Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alert on Incursion and Official Call to Private Militaries to Laces and Keys

Salutations, the attacks upon piglets and cats and other animals by Incursion to-XXI by attacking-with-spray-to-sticks-poison-dipped is still being handled in overflow today kindly by NASA again for the (custom) replacements of organic donations, and now reports are that the Incursionists of earlier dna-coded by HSA as homeland invaders to any place and time cause a hiring of private armies again by USAF to those places and an ARMY(any)via-heraldry-office of "z" to guard manufacturers in fashion and decor to lifestyle items. The pay is USD$400/pay plus all expenses of the related job such as travel and the equipment, including the loan to full use of or gifts of from "charlie" of USD2comm in Military file for USAF AirForce1Office. To day of, the expenses start and to return. Tanks on down already on way, for. The custom paint is on another budget already set and paid of quick application for customized teams, units to special-ops soldiers, of unit of, into private military logature as gift from Monsanto on a funding-$1USD already prepaid by taxpayers giving separately for an additional Schedule or type reduction of tax bill for them. Please apply for example by project type as categorized on the matrix becoming familiar by now, such as a lace robe haute couture being tatted takes 3 days and provides 4 day location work on matrix schedule. All pay up front, if said, ask to FFL for assistance in filling out forms and similar. The locales include announced for Zimbabwe, the Zunaye, and three more places of iX concern historically to heraldance such as in China mainland to other areas on the triangular city-by-city agreements to co-manufacture worldwide and ship-to or through that this blog and other seargents' sites are familiarizing you Good Readership with. If familiar with the historic matrix system of the Fashion Economy to Resort, the schedules of the V-matrix (guarding at 71) is acceptable for the schedules of the private militaries that are reporting in for assigned-paid duty. Thank you in advance. Also, para-veterinarians to paramilitary accustomed veterinarians for the sites, also, for the full-restoration repairs to the livestock to wildlife. Or to receive them at alternate sites from USMC planes handling active animal transport to tracking-chip tracked search and rescue military to M.I. animals In Her Majesty's Service getting off the planes in surgical readiness or injured a-ready: call service work for paid for and surgical teams, etc., and of NASA funding again applied directly to it (similar to trust fund categorization as you are likely familiar with, as only for that thing). Also listed at AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne worklisted, by project type such as fashion topically.

More for those at home and not abroad on the Llenten detected called by some double--or-triple-llenten if participating. A life style trend of participation, not required. In its cycle Llenten from 28 days or until November 11th by tradition. Detected in the energy and environmentals. The 20th year Llenten is symbolized by tabby cats, about teddy bears and bear hugs proverbially, and telling stories. Backwards-L lenten is 30th year cycle of yellow-blue-point-black-cat and 'visiting mom' types of activities. 7lenten 80th year cycle of is about yellow-white cat symbology and space and mountain type stories, and novel reading. A thoughtform in common with others is this type of astronomically placed llenten activity for one or many. Four types are in now, but the 4th is for clergy. Try if you'd like. One purpose to seek through llenten could be an historic one for huxll_heart (whole heart okay) but also for finding the dash thing and filling it in in your life with by default a one thing you've found goodness to wholeness for ... or perhaps something else undernoticed before. Blueish shoes to socks were once a symbol of participating, also like the money exchange days or any other commonality in system days within regions now counties.

Another type of trend and set of trends from the Garden of Eden times and lore are available from Funding with your churches. Ask for light.

For those working in trend-up or trend-full-but-filling-down business areas, such as the Kinsean-graph bell curves two halves, more data for your backdrop of business concern. If for example you purchase trend data, this would be added to it as already in place like the weather or time of year holidays, and more. Simple to know. Such as the mentioned 5th part of the backdrop also treated as trends this noted from the USAF AirForce1Office:ProjectFashionOne. Picture a four part diagram square with a central circle, all to fill in with the trend backdrop data, which is like the trends it borrows from. The top right boxed portion is for trend-a now of shortage of net income but money trends for in-use money such as to invest into owners' equity and grants for future, and of 20 years duration noted so far. The top right box is about 40 year trend types and of now the d-trend type being of shortages accounted for in if textiles smaller seams and selvage, for example. The bottom right squared portion is for j-trend arriving type of backdrop. Into finishing school level overt quiet use of the symbol appearing to come to mind and representing floral styles of wardrobe planning, etc. In the central circle is 9, the overall symbol for Fashion Economy or the right-hand-side of the two-in-one Kinsean bell curve stopped short by the middle by egalitarian traits dividing the two halves of the graph. More from the FED on or your church funding, again. In this present moment, the bottom changeable left square part is 'tred' a type of word mistaken on many documents recently found for trend so therefore found, anyhow, but of a series of ecclesiastical to monetary to pre-war-wares into skrimping and reduction of useage such as cost-cutting. This vital to many business data is in training films from the governments but also from the CIA office near you, new to film and training systems, and also needing more to film and artistically portray this type of information for the business worlds and students of.

For those watching the newly explained and renewed by public awareness seismic-ozone measurements for day affecting business trend developments to crowd-management and crowd-control gap handled by Office of Emergency Services in each county (new): for the next few days the reading is -11/1 or similar in a hundred column, meaning on a scale of normal energy and heat affecting the nerve centers of the body at scale of 1-10 these days are about -111. The alter-current is noted in unique markets only, and not of OES levels of notice. About 8 days total, and with terror-levels of historically by behaviors still in terra-raizon mostly of change 40 to 70 minutes mercurially. To misbehaviors and strange thoughts but not emotions, not racing thoughts or mental health matters. An extra moment to think and analyze is all that is normally needed along with adequate rehydration to exercise as this relates to care of the nerve centers that include the brain matter as part of the nerve network system of the body. An organic computer of a type, itself. Unlike in moon-sun chart systems of the Ancients, the timely changes of this type of data happens not at cusps but at 11 am or 4 pm in New York State, an Ancient time-standard center. Much like our clock-setting place in Colorado for atomic systems.

Thank you again, Good Readership, for making this the most popular blog worldwide and for your responses to requests to pick up work and enter contests from the Militaries and Governments available to a public known. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature
USSS-badge1018plus, USSF, et al.