Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Official Alert Incursions and 240 Numbers Attacks to Homes

Salutations, the identity theft raids into homes as homeland invasion coded correctly by the HSA and declared warfare permanently against by all heads-of-state is at even numbers 130,000 into each affected city by invaders also called raiders (not a game or reenactment) and stealing identities of royalty travelling to real estate attacks such as 240 first mortgages on singular houses already owned by military or governmental personnel such as federal agents working in another area, and violently trying to attack guards to 2400 police threatened yesterday p.m. The blogs of the last few days are clear that the militarily styled attacked animals and people may be treated to full-restoration as U.S. Congress ordered done, in any military installation and as the Insurance Commissioner ensured all its own companies are able to comply with due to non-normal situations causing the harm. The raids though also happen sometimes at the installations and attempts to attacks in other forms such as victims being lied to and told to don a fake skiing and hair or hat and boots of something to pose illegalis as a federal agent or a DA Office employee or a royal, etc., then to await surgeries free to repair war-wound-levels from home-invasions. No illegal spying such as that is allowed, and there are no occasions where non-military personnel or federal agencies' and as specified by the Law otherwise may 'spy' even by a singular disguise made and wholly used only for the purpose of a spy game on the way to surgery, et al: see Judges' call on U.S.S.S. or FBI manual level today for 4-";" to enter it. Extra law supporting the already in place. The attackers today again are here to cause the Mormon Church to be thanked for pursuing them in a hunt-down of them from an illegal of-their-own-lore coven attempt that has gone illegalis. The DA Office's have the funding for the pursuit against these home invaders. Guatemalen-Mormon but prostitute-unknown-motherhood links are trying to defend illegalis these home invaders. The German code for is guam, to. The other news to empower responding faster as the ALL NAVY arrived in the affected cities to defend homes is a now combined worldwide Navy in effect for this and anything else needed, ever; but the USNavy now doesn't have time for SS and that is back to ARMY(any) that is not requiring patches or other data changed as it goes into and 91% and over of you the general populace known already know. Many are to be thanked for their efforts today to stop crust-of-world invasions, or in the illegalis cult an attempt to have-been-by-subterfuge-and-therefore-become-one now a royal. Mostly these attacks are led by mentally retarded persons behind or in the lead somehow, with more than two steps in attack plans; into battle array. From the USAF AirForce1Office:ProjectFashionOne is the list of work for pay from military to civilian alike from fashion director of categories to teaching gardening or building aircraft to houses, etc. The ability to comprehend the work is based partly on learning how each type of job plugs into its type of pay, and that it is a type of market-based rate and of the nowadays and not other historical decades, but good pay. Considering for example the median incomes have been between 20Kto50K or so in the U.S.A. the pay for example of the economy cuneiform picture attacks on public sector to Kinsean-graph protection level jobs at USD$70,000 annum plus USD$10,000 per annum from the ARMY(any)heraldry office are good pay. Even though some economist trained persons were shocked that the top five economist jobs worldwide were filled that pay USD$150,000 annum or so there are these I'm discussing open for still about 80,000 more persons with 800,000 same-slots already filled with persons working hard to gauge and attack-respond to the economy-attacked. All the workforces known and investors working very hard which would've brought the Economy up more by now, as you are aware. The cases for Law Enforcement from the Military are very much available around this level of attack discussed here with help from the U.S. Department of State or Affiliates of with the paperwork involved.

The Fashion Tribe has gotten going on a project for now about breads that are flat, used in many ways, such as historic recipes at campfires that press together the edges for a type of sandwich or similar. I hope those of you who joined the Tribe will enjoy the sharing of Ancient and newer recipes. Since the Military has gone into the 600 year silos as you know from this blog and seargents' sites for things like wheat and grains, to keep the shelves in markets stocked, I hope you'll enjoy the frugal on grains recipes also coming in from the Vegan histories. The USMC ARTS/R advocates their use for soldiers as devised by NASA staff and staffers of other organizations trying the frugal-too recipes available for ultimate endurance good for many. The food wrapped in leaves and steamed or baked including into campfires if wrapped is a good place to think of starting on this type of taste-test. It is also not a medical recommendation to drastically alter your diet without medical supervision but most can try a recipe or two. The Military uses the Vedic system of medicine and psychiatric battlefield medicine that includes for many the Vegan style of life if available. Vedic being a type of area and time where the style of living came from and finds it useful to add to most regimens about 3 to 4 days per 7 if healthful for the added benefit of it.

Yesterday's list of things I'm inviting you to do along with me and others still is a try to save shipping costs for many of you, as you'll note, and also to include thoughts of Winter and Holidays that once were this month in histories undernoted. The waterways are inviting, too, though, and I'm pleased to have Military doctors' permission again now to begin to enjoy for more than for work with them the water sporting events such as swimming, diving, hot tubbing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, lane swimming training clubs, fishing hole artwork, delta strolling, paddling sports, and more. Kite flying is one that is being requested by some children's groups now as the balloons from Ancient History are being learned by many groups who wish to join at the FED's invitation the lineal if secretive Fashion or Resort Economy bloodlines reviving and taking more in. Balloons are part of the fabled by clergy for learning benefit and analysis levels Garden of Eden story times, but used by combining more than one history of time about similar restarts in the world economies. Water wars were on before. Now it is about food wars, and water wars by homeland invaders and also as recently mentioned the sewer attacks in this city alone, now, and surrounding areas that Military and India's experts on are alleviating to being undernoticeable while employing all the known guild and typed plumbers about; for. The balloon histories overlaps with kites as primordial Air Force weapons and transport. More about it non-urgent will be a gift from the White House in a future as I write about it more into a book form. For now, be more aware also for sociology levels about the attempts by 'enemies' declaring themselves to influence also social sectors into power-fans of native lore that are good if one at a time, but not if changing social sectors by using more than one sociology power-fan in the public going at a time. All found were combined already by USSF and its worldwide special-forces. Any others attempted can be noted and carefully reported to the Police Station who will know how to get the data informed to the right military units.

UFOlogy sightings of military and other personal craft and perhaps various anomalies are welcomed to hired private UFOlogy clubs and their Military counterparts interacting. Fourth of July, here, there were several valid reports of benign nature. With fireworks on. There was no panic. And, the Fashion Tribe is to be thanked for its gift to me and others of a fireworks show at our home areas, which was quite the fun: they took up a collection for the fireworks costs, which was a good and generous gesture. The Military animals also enjoyed the fireworks and those of search and rescue training such as working for the Fire Departments and Police Departments as they are acclimated to sudden loudness or sparkling and so they watched the shows, too, side by side.

Take good care, and enjoy the Summertime.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall,
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
USN, Project Literature
ARMY(any), Finance
USSS, et al