Friday, February 25, 2011

Incursion IX to XI Alerts Official and 50s Trend Call

Salutations to everyone, and thank you kindly for your careful queries as the good readership that you are (all known persons of documentation worldwide linked by our military servers via this and the seargents's sites) into my whereabouts in the last day or two. The library-sightings were a fine foray into the chasms of learning and literature and viewing which soldiers were about the places, now military installations standing and full-on. Be careful though of the onward to forward attackers called 'oncoming' to those of you from boot camp training (this readership mostly, all law enforcement worldwide who've now been graduating equivalent from boot camp after four years training plus, half the FBI, most private clubs and the scholastic groupings of ivy league levels, all registered church leaders, etc.). The attacks are reaching some homes of the level of incendiary of a mail bomb equivalent that implodes thereby collapsing abodes and so the Military is putting things back as promised in about 70 seconds of the prefab prepared ahead replicas of your own places and things. These agreements you've made with us over the years have us all at-ready. Thank you for cooperating with the new to you military forces of past heraldic deliverance equivalent bloodlines that hid underground, also, and staved off the most part of this week's recent homeland invaders of the Incursion IX to XI starting up. Dna-Insurgents that these miscreants are, factually recorded and used to track forensically accurately these raiders. The information led to a very large stuck trend group from the past, similar to those you've learned about reclassified as not-homelessness-oriented that took their factories and businesses underground and thereby were not noted in the housing numbers or losses of them in the recent past. Still of us and among us, welcomed at the planning and implementation meetings of the military personnel at the military installations that are mostly cafes and bar-restaurants. Paid, now, also, in regular manners for their regular work. Since most polls are showing most people are looking for any or more work, please remember to pick up from the Police Station nearest you the work realigned for areas from the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne listings, not all only fashion, of course now. The economy is missing a large working class segment still of people of the past in bloodline tracking cases as we search for them, as the Fed and its worldwide affiliates posted to the Military and others that the sole reason the economy was still not moving along upward with the pushing uphill efforts of the many was the missing swath of humanity, needed. Some segments were found but as you read last blog they are surviving at teenaged levels, trained by elders, and not able to fully handle their trained generational work segments of the economies. Sevenths of division of economic graphs of the most ancient and still correct explanations are able to distributed to explain, see your funding routes at the churches or your local Sheriff's Department, on a casual note.

The main fashion trends of the past intersected into the other business cycles at mathematically described consistent connecting points, which MIT is being thanked for assisting more fully the calculations of at this moment as they work from Stockton, CA at the Military request. Helping to do the equivalent of taking an alphabet and then finding a tome made from it, their math skills are decoding the tome and simply getting through the pages one at a time for us all. The ability to comprehend the math required takes philosophy and up through the Greek ones is about fine for these projects. Certain others of specialty have been used and those known to study them were already requested. The main focus on Fashion trends and lifestyle trends and elements from them including for weapons and personal transports is historic from the first creation stories. Biblically dubbed the Garden of Eden time. There were observed in all the fractal patterns within the body that also then reflect into space and time around us (galaxies, universes, et al) were deciphered as measured within seven types of ships, by the look of the mathematical graphics. These ships were and still are useful to explain the types of trends that happen in links to varying business sectors, at predictable or describable times, regularly unless tampered with specifically. These seven ships are to my eyes only similar to a lovely orchid bouquet, but everyone else sees ships. Fine by me, truly. The first one is a yellowed set of light spectrum visible from this planet's contained 'world' as it was called in the Judeo-Christian Bible, but under translated into the crusted earth only. Or, paradigms. All correct, but incomplete. The world was ship-One, that was reflecting back all math outside its borders, hence the ship shape. Inferred math equations then described all the measurements outside of it all. Ancient equipment to measure used fractally perfect chemicals that etched and smoothed metals into measuring devices still not able to be retrofitted into modern devices intending to do the same. There were six more ships of measured trends that affect this planet's occupants, and so have been grouped. Please ask for or watch for this ancient and correct data in this renewed graphic philosophy in the future, from funding sources or as made available by the personnel at hand.

The Military and Governments are pleased with the private sectors of business recovering to be able to offer soon a proverbial and concerted 8th and 9th ship of trends. Free will efforts changes the fractally recurring and dependent trends described that are the culmination of all the galaxies interplaying on our own little spot on the planet. Found trend data is as you know then rushed into calculation and production modes, as actual trend energy is healthful to the point of wellness to the people using them. Wildlife doesn't use this energy, part of the effect of the creation-flame link that is also described in this blog recently, that is how the human body responds to the trend that is correct for itself to further its pursuit to happiness points. Wellness being the sense that is the reward from Mother Nature. The USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne contests are part of the 9th ship forming up data, which also is taking in the stuck 1950s trend of the past. Please remember to send in your entries for the official worldwide fashion design contests that are for business suiting level at dinner hour into heraldry of the military or regalia and the socks for boys and any others you find listed.... The data from the contests will help those who analyze the data to determine which and what is good for the general populace in the coming times, based upon this free-will style impetus in a known understood business sector. Big pictures of life to small. There is also a need for workers who can handle the 1950s stuck data and trends of and so there are job openings now. Please apply to the same office.

The trends of Fashion come in complete about once a week into the fractional parts of 81 year cycles, noted by the energy of Uranus and its shepherding moons found now by SETI that you can gain access to with the data as you work with the Military on these public sector and military projects. The affect is akin to gravity pulling, and as measurable. That comprehended, there is more to learn. Automotive and transport trends don't' come into being in the whole package like a fashion trend does, but in parts, rather. The same for weapons which come in with the same trend data, in parts new and better ideas. Protections working toward the creation-flame impetus to restart ecologies and the economies that mimic natural cycles on a planet. Unless altered. There is good work for automotive personnel who can help with the finer details of these past trends to get them catalogued even as the search and rescue efforts have retrieved data of these past decades and centuries of trends included with the items and people retrieved from mostly underground situations, described on this blog already. Same office to apply. Career focuses again are encouraged, law enforcement needing consistent employment to remain in their field often, and accountancy level workers needing consistent work in their field without turning to unemployment benefits based upon their subculture. These work lists are helpful in those areas and groupings, also.

One of the first few fashion wardrobe codes that linked into fashion trends noted by the most ancient peoples included a misunderstood often illegally improperly attacked fashion style for persons with a type of body style that is double-jointed or nearly so. This clown or frump or choirboy or over-dramatic as it has been called is about 30% or less of the populace, nowadays about 20% of the populace. It defies tight fits in attire, and as the USAF has replaced many clothing items again this week to help most households have 4 to 8 outfits complete and of good design, it was noted many chose style lines in attire until now incorrectly for their body type. Form fitting rips on these types of body styles, even if thin in body fat, so it is not about weight control. Rather it is about the joints and 'breaks' of where the body bends and locomotes from that are what counts first in the style lines for these more relaxed fit body types. One place on the body being formfit such as the neckline or a cinched in waist is again the noted option considered a finished outfit. It is just as elegant, or fashionable, or other terms used, as any other, and so educating those who know only their own preference in style lines has become a crowd management to crowd control level issue in public places. Do not, for example, call any soldiers sloppy in their frump or clown or choirboy styles, as they work now under this crowd control level orders to execute any causing such scenes or harm intended. Because these flexible body styles are the type I have, noted to have a frown from the backview of the hip up to the waistline down to the hip bone, while most of the populace has a so-called smile there....

Last night was a very busy night in Fashion, recording much with new technology to show the Fashion Weeks and others soon that are working hard for their business sector. Turning technology into entertainment used to be the first-call for it historically. In the slower economies of this recent past, it has become a second thought, but still a good one. Thank you to all of you who participated at these levels to provide technology fashion shows to those putting on these marketing events in their usual guise, despite hardships or challenges from their economics.

Historic tribes and those becoming tribes and royal kingdoms met as you'll recall more than once, for up to seven years each time, exchanging peaceful data, peaceably, on all these types of trends and business sectors developing and with accomplished math and astronomical data. For the enjoyment of life, and income sources, and much more. There were grids evolved and assigned that many have asked about for the recent use of them to return to the military tribal regalia and symbols to be kept during eugenics redevelopment of lost bloodlines from these tribes. The grids were numbered non-sequentially but in an order easy to recall if you apply the one for the tribe you might be in or looking over to the same timeframe consistent worldwide tradition on calendars of adding the numbers into a singular number. That new number related to the business echelon, and then the tribe in that grid location was known to be working in that field of business, at least part of the time. Some forgot these ancient non-secret but understood by being part of them ways. So, for a fashion tribe group located at gridlock-81, its 8 plus 1 equals 9, and 9 is the business sector math code fractally described for Fashion, the field of. The tribe also then had a royal court military that it linked into that was likely at a different number spot on the same grid. Explaining many tribal courtly links of the past and present, and the correctly approached military ranks for handling the tribal demises by endangerment to them in very recent months and years. A nice factoid for those who study such matters from this blog.

Since the worldwide militaries divided working personnel into the official and the also official but autonomoe groupings, now at the effort to restore bodily parts, stop dna-theft as or implicit to identity theft, and also the beauty marring stopping and the surgical repairs by the Military of those 60% of this country already harmed by attacks. This autonomoe is scheduled and the future ones, also, so please see your Law Enforcement or even Law Office for the timeline list, and of how you can participate to stop the Incursion IX to XI and other future homeland invasions by dna-Insurgents as miscreants that declared 88 years of warfare against all peoples and countries, misbreeding intentionally to outnumber and overwhelm, etc. As you know.