Thursday, February 17, 2011

Incursion X Alerts Official and Contests and $8MM Payouts

Salutations to everyone, and while I realize the last couple of blogs still have a lot of work data that many of you need to access on a limited time by the military and government servers guiding you in the official military Sergeant sites from here, I hope that you are faring better than ever under the Incursion X Alerts of dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders attempting home and office/career raids. The U.S. Congress is paying out USD$8Million and upwards to matching of any declaring itself enemy threat for the apprehension to death of these warned against dna-Insurgents as miscreants formed up into raiding parties of homeland invasion level and still at ten multiplied by any number. There is a terrific showing here in America of about half of the militaries from the Arabian areas of the world, responding much as the Chinese Nation did by automatically doing heraldic/divine-deliverance patrols and as our national guests and which expertise in tunnel fighting to defend cities targeted illegalis were grateful for. Feeding militaries stationed about this city, alone, saw the superb residents volunteering quietly without expecting any accolades to get the supplies and food (from Ireland, yesterday) but it was noted. Such noble gestures are notable. There were many who approached me in public at cafes carefully asking whose harriers were landing in the fields, welcomed by the residents and USSF particularly who have their care and keeping ready. The film clips of the overly fast but accurate landings that don't disturb the public sector are available for the schools and other systems of education and those who've asked to log these times for their interest in the long-term. Being declared warfare against by enemies unnationalized and not of any lawful group known or unknown is disturbing to the regular populaces, enough. The ability to conceptualize that raids repeatedly over lifetimes of up to hundreds a day in any location were declared and are being stopped is how the residents of all countries are having to deal with the overly illbred intentionally populace from mostly tunnels were being self-delusional. Declaring themselves somehow heraldically assigned to handle Unlawful. No. No. No. And in any language. There are no royal courts silently missing that are assigning unlawful behaviours by any suddenly appearing goddesses or royal courts that would be actual. Or, allowed in any real courtier systems that today's raids were declared under supposed banners of.

You'll recall that the centuries of planning that went into the heraldically notable military and paramilitary behind any heraldic art or motto are from much study, and much ado, in the old and olden and older experiences of those training on this topic. The real world that uses heraldry is like this: for a topic called Unlawful, any actual paramilitary would be assigned to, by it, stop unlawful actions against the world or any part of it assigned to guard. Straight up. And straight talk with children and those who grew up but were children and are being recruited again by the nature of the familiarity of the attackers styles and approaches is needed now. The before-eight-years-old recruitment level is on funding training from your clergy. About why anyone grown up now but who was approached by an any fearful manner or attack by that age would be susceptible now to the ploys of the dna-Insurgents homeland invading by relying in part on these pre-nine age groups reactions that let them in at the proverbial city gate. Ghost stories are still affective by that developmental age. That is why the pre-programming of these victims grown up to suddenly help the invaders is sometimes or too often working. Before they're allowed to commit acts of treason, by behaving the way they were told to once while approached by pre-teen years, our communities of citizens and residents worldwide are accepting responsibility to re-educate them on why they are to follow our real world laws. Not something suddenly recalled from eight.

The USMC ARTS and the World of Arts is still very busy this week, and yet there are some new assignments light in caliber for the working artist to pick up from the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne list of work needing to be done from the public sector. Today, added, are more fashion codes that rely upon new or reconstructed views from the past, that are anticipated to supply a working artist cum fashion code consultant about one such job from the public sector (consulting one person per day anticipated), daily.

Also, a reminder to the fashion designers and students of it from around the world, that the same office above of the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne is daily for now listing a little boys' sock contest, beginning in about 8 more days from today. Please submit your designs and the daily winner receives USD$10. Any number of wins by any submitter in any of these contests is allowed. Please submit as many times as you'd like. Also, if you are ever unable to reach the receiving office for the contests, please recall that you may in a pinched timeline submit to any .mil address, courteously, for forwarding. It is a grand gesture of these now all military designated and contractor to sites to help out with email traffics for our official contests.

Superstitions are a weapon of the dna-Insurgents as miscreant Incursionists, but their ploys against a public known are about historic reason of fears they've espied illegally from their targets. Examples today include Irish twin superstitions, that in history a twin had to be hidden as it was thought to be an automatic devil or demonic item of some sort. There were many in today's world still operating in life this way, illegally but benignly trying to have one or more person living one life. Not allowed, and again the Department of State worldwide, any, and especially from the Office of Protocol Service or any Embassy for now will assist these legal intending families gain records appropriate to them and their bloodlines. So as not to be easier targets for recruitment by the Incursion X and future ones that are attackers of the dna-Insurgents that historically always raided both armies in battlegrounds like lunatics, or civilian areas while donning illegally either or both uniforms, and also by straight on identity theft. Please hurry, as daily I meet even those I know who have many hidden that can't any longer support all of them on only one salary or job income source, even with the now upward pushing of the worldwide economy going on. By cooperation, we'll all continue to win.

Clergy worldwide need to be able to gather data this week on power wheels of lore and some training for some purposes thought to be tribal. There is actually more data and mathematical explanation beyond a power wheel and the data is crucial now. The USMC Religions is handling the presentation of the new data on how this secondary influence is dominating in a strange need for power where none was or is usually at conscious levels. The decades of it at the past, and the level developing nowadays. That the enemy declaring itself touts in verbage by attacking with words about in order to disarm the subconscious-solution-making typical regular person. Remembering that the subconscious brain works most of the time, for you, and then provides answers for you, but it consists of most of the mass of thought measured above your shoulders. Your brainstem being very carefully monitored, also. Where your actual living existence-number exists. It is not your heart or grey matter that is what is you that is alive, and the organic medicine degrees from Stanford University again and others like the UC system ones in California are explaining this very ancient and primordial data. Why the enemy declared has been after whole body parts without the brain stems, or with to transfer them and the actual conscious person into any other form. Those found illegally surgically altered in this manner spurring on the recent rush for degrees in organic medicine of this level explaining the attacks forensically determined already include the 110,000 law officers who came forward in altered bodies and identities they were left in. The scientific methods useful that reidentified them correctly are a military prerogative and available no-cost from any military installation as they are manned by military paid personnel. Some raids and undertrained persons may occasionally be found there, so be certain to approach carefully, and ideally there are enough patrols and military about to assist with false surgically altered identities to be corrected. Gladly, all restorative surgeries were declared to be made quickly and permanently by directive on record from our American U.S. Congress.

You the good readership have been networked as the entirety of the known populaces worldwide on this blog and into others if you have known and legal birth certificates or similar documents such baptismal certificates or school medical records. After this linking up on legal officially guarded military guided networking, the interest to also network-teach at finishing school levels on updated matters you'd find lists on from the Protocol Officers or similar has been underway. There are some special new alerts going out to your teachers of the protocol and deportment and comportment and etiquette that you will need to know, soon. Especially about coming trends or lifestyle inclusions from Aztec histories, after the recent wave of Mayan Chichen Itza data. Also some others bubbling up from the times of conquests in history such as 711A.D. and the fashion codes that have existed since then, and are again holding interest of coming audiences and shoppers. The list of warnings of costume history to notably be noted now will be going out to all Police Stations and Law Enforcement in similar manner to warnings of gang costume. Thank you again officially from the Military for all worldwide law enforcement signing up to join our known militaries and who are beginning boot camp training this week. Senators are addressing the incomers, and I won't be except for a few private classes of those best to learn alone but in the public military installations for their start in the military. Again, two attempting identity thieves tried to pretend they were me to trespass at training facilities for the law enforcement coming in over the 8 days scheduled to begin from. I would like to be there of course for all beginning classes since I'm the commanding officer and in charge for this type of warfare declared against all populaces and all countries and the world. Not off world, yet. But underground. Those with know how or expertise about espied civilized groupings living beneath water levels may volunteer and be trained for or hired by the USNavy for this next anticipation ahead. Any linguists who have the courage to meet new people in large groups from very ancient groups lost to us on the surface may also apply. Especially if you thrived on the paid-for ancient language training from The Language Training Center near Monterey, California provided by our Militaries. Call any Navy number or contact any Armed Services Recruiter office visible from the street as this site data and all requests are non-reenactment forever including the data of the recruited directly SS for USSF and USN and others.

Thank you, good readership.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC Arts, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN Project Literature