Friday, November 18, 2011


Salutations, 104,000 confirmed evenly numbered assailants-2-leveled-homeland-invaders to coded correctly by Homeland Security Agency and its Agencies abroad also forewarning prepared homeland self-defense of self-trained by warfare tactics known to King Sancqo's "sancho" count/essa warfare attempting extended of Silmarillion silmarilia a two-pronged attack revised (prior blogs about) to 3rd to involve the duo-armed-army attempt for clothing-body-parts-dna raiding effect coordinated was hit first then duo-armed-army hit eachother or used absorbed tactic of depleted of its duo not its; 2-plaguerism motive if used at sites off-home into USAF meetings called in public places a.k.a. open forum for guests arriving anytime discussing homeland defenses for Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) any county (-go) region ancien mapped worldwide. Terror alert official day of is terra_grand of U.S.A. FED and ancien archives (to O.E.S.) of dignity spared (into books below as others of type for opener blog): following 2-days of students/styled-as persons attacked by duos-armed-paramilitary at foodmarts or grocers into supramarkets for food all hours of night/day using ultra-force to remove clothes; all found left for dead but revived victims: to see casework Stockton Police Department cristinwall casework of paramilitary VietNam ilk wear worn was spared by attackers acclaiming it for it, unusual bravado won also; extreme precaution over food laden holidays. Laden wars afaring considered called upon data may be added to if confirmed further closure on war of clothes bodily parts called clothing to remove and put on by enemy-declaring itself, into heraldry again as mistaken for bodily descriptors and never is it used for officially. "The Vault" most secured building in world breached on U.S.A. land is of: day 1 (see blog prior) 300,000 stopped/reformed by tunneling apperature, day 2 120,000 apprehended by force poisoners using 'denver_drug', day 3 150,000 stopped by extreme force poisoners using new drug 'envelope-3' [see red envelope files like USSS 1018#for with 'Jimmy' of local school district County of San Joaquin formerly asked by DEA to narrate]. Closed finality casework Santa Barbara/Carmel, CA, Police Officers asking assistance from Military to myself included on it until day of: it being 1Million little girls tortured/snuff-film attempted replacements into ARTS/Entertainment/CommercialPrint surviving victims over 18+yaers age freely to discuss if conditions occur such for it well, but each lost like girl pal at scenes of crimes, Vatican returned more data of same casework leading to apprehension final with 81Million little girls recently accumulated data (child seeking counsels/charities likely to compare requested 45million abducted/missing little girls data/files approved officially now), assailant used name in Los Altos Hills, CA an angel/a/parker/son variations of it sound-alike to hairstyling claims (linked directly to site traversed by blog referred U.S. Congress listings of already convicted of high-treason/treason also 844,000 hairstylists mentally retarded low ethics trials for including k/catherine/harris/son any variant male/female in same site/city/casework data forensics of murdered children includes trespassed by said treason-convicted, grouping under green-go a bigger named assailant overall) and overall known on streets as vogen-vulgar unknown to official records but called by all of it the case known (two police of respected police stations said of on this blog were recently saluted in burials officially this year by USMC a color guard apparent for flag waving not burying with them this round of god-given a coded reading labeled for those of arms nearly our own, both officers (ladies) had used my same/similar name spelling at a time on the casework ablown and changed legally their names to their death ones; request at departments of or into calling center of Chicago, IL, mayoral offices). Forewarning all stores retail-2 employed again of murders to attempts of the moneyearner illegalis targeting. Other urgent of soldiering: below instructed on how to purchase ilk of aunger:away tool for soldiers by John Mayer; urgent need to note that identity theft since Oakland, CA now recognized homeland invasion attempts 1921-9 timed missing of soldiers including located real Edward Cromarty a senior officer hiding working and well but denied full access after battle disfigurement undeniable dna-100% proof now allowing him back to work fully welcoming him after convicting of high-treason immediate upon any premised passing for him by dna-analysis unallowable into pursuite into Guatemala, a state of Mexico itself sovereign to its request to of an identity theif defian calling himself Edward Cromarty call sign old_man_c or versions of it; not disrupting USMC ARTS/R with co-head Edward Cromarty and hired grouping with him kept apart fully while pursuing his infiltrating to fully fooling identity theif; many likely stories replying and repeated of types with identity theives, into volunteered of other Armed Forces of family/friends/self denied pay/benefits/fully-recompensated due to others having retrieved/used them (prior blog told of my parental Charles Wall's story in bookform). Thanking HM King Juan Carlos II on television picked up by CNN at large as he stated a (Charles Wall connect) Mrs. Lulu Flash separated violently from her spouse Mr. Flash an unlanded untitled member of royalty in San Francisco to work and her typical story will be sold with her latent family as Lulu Wall writings renamed and Mr. Flash's laments each attempting to find one another denying forgers to some avail of replies and of her hiding his son Eugene deceased, her sudden death by intended car crash angle, and other official documents courtesy of the Government of Spain; denying her a royal title by marraige or bloodline for ascending but of mormono works to note she after unwanted separation/duping joined Mormon Church, 2nd marraige now nulled, fostered many into Great Depression their families now seeking own bloodlines. Other id-theft alert closure on resulting of thousands of vacation businesses opened illegalis in Nairobi by owners of lost by embezzlements $50 totalling together/singly and Nairobi's Military thanked for returning value of to each ownership unintended of sudden upon them vacation/resort businesses to visitors of Nairobi; see each's District Attorney Office or equivalent anywhere worldwide where placed victim home standing for it; data-II done casework; thanked also its military and others arrived in Stockton to guard it over Holidays and after State of California relinquished once decoy-each-person awhile care of its city most declared Armageddon by enemy-accounted into many level terms. For a day live of Incursion into this city and else below Day 416 for it. Thanks for supporting USMC by sold-out potato_wedges cookbook; collectible 2 now; also thankful for 80 years of school orders accumulated for my own work for sale new_queen_of_his_own. Of this type, CIA nearby offers free promotional of your topic, Good Readership, such as avocation or career focus on it knowable/reliable, to reimbursement of all CIA equivalent offices by American or Mexican or those checked in already fully Artillery of sudden funding from U.S. Congress aggressive acts cities to protect monies day of arrivals pay included fund for this promo, and other offer to use if buying by credit cards non-qualified topic, etc., is 1%-lowered interest rate.
* auld_lang_syne_champion:die or unite song, by RAT, doctor of music in entertainment Jim Ricks, kmwall
* indic_high_fashion; by USMC generals
* slolam:2-ski video with song/CD[ask for other format] by new to you old of gothic trend to CIA inviting to help lead worldwide of music Xian sound like rxom
* novelland:novel Marie-Antoinette, gift set included hair dye guaranteed turn any hair to her color, intro by Steppenwolf musicians plus 50-song album plus video educational data and film in any format; by kmwall
* elevens_in_marie-antoinette_times:textbook; linked to above into year 2nd studies
* dob_done:novel, id-theft overdone; by cop_one
* not_his_wife's_house:novelized id-theft film video [format to request] also; by NSA Dr. Hauser
* duncan:novel; by dean
* half_a_tan:novelized EDD terror; video/film included; by kmwall

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