Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies of inland Incursion by dna-Insurgents devised attacking into plaguerism-nineth round motive homes two level business four level for it to beauty marring incidents by way after dropped by air burned cyanide a eighty pounds of prior blogs to sickness detail and organ transfers. Other data news by staff seargent's seargent's sites a linked. Dr. Kaleen Stockton Police broadcast on it all a terror form from
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Monday, January 30, 2012


Salutations, official alert day five hundred fourty four into over a thousand from Homeland Security its Agencies about air dropped over city Stockton California and others alike attempts to use burned cyanide a malignant level available for destructive purposeful like it to a fecal product bomb a one hundred ten megaton intercepted after diffuse also one plus one ten megaton of California slice devouring capable by incindiary known noticeable 40 pound burned cyanide one of it for killing environ purpose human/all two lives lost out and about sadness for also on holiday of new making by all sudden churches to all any requesting for one day off employers some by State of California recognizing if doing another work for towards homeland security safety measure role an added benefit to employer a like it temporary on day to clear workload no loss to employer employment by badgeTenEighteenofUSSS accounted/ing to get to it a grouping trained already most staying on in employment if as list of it arriving by formal other benefit Mayor of Stockton it alike for it EDD office nearby Stockton California a city coded is open to do only of day reading this blog by techonology superb noted track doing of on its computers to there a Military installation level forming to help be one or aright it level code label Office of Emergency Services open all day night anyplace any county region or of same worlwide to get done also work for pay to it accomplish. Mayoral Office alike at it anyplace taking from Michael Ordonio of Odnance at Sacramento California Housing Urban Development Office for it all now for awhile housing assigned to soldier any arriving to misadjusted not of it for homeless 'hooker' prostitute grouping mistaken for on error form double e seven for force forth a group entitled by French Foreign Legion visiting with simpler forms to introduce any for help instant not delayed by not log. On it mayor pays for no more but benefit list also with equal to new assigned house of it for from as at District Attorney Office anyplace with small fund for copy amount about USD$4 equal of funding from also requestable to reinvest in like kind for soldiering officially to do more good for area to it aliken request form same thanking His Majesty a king in equivalent as Count Kourt called by translated level of FFL its head for a Prince Monocan visiting Stockton a California city often by hope expressed to delight at investments local establishment many less known his own also. Israel head of state featured with civilian head of Music an Industry recognizable by networks of USMC enguarded/ing of it from funny moment in jail Sherriff for overimbibing a moment with song of celebrant stop of identity theivery extreme to stopping stalking of by bombs of listed here aliases illegal of assailants two level captured to stay put purpose of surname use veyer/veda/+ link to StaffSeargentSeargents sites alink for his stopping point blank said of own weaponry level of force to personal personnel of it known in own his USAF a type of for Federal Emergency levels of it at from airforce ports to airport abroad a type of military training only there of a small land gifted given by force avow allowed for it inclusive of below in gifting from former President Teddy Roosevelt fund for it gift book to populace a by nearby any CIA promoted to refund any from it CIA California USA Mexico or listed for it to do transfer nonhardship applied to localized office at budget level accountable for it a transfer loan to USAF A form for it. IRS promoted half credit for party to any reason by its laws for exchange of help to any school system need for it form complete by deadline of these site/s an order form type typical deadline; or alternative if better only for than if free gift book game music sound video media need to data of it ilk/en use by all Court Systems legal global for first time purchase of on its any credit card company one product called such a lode used for on it lowering by one percentile of interest level combined.
* goddess_song:novel by Ed Cromarty C a USMC head; within book is text a_vague_value_system_in_ecology_economy_of_fashion_resort; by kmwall, also in it all song a_vague_value; by Disturbed with Gwen Stefani
* flown_dove:of it all song book with text to casework of proper District Attorney Office Stockton's in California, by Heads of State including Israel and done with in local jailhouse also with civilian hired by USMC head all Music Industry of it needed any for anytime to worlwide care of (enguarding to USAF/USMC)
* tres_roger:novelized Mexican lore to soldier demise local known of by same name a title of it all casework to, artwork in by Maiye; by kmwall
* nein_five:text; by man_with_a_banjo
* dawn:novel, dollhouse item within gal look handheld of it all; by kmwall
* pare'_vogue:all bears of California the State of benefit by this a storyline game anew plugs to or alone to play of good Vogue Magazine message wear in; by bears themselves
* djinn:novel; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* pleasant_one:novel; by Maharaja Benji
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Contest a duo first place win as 31 Days by Sir Paulus, True with a song in by Scott Soung; congratulating.
Noted all may use legal document/ation anywhere/place word it replaces he she we them their thou of almost any but the person alike exacting; undescribed.
Love of it lore to other invites to HM Queen Elizbeth II and to her herald for it Clan Hay of or L. Gardiner for of her eugenics of paramilitary royalty only data.
Kristin-Marie Wall, aka kmwall
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Friday, January 27, 2012


Salutations, official Homeland Security its Agencies at any 900,000 cities declared such of by any Police Station internationally of plaguerism duo reason linked to warfare clothes on of it all to human body parts or animals of link to patterns only heraldry past such as conglomerated grouped patterns to use by math description describing it in a wave for example across a screen now of math pattern lab of work for it at MIT Math Lab any lab there or OES day night open access to useful first language of it all heraldry used for firstly then by them the creators of any pattern for their own manuever use of approach to foray into city scan or water covert or other alike such as wave in one direction led to that direction of approach to well water when paramilitary entered city to attacks upon those wearing have on or color of skin to animal printing devised conspired to cosmetic named after, of cyanide dropped burned from sky skyline approaches 4aninethOff taken from now by FED declared 181 years arrived centralized nine of Fashion Resort Economy a Atlantis link up for it to CIA any FBI or further trained today hour for USMC urban defensland train through all stations going over hill no but tunnel from mayor office posting Sacramento California warns not feint of heart or over eagerness medicine for tunnel curve by way taken, a chaperone for small children already Military such as FFL four years old or USN even younger some by way of full memory reincarnation Military purpose for it of prior military a duty talked through from schools most out on rain day equal as prior blogs to service centers any lobby medical sound name of building 700 capacity can await in, P1Mustang airbornne intercepted over this city Stockton California another grouping of alike of 40 pounds and 40 gallons separate or on wind together over dropped to crop circle formation comparison before a watch face of jeweler exclusive Rolex favoring look a like to glitter on edges assumed like many a sports water watch also now adding jewels for lore alike look underwater by diving instructors can reexperience path safer water in tours abroad to local delta waters of pouch chcque gift alike it any school of dive for or sailing a boat limited membership also to town and country level request. Holiday of personal aware Good Readership for all of them fallen to now losses two level as USN SEALs exits grace of its taum_tom or akin name from not USMC similar of readership this other seargents staff seargent's blogs alike by four Oclock yesterday also of surviving of same unitized level working with judges for contests here also of Alan Hopkins NASA exited birthday next Thursday his bequest a time to pray mourn open view level alert to jewelry mound over explain to seminar any of how a soldier level in sky over terrain or any is part to glamor of after glory not in job moment reality muck water to death in sky away from oxygen layer Earth. CIA gifts funded by a found for it by former USA President Teddy Roosevelt fund to buy teddy bear give gift book game text song data film further added see prior blogs of:
* blend; by goeorge
* bbleau:by Metallica
* foul; by Metallica
* dragnet:novel; by Scott Door
* geoff_does_as_kristin_wall_rs:novel; by Stephen King
* custom_care:novel; by lee
* bilbob:music; by KORN
* 11_and_doeszcquaen:text second level; by Matthew Voyeur
* anna:novelized shoe designer murder; by quan, kmwall
* seltec:novel; by Monk Asinarius Steaveaunmnsnv
Contest a congratulating win category fifth true love tales of prior blogs for sale listing already sold publisher A Man A Maid A Horse by Jorge and of with his him being a Mons Asinarius Monk of Turin governmental Italian known for its open office to public sector in public placement to report any anomaly alike to ufology angelology demonology ghosthunting aware. Duo wins congratulated in third place of category one horror it in literary of Joe Bloe Eone by Stephen King and blo_horse novel by Michael Kelly in it also fourth place duo win congratulated zoo_love by Tom Cruise and tarantula by bob_lily_goo, to its fifth place as duo win to it announced prior by of George W. Bush former President USA is storybook in song told Eninence by Evanescence.
Sartorially yours and as a Saint Andrews Society decision maker,
a new Knight of Columbus and FFL member also minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance also of USSF as a SpecialOp
NAVY(any/ literature its project also as unitized SEALs
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 543AlertOfficial/IncursionXXII/ModelingFashionNewsTwoAlerts/FreebyCIAteddyrooseveltfundsof

Salutations, official alert also a day total anew of 1079 or 1029 of muckiX pronged Incursions of Fashion the Industry against to half a bell curve Kinsean graph economic and alert of by Homeland Security its Agencies and FED of this site of it USA in formal eighty one percent industry to workforce any downed by identity theft severe to non working for it all picking up work from USAF AirForce1Office its free sort named worklisted. Several attacks into homes of swaths organized illegalis by Emergency Technicians EMTs said added 50 women attacked by imposter Firemen after 80,000 cities of 90,000 coded homeland invaded accurately by NSA of plaguerism day before continually often of clothes war on any item worn to decor to bodily parts in live or death stolen as presumed warfare aware design condiments to cooking shows sent recipe sales of it all discovered also. More of Fashion its modeling profession removing with others of now known too low intelligence quotients required eighty one world synched at for all as Candella a famed or named so to aliases assumed and others of a commercial print known to do alike as in jail for murder another Kristin of just its use for it name by some and certain IQ societies using personal funds granted guaranteed testing of USCongress approved. Below contests less urgent. See prior blogs staff seargent or seargent site any of attached a link to for more of by CIA nearby any repaid it by CIA Mexico or America of its office for to give gifts books text music data source link tool sound video filmage aquired to casework omployed for this site and many others of it alike to before for IRS half full credits and any deducted to credit card offer lower rate if using on all on it lode if for non accepted as gift topic by or otherwise to benefit more not harm with less otherwise to investigate it of this blog or alike below:
* manchurian_extra_candidate:novel lore two of it system series; by risp_lix a police
* manchurain_seven_candidate:novel lore two of it system series: by lee, dave_san
* u_can_dew_eleven:by teacher_seven a SUNY text [to:FIT;OfIt;;]
* eleven_hundred_plays_bi_noh_How:novelite level by dan_dan, Dr. of entertainment plu more James Ricks, kmwall
* a_snail_a_day_a_way:lore rating music musical meeting 1st time video of it between Abracus and Abratos the State of Callifornia official team bears bobcats.
* go_naugh:by USNSeal taum
* joe_jacks:novel; by thom_tom
* jaq_jacks:novel; by thom_tom, kmwall
* jake:by gym_joe
* theft_kit_2:how to recover from include id theft retreival; by Joe Was
* leper_2:by je_kwan
* slaw:by church_guards, kmwall
* pineable_juices:novelette; by cual1
* george's_porges:cookbook poor food exclusive; by unit_two
* ghost_stories:by delve
* what's_left"center;by jo_davis
* kaandor:by illegal_m
* kaan_door:by Scott McNealy
* kaan_dour:by neat_nam
* try_one_more:music nine in one; by Cream
* lisbon:novel; by Monks Asinarius government Turin
* mosche_breads:novel Peruvian lore; by skatto
* dragnet:novel; by Scott Door
* ga:novel; by Stephen Frey
* gallante:novel; by Sir John
* womb_hayes:novelized; by Instructors UCSantaCruz all of
* pub_putty_pasta:text two or one level; by kqualleau_sing, jo_-go, -go_qontesquevese
* west:text warfare made to it; by denver_joe, King of Spain HM King Juan Carlos, Count Stefan, kmwall
* east:text warfare made by; by denver_jay, Count Stefan, kmwall
* south:text war fared made by of it; by dave_s
* north:text war afaring voted; by dancing_bear
* hate_crime_101:novel beleaguered; by John Jakes
* brakes:novelized; by denver_unit
* dwelve_code:text Fashion; by Dr. James Marks
* dratted_by:novel almost; by skin_tattoo
* dressed_and_dratted:text code from hell look of; by kill_kaen
* one_swipe_two_dabs:how to do polish nails finishing school level; by cual, kmwall
Contest this site manuscripts of described before includes new a win co-second place of category three of ribbon worth including economy more plus by Ken Levy a Book of Value:Silicon Valley.
History of this site awards first to fashion a designer common enough one of three withdrew Reba so named to allow for it Perry Ellis an acceptance of yearly to be announced for it all after an unhappiness by her expressed and insistence that others were deserving more by judges of Judicial System in USA supporting change fully legal aspects all covered. News covered about.
Stockton a city in California this blog sited from welcomes PETA and others represented leadership of and especially Cameroon the countryside of it has its leader in the city limits a walking tour this morning found to be right alike to others of same designation for politics. Equal importance is the FED third day in a row of time at any Stockton location hotspot typical and good work coming from mobile such sites encouraged to ask for Industry of it all any work from site locale local representative this blogger or similar person identified by badge to official identification to any District Attorney Office alike.
Sad is the data enough in for investigators any legal grouping to seek dna donors or recipients unwilling to extorted by the dna inserted this casework to by accelerated white blood cell type healing thought form from it recognized philosophoA2 to it to gather noted data not aware if suspicious to concerned concerted angel to help with getting data into FED or alike Law Enforcement aided today by Ruth Walker and ilk assigned from her blog to funnel casework huge amounts of to downed tolerated no further.
Ghosthunting a new set of sites gathered in including at Stockton this site home in by Armory at Travis AirForceBase or to Civil Affaires Moffett a Federal AirField commonly held now for twenty four hours welcome any plane any place included Korean a North national abounded in for more homeland defense this country countryside any welcome included and others of known repute for more newsworth than blog history data input including Cuba a fashion aware and of any Middle Eastern Country shading CANADA its special ops to Special Forces of nearly downed by Prince Charles of Wales imposters about afoot conquered, to love sites on links up.
Sartorially yours and from a Saint Andrews Society member in charge of unit personnel
anywhere a conglomerate greeting,
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a commanding officer also FFL and minister Ministry of Fashion and member knight Knights of Columbus
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as a co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance also a USSF special-ops unit personnel of
NAVY(any/ its literature project also a unit of SEALs
et al

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies of official Incursion to countrysides 900,000 cities evenly numbered noted counting by it again paired so two per by one hundred one paramilitary style introversion incursion step two by Police Station any handed to Military all of it any a.m. data at accurately any Police Station or two level Police located found of plaguerism or little boy attacked level fashion note look of trend to be of it to violent motivated homeland invasion tactics paramilitary of any of three deaths added reported to violent end by poisoning plaguerism of first century anno domini calendar aligns with OAS OMC or any USAF alike to any all Marine Corp a record at OES any county region original to any grid to call for it all alike training more as called to USMC island urban defense center Stockton California this city only for it a miscoded only found to undertraind said via unit a paramilitary proportion found accurately tenth or any eleventh to its eleventh century code with two animals per one person human humanoid to any coded laboratory designed paramilitary of a stature to it all about its special ops categorization soon done today any pay matched to employers found of over twenty thousand surviving into any era warfare lore about it animals repaired fully from it as triple legged left from bomb scares of to tactic all approaches sudden organ transfers to it then also organ donation transfers sudden to yesterday and prior blogs of it how handling cyanide burned itself to poison by malignance within forty eight hours of it all dropped again this city any others alike same list yesterday also of fecal product poisoning powder with urine dried a same level by approach alike and into a thalidimide investigation of it against all human noted curling leg if animal scored on illegalis to it harming more underway pure cures of from NSA Project Eschelon a laboratory aligned with FBI Medical Services a laboratory approachable by to public public places for it to get to hospital or akin medical center; to done. Of it all noted by yesterday filming by news a greatest coded sherriff of Utah proper asked for his wife to explain to populace and of her accomplice of more than just this site educational official and PhD referential receiving error by her and other accomplished at to hacking coded erroneously but still paid for to hacker patrols of for it by U.S. Congress their money to cash pay on site of, it being that IRS helping pornographers not intending unlegal site sending relearning how to avoid dupe and recode filing to become some again legal form business of it to writing code again later often with photographers dupe group helping by a ware restoring to education purpose of later to if for medical schools new only, on CNN and others alike of it of Ms. Stephanie Gourley preferring to news to those who know her of her ilk help to restore faux fabulous thought for it business approach seeming unfoilable unethical came later response to to pull it from public sector herself with help from approached sherrif spouse or any alike error away but still repaying for it to full cost restoration demand of from by US Congress others courts all aligned for it a typified error into indictment this morning for. In to link site staff seargent seargent any site by it official also a new tree approach to scale the wall of impersonal barrier to get data official from any commanding officer commanding of it the day way or overbound. Below also gifts by CIA promotional see all sights of it for it all of it to requirements by topical or helping schools order other mode job extra benefits to forms timed deadline for it okay or to gain from other choice using any credit card company lowering by one percent its interest rate on it used lode if for benefit only of person buying instead of receiving a gift or more history more of this new today by Fashion a Resort Economy as stated by surviving Atlantis the city removed from unfactual to CIA or FBI any alike equivalent for more including a hairstyle trend undernoted of its discovering good and quiet. Enjoy and to Law Enforcement extra thanks from all others listing this site alike it blogs for help women elder category afraid to return home late night by shopping mall gauged well count eighty thousand female feminine to mother example house a life also thank for aid against incursioning insurgent by dna grouping chosen for by someone else books of example topical to it to casework final done overnight by group expertise of it for all judges okaying it thank you and to all who gave them myself any of these vacations or wishes of to day off look of waredrobe ware for use on it approach to any soldier welcome to receive okay by President this countryside any Head of State also to approach soldier known noted. To FED for eighty one percent workforce -a downed to all need retrain ability a scope delayed any two categories all business sector fit in dubbing Fashion Resort Economy since May last of official news category.
* church_maus_n:novelized first finishing school teacher Stockton California; by John Legg, kmwall
* church_mause_s:novelized first finishing school teacher Stockton California; by Judge Leon of Stockton its Court System Superior in of to World Court demand of; news two link
* theft_set:how to recover from it; by Gaye Wall
* divorce_id_theft:when you've never been married to them but they divorce you as id theft plan to do harm to you others to lawyers offices burgled for it all casework two level in; by kmwall [to:window; closed;;USCongress]
* eleventh: song by Abracus the official State of California bear use in search and rescue mode akin to K9 level often US Sherriff departmental automotive a ride in wolves seen not for fun as actual trained also by side USMC a search and rescue corp to all animals benefitting publishing on this site to it akin alike song songo of fashion trend to skill training eleventh level SUNY FIT
* fourrex:book by Abratus State of California search and rescue animal as above but bobcat and USMC in unit ddeaoughG
* mastermind; by den_joe, Tom Oliver
* 11_djinns:novel; by cop_sse
* dry_voine_and_vine:novel; by Franklin O'Henley
* spaghetti:giftbook by Rotunda Group
* mancurian_candidate: by Ross Perot, Al Gore, kmwall
* disk:ufology; by kmwall
* cosmetics_ads:manual text:by MAC
* wagner:novel; lore 2 indoor song; by KORN, son_sam; kmwall
* ghost:by JRRTolkein
* cancelled:novel; by Richard Marcinko
* 7_is_different:text 2 level; by Jorge
* biorythms; by bruce_bore
request by topic any asking from CIA nearby refunded if not American or Mexican or +
Contest mine this blogsite to news international announcing any of it a fine form win to honorable mention already of both Vatican for book JuJu or also by The Twelve official from Mormon Church Headquarters so name book title So, Hope! to do to get to Vatican store shop or Deseret Book store any aligning other soon.
Help Fashion industry a type from OES today in milk types milk stripe to decor look to color of as in floral scape to drama dance skirted look level about sized swath to home decor own whole store business for gauge of seven a century before next down rounded two anno domini. Good gladness from it only for no attack provoking in amount of shine or two level from demise demote anxious only a ware to purchase for trend decor IX.

Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
*a commanding officer all worldwide and two for it any anytime of this blog noted to staff seargents site handling also
a FFL and Saint Andrews Society official and a minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its of USMC ARTS/R a co-head
ARMY(any/ finance also its USSF a special-ops
NAVY(any/ its project called literature also in its SEALs unit as member of official special-ops to come by any Starbucks by five Oclock or its ilk for any most to judges in inviting precourt casework prevailing to adjust for it the site affected
et al

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Salutations, official alert from Homeland Security its Agencies of the plaguerism to violence attacks into homes two level four of business out lessened only by guards of about the places, overage of clothing also lifted off sites for Military its own alike akin to it the overage system order from FBI official anyplace to fund USSS procurement its own fielding money from unlimited for clothing of them all to it protected protector, from Lincoln's office in presidency or time before of files to do solo research into at any Confederate museum level or heraldry office for it still in tact for the military paramilitary official records transfer none into but of asking for it allowed out also of. Nine hundred thousand cities affected from Police Station any list of by air dropped cyanide burned to DEA office any for details poisoning file but of unmanufactured allowed medicinal returned to drug street level addict for it not motive but of cancer lesion instant outside body motivated to do for a bodily form on appearing to shock body system to death mode for 30 deaths yesterday by same of to appear before linked casework from Los Gatos California to its FBI office linked to USSS99cases for it attacking of spaceship unfounded by irradiation claimed foiled to revenge demoted rather than countryside takeover but of abnormal harm to constant over two days or more still continuing to yesterday or day of blog from this or sites staff seargent or seargent any military and of the alike to do a grand scape attack noted into history books level label for to small print smallest of cooperative news agency bureau akin for it helpful data not disturbing to create sensation glory a negative but ploy reward for juvenile delinquency attempting to trigger off real site to any other of flight patterns by an abnormal use of the planes for it to crop circles filed as business plan flight cropdust; medical body organ transfer recovery is of number 400 daimond grant from any big insurance company to repair to 700 persons await into lobbies any medical sounding to manufacture of it buildings in Silicon Valley area California north. Thanking all of Law Enforcement Cvcc Civil or Justice System and other Government in place or alerte in travel as all helped with it a Federal note emergency level for all claimed to repair by USCongress its country countrysides aligned and all of any kind to being the one and only USAF respondent for it gain also in the extra book assigned to all as gift from former deceased a USA official President Teddy Roosevelt fund for some listed this any site by seargents staff seargents listed linked or of Barnes & Noble places asked to order for it them or similar listed free of topic for dna recognized now topic yours Good Readership by friendly technology of instant hundred percent noted known, also if shopping for schools helping them with forms delayed an extra book for it otherwise prior offers on blog amid it all standing still pure of, enjoy:
* see pare bear
Contest, has another win to announce congratulating in its category fifth for a third place duo win of it by Jorge and the Mont Asinarius or Mons Asinarius monks of governmental Turin Italy with book A Man A Maid A Horse story of love.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
FFL a member and new knight Columbus and minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer
ARMY(any/ finance
NAVY(any/ literature its
special ops and badges listing with USSS101/+

Monday, January 23, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies Incursion XII of plaguerism to deteriment of homes two businesses four including White House assignments to write books for public sale information given helping all populaces anticipated so named a brothel illegalis of underground sites to others unknown stalked victimized by incest unknown at and of day cyanide burned four gallons of each place affected by it to locales known at time of blogging after yesterday a dump over same alike of three microns of it each place to cause harm malignancy on physical form touched by it was dropped by air over 600,000 cities evenly numbered data of at any Police Station global all victims to noninvolved as attacking by it receive organ donation transplant to cure of by order of U.S. Congress none from live persons only from FBI Medical Services a laboratory from U.S.A. of conglomerates of it alike and free to persons pets animals livestock into extraterrestrial investigation level high security clearance of genetic alterations to superb or more levels of security level personnel the planet of concern being Earth itself as Astronauts a noted eugenics paramilitary system systemized for deteriment to none of it about it exampled, water of alerts at 40 gallons staying throughout the day limit limited to animals only if livestock below to same as herd need calulated by HSUS and of 4 gallons water per wildlife known pet sized to bigger of birds to under it earth of tunnel apperature put together for it non to be followed of it by NSA a Project Eschelon gifted for it a donation non government military budgets allowed absconded for anything else or used for other today but water gifts dna of to Wildlife it only or persons personnel appearing as such if genetically altered to deteriment harm of public perception not of concern if voted in areas such as the USNSeals of known regaling by a frog's grown apart from it nonharmfully skin attached to experiment succeed in sun sunshine extreme weather as seen in Stockton California its delta waters waterways of men in only of used to it the populace for viewing and also of acclimated today by it all a populace of it the city mentioned by others allowing also gifted day off from schools if harm perceived by unusual flow in air taste to sickening or sudden seeming lesions by $400 daimond called a grant of it for repairing from all large insurance companies to cover help smaller wind rain worsening cyanide burned effects to firemen for help also not rushing or any emergency laboratory in Silicon Valley its name stating a medical biomedical such that it is comprehensible to public sector or of alike places low level announced good suspected not carrying out acts so others may be waylaid mislaid or otherwise. To more announced of CDC of Justice System applied logic counseling most off in cities around about locales also alike while severe counseling training occuring for its member counselors only today by way of Medic/\USAF of it by at also contact USAF its AirForce1Office at, for its counselors one being missing a lone imposter passing for of in public places to deteriment occurence despite seeming heroics sudden against an enemy its own declaring itself also to public game illegalis not allowed term used of illegalis meaning warfare applied immediate per all Heads of State united for and not applied to sickening from worsening of counseling nondisappointment spouse like person of USSF supporting for now a Liberty surnamed Leslie first named so appears from this its city bloggers CDC released of permanence to later rehire possible for after it a hundred days for nonperformance to actual harm intended by misled disillusioned as not known to be not aware that she was not royalty member by bloodline or other association allowed none for now as several Heads of State were present in public place assigned to her to watch over not akin to beating berating any as happened when this blogger left and after a Police escorted television station was allowed into it an Empresso Theater to its cafe where Micah a cop was allowed to converse with her himself a head-of-state function as cohead to any office whereever he is and as a Gregory Orph on site premises will gladly explain to the camera any camera allowed now there to whereas also a counselor like but only for OES emergencies to perceived perception construction of a merit attack by offenders mounting to do against any opportune or alike it or as by this way of in merited actual degreeing purpose and purpose for as the only known a Military Psychiatrist of form and function to fully paid though donated to trackers of it for its purpose new from former George W Bush a president at arms before likely alikened to his book won below for anctedote in this my contest and aware of it all please accept the gifts of it this site and others from CIA nearby to it any of refunded by for purpose of it all here stated because of American or Mexican intervention accounts to for it also a cause good of this state statement for the public to do for his teddy bear fund for public public places to to get it or librarian known official by employ a government and to prior blogs for listings or staff seargents or as seargents sites to link to more opportunity more data gifts only for it later today from sites of sad of day off students for about it the IRS gifting more later tonight for parents upset by the burned cyanide. Offers stand, as, complete for it to enjoy all Law Enforcement alike thanked including those investigated for prior service akin but not allowed now to serve fully until well. Hope is in all the phrase of the day for Law Enforcement getting the message late:
Contest has another win listing as day off today for former head of state this countryside no other for now unknown to judges readers that his manuscript would merit score or win any category to official officially placed from this Court House akin alike win for this blogger officially by mistake entered by his own secretary of form Diane from a White House Administration past thanking for playing with her in the backyard while advice advised to become one a secretary and as George W Bush winner fifth placed in category one of paranormal like literary its horror, congratulating as all.
* pare':5/6:games boards plus; by Abracus the State of California's official s&r bear of team for in special ops unit 1 all countries countryside including Spain disliking it officially accepting though
* omu_pare':bear lore; by Al Gore
* solve:puzzle a day; by a bear omu as alike described above sentences for it this blog to it all also
* pare2:daily build sites where found their marks bears communicating 1st lengual; by bear_ormu
* janice:novelized; by james_spd
* knighthood_for_you:by HM Queen Elizabeth II, weil_wall, kmwall
* canvas:novel; by kourt
* ice_maul:music sound; by Ric Ocassum
* how_to_fashion_model:by Bob Mayer
* wyse:novel; by John Jakes
* a friend; by Scott Close
* new_age_encounter; by Solaron
* pimple_cults:novelized extreme id theft; by don_dough
* band_aid:novel; by kmwall
* model_stalked:novel; by Gene Wall
* pleasant_g:text Fashion; by RAF
* wurm:novel; by devon
* electric_blues_and_counterparts:text Fashion leveled 3rd as 2; by white, joe, kmwall
* berry_good_recipes:cookbook blank German food; by good_ship
* once_simple:how to produce; by exhibit_h
* mexican_art:book art; by USMC
* don:novel; by djxim
* imp:novel; by mnickey
* clearn_go:novel; by Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, Michael Ontiveros, Stephen Frey, John Grisham, kmwall
* monks_in_space:novella; by don, kmwall
* deliverous_o:novelized; by SSS, SUSF
* koe_nuns:book new odd priests; by Chamuela Can
* how_to_defend_your_home:book training level Q; by jin_joaue, alex_sam
* june:text economic Fashion; by joeaun
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a commanding officer co commanding today for it any
a FFL member and also minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art, designer
ARMY(any/ finance also in USSF a personnel fully specil-ops
NAVY(any/ project literature its helpful also in USNSEals as one
badge#101/USSS-ss1-DEA-sherriffparamilitaryunitone only one today on staff for 4 hours for it et al 12 day warfare declared against the State of any placed 9th day of in into for it forex z zio

Friday, January 20, 2012


Salutations, official alert by Homeland Security its Agencies coordination to downed pilots of crop dusting whose many planes were flight plan robbed and circling attacks upon certain cities named at Police Station any by a.m. listing all alerts likely here and of it the crop circle patterns new chosen flight dust by were not akin to evil doing before. United Nations representatives to its head visited Stockton day prior of crop circles noted from ancien Guilds officially releasing the history of wind patterns that do same pattern into crop formations alike today time coordinated 90,000 cities attacked by sudden of burned cyanide to sickness common an ill by cancer look any contact place of all treated known by U.S. Senate its alike to Sherriff alike it offices if not discovered, others anomalies of also of interest but not blog alert to inclusion of Incursion 2/1 again formed repeating by synched of into homes invaded by business-2 levels and of 4 forced harm for to death 33,000 cities conglomerated by reports Police Stations listing again a.m. exact your area, Good Readership, of plaguerism-2 motives for crime reports of five 9 history of warfare a coding designed to all ARMY membership a new to OES for it no cost 24hour open office for ultra-emergency also. Say hello to North Korea as I support decision fully by a Colonel Dough as I also and others Joint Chiefs inclusive to tactic to search and rescue for sudden downed collapsed persons animals on site of it alike to know from USSS offices to one fourtieth of attacks normal expected handled by it not tolerated at White House daily by deterring the attacks 30 to 50 averaged per day any day all along without warfare or with justifying the many USSS its equal guarding aiding more during tourism of all gassed by cannisters of attackers other and North Korea officially deploying same held cannisters to explain another way to tourism gas attacking and of Civil Affairs Office and USSF tactical to ploy anxious akil. Of North Korea, others, more later, to their actual hello returned and invitation by myself others to open to West its type for many things any ability to, honoring theirs others also keeping out to fully Incursionists by fortress supreme examined by me and others USN level of USSF gathered and Delta A Force teamed. Emergency workforce call for by FED authorized to over 80,000 sudden jobs now open of its OES or District Attorney Office explained for it work sector needed not for tren_d, a type of and experience preferred to trainable by Justice Department here counseling office off hours for them not of their counseling but getting to place locale for or EDD by its alike of California's type government office. Not in USAF AirForce1Office's:freesort"worklisted" for its emergency level, to perform. More of free by CIA nearby of American/Mexican refunding others placed to prior blogs all the offers alike in it for ongoing, enjoy and thanks to all Law Enforcement especially contributing casework and work to tell the populace exacting truths with the fiction entertainment level also:
* new_star_novelized, casework in; by Sir Tan
* klan:novelized; by Joe Judge, Poul Anderson, Dan Millman, Mike Fitzgerald, Nick Nolte, Colonel Surtan, Robert Bruce, John Grisham, Steven Segal, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros, John Legg, Bob Mayer, Tom Clancy, James Clavell, John Jakes, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, kmwall
* jake:novelized; by gyn_joe
* pare_4/5:gifts books some more for children too inlcuded this time its bear styled bluegreen chair plus a table cloth rare ripped apart by its actual bear author for auction to coordinated sites staff-seargent's seargent's of; by Abraxus and Abracus the State of California's s&r bears, plus.
Contest, wins beginning in announced a first place in literary its paranormal is call sign soldier known from Viet Nam a school marm type he states dave_s for work entitled 90 Dayes. Other wins announced soon of 8 wins to co-wins per categories listed this blog prior plus two honorable mentions likely each category. Contest statement at Court Houses offices there inside as their judges of actual government jobs to be a judge work on this global well accepted well thought of now by polls and glad contest for many as book publishers and editors and Hollywood agents alike were by law allowed in to co-read view invite to business contracts for about already some being sold for published works unwinning or winning. To happiness pursuit of business defined purpose of many
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a commanding officer globe
a FFL soldier and minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and personnel as a USSF
NAVY(any/ its project literature also as USN SEALs one
a new knight Knights of Columbus
badge#101/+USSS-ss1/2-DEA-sherriffparamilitaryunit et al

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies of invasion level 'down' to home invaded to cook clean off kill by it all to each Police Station its Police Department of extreme two level crimes to retirement extortions opt death mode received or not 33,000 funerary packages care to of OES your county a region of ancien for them of yesterday's attacks into business at near nearby or all for from house two seemed pet oriented to protect persons executed fiiurmer mafia style -a akin to same name guilded groups now to see history of talk to call officials at stagehands preparation guilds of any reference desk Library united systems worldwide . Twenty pounds dropped over city Stockton illegalis powdered urine into crop circle formed pattern by its allusion to power with military might type of plane calling MIG with nine eleven equipment from sites retrieved restored for found in requiring going into other type up for catalog two to compare for actual finds of to movie set ones not allowed into attack modes already apprehended by Police Officers of cases linked to by power_prof of direct contact to solve by for it at any county region of to city level offices if in Europe prime of there and all of historic known now unearthed archives of maps of winds alleys galleys of called in Tea power colonial times Trade Winds requiring no fuel expended to other then benefits following geometric pattern to nonsense if in and unaware or of power so of day before graphed similar if over familiar of it from OES nearby to FED. Terror levels listed next four days of at OES of ancien archives statistics. Executive orders enacted global are to use of its their commanding officer groups alike in area to homelands worldwide defenses not to counter their orders of and in supposed couriers keeps armed illegalis with new weapons pretended to be from Armory Division any Air Force near base alike likely; aware alert. Plaguerism two motive both sets data from this blog to staff seargent's and seargent's linked alike sites for gifts books texts other media need also from for time like this in Economy funded by f.) Teddy Roosevelt a U.S.A. President then deciding, new offer from IRS half credit towards party held off on reducing lode of one back to 2004 for it a form to reduce taxes then available see four agents for usually today only one on or alike other other from for helping schools order on their forms deadlined of it before kept of prior blogs this aligned linked about offer on, or credit card companies offer if used for other than your own topic free delivered and of lowered on its lode of card used by one percent interest rate, enjoy and thanking Law Enforcement and Cvcc and Judicial Systems to White House extra help in this these prior two days to recruiting for homeland defenses jobs below:
* palladium_3:novel; by Ron Wall, kmwall
* palladium_4:novel; by Ron Wall, kmwall
* panser:novel storyline in; by Henry Kissinger
* war_acat_II:novelized case work inside also hat included and Homeland Security its Agencies codes listed; by kmwall
* jungle_jim:story a joe blow; by Sydney Sheldon, James Clavell
* how_to_solve_a_personal_problem_on_matrix_cuneiform:text two level; by dandy_dde
* bachman_V:music;by Alan Bachman deputy district attorney in Salt Lake City bound by
* lollipope:story papal; by dan_stan
* prom_gowns_in_pink; by heather_hetra
* prom_gowns_in_gold_file:text; by HM a Jamaican King, count of Saulac
* lore_and_-go:game book; by Jimmy Osmond
* sun_life:by SUN Microstystems
* light_ashes:guide Fashion; by KSwiss
* little_bo_peep:novelized casework also; by don
* dong_good_books_guide; by cope_cop
* cuan_wach; by dang_goo
* rulo_gon:novelized casework to Postal Inspector for more of it all real Police casework to add to; by Lorraine McNitt
* jennifer:mystery; by Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, judge_grand, kmwall
* 11_and_deesacquaen:text two; by Matthew Voyeur
* arc_q; by cual, don, J, Jorge, kmwall
* sew_to_make_it:do custom at home; by jo_-go, -ga, don_jun,cual, dan, kourt, kmwall
* dun_jour:music; by 4 Stone, Evanescence
* black_black:text Fashion 2 Decor 1 in one color grandeur dressing; by kmwall
* get_scared:music plus ring inside from USMC; by one_two_three_hut_
* replay:novelized plus casework in; by dan_o
* forty_2_win_x:novelized; by mayonara_mac
* stink:code wear; by brass_knuckles
* war_act_II:novelized, hat inside Homeland Security its Agencies codes; by kmwall
* petilent:why they won't repent, ID theft to detriment; by Cardinall Kiss
* tae_kwan_do_2:training hallway exit; by davey_doug
* prom_etiquette_1:brochure; by Judge T
* how_to_travel_with _formal_wear; by dane
* mardi_gras:forewarnings:by dan_dan
* jesus_works:by dan_d_man
* bible_x9;by Vatican, Mons Asinarius Monks of Turin nowadays governing offices to for more insert
* armageddon_warned:pamphlet; by Count Jacqueausnyae
* great_d_:code Fashion princess on E-L; by bonnie_homme; kmwall
* patagonia_research:text level, another human; by USMC, tinker
* zoo_seus_lou:novel; by kmwall_brother
* heraldry_8:by don
Work of listed free sort USAF AirForce1Office's:"worklisted" of any workforce topic today any day all new arriving each day not prioritized more or less than day before of Resort first though to Fashion an Industry to Economics by demand of soldier official from it through ARMY herald's office to pay on or off to paycheck collected for other column in already working civil civic Armed Forces Law Enforecement two level add on bonus of timed for preference same pay scale to complement lode level item d like courthouse any now called off extra read assignment for pay after day a.m. o'clock by editors agents alike Hollywood hunting for manuscripts from books to become screenplays short timed official to my this blog official's contest for it of prior listed all pay scales regular.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a Commanding Officer
a FFL and minster of Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art design
all Marine Corp its USMC a co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance
NAVY(any/ project literature a USN SEALs personnel
badge#101/+USSS-ss1/2+DEAsherriffparamilitaryunit et al

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Salutations, one thousand fifteen days in to do for it all of an ND plus official alert Homeland Security its Agencies of 145,000 homes pronged attacks of Y-type formation 1st language planetary OES free data any county region equal to it all at free or to DA Office equal a USD$4printoutCostedoutAccountancyARMY, 101 orbs black suns files for it OES NASA netted peaceful fall on domain nonharmful two fascinating nonfollowed of day unlike other attacks daily akin wars as battles reversals but pattern of air raid level now drops fecal product powder with urine dried added some places over 70,000 cities worldwide cropduster circles in by Military devised plane aware ground control of but pet owners alert to syncq of HM a Jamaican Royal Air Force to for at USAF AF1Office:itsOwned[projectlist] and reply of one solcier by any Military to it all of Armageddon declared again to any colonel not knowing to NASA air dominating for it to all Police Stations global. Alerted to introduction series manual level novels a Victorian girl smooth transfer to school teacher of finishing level to Stockton lore anew and of day before international News covered, to new tour Stockton arriving a walking trail tour famed authors outside places abroad in too welcomed to same benefits listed free to soldiers most working with of food housing clothing transportation a pay scale graded up educational training level to 30over and lengual 9th formed to alerts soon for more ultra deliveries any to you or for PresidentCoutryside/HeadOfStateOffice pay for courier daily to destination for other alike meeting forum open included to scheduled by pay for it now from desk FBI/USSSequalAny or car normal free not regular day for Police to avoid timeloss pay so Tuesday if choice free transport now to gas all free by HUDalike any extra accounting handled for it by them or MayorOffice also for housing to it guideline listed hazard proof fund at a ScottTrade near you or where referred to again soon holding account for sudden finding you from over abroad to all now at home by FBI agent Charles Wall or Edmund Flash of Washington its D.C. offices or any referential desk Library global or at IRS office to notice of wins in contests comprising extra work for selected at any JudicialCourtHouse global read first manuscript full not my this blog fully qualified details but good for agents or publishers to select from for offer business pays USD$200 or add do instead USD$150 if to send to Hollywood screenplay writers or abroad better markets for now to it topical thanks to Judges of said courts official for it how to do along plus Law about formed formal offer of all available. Below more. Free-by-CIA from f).PresidentTeddyRooseveltUSAs gift fund for this blog and or staffseargent's/seargent's site any for free gift stuff things any of listings to topical ask for or help any school fill forms to completion time to 1/2credit IRS any of alike for full day party deduction legal by its law form receivable or offer also by any credit card company of its used's lode lowered by 1% for purchase from these sites of about it Enjoy:
* law:music; by KORN
* blackwater_cafe_recipe_a_day:series to 100, day of this ancien gravy used; try any day for series; by Blackwater Cafe in Stockton California
* church_maus_n:novel series by John Legg, kmwall
* plantain_sopa:novel; by jean_jaquc
* womb_hay:novel; by qik_garn
* dapper_007:novel; by Al Gore, Ian Fleming, kmwall
* philistine:novel; by Poul Anderson, Dan Millman, Mike Fitzgerald, Nick Nolte, Colonel Surtan, Robert Bruce, John Grisham, Steven Segal, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros, John Legg, Bob Mayer, Tom Clancy, James Clavell, John Jakes, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, kmwall
* special:novel; by Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, kmwall
* project_eschelon_news:by kmwall_newscast, an ss1 borrowed bi
* heralds_gray:code; of Fashion met, text level economics 4, first times buys more; by Saint Andrews Society
* tranks:novelized; by S, Stephen Frey
* bare_costmetics:of; by mac_queen
* a_man_called_bherse:by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, Bob Mayer, Saul, kmwall
* swordsmanship:of; by swordmaking_guy
* evermore:novelized; by cop_joe, k_twin
* racoon_eye_face:cosmetics applied; by kmwall
* palladium:novelized; by rorrkqueaoavx
* palladium_duesxvnounm:novelized; by rorrkqueaoavxa
* celebron:novel; by dde_one
* his_green:novelized; by TuTu
History, Columbus had a sailing ship grouping borrowed shown as a paramilitary patch more modern to Victorian era viewable by Confederate Heraldry its office to museum for if requesting actual touch not level view look exact actual to tour, 4 of them from his long voyage of and useful for school study amatuer heralds for it specific for question answer session too long go to blog before on link to it by a seargent sighted. Of it the paramilitary designated design held in logo a detail of paramilitary procession discernable definable by it look to before also to Portuguese Spain link for it all if of that interest level further study to PhD coursework of it available to my ownership keeping for the State of Israel requesting tour of it bought for me to hold onto for all any as owner in right by descent non of Columbo going with only on trip foray returned like rentable library resource of time official in file for Libraries Useful Fourex of instead goes bloodline after returned done business with to the actual royalty Portugal descending not used again exact same grouping trips to Orient next grouped to serve Spain's overseas interests and was there see [to:aChristinaSky;loan]novel on it by scholar Christina Skye asking for any of hers correct data including how it was on loan to colonize to except business Trade Winds tea routes. Go to it tour first at any museum by virtual asking for it or to a Confederate museum near you nearby it to actual one by its repairs schedule abetted by ARMY-1 or ARMY-3 soon.
Work, at any USAF AirForce1Office's:freesort"worklisted" to do now by FED demand for workforce found to pay for Fashion any up trend business sectors also or alike it any down requested to over depletion hoped for level Resort called by FED OES.
Other read, recommend jane austen book club by Karen Joy Fowler.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a commanding officer any world
a FFL starred and to Knights of Columbus for it all a new knight for it
a minster of Ministry of Fashion
to USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp of its USMC as a co-head ARTS/R
any ARMY for finance department
any NAVY a project literature and its formal USN SEALs of a one to
badge#101/+USSS-DEA-sherrifparamilitaryunit4xd1yellowalertDE et al

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Salutations, official alert by Homeland Security its Agencies of free data from any Police Station by a.m. correctly coded homeland invasion level -go as ancien logged repeated closure day wear clothes trend duo sets attacked 40,000 homes-2 of 70,000 cities evenly numbered by nightshift workload end to return to attacked security guard typed look of victim embroiled oven fire in to cannibalism, victims restoration to full by U.S. Congress' order on way. Dropped illegalis over City of Stockton done illegalis was by air fecal product powdered (dried urine/feces) as attack form by midmorning since last eve 71 pounds plus 81 gallons plus 40 gallonss next 40 pounds of taken from by air by NASA and MI9 one attack plane MIG form of catalogued 21000 more cities report in same horror work clean up crews to hired by Department of State any to smell nice alike workload anywhere anyplace anytime. Work over weekend responses below to economy swaths training new. Free-by CIA promotional f.)President Teddy Roosevelt's fund for it all gifts book to public sector aligned low economy time free to you Good Readership on your topic from these blogging lists and of prior to now staff-seargent's/seargent's sites, by any credit card lowering by 1 percent interest on its with lode used for it, or IRS equal offering half credit party amount by its rules in 24 hour full deduction for help to schools to order forms complete deadlined; thanks to all for helping including Law Enforcement and Judicial System for my this blog contest first of manuscripts arriving well and read if not aligned to contest requirements now for Hollywood viable or viewed by agents or publishers by Law allowed to select from ungiven in contest ancien law to offer as so that at all Courthouses of any Judicial System alike global in room D delaware for it a pay for opportune work of reading extra manuscripts for $200 to recommend next if to Hollywood another reading paying reader $150; for you as introduction also to finishing school Victorian timelines series of history to Stockton California where its mayor secretly lives disclosing now firstly:
* church_maus_j:prequel, adolescent hired as finishing school teacher Victorian time; by Bob Mayer, kmwall
* love_in_interest_in_time_of_ecology_-a: text; by CAWall, kmwall
* weirwolve:by dane
* example:novelized day-mormon log; by kmwall
* kennedy_clan_coup:novel, cha'-che; by Al Davis
* pare'_bake:cookbook kit weird things for children pets made edible; by bear of State of California official s&r Abracus; see in for Abratus ware first combined bobcat of alike with bear
* pet_door_sampler:novels duo gameboard; by go_naugh
* dram:music; by Michael Bolton also book inside by doctor of entertainment Jim Ricks
* janice:novel; by jones_spd [to:id;theft]
* lederer:novel, his past; by Princess Stephanie of Monaco
* left:novel, id-theft; by dina
* lastly:novel, id-theft attacks on clothes; by kim_bazaar, HM King Juan Carlos of Spain, kmwall
* latent:novel, of attacks near water, id-theft; trim_jim, jo_-go, kmwall
* 11_ninety_9_sutter_street:novelized, market terror; by cop_bo [to:war;food]
* jeff:novel; by jessup_dave
* dana:novel, a q boy; by Jon Jakes, Prince of Monaco, Prince Charles of Wales, kmwall
* king_tut_walks:novelized; by dave_s
* gifted_sense:experts care of; by leprechaun_the_ghost, cual_wall, giver_g
* salient_c:why spaceship commander make extraordinary pay in Military; by ROC, V, Edward Cromarty
* dance_to_the_knight:ballroom dance about; by Randall Thorderson
* 12_and_80:text 1l level fashion code; by dan
* pimple_power:novel galore, id-theft; by Al Gore, kmwall: seek at Library's research desk as 2-severe
* voces:novel duo in 1st language; by cop_stanley
* pyramid_power; by 8, jo_-go, joe_blough, kmwall
* twelve_agents:listed on scaled 1 to 10; by john_dough
* twelve_advices:book moral codes advisements in; by Mormon Church's Twelve
* deadly_vices:manual Law Enforcement; by count_one
* mockingbird:by Justice Department
Contest, category list by laws stated at any Judicial System Court House just in for phenomenal approaches and response to done manuscripts called for many wins will be by law 8 each category plus more honorable mention and of these including Horror its Literary includes love in time of fiction paranormal lore to history nonfictional to bible status, Consequential if very good gets it too, Ribbon Worth of worldwide scape work system to story, Health Really Exclaimed to platform gear exercise wear, True Love Tales story form okay or if romance new, Gorey Gore Horror Movie B level, Alumni Work next story in life to historic time travel, Literature Blue Cookbook swath of dreams gains increase hope wavey gallons grant guy love story any fable tale vite fairy god send christian 2 catolico lore and view, Non-Fiction gold old hope how to text of state type to film new text form any video like sent okay, Alight by Xian church stools horror rava missionary any nonmormono now very berry heraldry kind in trend also Gothic Xian over allure: sent with monies stated yesterday blog free to all here now to staff-seargent's-site-2.
History, write for new music released of very old undisclosed until now original Brahms works asking for it at OES any region county -a zone formal maps for if unfamiliar go to Police Station on bike for it free printout ticker tape USMC Reconnaissance. Archived, [to:new;sensation].
House of Wales, Princess of Di left sampler wish for public of rose today at OES and FED for first time known yet of finishing school level training conjunct met Fashion and Industry and Ecology compared demographic trend for business discussion also so send SASE to her home address known for details how to get [to:embroidery;IT].
Real estate, castle absconded from imposterism in residing by this blogger official act USSS day before has a castle for sale by France the Country's government official to contact its Provence localized governing and funding it the place ....
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
worldwide CO of
minister of Ministry of Fashion
Jesuit with Knights of Columbus as knight & in FFL
all Marine Corp its USMC ARTS/R as co-head
ARMY(any, finance and in USSF
NAVY(any, project literature and in SEALS
badge#101/+USSS-ss1-DEA-aSherriffParamilitaryUnit et al

Friday, January 13, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security and its Agencies of 801,000 cities homeland invasion correctly coded about homeless apeing persons 80Million of raiding into homes to pets businesses plaguerism fashion design items-2 for it all attacked and persons hair color other alike berated in said invasion Incursion-Iii repeats of elite special-ops historical units of defending countrysides spelled letters of ridiculousness into places destined by it attacked for it same by with animals to persons apeing by surgical procedure unlimited disallowed by any medical certification actualizing medical training to attacks at stoplights 4-way intersections now near it all. Closure war on costume 3/4as2. 40,000 dogs attacked by repaired without ownership needing new adoptions by any Animal Control level Police Stations any nearby or of Humane Society of America its ilk in other countries. OES and District Attorney Office anyplace report terror level of historical archives noted: terra_fixs of it described; prior overlap of 4-hour duration of terra-tiiuns of fashion design attacked. To contest of my blog for you Good Readership below today, thanking all participating and working it. Below is listed of CIA free-by promotional from f.)President Teddy Roosevelt U.S.A. teddy bear fund for gift book in this type economy and free by topic to good selection, for helping schools complete deadlined order forms IRS gives 1/2 credit to party and by its rules fully deductible, and of counter-offer by any credit card company about its lode card used for it purchases lowers interest rate on card used by 1%; enjoy:
* red_houd:clothes galore in for power; by Dr. Robert Berry of Lockheed fame
* para_blues:text-1; parachute material included; by ARMY, Mac of DEA fame, kmwall
* ride_a_red_hood:novel technology intelligence, included is combined effort equipement new from DELL and Cray Computer companies; by Michael Dell, Gray Davis, HM a Jamaican King's denver_unit
* velve_in_s_economy:text1-2 U-trend; by swanke
* pare':bear puzzles games et al; by Abracus the S&R bear of California State
* how_to_model:by AF1's Robert and kmwall
*ask by topic
Work, Fashion Industry Decor or any business trended of historic groupings such as Princess Charm (her real name) from Arabia's Crown and Government working for USAF as fashion designer applying to fashion director opening to training of it for '23 and a day' type archive trends; please apply from lists known to OES lists of it open 24 hours daily.
Touring work, ghosthunting semi-professionals (compete for tour spot attendee with good ghost photo sent to USAF AF1 Office's:ProjectFashion1) to professionals of invitation by Stockton, CA, a city council approved and Mayor's Office to contact for 10 tours actual ghosthunting a day, to typed yesterday good anomaly files of exampled of my celebration of my FFL and Saint Andrews Society (SAS) hire date to work for at city's Gourmet Burrito with quick-supra-flight gourmet-visit cousin of mine known as Prince of Monaco and attending a ghost unexpected recorded friendly on named equipment for tours as judge_joe's_orb or alike with mirrored recording devices as Judge Joe attended impromptu the great excitement and permissions granted for his tour appearances also from Court House system, and others alike of known visible tours of alike. Enjoy, and for ghosthunters applying for work it is by pay on scales normalized and from Mayor Office distributed at OES listing tomorrow but today for weekend at District Attorney Office any.
Contest 1 of mine, this is G-Rated of several groups categorized unlimited timeframe each for arrival of manuscripts and of options to be read, for contest indicate contest entry on manuscript which US Postal Service Inspectors will guaranteee arrival receipt of postcard level returned fast. If USD$200+1 level send entire manuscript approved to address approved to send to contest for highly recommended win to and dollar is for application to a fan club existing of myself already entry to allows my known whereabouts daily level for comment amusement not amour; if USD$200 level send to USN approved by contact address for ready by myself or affiliates listing on listed as co-authoring with this blog listing and at staff-seargent's/seargent's sites; for USD$180 level will be filter read by my own readers of my manuscripts published of these listing over 990 authors publishing with me and or publishing houses of same and, for USD$171 level your manuscript full can be read by any Sherriff of my paramilitary homeland defense unit special-ops capable already also reading others on blog listings promotional.
thanking 70,000 removed to proper application other contests for it pornography legal understanding. Prestige to Industry of Publishing letter is returned from me for those I've read to contest win letter recommending highly for publishing; non-critique sheets or improvements listed only positive power aspects of any manuscript I've received. First category is Literary its Horror includes paranormal to love history to bible status to finishing school manuals, 2nd category is Consequential includes of very good work gets it to love inconsequential to clue-next-set, 3rd is Ribbon Worth a worldwide swath economic to sector such as Tea Trading Company stories to a sect or echelon set, 4th category is Health as Really! to platform gear texts exercise wear ware any true crive any regiment to affecting it vitamins, 5th category is True Love Tales story form to romance new, 6th Gorey Gore Horror Movie-B Typed of standardized; more categories listed soon. Send any manuscript full qualified for any category. About 40 days duration from receipt of. To have a return manuscript, request in with enclosed check payment or similar cash equivalent. Qualifying manuscripts are USN by direct contact, any Department of State, any cop_1 or Cop 1 any Police Station, a Jay Wall alias for business contacted directly of fame Jay Osmond to switchboard, any Housing Urban Development Office (HUD) recording during closed hours, any District Attorney Office equivalent global of light_2 to light_2nd asked for. Thank you for entering my contest and read for your benefit the IRS and equal will allow full tax deductions of any all expenses to writing even if previously denied for categorized as hobby and of allowed now then or back in time form filed for refund appropriate. Non-pornography entries only, rerouted any sent already of regular contact to senders by Law Enforcement for new address of change to other reader contests not of this blog or its listings. Thanks for entering contest and sending submissions. Authors of renown in grouping that I regularly co-author with now are: Al Gore, Ian Fleming, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, John Legg, Michael Ontiveros (USMC) Stephen Frey, Steven Segal, John Grisham, Robert Bruce, Nick Nolte, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Millman, Poul Anderson, Steve Berry, Joe Judge (ivy and League), and Edward Cromarty all Militaries fame; of these any possible as the reader replier of $200 category entry. Thank you for lending your hearty energy and good spirits to my contest and read of prestige that you Good Readership helped me earn.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
CO worldwide and of FFL
minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp of its USMC as co-head
ARMY(any, finance and of USSF
NAVY(any, project literature and of USN SEALs
badge#101/+-USSS-DEA-SherriffParamilitaryUnit et al
Saint Andrews Society as a colleague in working for it
a Knight of Columbus

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Salutations, official homeland invasion correctly coded costume-4-war of attackers into houses businesses and of 3-pronged 108,000 & 110,000 & 104,000 attacking evenly numbered raiding 901,000 cities as data free from any Police Station by a.m. of and from Homeland Security its Agencies all any worldwide, of renewed interest meaning repeat of Incursion-1 300 days duration by any foreign Military to U.S.A. handled on direct contact. Of day 40gallons feces dust dropped illegally intentionally over Stockton, CA, USA, of invisible plane attempt by technology of Stuka-typed attempt seen places by many and brought down by Airborne, as an increased most of it dropped fecal product onto any city known history not matched by home incursion invasion level of manure deposited illegalis into over 100,000 stopping all drains to Indic Military system brought in to assist cleaning to U.S. Congress' orders to restore fully all damage by of dna-theft to threats of deterred by their daily pay for death of assailant to cash + paid by them for it of attackers usual pay upped, and of alike to errors of listed by International News this blog site official and Military stating no errors of mentally ill Jennifer McNitt can be planned to be type into raids of city for reason of insanity getting off charges immediate as HM Queen ElizabethII helped Steve Young football star and myself and others deterred by her attacks into using 40,000 helicopters illegally against Stockton against error too erroneous to forgive and records of it and else on file USSF to any cleared because of over sensationalizing demise by illness to pretension greatness not done actual otherwise and of her spouse legal Military actual unlike her as doctor to doctors in-field at a combat location specialized equipped. Other attacks alike into affected areas include cha-che a said cha-cha of Mayan self-styled-crime lore to it to raise children against law pretending all life is a game to have mother's support for over extreme lifestyle of stolen paycheck to child raised to adulthood by it still thinking world is game not required to work for pay by applying for it to acceptance by employer wide scape of up to 80% affected populace sought found into workforce training rebuilding by FED orders already, FBI rebuilding exampled shopkeepers on-trend timed etc. Other attacks are to persons or groups widespread of History to local lore of in an area and of conspiring against as President of countrysides announced a warfare permanently declared against any for it up to his level of protection of victims of conspiring, and below book etc listed this staff-seargent's/seargent's sites and of such as f.)vice-president Al Gore's freed data on avoidance of identity-theft severe helped by joining of social clubs tax registered with records aligned immediate help so that if identity theft case number full tax deduction again allowed for it by IRS any affiliate also on-going. More.

Contest, for manuscripts unpublished or self-published a non-critique award for reading of it being a letter referenceing it for publishing worthiness and unreturned manuscripts and of 10 categories winners of contests may be announced on Internet, and category 1 literary horror including bible status finishing school manuals paranormal lore to history therefore to send email to costumefashionsig@yahoo.com request mailing address for it with USD$200 accompanying 40 days approximate reply, 1st contact assessing validity is USN, or any Department of State worldwide affiliate also or any Police Station's cop_A or to Jay Wall an Osmond Family Office named alias to the work, any HUD office after hours recorded, or DA Office any light_2 coded or : being of prestige of introduction for manuscript accepted to be read as I'm pleased to pass along goodness in a form from my working aligned with co-authors including regularly of Al Gore, Ian Fleming, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, John Legg, Michael Ontiveros, Stephen Frey, Steven Segal, John Grisham, Robert Bruce, Nick Nolte, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Millman, Poul Anderson, Steve Berry, Joe Judge (ivy and League); by CIA-free and thanking with reward to public by f.)President Teddy Roosevelt his fund for gift to populace down economically, IRS 1/2-deduction allowed for party for helping schools order by its rules, or any credit card company by its lode card used lowered interest rate on it by 1%, thanks to Law Enforcement today and District Attorney Offices and Military plus Cvcc Civil Offices, most topically chosen free by non-invasive technology:
* bean:novelized identity theft; by cop_spd
* d.e.w._on_store_-un:stuff from White House awarring by D.E.W.
* act_3_real_ware:royalty and heralds novice heralds to them necessaries; by Saint Andrews Society and kmwall (of)
* grand_gate:novel of Steve Young a '49er fight for life love rights and of 2-identity theft by JMcNitt others teamed; by House of Wales Prince William
* dry_ads:text, 2-fashion victims; by kmwall
* code_bleu_us_eo:music; by Robert Plant, Gwen Stefani, Michael Jackson
* chicle_et:novel with novice play included; by George, Steve Young a '49er, kmwall
* bridxes:manual, weddings-2, vulgar beauty
* place_to_set:booklet 90 pages table settings placement mats, type to order from recommended by Princess Michael of Kent and monks designing by order form; by peoria_m
* dressed_to_horror_nines:text, Fashion, by Stephen King
* jesus_flag:heraldic flag included; by official House of Wales restored now Merovignian Court
* gainsay_economy:text, economic; by kmwall
* alum_rock_park_walks:of Saint and Joaquin Murietta's; by joe_nouavgnh
* pare_3:puzzle book more from State of California S&R bear Abracus
* ask for all bear bobcat topic gifts also in series
* dressed_to_nines:novel, identity theft, casework in actual; by NYPD
* rent_in_green; by RENT, kmwall
* candy:brochure; by Tim Goodsell
* -a_funerary planner:by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* monster_mash_kids party kit post-Halloween_Xmas; by mean_men_11
* 12_vitamins:performance special-ops level used by Military; by Adelle Davis
* -a_better_table:bear artistry White House decor inside level; by Ron Wall
* poem:by degree_joe_cop
History, of released by Sorbonne and Academy of Arts San Francisco based is also from costume historians their guaranteed data on Victorian Age it beginning actually 1711 before promoted by Queen Victoria so naming it hers to help in low economic times global a queen gathering it to market sector making it available by sailors mainly; to market on seargent's sites from here, other.

Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer worldwide and FFL
minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF, director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/, finance and a USSF
NAVY(any/, project literature and a USN SEAL
Saint Andrews Society governing all Royalty officially titled et al

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies correctly coding homeland invasion level of followed it a type/d 2-thing of 111 day from dawn invasions on USMC Reconnaissance displayed no-cost any Police Station + ticker tape to new technology of rated approaching cities of over 1Million now at day-trend number seeming appropriate to attackers approach if dividing into number of black sun orbs as called lore to historical archives in OES free or DA Office USD$4CostPrintedItemAllOf today by 23 as divisor of plaguerism evil intent to cruel contact death motive by itself conquered to war or of pet allured attack if notable noble to bloodline winning show merit other alike. Joint Chiefs of Staff declared best trained public sector at ready for homeland invasion level formally acknowledged now of 81% populace trained at home to abroad defense by Senate USAF USN option Mexican Navy Arab Protocol for monetary training and more levels of on, to new soldiers receiving from David Bach guru of finance or IRS non-story level official training on alter-economies and funding new needed for now on warfare preparation to -UN a one said. On Royalty soon more on this blog, official from USSS MI6 and Saint Andrews Society. Contest data below of this blog for you, Good Readership, thanking allowed, plus of free by CIA nearby (American/Mexican refunding others alike) from f.)Teddy Roosevelt fund for gift book alike listing from this day's or prior to unending promotional by this and blogs of staff-seargent's/seargents'-sites or IRS 1/2-credit also available to party giver deduction level full by its rules if helping school complete forms to order from this of blog promotional and also offer from any credit card company offering on its used lode for it 1%-interest rate lowered for these of important now timed events into historical archive level and of costs free if topic selected from CIA contacted or blog contact official, for gift in this typed economy, thanking:
* bixen:stories, very fun, search and rescue, bobcat acquired by unit rescuing Running Roger of series in Egypt, his glassware made by himself included, chicks in glass art not alive; by the said bobcat
* angel_sainted and gothic-xian version; by Metallica, kmwall
* gothic_exploring:by Dr. Seuss, crew of Atlantis by NASA approved, songs in by KDLang
* jack_arnold:novel; by saul
* gainsay_economy:text-1, once called passover economics; by kmwall
* k:novelized; by Mitch Kapor, kmwall
* f:novelized; by Anna Wintour, kmwall
* rational_rum:book about mental retards attempts to run planet attacks from, glibness, solace pain, benefits Knights of Columbus; by kmwall
* rational_rum:
* blue_jean_as_underwear_2:brochure
* -a_love_note_knit_book; by Jim
* more_cows:novel text, how to own more; by George
* golden_blough:text, includes good purse; by kmwall
* airbasex01:novel, platform hell; by kmwall
* rover_ray:of Ray Vorn man in Fashion found alone after Incursions by FBI rebuilding store promoting this and alike, store history of jjins on now; by FBI
* flag_-un:kit, composed music by RAT, song2, march, novelized version in by kmwall, selecting your own version for family alone unit lineal correctly heraldic and registered for future -un warfare coded arriving by tunnel apperature + found by USMC Reconnaissance, gear2 included of all this offer free to requestor qualifying Good Readership +
* veroun:book, patterns paw prints real for home decor type transfer use, done by California State's search and rescue bear by himself Abracus
* done:novel; by Richard Marcinko
* his_n:novel; by kmwall
* leaf:novel; by Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, kmwall
* poem; by degree_joe_cop

History, little man cult formed itself by 1901 noticed by 1910 by actions illegalis of now attacks into lettering swaths ridden along for it to accumulate home decor items of prestige or nature discussed by prestige in trend neighboring to acquire status to to building home-house of this blog mentioned prior of with non-plumbing in but regal sized decor stolen to impress spouse of more training in it to field of.
Contest, you Good Readership helped me find good writing partners listing co-authoring regularly and the contest is my private read of your manuscript of full book or completed to be published story length for USD$200 sent as check or alike payable to Kristin M. Wall or Charles L. Wall and receiving address when you send email to costumefashionsig@yahoo.com by security clearance clergy level confidential approved if entering contest first month of 10 in year long is topic literary horror next to be announced, all approved all Court Houses and District Attorneys offices alike and USN and all Militaries so that you may receive an awarded positive letter of your manuscripts strenths besides win possibility to market to publishing houses and market thereof. Other contact option for more data on contest is for you to any Department of State, or any "cop-A" of any Police Station anytime, or a Mr. Jay Wall using adoptive alias prefered for it of Osmond Family famed to his business personal phone contact switchboard-2, or any HUD Office its equal worldwide if after hours open for recording how to qualify, to any District Attorney Office any region by light_2 name designation if not reaching others listed. Please send me your manuscript all G-Rated to contest category typical printed not returned not used for any but naming your participation soon by courthouses official planned 40 days after timeline allottment and discuss in email alike: page count, your contact data, and a reply for receiving from you with cost of will arrive. This time's of paranormal, love history, bible status, non-fiction or of history included in literary horror its category. Of the authors I regularly co-write and publish with now listing as: Al Gore, Ian Fleming, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, John Legg, Michael Ontiveros, Stephen Frey, Steven Segal, John Grisham, Robert Bruce, Nick Nolte, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Millman, Poul Anderson.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a CO worldwide and FFL
minster of Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any, finance and USSF
NAVY(any, project literature, a USN SEAL
badge#101/+DEA-USSS-SherriffParamilitaryUnit et al

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Salutations, day 528 official alert of Incursions-I returned patterns espionage typed path in plaguerism attacks to violent death attempt for it into homes home-2 bike-for Tyrran historical place records in OES needed of for clerical-Hawaii interpretation mainlanded or DA Office nearby equal to duopronged 2 raids per city per hour attempted to 1Million40 cities attacked anew of prior Incursion I dna-miscreant-decrepit-taught insurgency retorted by overland a Military abroad returning dna-encarcased of proof to do and of OES to FED reference list of terror alert levels of day of accurately coded by Homeland Security its Agencies for it a level q2terra_hun on land for it Moche of lore warfare trained expertise to emasculate weaponry loan per exact code book not found USN by it authorized any USMC manual before 1981 or alertOthersBiFFLnigh; alerts faux pas doubled amassing of an error of newsprint past worthy of Steve Young 49er thought stalked now of his pretense-afianced-attempt by now remortless but mentally ill to capacity nill then Ms. Jennifer McNitt identified ill as USN but of USMC trained only for one show fly in a 'copter and of permission by her spouse now then Dr. Steven a Captain USMC instead and familial USN members in immediate who she was helped hired for picture alias alibi 2-location never having met football star in person to proof of on any media but of below listed by CIA promotional books to other for it helpful to populace learning erroneously his character assignation of supposed new love nest cabin or of attempted to claim myself blogger author was her lover never having indication that she was misportraying as such in her use of acquaintanceship but of actual female appearing man-midgetized but Olympics official in for storylines available and of reason for error-terror of 40,000 missing from U.S.A. arsenal as helicopters flewn by same number error group women one mentally retarded leading it of Lesbian claimed Mormons attacking attempt same cities instead of deterring homeland invaders per NSA and FFL timed lead with all Navy USN 2-USMC ARMY-3 all official deterring halting progress raids of terror level determined now brought down by Military own contraption wooden described in literature fast response by Law Enforcement thanked for error-control its official pronouncement now of McNitt not in any Police Academy not joined San Jose Police Department or other; other alerts in below of immediate casework to retorts and replays aligned. My contest new below of personal blogger reading a manuscript for contest a month entry fee USD$200 sent by check payable to Kristin M. Wall or Charles L. Wall after confirmed by USSS or NSA official security to email costumefashionsig@yahoo.com ask for contest and read with letter returned only as good reference for submitting to publishers as authoring and from useful per IRS official to be tax deducted at full writing professional not hobbyist to all office costs for it at home or alikened abroad and one manuscript received not returned mailing instructions in reply email asking for in topic READS or alike, of myself or co-author listing from co-authoring for this promotional of this a PhD referential blog permanent to type in Library a U.S. Congress affiliate initiative listing in Reference Desks a type and also an Official Site of the Military a worldwide use of for it a permanent homeland defense to offense for it all countrysides, this grouping recognized co-authoring with myself as kmwall or other alias being for promotiona of this contest personal from my blog official category: Al Gore, Ian Fleming, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, John Legg, Michael Ontiveros, Stephen Frey, Steven Segal, John Grisham, Robert Bruce, Nick Nolte, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Millman, Poul Anderson, Joe Judge (ivy and League), thanking you Good Readership for support over years to make this the world's most popular blog daily excepting when News blogs entail noted with gladness here and else. Enjoy promotional below from CIA nearby any office alike repaid for it at all by Mexican/American CIAs and versions of and of also any credit card company allowing from its own used lode on lowered by 1% interest rate if preferred or IRS also 1/2credit allowed for own party full deduction if filling paperwork completion level of for schools any actual they are buying, graciously and note any Times level watch energy enough for mousepad control to ticker official note prices on:
* blue_grey_ground_green_acres:Fashion of code3 Resort-Economy, it all began; gorgeous_joe, JAUUM, kmwall
* genablium:novelized, not Steve Young '49er again, about his love life, real teeth unseen by potentates, photo decoys, history glares from above; by Steve Young, don, Man, kmwall
* embarassment:how cop got rid of faux pas how not to be in vice squad how a Jennifer McNitt got into the limelight of Police text official included if at or of applied accepted Police Academy any; by cop_joe
* to_dean_with_love:novelized, how judge hid in identity theft by it; by cual2, John Jakes, kmwall
* wan:when you're unwell in marraige; by cardinal_kopeauxsvu of Jamaica Royal RAL
* fun_ware:by dollface_wall
* good_hair_bad_day_overcometh:informative fun media-need requested video level book-2; by Abraxos the USMC official search and rescue bobcat league of also benefits
* very_well_then_1:game, goods; by Abratus the number 2 official search and rescue bear of State of California team oriented training level
* pare_2&3:game, novelized, goods, art made by official number 1 California State's bear of search and rescue team to do it and textile-2 made, of the computers the bears run made for them, a series; by Abracus
* rain_and_galore:grea or look of French Royal Houses to their Courts worn adorning recipient for it all official dyes out of use now for blue of royalty first; by ray_von: and within it from Abracus the bear of State of California search and rescue official team for it animal ware gear same matched; by Abracus [to:gear;regalia]
* jesus_dude:music new kind from CIA promoted California PsyOps aware for it good health wellness campaign abroad-2
* how_to_ride_a_bus_in_royal_gear:by John Grisham
* force_2:lever decal soon a Force new; by USMC, geoff_freeh
* apol:novel; opal evil remxort; by John Nesbitt, kmwall
* drip:by Kerry Killinger
* little_baum:novel; by cop_joe
* twin_u; by boys_next_door, kmwall
* drat; by Angus Young
* happy_day:Norton Utility; by Andrew Norton [of:war]
* one_knight_along:how knights travelled, childrens educational; by kmwall
* rustica:music; by RAT, Edward Cromarty, Dr. of entertainment and music Jim Ricks, kmwall
* i_tried:news about blogger Kristin M Wall as kmwall et al writer now; compiled
* remxort:music by new group CIA promoted
* jakes:by John Jakes
* silver_spoke:bike stop shop guide; by weil_wall_2
* divorce:when they all want one from you but they've never been married to you, identity theft of it; by joe_maum, kmwall
* vos:novel, extraordinnaire, supremo rulership; by Dr. Walther Matthieu of NAM
* rent_video_shore;by its cast: in it all too_early_in_the_morning_to_die [gothicXian;version,of2]
* bayou:novel; by Steve Martini, kmwall
* dimmer:novel, wayward mystery; by John Nesbitt, kmwall
* jennifer_genvieve_jokes_on_women_by_women;by USMC
* 11_doses_of_laudanum:by denver_joan
* hair_and_flair;by Wella
* shrimp_dishes_of:by jack
* mosches;by cual
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a C O worldwide any and of FFL
minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion art designer too
all Marine Corp its own USMC as a co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any, finance also a USSF
NAVY(any, project literature also a USN SEAL
Department of State in its Office of Protocol Service as revisionist
badge#101/USSS-ss1-DEA+paramilitarySherriff et al

Monday, January 9, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies of coded correctly list a.m. any at Police Station free nearby of homeland invasion Incursion-XXX doing I of over 300 days logged to refer off doing hxoeven aka haven coven attacks illegalis once removed from doing illegal behavior by clergy of SET a Temple recognized (reformed to lawful)adjusted all over including 900,000 cities listing these recent blogs and any of prior 847,954rising count often cities called Incursion I a pronged of 13 more and over delayed by; visual of tripod or Y letter by entering zone at tailtip exits by prongs of into spelling absurdness later on not ignored of actual 1st lengual cuneiform now version 2/3 of Incursion-I dna-Insurgents anyplace same dna-strand honed military likened laboratories for it, filmed USMC Reconnaissance into any Court House of Judicial System and Police Station anywhere free printout to later technology of media need soon, plaguerism most motive of ultra-violence to harm by burns radical demise and fully restored ordered offer by U.S. Congress its affiliates global and others of any large Medical Insurance company and for its small ones of #400-diamond grants actual verified by Reconnaissance for repair. More below in workforce note Sales and of free-by CIA promotional. Contact any office CIA for it gift (repaid any office its by American/Mexican CIA to Artillery-Mexico accounting fund task) or off blogs sites alike by staff-seargents'/seargents' sites, or use IRS 1/2-credit for party deduction fully if helping school complete forms deadlined ordering by its rules of, or use of any credit card companies its lode reduced by 1%-interest rate for one+purchase of these listings, enjoy and thanks to Law Enforcement and Judicial weekend overwork and CVCC and Militaries to White House levels and Embassies out in meetings including FED at sites gathering data publicly welcomed by you, Good Readership (of all prior blogs to future of it for):
* go_clover:by ross_el
* grand_rapids;of Joan of Arc sightings; by cop_jaam
* gaud:songo; by RAT, kmwall
* looking_for_your_marraige_partner_in_incarnated_cycles:by saun (Homeland Security its Agencies paramilitary homeland defense unit specializing special-ops abroad, on-land now to do it)
* -un_gain:by Dali Lama, kmwall
* gone:by Dali Lama
* gladyness; by Dali Lama
* happy_well:how to have happy Church point benefits ethics same 1; by Knights of Columbus
* bane:novel; by denver_joahoueavn
* boneish:novel; by denver_joahoueavn
* best:novel; by denver_joahoueavn
* bangles:novel; by Jean Claude Crhi
* free:now it feels in Sales; by deequn (USMC ARTS/R clergy)
* free:how it feels in Fashion; by deequn
* wedding_etiquette_1:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_etiquette_2:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_etiquette_3:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_etiquette_4:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_etiquette_5:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_etiquette_6:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_etiquette_7:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding _etiquette_8:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_etiquette_9:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding _etiquette_10:by Edward Cromarty
* wedding_apparel_3:after hours; by Edward Cromarty
* dignified_wear_wedding:diginified; by Edward Cromarty
* grand_scape; by Danny Ambience, Dana Twohig
* sanity:manual of mental health compare yourself to normal; by Dr. Ambience
* candylane:novel, horror, boxed game inside of fame, and true toy; by Joe Judge, Poul Anderson, Dan Millman, Mike Fitzgerald, Nick Nolte, Robert Bruce, John Grisham, Steven Segal, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros, John Legg, Bob Mayer, Tom Clancy, James Clavell, John Jakes, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, kmwall
* how_to_stop_and_help_an_animal:by don_john, listing
* to_barque:of Fashion its Mexican Imperium1 styles to Los Altos Hills protocols liked; by Steve Young, dde, Nick Nolte, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Millman, Poul Anderson, Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, John Legg, Michael Ontiveros, Stephen Frey, Steven Segal, John Grisham, Robert Bruce, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, kmwall
* dunn_s:an emphasized food list for survival preparation vegan; by IRS
* elph:brochure explains graph all of Fashion Economy; by Gray Davis
* six:brochure explains graph all of Fashion Economy; by dan
* of:brochure explains graph all of Fashion Economy; by dan
* enough:brochure explains graph all of Fashion Economy; by dan
* of_enough:brochure explains graph all of Fashion Economy; by dan
* flag_for_hope;an official flag found by USMC heraldic perfect historical; by Al Gore, Gray Davis
* gneau_napkins:by Bill Walsh, kmwall
* gland:by Bill Walsh, kmwall
* ask by topic
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Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
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