Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Incursion XIV Loom and Woven by Own and Openings

Salutations, the Incursion VIII and future ones are including the caught home-invasions of 100,000 in affected cities to the flooding by fecal product delivered illegalis to flood and float, to a sewer system in place for all with 2400 soldiers still underground booted to assist the local unions and plumbers guilds of paramilitary heraldance and from India's Governmental units-applied assisted again; this time not customer-service oriented. Many pets and persons still attacked in manmade poisons of 1A.D. and other times to primordial times (also of fashion-code developed times on schedules adding in tabular codes for finding files to): keep checking in with localized military installations at your close cafes and the fully mobile paramilitary hospitals-en/acte[d) for free medical full restoration per U.S. Congress' Act of see (sign) by NASA courteously and non-organic parts to replace later (like bandage/cast equal but faux of type i.e. fur on cat cover as bandaid with healing matter) from Monsanto and others in Technology Economy of the past. Decades of work are ahead in the newly urgent to reply to via-USAF job openings part-time to full-time to any-amount in Fashion and Resort (both halves of the Kinsean Economy graphs, see new training/funding) such as fashion director of cuneiform-treixe or -envogue or constructed-by-too(th), et al, at USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne as "worklisted". Since 4000 directorships-of in the evolving Economy are open to civilian or serviceperson alike I hope many of you the Good Readership will apply. And also still the ARMY(any)heraldry office listed/linked economy-fashion-resort work posts that are economist level (nowadays) equivalent in pay scales to the public as part-time(d) of USD$70,000 plus $10,000 added-on for taking added-to part-time. Resort is the stuff you hope will come down in prices and that you can make more on by using to get other things on the up-trend business trends in the Fashion part of the Economy graphs, a 50%. As the Insurgent-dna miscreant-macreant-bold home-invaders coded accuratly homeland-invasion by HSA and all Governments are back to 860 years consecutive warfare declared against a public sector of any lawfulness and regulated control for no reason and no politic or church, etc., the added percentages in affected cities today into at-home trained-anywhere anyplace bootcamps now prepaid still by a Visa Company known as at their president's desk list of who is covered by the new $109 per day paid already by the general populace undertaken by Incursion IX (lecture on) and also same-like at AMEX for Open Card (a product of theirs known used by myself or other lecturers on days of or using accurately mine to be there for such as Art Bell lecture series filled in during snowball fighting but real UFOlogy lecturer faux pas missing by bad tires for under-the-weather-auto in snow-season at known ski resort location days on time nightbirds cleated it in for a fourth time hopeing awaited lecture was the right date listed on tab: code in -UN, file of for FBI internationally a five to seven comma series per applicable for explanation of why necessary today). Only four more days of ilk-discovered Xmas by July 2 (not to 23) secretive if not Santa origin to shop for year ahead or put in orders discount co-op level for "goods" shopping. So, if you've done something in your ilk-echelons to help yourselves along that has been targetted miscreant-level or the like, please contact your local Law Enforcement for the Military linking to of casework-2. Again, the Law Enforcement and others responding are thanked for help to the Military over this country's holiday weekend when crime-raids non-military seeming approaches included fake fire trucks with localized numbers and non-hired persons on them, threatening the public in drive-bys by dawn, aimed at military mistaken for 'badges.' Remember that for Military without usual transportation the Police Stations are still kindly alotted to hand out to the soldier their normal car request in, usually a half a dozen or so delivered that day awaiting for another week or so until the soldier learns they can pick on up there on Tuesdays ... By word of mouth always helps. Alerts to Universities and School Systems of attempts by unknown to pay for substituting illegalis in identity theft plot to invade at campuses and give a lecture: enemy declaring itself thus offering $800,000 of unknown exchange or rate and of unknown duration and length of time considered an attack upon the ARTS schools first. See USMC ARTS/R for Abess data on how to help schools avoid identity theft plots against students and faculty with both false lectures and unknown harm planned. Remember that reactivating in the Military is almost all imperative for as many as can work to get paid with us on newly formed by former President George W. Bush for continual annum pay (not one hour as rumored, only a once) scales and matrix-add-able, and necessary for 81 to 108 years of age soldiers already trained in this type of battle-warfare-coded or for all RAF by HM's order-decree (to RAF joining other Air Forces to satisfy and welcome).

61% of American homes have completed a finishing-school level on their own impetus and 'earned' four years in one. A good thought from the Ancient's past for them, being carbon-dated-equivalent are lecture-notes available (soon, within minutes) from Soum (or a version of Sam) of H.M. Jamaica a King's relevant Air Force league of lecturers, on and about the first finishing school level training shoe. Still in, but all in black-tone, just so you're prepared. Available as Funding for Churches, Schools, and your usual sources. Funding going as usual to the locales where it will protect you from home invasions sometimes doubling the cost daily of any Church worldwide in its actual historic obligation to protect 'parishioners' or any within its legally bound -go or region. Unchanged since time-for-humans began and you'll recall from this and other sites are now in this country called counties. A good lecture to see what the shoe shades and weight and styles were about to differ from other regions as -go (or similar spelling from usually matrix-posted now decipherable). Many a finishing school of training started with a shoe. Now many have changed to other items or focus or styles of living outward to communicate correctly. But, still mostly the same etiquette and close deportment the higher the level of behavior expected even to the Department of State, Office of Protocol Service where I still reside as a part-time revisionist. Dictionary types welcome, too.

The training for animals for work with the Military has begun anew with the USAF out of Moffett Federal Airfield and one from Viet Nam to be disclosed upon application acceptable; military animals you volunteer for certain scheduled services mostly of search and rescue they are capable of such as the cats you've read about on this site in the past blogs with firefighting and so on are paid USD$40,000 each day they work. An unchangeable non-budget fund only for it, and includes their healthcare and food and grooming, and often of the household members, too, and known to work with and transport. Also same training overlaps with USSS and Fire Departments at differing amounts of pay per day. Since the animal is in need of mortal courage even though revivevable in most instances they also have retirement options that are good places for them to go resort it up afterwards or transition into work such as at space agencies where they train and play on other types of gymnasiums with more in the professions. NASA's Space Camp was entirely taken up by search and rescue pets one day having more fun than the minors; some film footage is available for those hoping for stock-photo-level work-conversion from said files, useful for a public known or those working with computerized programs for such: non-famed pets and search and rescue animals.

To perhaps save on shipping costs, after the mentioned President's good lecture moment caught by the News gave the idea, sharing with a colleague or other, the reading recommended list is for business-calendar-quarter-of-three-months (July to September). I've enjoyed them all, and am already working out a list with those that be for the Fall Quarter deciding what is good for the general public in these times. I hope you'll enjoy, although it was hard to leave out some from the next lists laden with brogue and lingo of regions that don't translate fast enough by translators and other logistics for now. See: Hope for the Flowers by T Paulus Library of Congress 74179985 1972; Chaos by J Gleick isbn#0140092501; The Message Give by Extra-Terrestrials by Rael isbn#294025205x; Dark Brothers Dark Robes by Hilarion (more than 40,000 on the market will be supplied to, by Kinsean supply demand shortly); Legacy of the Dead by C. Todd isbn#9780553583151; Introduction to Music (a B&N Lecture Series) by H. Miller; Before the Fall by P. Rosemoor isbn#0373224397; Youth, Brainwashing, and the Extremist Cults by Enroth isbn#0310242711; More Alive with Color by L. Eisman #1933102098; The Sacred Magic of the Angels by D. Goddard, isbn#0877288623. As for more Summertime, I've started on a Prussian blue shrug to knit ...

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
a commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
ARMY, finance
USN, project literature
USMC ARTS/R, co-head