Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Official Incursion Report Bull Bear Mix 2 New Degreeing

Salutations, the response to Incursions XXI-XXIII lag for two days @ 10K*any# raiding parties of homeland invasion code by Homeland Security in 900K affected cities allowing more hiring and workloads into Fashion Resort Economy to be done, as the Kinsean bellcurve of Economy-9 being Fashion-Resort in Ancient archives of counties was attacked less times but while in new cycle-apple-evil of many week intervals. Apple pictures forming on the bellcurve without an altered form i.e. worm or open wedges hails bad times for two weeks, with a next good two week cycle-in of 'graped' trends that you learned some of on this blog before. Interest in the 3-4 year cycling in bull-market hopping about the bear market exiting over the same time is of new degreeing at places such as Sacramento State University for finance and alter economic policies in play, et al. The by 10 a.m. market time about now you the Good Readership noted a day or two ago exhibits on its own (non-attacked) a one-part sine wave bull market ratio to cosine wave offset by 4 as a two-part bear market now announced worldwide heralding style to be inverse in a fraction of 1/bearmarket. The tip of the bottom of the bear market as typically expected 'taps' in ancien archives of county levels a normal low on cycle of coming-in bull market. Not to panic therefore but many investors are today redoing their expenses to lower housing costs by an average of USD$241 to USD$401 each. Angled by such as David Bach teaching free in Stockton for those interested here about how to recover with ancien economy alternatives in thinking and approach using exampled transvxorse or gainsayer economies within the Economy. Ideas include from this blogsite his suggestion of scaling over to another housing level of cost and some real estate experts are trading for goodwill of their agencies which is when the IRS or such allows business valuation to be increased legally for creditlines, etc., average 10% in business worth without change. The housing insurance can cover by European/English insurance agencies Old World styled the extra costly vehicles such as for off-road terrain of $40K+ on homeowner insurance, and mid-level venture capital firms offering easy refinancing of autos to other items as a service expanded from their bigger company ventures that lessen interest rates, and collectibles or artwork insurance extra-hazard policies covering for less the portion of homeowners policies once demanding higher for unique or hard to replace, lowering costs. Other ideas to come, as the Army Finance has taught us in my special-ops unit to do unemotional buying or selling of markets, not always done right away. But thinking in groups of things for a trade or upgrade on the markets can be done instead of one at a time is possible if asking the fund or investment office management permission; of awareness that recent biggest luxury buying Xmas onto bellcurves of trading-markets was of users of bartering-up (also an ancient alter-economy). Thinking in alter-economic support of Kinsean or worldwide Economy is now being touted in new degreeing offered at places such as Sacramento State University. Grants, of gainsayer economy, oftener now can be used per USSS officially coded globally as a currency exchange. Even socks can be in an overnight practice session of finding loopholes in the law and order that taught many law officers and military and civil servants alike to rethink approaches once more to approach problems; courses free and fast to all such aim to detect enemy-approach in data announcing rather if away from data, too. Such is cuneiform-UN, the first language still taught by the Language Training Center used by ARMY(any)heraldry office, and in the newly flopped into Fashion-Resort Economy. The attacks on the Kinsean divulged economy are now analyzed by the FED and equivalents so that actual damage from them will be assisted with grant assistance where decided. Eleven-war is following the two day two time advanced casework of mostly nonsensical reasons for attacking war detected by a local judge and 40 seasoned detectives whose animals were attacked by guns and poisons all while the 'fish' were running to deliver the detected data. Eleven as an any to ten being minus 1 for 9-focus-fashion-economy-ancien-in-overall imitating finishing schools modernly deleting one item from ten put on to be appropriate now but in history added one more for: eleventh light fashion codes not linked yet but from seasonal color analysis cleared by priests in mid-Medieval times for public use until color seasons caused a war of types against eachother lunacy style. In ancient ecclesiastic files in lunacy titled files.

Fishing, thanks to Police Stations, is by alter-economic-problem-solving method found to allow worldwide any delta fisher free fish (at any delta) if they 1)carry a bucket to the delta and 2)attach a cat picture to the bucket visible. The cat's tiny fish below regulation can be kept also. For the cat, too. Delta tours are starting; showing on economy graphs in extra axis groupings dropping data points into the graphs used by the FED and USAF for Fashion of lifestyle and such. Forms of ultra-warfare approach to gaining in loophole type data not losing by attackers conspiring against with as President Obama declared warfare against -- conspiring against ...

Thank you again Good Readership for buying and supporting the new books I listed for sale on the last blog, an more are hoped for the future. Other good things for the public includes USAF personnel offered jobs at EXXON Corp. And many economy-fashion-resort jobs still open for civilians too from ARMY(any)heraldry office. And check the daily ones added from USAF AirForce1 Office's work listed free sort. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature
USSS, USSF, et al.