Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion's Cattle Call and Incursion V's New Cattle Stampede

Hello to everyone, I hope you will renew your home and hearth defense systems that will be especially helpful against Incursion V home invaders armed and entering through rear entrances in the past three days for rape and murder attempts with families home at even numbers of identical tens of thousands to over a hundred thousand of attacks synchronized in timing worldwide, as reported to the military. The paramilitary nature of the grouped and rerecruited attackers are seasoned at these home invasions and so the Military is glad to be providing the fully restorative surgeries as designated by U.S. Congress. I'm pleased that this blog newly an official military site, also, is able to give clarifications on these types of reports to the military for the populaces. The type of stampeding raids of recent times by Incursion V raiding parties are both still now of the nature of being a cattle stampede as if a gunshot was fired off nearby; newly added is the aspect of the additional raiding parties being overly educated to absurd amounts. With degrees and certifications being used to attack and battle-plan against the public like this the renewing benefit as listed in previous blogs is being heavily focused upon: the educational degrees and certifications. Any credentialed certification will do, including cycles or fishing and hunting or gun clubs, as well as the regular degrees of education. Truly helpful will be willingness for the helping soldiers of the branches of the military and public including the public officials and civil servants and governmental nonprofit workers (librarians, etc.) and the law enforcement. Data from closed cases about such raiding parties and the patterns of them are being put into lists as degree topics to focus upon, such as the one discussed last time by HM the Queen of England. Inclusive of the thirtieth degree of certification is being asked for no-cost-anticipated-to-participant level, soley for this degree of certification. The enemy delcaring warfare against our world and grouped into separate Incursions listing their non-military trained attempts are now also those who have up to forty more degrees for each soldier's one to ninth. If in a field at the top or top focus or even esoteric then also up to the 100th, or by groupings equalling over a hundred in threat notes to the president and other heads-of-state and church heads. This good benefit to the soldiers and their communities worldwide will have long-term good repurcussions on the economies, as a whole.
Please sign up with the Armed Forces recruiters at their regular offices, or through your continuing recruitment with any of the branches of the militaries such as those tens of millions applying to and through USSF being scheduled today and now on for training camps within the year. Today's USAF is also beginning fashion-focused bootcamp training at the usual training facilities for all soldiers but at ten thousand per day beginning official training. Today there is room for an extra thousand, if you make it your contact day. There is a lot of good happening in Fashion, otherwise. Don't try to include with your application and training any of the waylaying sordid activities that are being illegally propositioned to travelling and arriving soldier recruits and applicants, of course: leave that hooker recruiting you behind, for certain. Especially those of mental-retardation threatening around their insistence that all match their one of six emotions they're capable of, and only those emotions used in their attacks and raids this week. There is a military mind that replaces all the vulnerability of such strange recruitments when a soldier attends boot camp. Thank you for applying.

Vacations are still in order for many and the other kinds of boot camp style getaways are also filling up this Autumn as many such as the Red Dot Army (the annexed philosophical order of vigilantism-legalis to the USMC, religions) passed through this area. Seminars and sign-ups for the 30th degree military and Board of Education benefits are finding many participants helping the military conduct this new level of battle up at favoring vacation resort areas to get their studies completed as fast as possible.

Many fashionable work projects are still listed daily and the USAF is looking for more blue denim models, as soon as possible. They are the types being to represent a specific manufacturer by singularly hired models, rather than a new model for many manufacturers. Please contact the USAF's Air Force One's office with your agency if possible for this with its Project:Fashion One where I'm fashion director, you may recall. Some had not recalled my mentioning this in the onslaught of very important news that I've agreed to list on this site, while it is in transition. A training film is provided if requested about how this job position and others like it came about and were filled for this interesting change of having the USAF take in and control and protect Fashion worldwide, again as some have commented, and permanently.

Other attacks by Incursion V attackers are in the areas of abode and living space meaning where you and other regular people choose to legally live, so recall that the laws already exist and that they are to the full protections of the military family or person of the past or present so that they may not ever have their house forclosed upon or the one they're residing in. The laws are not new and supersede all others in real estate or about financiers, already, and the executive orders enacted already reinforce along with the government and its leaders; we're in full on warfare coded mode of defending all countries. For example, it is interesting to know that grouped victims of attempts to foreclose suddenly and without regard have been in the entirety of a professional or social group, or percentages of areas, such as over thirty percent of a city, or all professional sports team players. The same protection against any attempt to foreclose or such against residents of past or present military from any legal at that time worldwide or recognized from lists by our now worldwide united militaries still individualized by unique identity apply to D.O.D.-contracting-companies and their employees and also to employees of the D.O.D. It will help save much time and energy and money for real estate interested parties for them to have an on-site person to become the expert or knowing person of these real and historic laws and of how to proceed about them nowadays and optimizing methods for none to be actually disadvantaged or hurt by solutions forced by the militaries and governments by enforcement of these laws in dominance of others and not able to be ever changed by any court of law present or future. This is a good benefit-like incentive to join in on other things such as to the 30th degree participation.

Clothing construction is the name of some serious sewing courses that have also details that assist building knowledge in a career in fashion, but the word construction was causing problems when confused with the building and construction fields. The most negative being sewing seminars being offered in quiet areas such as in Incursion V affected cities, and having raiding parties attempting to line up for subsequent work projects in clothing construction but thinking they were beating to the job those who attended clothing constrution. These raids were fielded and handled at crowd control levels, but brought up the point that this ignorance of terms of various career fields selected that don't change over time have sparked too many raids against the public by mentally retarded led. Contruction companies and builders of general contractor levels are reporting in, instead, their gladness at participating in ecology oriented and heritage preservation work projects such as building or repairing the historic abode of owls in barns. These fun barn owl residency projects have had great response from everyone involved all around. The only negative is that some miscreants joining the Incursion V raids from prior wars. They were also noted redesigning their physical bodies using animal parts in underground laboratories intended to misbreed sub-human soldiers against a general populace also discovered the barn owl homes renewed. The cases of apprehensions today include some once-people hiding in the walls of these barns or in similar places; these perpetrators considered themselves batman type people and even used some bat parts designed into their bodies. The older wars discoveries of such laboritories illegalis are on records that can be requested for those whose fields of business or areas of residence are affected. Clergy or military or law enforcement, of course.

It is my pleasure to blog on this PhD refrentially coded and military designated site a bit earlier this week, and I hope to see you the readership on here again soon. Take care,

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall, C.O.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashionably Fashionable and Incursion V Alert of 5 Minute Alert

Good morning everyone, I hope you are fine this Autumn day as I discuss more Incursion V alerts and other items of more fashionable thought, while warning again of 90,000 still affected cities directly attacked and raided by homeless-behaving or the similarly illegalis focused on using identity theives to replace persons known. Remembering that the miscreant defined includes the Victorian era definition officially given in warfare and added to for the Insurgent-dna Incursionists-V, remain overly cautious against the illegal recruiting to supposedly suddenly become someone else or their saint or their prophecied falsely future self of a deity or some such. The five-minute alert to those in the militaries past is familiar to be meaning that heads-of-state are now mobile with weapons in hand and travelling to destinations admittedly not in their offices; they'll be spotted doing things that help the affected cities such as those seen driving into cities gasoline tankers and unloading them for extra storage and those giving flying lessons to pilots from the private sector to learn to handle war planes including our own, etc. Mentioning airplanes, thanks to everyone who is helping with donation purchases of gift items that are pulling B-17s for the 909 squadrons out of the museums and putting them into a most immediate service. The feedback from new pilots to them such as crop dusters off-season and similar is very positive. Realize that many grants are available now for those who wish to participate in these types of non-reenactment skill training.

This blog is now officially coded, finally, as an 'official' military site, along with being rewarded the designation of being a PhD referential site for those interested in it for educational coursework. You may certainly use anything you record from this blog or print for example for your own business or schooling or to take to a military recruiter office for any of the Armed Forces, for example; or to clergy, especially most affected such as the worst hit by Incursions I to V being the Jehovah's Witnesses, then the Seventh Day Adventists, and Thirdly the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and certain others. Over the years, many in the media have responded kindly to their own errors in data about myself or my supposed appearances on television, and recall I've never actually interviewed on any talk shows or news shows, but have only had to handle with an executive order enacted on the air actual emergencies affecting governments and worldwide protections, as is historic now. There are no times when I've worked for, say, the Mormon church or taken any salary from it; occasionally they've had clerks notify me of the identity thieves in their midst attempting to work for that church or to attend social events there using my name. Many years ago, two royal-guarline ladies had the same name, both deceased now, and also a cousin whose name changed by legal choice at the time of marraige. Otherwise, many of you will reactivating in our worldwide militaries or joining up from governmental sectors or vendors of them will be saddened that I'm not the other previous non-mormons with the same name who've passed on from natural causes; I'm not 'the nice one' after all, but am the real and only commanding officer of this continual warfare deployed at home, and with so many of you working from home and taking your work with you to public places such as the military installations at cafes, etc., within earshot of the public and recorded on my computer chips that record those electrical impulses of yours called thoughts and unstoppably. For those interested in Project:Happiness just recently hosted at the FBI you may inquire as to where it is now housed for its focus upon Fashion.

Deity defined throughout history other than a monotheistic form has always been another term for clergy, the work of clergy, and in angelic cultures deity is the same original term for archangel-level of work-defined by its current culture. There is much that happens wrong in vulnerable minds who misunderstand a possibly well meaning seer type or psychic or religious counselor who might offer them a futuristic insightful path in sight of their human minds for whatever purpose be it ethical or not. There is usually money exchanged, so it therefore becomes a business purchase subject to laws of the land meaning country which is the same above ground and below the surface crust and even up into space. Only maretime law has some less effect for only those participating in the water travel and port entries, and for that time being. I am looking over reports that are from the real militaries and the real governments about those in groups I know have been illegally targetted by reenactment-illegalis, the main culprits of identity theft that murders an average of 27 to 29 per person who moves into an abode and as another person's legal identity. Several fake versions of churches were denuded and officially legally denied an ability to exist in our world, now, and from now on for breaking laws about what I'm discussing in this blog; each legal church has only one church charter and on file now and participating in the USMC guarded worldwide united group of churches considered one church or any of them as their own identity as needed and fully guarded by the military in its continual job to do so. This is a good thing that I mentioned recently, and is in alignment with all governments and law enforcement and all civil service and similar offices and departments being united already and all part of the same computer systems and payrolls and such. There is not going to be a change to this despite the Incursion I - V invaders and raiders being vocal about proclaiming falsely that no laws apply to them or anyone else after only a moment or one hour plus one day or any other historically recorded prostitution tactic. Some few participants, about 11,000 or so didn't know they were being led illegally into prostitution dominated identity theft crime groupings by being sorted into hopefuls, again, for suddenly royal titles or positions which doesn't happen in this real world. There are no actual missing royal courts being sought; not to be confused for the sake of comprehending trends in entertainment such as novels and archetypal heroic storylines that are about royals or nobles or their equivalents in behavior.

Children contacting others seeking genealogy with stupendous ideas that they are such missing tribal royal lines are being just this week (over eighty of them, at ten to twelve years of age) misleading tens of thousands of once again Mormons herded off into homes where they are being adopted to be raised as the regular people they are decended from and also to go first to private schools to learn comportment and etiquette and other proper behaviors reentering a real world. Do catch your breath if you've been contacted by similar and decided to jump into planes or trains or automobiles to follow suddenly revealing adolescents on anything, including royal claims which won't be correct.

You may expect to collect from U.S. Congress the cash or equivalent for apprehending and executing such persons I just described if they continue to be illegalis in this manner around you or even the first time you detect them around you and in a regular job that is legal, especially. Eighty million USD$ is still the amount paid for the illegalis person caught in a good job hiding in the public sector if you help to apprehend them or assist the military and government to proceed to get these illegalis types into the courts for treason convictions. And, more. The law enforcement is still being actively recruited to help with this continual and official deployment at home. I'll list the included benefits besides more salary if they choose or you choose to sign up with the military and work on this regularly, but even if as law enforcement or such they don't have time for regular work with us, the Military, they and many others qualify for these benefits, also:

*salary upgrades commensurate and to the January of 2009 when kicking in, and all back pay and retroactive salary due and with $50 per battle as coded during this in between phase of crowd management to crowd control level for each answer to the coded and paid one week after each additional to any other monies earned
*continual food, with deliveries of recipes to accompany
*transportation, choosing one new one which can be an old or collectible or military
*housing, deferring by opting to use one's own with guarantees or one provided, extroverts together and an animal on premises suffices for extrovert qualifications
*fully restorative fully mobile medical servicing, including no cost at military hospitals or with other benefits to cover the cost incurred at public hospitals where if military only the military doctors will be treating this patient
*continual provided clothing, fashionable and designed for each individual
*9th language certification and of this one may be unwritten and two unspoken
*unlimited work projects with military reference provided from heads on down
*30th credential of degree meaning certifications including those such as diving or for weapons that logically come to mind and also scholastic degrees of business or any topic, with approval by the credentialling body and topics applicable to the present warfare declared level and any future; consider topics relating to sectors of the economies down and in precarious positioning
*other benefits to come, and recall that an untrained soldier just signing up anew makes about $40,000USD before training, but also receives in peace times 27 body bags delivered to their abode daily for regularly anticipated attacks upon any soldier in regular populaces by those who may now also be involved in Incursion V raids

The world of Fashion and the Arts is continuing on and I hope you'll be noting new styles that you enjoy from the many Fashion Weeks. I was asked about little items such as in London with apocalyptic leaning styles from plaid corners of the isles being labeled with violent terms for the collections. These terms and times pass, although I would've substituted the terms for things like Rape of Scotland with words like Ravishment of ... Or, other less harsh terms, but considering the climate of the very difficult markets, lately, vernacular has become very regularly strong, of late. I appreciated those who came forward to help with the higher education degree in Fashion for the HM the Queen in this interesting country; the work was completed and scheduled very expediantly.

Many of you have asked how to be of further benefit and aide and donating educational grants to the soldiers that help them with their qualifying number required is a pleasing way you've come up with, so thank you.

I will look forward to blogging with you, again, soon.

Sartoriall yours,
K.-Marie Wall, C.O.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashionably Late by Degrees and Incursion V Alert

Hello to everyone and I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons around and about, even as Incursion V warrants special alerts to those in the 109,000 affected cities illegally targeted by the attackers of Incursion V. The characteristics of the attacks have added dimensions of prestige again, as the FTC has explained in the past on record, but still with the same methods of auto theft, home invasions and attacks upon the persons or animals but by organized methods of names or numbers being in common. The added dimension is that the Incursion V invaders and attackers are seeking to steal degrees of university level and also to pass off forgeries of, or to steal hats and caps or other wardrobe items of better label designs or department store labels. You'll recall that all the radio show personalities and announcers had their closets burgled in tandem worldwide in the Incursion IV and V timeline not long ago, and also those who had spoken over the air in the past, and others like them. These types of attacks were noticed again as the soldiers and those working with them are at this moment reaching a deadline to fulfill their schedule of assigned scholastic degrees or similar certifications by turning in the topic or program they'll be studying, if not having received enough for work applied to the degree. In the past, only business degrees were handed out to the returning soldiers for the business portions of their assignments being their partial benefit, but now any type of certification or accredited schooling is allowed. Some have received honorary degrees and also a self-chosen topic for one from the Board of Education as a gift, but still more is to be done and earned. The topics I'm focusing on to fill my required quota of scholastic degrees is mostly a list approved in the fields of fashion and art, but more in other areas, and mostly and gratefully from the same schools and educational institutions that I have been utilizing in the past, already. It is going to be most enjoyable again to earn degrees with fellow students like myself on the same educational topics selected. It is interesting to see the lists of who is earning their new degrees in fashion, including heads-of-state and former such as the HM the Queen of England and former presidents such as George W. Bush. I look forward to safeguarding with others this type of educational pursuit worldwide going on that will benefit the economic sectors in the long run in ways that include allowing the employers of the future to have employees who know more in ways that allow them to respond even better on the jobs. Vaults for prominently sought degrees are very welcome at the vaults of the military or government or even law enforcement; remember that judges and those who work in law or offices with records of them or access to them are the people most recently quite heavily burgled of their degrees or whose identities have been stolen for the image of higher education.

I have been working on artwork projects, as I've explained, while also writing on my official vacation which is a working one to finish my short story that will be another fundraiser, soon. Many good teachers of art are graciously demonstrating at galleries and such, and one that I learned a bit more about shadows in the artwork from is Chella at

Another of my gift art sites is up for now at with some finishing school level artwork. It is about time flying, and called Le Temp Fuit. Also,

Many a soldier along with me are raising funds for the local defense budgets with artwork, and often enough one-time and singular artwork. I'm glad you have been helping to replenish these funds. The most popular one recently was one of a caterpillar, quite adorable!

Today, the military animals are sunning and working, and yesterday they had the day off. I will tell you more about them, soon.

Thank you, all, for making it the most popular blog worldwide again, and a PhD referential site by your interest level. Take care of yourselves and I'll see you on this blog again, soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall, C.O.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello to everyone and I hope that you are taking your everyday precautions during the Incursion V events-illegalis that include unpleasantries such as home invasions by groups of ten times any other number throughout 109,000 now affected cities worldwide. The Military officially announces that it is ready for the rest of Incurison V and within and for the affected cities, as listed at your local law enforcement and by Clergy who care to help you through it all. There is much filming going on now that is intent on future information that is very interesting historically to those who wish for more comprehension on groupings of peoples all the way back to the beginning of creations. Also of their own groupings by religions and paramilitaries as we now call them by. I hope you'll continue to support the legalized updated versions of religions which have historic roots in countries of origin where they originally were available to people. Sometimes as the governing body, othertimes as counseling, and yet in later years as the sources of other chosen evolved religions of choice. All the legal religions are listed at the USMC clergy offices, and available through the regular request levels. Only those listed or annexed by the listed ones are considered legal and actual churches worldwide, and happen to be gladly recognized now by all real governments. As with police departments and State Departments and such, all are linked worldwide; in the case of religions by and through the USMC. It took a good and thankful year of dedicated work by many to link all the known and existing churches into the oneness of communications and with two basic styles of formal studies and extra study systems available. This is enough for now, based mainly upon the e pluribus styles of governing large groups chose by much of the world governments. The success of the combined communications and ability to respond reflects in many places including the special-operations units that exist with the Military comprised of all the clergy heads of each legal church within one of these paramilitary units. You may actually see you worlwide church head guarding your area on their schedule sometime, or conducting their assigned patrol for urban defense levels now dubbed 'Emergency Services' and with the USSS and its counterparts nearby. This is helpful to know because the Incursion V attempts to destroy households illegally targetted are having many of the illegalis invaders misclaim to be a head of an organized and ancient religion, any of them, or particular ones. The website for one of the USMC guided and guarded legal versions that has been misclaimed, for example, has some historic music that is very interesting and educational, since education is a big interest by the Military and Government to be offered at church levels. Their site for one of these combined resources for the extra-studies of religions is at and I suggest their Music page at

My current official vacation has been extended by another hundred days by the Military and other governmental groups which combine with interest in my writing project, and historic music found is part of my clues in my short story underway. It is a clue based upon real life modern cases of search and rescue of people who played historic music in accomplished manner while abducted or kidnapped together. It led the search and rescue teams to them, and while their identitities are guarded for their privacy by the militaries, it is fine as a fictional clue.

Writing about historic events can be very enjoyable when fictionalized, and I know that many authors have written into their stories that are published much in the way of military equipment. Interesting in peace time and to youthful readers, as well as to any other audience when included in literature. I am glad to list a fundraiser for getting the 909s fully functional and their crews with equipment and vehicles for response right up through to the camouflage paint, one of which deflects enemy or public market radar systems. The Military is officially bringing some of the museum pieces of the 909 out and back into service, it mentioned today. These well maintained craft have been lovingly tended and are now welcomed back for some certain urban terrains of patrols and to service the public again. It might be fun for you as readership sometime to notice how many times a day or week or such that you notice the aircraft or other service vehicles of the military used in Arts and Literature, such as you might find strolling through a bookstore and in a children's book department. Movies, also, of course. Perhaps also some in some historic music.

I have a couple of small paintings over at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton and they have a gracious site at; phone at 209-466-6604. I've sometimes mentioned my own artwork on this blog and had follow-up discussions with some general readership as they travel about so that if you are ever interested in the original artwork while it will benefit the gallery mentioned as it hangs, don't be shy about calling or asking about shipping it with a purchase. In looking at some other groups and my artwork before especially as fundraising the originals arrived in proper condition. In the backdrop of this show, I have at this gallery an orchid with rose from my orchid series, and also a morgue art portrait of a pretty lady.

The Holidays are on mind of the many this Autumn already, and so are determined gift budgets. I hope that you will enjoy early shopping or crafting your own, as many I know are doing. It may seem early, but it is just characteristic of this year and this time, for a variety of reasons. I'll list some books soon that I think might be interesting to consider as gifts for the Holidays.

My cats are pleased to be resting between search and rescue training as the weather here is changing into a windy Fall, already. The cats have just learned to rescue dogs, which they like the least of all, but they have achieved this advanced level of training. After learning to rescue other animals, and people ....

I will look forward to blogging again with you soon, and thank you for being a patient readership as the servers transfer you on schedules to the seargents' sites, as you prepare yourselves for Incursion V self defense and home defenses, and watch for fashionable trends at the PhD referential level of coding. Have a good week.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Incursion V and Rings of Fashion

Hello to everyone, and I hope you have been well while I have been working away from the PC for a few more days than usual due to Incursion V alert-worthy raids that required the military actions in affected cities, down to 111,000 now. If you are in an affected city, meaning that you are being regularly invaded or raided by Incursion V participants (recall that no reenactments are allowed or involved that are legal), then you know it. The soldiers returning are on their own schedules that brings them home at different times and not all at once, and so help is still needed in distributing their items to them such as their fashionable attire from the USAF in the next few days. The Air Force One office's Project: Fashion One, is glad to accept your assistance with this matter, and also with more wardrobe planning for victims of Incursions I to V including those who recently received a color analysis interim for their skin and hair grafts that are new after the attacks upon more than one million women and others in their homes. The reason for continual wardrobe and color analysis for many of the same victims is most received their evening attire wardrobe and color analysis but can now use one for daytime and day wear. I found it interesting that the easiest systems to disseminate to the recoverees first was for their purported evening entertainments and hopefully for their enjoyment.

The 909 Squadron like others is reactivated, now also at a 99s status, and for those in the military cycles this means that the numbers and letters added or dropped indicate the recurring level of action they are now urban deployed for, like others. I use them as a good example because they continued with their reunions regularly and kept track of one another, as I've touted along with others to do in various manners. This Squadron is in need as are many that will be reached for urban and localized updates and improvements to their gear, so that there is another small gift item fundraiser going on that will supply camouflage paint and upkeep maintenance to the dedicated vehicles put into military and urban defense service from their own personal autos. Also for emergency services bike improvements and repairs in between the regularly scheduled servicing about every 3 to 5 days as the bike tires and rims and other parts are getting worked more than their usual capacity in the anticipated time. The 909th and its 99s are pleased to also be involved in musicality behind the scenes and so that you know what some of their peaceable projects are about, they're preparing future music trends that are good for the general populace all over the globe. You'll recall the Egyptian and Nordic drumbeats that were everywhere from the USMC and good for the heart health and for a sense of calm. Perhaps you'll find something in the small offering at:

In your area while it is sunny and inviting to stroll, you may be noticing more people than just the urban defense patrols that are becoming a regular site in their modern or historic and accepted military uniforms. There are others, also, that are the social echelons coming out of hiding and going out shopping or to prepare for future purchases or simply to meet others of ilk, by appearing in public in their once illegally targeted echelon colors. The echelon colors are of finishing school level interest and caliber often enough, as these groups are socially and quietly studying to update their own proper behaviours. I hope you'll be pleased with this renewed level of public pleasing behaviorism. Those working in retail and service industries that are affected will notice this massive sized group of echelons coming out of the dark will be needing assistance based upon what they are donning: a shade of orange in a men's cap, or lime in a woman's shirt, or a pinkened boat shoe, for example. Clothing or cosmetics or hair color would then be analyzed against the client's apparent coloring and/or also their donned color, which is how they'll be basing their decisions. Their training is also giving them other data on how they utilize such a color and the styles or items retailers can offer them that they may keep quiet about to honor their echelon's privacy. However, they are open to being friendly to others of their own or similar echelons in their group-wide color coded schemes, instead of hiding their echelon interest due to envious and jealous illegal targeting by those outside their social club styled groups. The worldwide finishing schools are today also agreeing to worldwide topics, to stay in touch with each other and to keep up with movements in proper behaviour.

Thank you again for being a great readership and making this the most popular blog worldwide. I am glad of the responsibility to keep it at the PhD referential coded level so that you can use it for your own scholastic pursuits and studies or research. I am also returning to school again at least part time two earn two degrees that I've signed contracts to get while working for the USAF in Fashion, and so I'm dusting off my student wear. Attire that is easy to spend hours reading and writing in and getting to and from places on others schedules. I'm still full up with work projects I've contracted for so this new time management challenge will be a good one for me, now. Perhaps I'll find a quick and close time management course nearby or online since I haven't taken one in many many years.

Another thank you to those of you who participated in defending homeland areas in Incursion I to IV against raiders and invaders from underground illegalis lifestyles threatening and attacking in your areas: the rings from the USMC engraved with which Incursion I to IV level you were involved in being committed to working in have one hundred percent been returned to the USMC and now the NSA museum for display. A star was formed. Inspirational. The rings, for those who don't recall, were used as passes into the underground tunnels to help or assist or in urban defense with military weaponry to defend the cities. It came up again recently that statewide cooperation from many Law Enforcements is being remembered by many, especially soldiers who wished to thank those who helped when the raids were in massive groups of homeless behaving persons crossing state lines. These Law Enforcement and the volunteers made the soldier's work easier than it would've been.

Writers and those work in fields of literature have some special tips and safety information that can be picked up or sent for from the Department of the Navy, Project:Literature as sadly many writers worldwide have been targeted by crime groups that may be linked in the future to Incursion V. Several hundred writers at a time have been attacked and or plagiarized with violence involved by organized hordes intent upon stealing works-in-progress otherwise also dubbed intellectual property. The information from USN Project:Literature is good for this passing time in the fields of writing and those who work in publishing and such. Myself, I'm taking more precautions than usual and also am working on different time schedules and other types of ordinary safety measures while I work on one short story that is a military and government assigned project, while I'm on my official vacation, still.

My vacation being extended I'm actually back to painting again and getting some ready for the holidays ahead. Many I know are also pleased to anticipate the holidays if a bit earlier than usual this year. Not a bad thing, I imagine, but may unnerve some I know. In the past, I used to shop all Summer for gifts for the holidays while things were on sale in off seasons. This year, I'm planning and preparing, and think that I'll be shopping differently this year as I'll be studying throughout the colder season, this time around. I hope you are all able to think of something that you'd like to do to plan ahead for yourself for the next round of holidays. Maybe try something new to do.

So that I don't forget, remember that the soldier's and urban defense helpers you know are to refer to their benefits-continual such that I listed on the more recent blogs on this site. Go ahead and utilize the benefits that you are entitled to them.

The military animals are doing fine but still need some part-time caretakers for them during their busy schedules, if you find you'd like to help and you have security clearance levels or similar to work with military or governments. The animals have some gaps between their training schedules and their meal times and their busy handlers and owners find they need a lot more activity than ever before. Some persons I know are gladly volunteering to help take the military dog for an extra grooming session or have them visit their own pet or other continuing socializing.

I'll look forward to blogging here again with you in about a week's time, and hope that you'll all be well.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall, C.O.