Thursday, January 13, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Wanted Techo Arts in Fashion

Hello to everyone, and thank you to all of you good readership helping to transition out the prior Incursions I to VII alerted officially here and on the other military sites by seargents and on international news networks by judges and the government. If you contacted the RAF for training the Military levels of your horses, the office handling the funds for paying their trainers for you are at the Justice Department in this country. There, ask for the royalty-military fund which is funded to handle my working with them and now for the search and rescue effort training. Alerted for today of the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents raiding homeland invasion is the intake of the sought ten thousand masterminds accounted for and mostly reforming into work loads from an attempted King Arthur's court round table. In their wake are yesterday 21 entire armies from self-trained levels of ultra-professional warfare capability and disciplined behavior including in the public sector and locations. They are obeying my commanding officer orders and the surface and therefore worldwide military directives, as the real soldiers that they are. Others are also scouting and coming into today from where once trapped underground and which have trained by co-developing technologies at a pace familiar to Science with the above ground technical developments. There is a call for scientists and technologists and technocrats and artisans who are familiar with working with this level or who are willing to work beside acclimated and adjusted cults and religions to compensate for the later expected and perhaps unfriendly to attacking other underground armies arising. Please sign up at the USAF Air Force One Office contact data or any Police Station. You may print this email if you are the SS or SA or other applicants still arriving within the expected scope to work with the USSF autonomous plan linked to USN (worldwide Navies) and in the present USMC lead to USN link, still. The housing will be explained and it is at museum quality level and similar, and can be permanent if requested if your application arrived already, and similar. The SS affiliates underground are not the same as the Aryan social club level raids in neighborhoods that just was put down by the self-appointed charity level assisted privatized units of mentally retarded persons who succeeded. The Knights of Columbus and other charities are being utilized in funding and needing refunding as is happening in the Accountancy, Armies worldwide. And the other funding from the gift items online and elsewhere that you purchased by the Holiday Season. Teenagers are reporting in today an exceptionally high number of assaults upon their persons by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent attackers; please supply with discretion their case data for the Military and specialized group therapy in social settings (cafe ilk popularity level) by their school principal's offices, at ready; the Justice Department also. The home invasions being also organized by the Incursion VIII attackers dna-Insurgent level or designed are preying on the fact that no known historical or present military are commanding-omniscient, but have been fabled before to have been by expert knowledge of warfare types, and also similar in experience are those of expertise in protecting the public sector accused of not being psychic enough to be paranormally helpful. Hope is a term the attackers through about lightly and cruelly, as none of the present world (politic campaigns aside) are organized structurally around the ideal of hope. Other dna-strand items of detail are interesting and being put into use, including in the above mentioned need for workers who can comprehend the coming attacks on the public detected that are at dna or molecular level. Powers of ten, again, or divisibles of them, but also other number sequences of the numerical approaches. Counting downward or upward between any number and nine plus a number, or inverted or inversed or astronomically appropriated as in the galaxy attacks of the recent weeks. Heraldry into chaos mathematics or fractal patterns that immitate artwork. No seeming connection perhaps to yesterdays oddball cruel attacks upon the public and animals of 70,000 persons with snippets of dog nostril organs inserted for a brief and confusing over-stimulated sensory experience used to lure public sector victims to participate in falsely evolving into something else to go homeless underground, as spies illegalis. Read on about the monastic security level work. Thank you to the heads of police departments and their commands yesterday for impromptu and perhaps confusing immediate meetings to help them develop plans to assist at the gang like crime level attack plans foisted on the public by the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents, detected. And to city council members in their Office of Emergency Services level demand.

USMC ARTS has detected further interesting data, sparked by the notation of oxblood red being the first temple decor shades, for thought pattering, more red and with it can be patterened or bordered black for art direction. Those following it into scholastic learning phases of the mind. Akin to Gothic spires and high ceilings for higher thought. Similar to the time frames in history are insect artwork, perhaps more can be sent by the public to the USMC ARTS, any military base address or location. The insect level of artwork indicated even preheraldry and pre-stick-art (walking stick weapons level martial arts battle training for public civil places, think Irish walking sticks) is pertinent. The insect was part of military symbol and its medical technical know how. AMA and others of medical training are reviewing this early data from the Military, which is fascinating and applicable now. Insects used in surgeries as living helpers now; soon will be plants used to sustain humans and war animals acting as living life support systems. More below from the USSS on.

The fact that the worldwide Egyptian trend in Fashion and lifestyles explained at CIA Factbook level and embraced by the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion includes the reminder that bracelet cuffs were the Egyptian currency daily handed out to be spent at markets and as entry fees to guards at gates. The crowd management level is mapped and catalogued, and so now is the interest in the scarab used in the currency level as monetary symbol only until some Middle Ages or later heraldry attempts merely money symbology. The scarab resembles an early insect though from the era discussed above, that did become military paramilitary symbology, and with light and shadow added. There are great big or very small artwork pieces usually such as flags visible in battle or caravans. These later became skirts on formal gowns made for dancing or just for revelry in primordial musical trend areas that respected them such as Granada. You'll recall some earlier blogs about.

Monasteries and levels like them have been discovered, often underground before or while temple building construction was underway, in history, have also had the immediate attention of the Military.

USN Project:Literature is asking for authors to apply to work in novel manuscript levels assigned as science fiction, Westerns (Victorian) or mysteries. Also, linguists willing to explain for literary styled textbook level insertions and lessons about ancient and primordial linguistics such as useful to comprehend dna-Insurgents attacking in public seemingly with quiet dignity but use ommission of letters from words that in the historical times saved space and cost. The ability to comprehend the sometimes even helpful concern terminology from attackers in public intending to harm while disarming is the focus, but strict literary, liturgical or scholastic level project work is needed to be handled today.

Guard post and guarding work is needed for immediately with monastic and security level or similar levels of comprehension, and I hope you'll apply to the local security companies such as the Pinkerton brands and through the Police Stations. The ability to tolerate the often cold environment where monks are urgently decoding frozen settings with often the remaining evidence of those who left out the data explained for our modern translators is of the type of courage required. The typical banking level or courier truck bonded level guarding is also appropriate. Some extra insurance bonding will take place. Relief of those who ran to help the monks by guarding them is the motive for the requisitioning.

Thank you, the good general public, for your concern on personal items yesterday and for today please volunteer your knowledge on Babylonia, Avalon, and Aragon, historically to the Military. ]

Sartorially yours,