Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Official Incursion Alerts/Wildlife Armed Rescuers/F&REconomy Work Almost Mandatory Musicians Global/Books

Salutations, official Incursion Alerts XXIII(a ii) of CIA-coded for NSA Homeland Security correct alerts homeland-invasion level of swaths attacked by map view of above like lettering (to cuneiform later by profiler) average 102,000+ attackers into any/all 900,000 cities identified for Military to stop attacks from correctly; wildlife used as ploy to harm innocent businesses with illegal/forged documents to transport then animals cruelly metal-bracketed without transporter noting attackers breaching freed by official Wildlife Fund (CA) rescuers, donations acceptable such as battle-antelope posing for heraldic school art of today's public viewable search and rescue other noble breeds for artwork found also: horses to dogs, et al, rescued also. Thank you to all Law Enforcement cooperating tandem suddenly intermittent to other rescuers officially allowed/trained and Military, at home also.

U.S. Department of State inviting open businesses to 3rd-World and 2nd-World countries/areas-historic needing workforces (prior blogs to) today recruits/hires private militaries of 102 known requested for if open for work guarding workforces of Fashion-Resort Economy renewing ribbon-economy: longitude lines on maps known points-places; more later of intersects to discovered economic small-boon sites.

Work needed immediately for 2-months of Music Industry to networked-to/linked, for FED working ahead data to D.A. Office (equal of) for work listed like sort of work to-do as if full industry of work useful in Fashion-Resort-Economy of 181 years arriving and 40 years waning Music-Economy (underknown in low): segments healthy music industry dissected data from transposes to all parts of demographic from to aide all business sectors in pre-11o'clock trading-markets (as NYStock Exchange, any) pay good to market, regular work after if asked of USMC ARTS/R, Abess office to USAF AirForce1Office's free-sort 'worklisted' to manage career see books on prior blog of.

From CA-PsyOps, a mild depression of non-consquential proportion affecting mostly males 3rd-World above ignoring poverty ratings not reporting in as depressed-any, mildness of affected by some things. I recommend among as solving some such artists/artisans in music IZ of Hawaiian songs about to Nince Inch Nails of sub-trends influencing now into future approved roots for sound-healthwise-affect (goth-Jamaican undercurrent on/of + in exampled Nickelback's new stuff with vengan-primordial sound implement food-health-animal-safety song-root), to symphonic as I attended in Stockton Saturday with 1st movement celebrity-light-within enjoyable as I did but may cause study by 2nd-movements standing-ovated by historical-music learned experience carried on and over.

Books for sale as prior blogs offered free to need-to-know by CIA office nearby of listed here and seargents' sites linking you a Good Readership, also all/any known credit card companies profer 1%-reduction to interest rate all lode on card used to purchase to own a thing to textbook-management of by:
* a-tele-micro-101:100%accuracy dna-data 1-immediate tests, fully mobile on-the-road, by top_cop, Franklin O'Henley (CA-law enforcement)
* darn_special:how to darn your clothes, by Prince Charles of Wales, House of Windsor
* a-straight:becoming a model, about Kristin Wall (blog author) by her_pa, agency approved
* crxop_4:a fashion code, by denver_joauespze and kmwall
* crxop_1N: a fashion code, by by denver_joauespze and kmwall
* finance_free, by f. FBI Dir. Freeh
* ginger_qwall, by Dr. James Marks and kmwall
* tomeudreoudgh, by Dr. James Marks and kmwall
* ratio_rational: o.e. to debt-free, by dan_won, jacque_dough, kmwall

Economics lesson bits here for some days remind with black-suns orbs and moons named in history of tours at Travis AFB $40 to view on-land no-touch and 90 more pelting through holes into ozone-layer non-repairable part of ecology-economy data of ancien for arriving economies compared to formal ozone-hole sized watchband. 9 archivists bloodlines kept track of incoming 181-year economics homework-data done-ahead for us all equivalent: called a 9-economy; 4 archivists bloodlines kept records of waning 4-economy (music, read above). Ratios to comprehend economic workload in new energizing Fashion-Resort-Economy, so that 2:10 understood as 2 equations to calculate in 4-economy now require 10 equations to calculate in 9-economy. More soon.

Books to recommended and more on list for Q3-2011:
Silver Tomorrows, S Plunkett, isbn#0515120472
Jaguar, by Loup Durand
Jack Knife, by Virginia Baker
Gifts from the Sea, by Anne M. Lindbergh
No Time to Sew, by S. Betzina
Sewing with Nancy, Oxmoore House isbn#084871136x
A Treasury of Crocheted Sweaters, by Sedgewood Press, #0024967300
Eat Right 4 Your Type, by Dr. P.J. Adamo
The Perricone Prescription, by N. Perricone, M.D.
Ask Your Angels, by A. Daniel, T. Wyllie, A. Ramer
A Little Taste of India, Murdoch Books, isbn#1740452135

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, any
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp (any) USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance
NAVY(any) project literature
USSS-1018 et al, USSF-SSrevivedUSN-SEALs