Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cosmic Black Suns Sighted and Funding Items


Black suns, about 80 plus or minus daily of the orbs official titles of good tourism level to happy expectations for their comic type aero performance competing with any glider or balloon or kite once feared now enjoyed by fashion demographic analysts comparing the data from wind patterns and astronomy light that is used by the FED and OES and Fashion Industry and soon again the Resort. Demographics transpose or translate directly. The black sun shows stopping as NASA nets them well, to tourism again later after demise attempts against the military base ghost researchers go about more undetected that are in line of work, once more visible. Anomaly reports needing to be done were over assigned over the Easter weekend by sudden request on my last moment blog extra site 2 at http://sartorialmatters.wordpress.com/2012/04/06 as all Police Stations or other Stations of law enforcement were overloded with anomalies that are actual; the pay is good, casework still allowed 2 of per day to MUFON for its first and fast response to meet with SAC of FBI Sacramento or LAPD's representative by 2 o'clock in disclosed locations welcomed with free housing to work at it by the Mayor's office of Stockton, California and others of places the same. All weekend the mayors' offices worked happily with the public, thanking them for situating the newly arriving workforces for other and types of.

Below are of gifts or items for purchase in funding the soldiers or law enforcement in your areas for extra or ultra defenses or alike and so thanking them for their tirelessness such as they interact; asking also at sergeants and staff-sergeants sites also of:

* _bear_fuuiirtz:book fashion, by abhid_feelings
* _su_gone_naugh:how-to fashion; by bear_joe
* _germain_bu:astronaut ware look; by weiearougnh
* _aran_sun:text fashion code, fashion face codes and sogno; by face_codes
* _one_hour_polka:music; by John Suen
* _lever_four:economics text; by FBI, kmwall
* _dreadful_rite:economics text; by kmwall; included dreadful_blue_sogno:by RENT the musical cast of Broadway
* _goddess_lasting:novelized; by Richard Marcinko, kmwall
* _vega_sun:novelized; by king_d
* _blood_rock; novel; by Dick Francis
* _lie_racks:novel hopeful; by dean
* _divertuculusus_ro:text; by dave_s
* _sinking_man:novelized; by Jerry Deliberate, kmwall; included  mormon_mon: song by Jerry Deliberate
* _jeff's_got_it:novelized; by taum_tom
* _by_wunder;moviephone movie with extraterrestrial guide; by vu
* _i_did:novel about vows broken, included zebra wear; by kmwall
* _buys_dover:pamphlets and brochures
* _bxolve:text fashion code to superstition; by aryan_one
* _very_big_omens_in:text fashion code; by a State of California bear official Alaanu's only one with an apostrophe; included omen_us:book of trends to text level-1; includes omen_vu:text fashion code on
* _four_u_trend:text, category fiction lifestyle type data; by bear made in heaven platforms skyward welcomed by State of California other bears official Adonniuvs
* _gram_un_ow:novelized; by Abramauus an official State of California bear, kmwall; includes gram_un_o: text buy well in bi-well trends lot of light on clothes and amazing things; by Abramauus, kmwall
* _love_bytes:by animals adoring with trend book in: fostering_care_of_animals and by_speak; by Cal
* _candela's_node:novelized magic by masonci faux ploy; by saun, kmwall; included photos defined why she was detected as an illegal Pygmalion attempt on
* _dun_johns:how-to wear leggings to wear of, get leg wear that won't snag or run or let bullets into or burn; also shirts that can be ordered bright blue the favored heraldry color as the next one up; included teachings from Vogue Magazine on hair wearing in such gear; by Anna Wintaur, kmwall
* _leivz:novelized; by Raucanuus a State of California bear official, grand_jaque, kmwall; included -an_u_trend:book; included poem Silence on plaque and a jaanuus gunprint most requested from ARMY School of Medicine Publising House; included gift_one:surprise from extraterrestrial bear grown on space level platform fully trained to State of California official search and rescue bear teams
* _bold_us:gaming novel of horror, at every cafe 8 o'clock; by Aparrueavus an official bear from Denver; kmwall
* _bran_x_adew:book trend of face curves to adore or demise by trend cycles, hair styles and products of left 13 after; by Vogue Magazine, Galashunus a dog-bear official of State of California by DAOffices, kmwall
* _pantyhose_free_lines:strike-free pantyhose how-to includes hosiery; by boring_us_bears, kmwall
* _ball_and_u:text data on ballroom waer concerted concerned; by kmwall; includes over shoes and laces and NASA globe in_colorful; includes to_die_for_gold:by Alan Hopkins
* _o_clock:novel done damage; by Codelius a NAM bear now in State of California search and rescue team, kmwall
* _wardrobe:on_us_lyions:book on look lyoness-in; by gentle_bear, kmwall; includes _plan_ahead_rave_store:buy trend
* _dogwood:manual going good includes maxi skirt Victorian era; by kmwall

To other day's blogs for my houseing and alike data, thanking.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
USAF director fashion/art designer
USMC all Marine Corp its ARTS/R co-head
ARMY(any/ finance & USSF special-op
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs unit_one
minister Ministsry of Fashion