this listed at the Police Stations and the NSA is in charge of the element of survival training courses including the building of the training equipment. How to handle the wildlife will be assisted by zoo personnel and perhaps your favorite local or worldwide animal charity can be attracted to the budget for working with us all, cooperatively.

The underground under city layers are considered available to those who can sign up to do the longer-term or deadline sensitive projects with us in the Military as public sector assignments in ARTS, Fashion, Literature, and Finance. There is for example one under city underground layer that had a good time explaining to me that while they were trapped and watching the surface street levels from periscope types of monitors that they were working jazz musical compositions and other works of art, and music, together. Although their layer of earth was stocked with food supplies, they even had a corner store of alcohol and libations, they were beginning to wonder. The music reflects a sense of wonderment, and other things you may soon hear in our worldwide musical scores. I don't know that tours are in proper effect, just now, as the living situations were just analyzed, but you're welcome to propose economic and economical methods to the cities affected by the Incursions I to VIII plus of dna-Insurgents and to these 900K cities listed by the Police Departments. As handed over to the Military, officially.

Another disorienting but entertaining moment on this blog now is an official request to send in your ghost stories, or anomalies such, in any form, to the USAF Armory and or NASA special-operations unit novelle8 or its other names of novelle 9 or novelle10, or Army Little Girl unit of, et al. Very quietly is how your stories and tips will be handled. Any operator can assist you, or the regular numbers for these regular places of contact. Some reports are also appropriate for reporting through the law enforcement which carries numbers of the right contacts. Other options for those of you with religious or political belief systems in place that prohibit contacting either law enforcement or military (none known and legal prohibit both) can contact any MUFON office which is a non-profit group working currently under the scope of the Mexican Air Force. I hope this data helps you out in deciding how to send in your data.

I am reading on my vacation while devising a new plot line to submit to the Military and other committees for approval for the public sector. Later I'll list some books, and some of the cook books I've been using lately but didn't have time to list by Christmas shopping time. Have a good day and take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall, commanding officer
USMC ARTS, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, project literature

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1950s Awake and Incursion IV to VII Alerts

Hello to everyone and as I understand that most of you the good readership has already read yesterday's blog, I hope you'll find today's as useful with the official alert of Incursion IV to VII of dna-Insurgent-miscreants-embezzling-too on. In the Military, we use a code-on, an official light on a board like at a football game scoring look level sometimes to traditionally to say that warfare is declared against someone or something. Detected is more warfare styled and approached attacks upon the public soon as their tax refunds are being requested by as early as January 15th in many large populaces or early business sectors. The 1950s saw the investor seeking solid and overt investments mirroring and opposite of the good investments of the Victorian era when tables were set up on the street, and all investing could be done quietly and in order of approach, without danger of the investment being lost or stolen. The rush was after to notify others in groups elsewhere to invest in the same. The 1950s also saw a revival albeit quietly of guru-styled investing thought in the trust of the spiritual connection to money, but the New Age groups of later decades benefitted in the sound choices, then. The gurus as money yogis of the Victorian era were greatly influencing still the idea that thinking upon money for some time daily could bring a subconscious solution clearly to mind. One that could be trusted to be acted upon, immediately and even in a rush. The embezzling attacks by psi warrior types raiding and homeland invading now in Incrusions IV to VII from a supposed Queen Elizabeth I connection to a miscclaimed African tribal grouping are actually historically tracked embezzlers. Known to be able to dupe the public with their genuine veneer of spiritual or royal demeanor with a seeming courtly approach, the attackers were even noted to have been behind the embezzlements of royal courts. Of course, they'd visited or been in residence. Money, the motive. Be cautious and continue to work with the Military on your investment firm selections for guarantees if you need to traverse or be visible making investment errands. Couriers, as well, are in danger for their lives as in the past and noted then by former President George W. Bush; available from the CIA factfinders units of the Fact Book ilk. The Army handles officially Finance worldwide, and please feel free to contact about your concerns. Couriers from the military are available including those you may have utilized in past years such as USSF volunteered and offered for nominal fee.

In addition to yesterday's work available assignments mentioned on this blog, please be open to considering also a daily illustration assignment for cartoon or similar for news items. Daily assignments are needed to be fulfilled. Also today are still tens of thousands of work assignments to read full manuscripts from about one to two decades past and compare to checklists for suitability to various emerging opportunity entertainment markets. The need to revive many home businesses inclusive of writers and entertainers is also on the minds of the Law Enforcement as they specialize in helping guard home business and lives involved around them, so please pick out this type of work assignment from the Police Stations. They have the lists from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One, for example, and the other ones are easily searched for from the computers provided by prepayment systems by the Military grants. I know you will always be polite.

In the future the Military will be glad to supply housing with certain long-term scheduled work assignments for those on paths in the Arts, in particular, and inclusive of Literature and Finance. From deserted housing in the affected cities, about one-third in many, there will be updated lifestyles and situations guarded and conducive to these professions becoming on-going again. Begin to sign up with your resume in mind and your career focus with the relevant military, the USMC ARTS handling it now.

The USMC ARTS has a moment of more opportunity for sales or lease of fine art using our warfare-code-on legalized black and grey markets. During warfare, you'll recall as an educated history buff that black markets fall into the ownership of the military and are useful. Too many art dealers and handlers of art are being attacked by Incursion I of the past to III and now in Incursion IV so that the handling of actual sales of much fine art is being conducted by the military, again. Art dealers are often incognity and usually are able to get from location to place without comment, and handle art purchases often in cash. They've been robbed and raped and tortured or similar on their route to galleries and similar. This is unacceptable for the business of the ARTS and so the USMC will be pleased to handle these sales and transactions. The difference also means the art pieces moved will be able to fetch their actual value pricing in the markets. Some of my own (being famed for the moment) are funding protection of affected cities by selling in the millions of US$. This is appropriate and although openly purchasing my artwork for an example is not a very safe matter for my main audiences, the route via the USMC ARTS is sound. The lists for relevant examples are available and I'm pleased to use my own success with this black marketing system in play (non-reenactment) for the hesitant art collector or dealer to gain understanding and make their own decisions. Leases of fine art and categorized artwork are also viewable and encouraged with this system. Many people don't know they can lease fine art for offices or restaurants or their abodes for nominal amounts. The extra insurance is usually very affordable in groups, or alone, but as with collectibles should be pennies a day for the extra coverage for these ventures in enjoyment of lifestyle.

1954 is a time being studied by the soldiers in Fashion today as we note Costume History details. Follow along with us if you are a student or avid in this field or its details. The last time a soldier's uniform peaked as a fashion statement, as some of my drab business daily ones have made the news with this Season, was 1954. The lowest time on this scale was in 1997, when the uniform then turned about and began to gather favor again in the public sector. For purchase or otherwise. The 1954 soldier's favorite date with a sweetheart was in uniform and at a park-setting and using the comfort of a standard issue USNavy blanket. Navy blankets in the actual shade of are not what they were; the navy color blankets, though, have a history of turning up at macabre real life settings of massive suicides. Noted often in ufo cult group endings.

I'm on another declared vacation time with the Militarys, my three-fourths employer, as some of you have curiously and legally looked up my USAF combined contract for lifetime work and assignments and requirements with your security codes. The other one-fourth of my schedules will become available to work in the public sector earning in what is called various terms of money making and separate from funding for the soldiering. Funding is still a new but good concept with you the very good general public. More is available today and for awhile if you contact your zoos and clergy for zoo styled settings of rather unique or revived historical and living life forms (household members) that are utilized in real warfare. Steeds, fighting cattle, animals and people genetically or surgically altered legally for battle superiority, and some of the newly arriving supra-dna from the dna-Incursionists turning themselves in and cooperating in full work against enemies declaring themselves. Clergy offices are becoming familiar to many of you, by now, for this effort, and you're to be thanked.

The Department of State is answering mail and efforts to reach celebritized soldiers including my returned to this warfare and once secretive spouse, a USNavy Seal, namesaked for M. Kelly (like the color green). I work directly with 56 soldiers with the same common name, so please be careful not to presume these often namesake friends or family members are the same person, or my spouse of thirty plus years. Some soldiers have openly met with me in the public and politely mentioned anniversaries and such, but this type of greeting ironically is overlooked by the eavesdropper including Incursionists I to VII. For reasons that the brain only works on so many levels. I respect the Department of State's official request to (post-funding) ask the public to stop sending my spouse mail as he doesn't receive any of it and it is entirely answered by the Department of State employees, in behalf. My own is mostly also handled by them historically as is any working royal-military's correspondence. Only two Holiday cards, for example, they were unable to send out this year for me, but that is part of regular years, warfare declarations aside. The funding you theSeveral operative names are always in available use for the regular and cover soldier and so many have businesses up and running in the public sector already that you may learn more about. Some have achieved celebrity with these job assignments from the military they've accomplished well. The celebrity roles often have died away with the assignment and like 1950s screen siren jobs of the past, for an example, film studios were accomplished at this type of combined job-role of a fictitous background and persona for entertainment. The fact that USD$ 920Million and more per day were brought in by many of you the good readership attending meetings to learn about my own secretive marraige in the military and 49 others for several days pleased all involved with your decorum. I hope you don't mind my asking you to hold back on fan mail to the sweethearts; compliance helps ease the 180Billion dollar daily bill to guard the USNavy Seals, in particular. No, they don't have wild lifestyles or other reasons, this is the guarding of nations, in certainty. If too much interest arises and is acted upon in the public zones, the bill to American taxpayers goes up. Most of you can use another forty or fifty dollars in your paychecks remaining or returned by not costing more to guard those who guard our world, just so you know about the request. The President of our country has also been cordial and is recognized here for his deft handling of this type of personal life detail on the news for me and others. Mostly, though, I'm hoping for your enjoyment of the ARTS and Fashion news and also more Finance.

Historical Costume which includes lifestyles is why this blog site was granted PhD referential status and because of the respectful handling of the data by those of you reading it over the years. I also again thank my boot camp trainers for their making it an official military site, and they are doing much more now for all of you, even as I am going on another vacation declared by the military. One in which I'll be reading and writing from home, in particular, studying with one of my special-ops units.

Take good care, and I'll blog again with you soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer,
USMC, ARTS and USAF, fashion director

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Annum Charms and Incursion Alerts

Hello to everyone, and as I say, Happy New Year to all of you good readership, I also include again the official alerts of the Incursions IV to VII dna-Insurgent led or misled raids and homeland invasion level attacks upon our general public. The shoes were a major target this past Holiday Season, one still on for some, but also one during which the type-A personality "workaholics" in the fields of Arts and Literature and of course in Fashion were espied in public locations in quick meetings. During the holidays, many people travel, and the Military was glad to offer up unused travel opportunities to those working with us in particularly four areas. USMC ARTS, USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne, USN Project Literature, and General Army's Finance (see Accountancy of). Thank you to those who participated in waylaying your own travel plans or taking up overtime with your workloads to help these favored fields of mine catch up by the end of the year. You've read about the work available on lists of schedules from us to you on any given day and that now for you are available from any Police Station; kindly of them to be willing to help the public working in these sectors sign up and report in these paying projects. This saves time for the clergy and Air Force One Office. Due to several deterred raids by Incursion IV to VII dna-Insurgents-as-miscreants, many homes were interrupted during the Holidays already, but are recovering. A good amount of success is happening relating to this as some of leaders of the raiding parties are coming in to the military to return past favors from our good general populace they recall well in a past known and traceable and so the Military is able to relieve these raiding parties acting in normalizing military minds and actions to become real military with our own. Their training starts immediately and they are to be defending us and their own against any further military styled homeland raiding invasions from particularly underground. Good news, then, and thank you to Law Enforcement for bringing these types of military leadership to our attention and to meetings for this current level of success. Straight out of annals of museum quality art are the abodes of these arriving new 'personnel' (being soldiers recognized as such) as the quotable artwork and arts are going to be enjoyable for many of the public to view and catalog, and help with relocating or distributing to proper display locations. The caches were discovered along the way to meet up with the new arrivals to the Military, just today; apparently abandoned by time and reminiscent of fictionalized pirates dens. Sign up to help with this new level of tunnel work with your local mayor's office or Sheriff. Understanding that over 80 years now of warfare declarations taken seriously by your authorities have been declared against the worldwide populaces from outcasts, primarily, of ancient and historic tribes and kingdoms. Rather, fifty years were declared, but are now recorded updated to 80 years of detected by USMC Reconnaissance. You're welcome to learn your self defense and more about how to run your businesses and families and lifestyles on us, the militaries, through a United States of America's Congress seeded fund available also for this training purpose.

Ninety days from now, your life can be changed and different for a new good for you if you sign up with your local judge to stay up with the Military for twenty-four-hour-guided-and-guarded workload and accomplishments. You'll be amazed at your own ability to have consistent energy, lack of sleeplessness and managed food and exercise regimens that optimize your own experience underway. A good amount of job references and experience are yours to be had and of course, the good results and other benefits. Recall that the old and professional term for the types of networks-legalis that you'll be working in and forming up have no sexual or romantic or dating connotations or other motive other than work and objective achievement. I hope you'll enjoy this level of involved interaction.

In the past, I've used simple math to predict annual project successes such as for my writing career (a portion of my careers underway) that include such formulas: one hour per day of lunchtime writing adds up to one novel manuscript per year. Think about how you may use some of these hours of your day as described above. Also, of working on more than one focus at the same time. My tomcat, Count Zorro, is doing so, for those of you following his story and especially in the younger sets, as this seventeen year old tomcat has been working successfully alongside Dalmatians and firemen for the Fire Department and now is also working for a local police department, too. He knows his skills transfer into more than one job for him and he's pleased to be supporting his new kittens for the USSS and Military, further.

Count Zorro the tomcat has a top hat for his modeling profession, but he now needs an official police cap or hat of some type. (His sweetheart, HsLadyLove has a kerchief with her official badge embroidered on it.) For a $10 award, the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne would like to see any of you enter a contest to design a wee but mighty looking police cap or hat from any time in history for Count Zorro the tomcat. He is quite well adapted to proudly balance his attention winning headdress for any adoring public. Thank you in advance for entering the contest.

Strength in numbers is a proverbial phrase in our modern world. Individual strength is about who you believe you are, inside, when there is only you and whatever elements you are up against. A pulling test is available at no cost to the general populace continuing to learn their own abilities to defend their homes and hearths from the Military. Advance your own skills and discover your actual pulling ability in strength load capacity from your local Armed Forces Recruiter and also your own clergy, again, being helpful. Some hallway self-defense courses are also on schedules from the USMC, Basque style, known for superiority worldwide in close walled quarters including cliffsides. Their berets are also tripping wires on fashion alert circuits, and are not a bad wardrobe rebuilding investment this season. I am enjoying having permission to wear one of my general stars on my own beret sometimes with my business-suit uniforms.

Water has been the typical warfare focus of the dna-Insurgents of the past, mainly recorded as miscreants in the Church annals. Now, though it is food-focused in the Incursions I to VIII discussed, already, water is again out of alignment in the public. Most people did not drink enough water or liquids this Holiday Season, for no known reason. It is being recommended that although the strange weather patterns are adding more dew, as noted by the FBI department heads today to be officially announced, that water consumption needs to be done in any or several forms, more. The military cats and USSS cats you know from this blog are capable as other felines of surviving with some water absorbed from their environment because of dna. It is not recommended that anyone else or any other species short themselves on their water or liquids any longer.

If you have a network of information to help out in the Incursions IV to VII happening to 900,000 affected cities, please recall to use exacting words and phrases. The USAF needed to receive information, for example, on stalkings from a credible privatized network of information gathering and instead someone erroneously changed the word stalking into stockings. The USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne was pleased, however, to distribute the overabundance of fashionable stockings ordered by the some to very many households in time for their revelries. The misordered stockings came in black and quite the loveliest of motifs seen in many a season. Reminded me of my own San Francisco forays into the shopping district where I sought out beautiful stockings for my classic wardrobe items, to dress them up for the occasions.

While I was offline for the Holidays, I kept you, the good readership in mind, and appreciated the international news systems putting me on the news more than once (for romance news, mildly and gently, of course) as well as for more than one day of fashion notation. Nordica was explained as a type of fashion look construed from a usually available type of wardrobe mix. In fact, some of the trendsetters in this look are still on-travel and you may spot some of these friendly royalty out and about and in this severely classic understated overdramatic look. I hope you'll enjoy being friendly to them.

Also over the Holiday, I found it worthwhile to spend some time with the astronauts of novelle8 now renamed either novelle9 or novelle10 special-operations paramilitary units of NASA in ghosthunting ventures and consultation. Although some of you asked for them or this unit via Nassau, the messages arrived safely. Some of the workloads we could not all combine efforts on to get done are on-going opportunities for the writers and photographers willing. There is a daily writing-for-pay article opportunity for the general's magazine and another (Perspective) for our worldwide militaries to read about the public sector and happenings. Please sign up to work on these articles with the USN Project:Literature, listed at your local police department, courteously.

I will look forward to blogging with you soon, again, and until then I'll be catching up on some imminent reading. In the meantime I'll also be looking into the practical joke that lost control upon another commanding officer, as I have several soldiers who also lost jobs for practical jokes from places including the FBI now working well in entertainment and frontline contacts with the public. You'll recall I've retaliated against one or more levels of attacks upon myself or others in my family of same-name that were forced upon a television audience of the past that were hacked joke files called 'roasts' in FBI chronicles when I worked on cults for the Office of the Vice President, White House. Take good care and I'll see you soon on the blog.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head (and of religion)