Friday, April 29, 2011

Incursions IX to XX

Salutations, as the parking spaces have cleared here from the Asparagus Festival, there is a great amount of good will still in the aire about Stockton, CA, where I reside full-time, but despite the nearly 160,000 homeland invader attempts by homeless miscreant cults-illegalis that by their own choosing are eliminating one or more illegal act while starting another one on the spot, so they are not to be reformed but apprehended and even full defense in all measure of your lives by order of U.S. Congress (factline) paying USD$132Million per bodybagged invader, today. The good part is that over 111,000 more new job openings are available for world-class economists for 7 years of scheduled already work to battle economy blows, attempts to take it down by any level stopped regularly now so that the real markets can do their own choices. These jobs are at the ARMY Accountancy but apply through any agency of the military or governments for them, including the ARMY Heraldry Office. Glad to take your applications to join the other 111,000 that are already there. My own good news in adding new levels to my own over-employed status to the list of work I do with the Militaries and affiliates is with the D.A. Office, every day now. After an 8-day assignment working with them as scheduled, they are a worldwide linked system like other offices that have many interesting projects that link to what I and others in my paramilitary special-ops units do to defend areas. They are already up to date on the cuneiform-UN first language of Fashion-Resort Economy, the queen's cuneiform of 5,000 years being taught from my own family archives from the fashion workforces behind the scenes and now the version the FED is using by May 2011 to bolster the economic future internationally. The schools are giving out the degrees to especially challengers of their scholastic programs today and over 840 weeks from Wharton College and FIT-SUNY to stop the aggressive court actions and threats of sudden warfare declarers trying to close down schools where students can't afford to graduate yet. And so extra emergency services workers are needed to do on the spot rescues of such as the animals of the teachers, or their friend or family member being attacked and broadcast over the Internet as one type of relaying of the threats while the educators are attempting to get their degree programs ahead again. The Police Station is sending a couple of law officers and the USN a lawyers and others are volunteering to go to court in week 860 to do the rebuttal against the supposedly anonymous filers, but that are now linked to the physical harm of the also warfare declaring assailants. The search and rescue will come with cleaning of your own supplies and clothing and even replacement of items worn by the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne of the same make and name brands, just as they are delivered by detection on the USMC Reconnaissance Surveillance near you. The entirety of technology companies are working in this cooperation now, also, as well as the phone and Internet service companies to stop the attacks that added yet another level. The best thing to do in such a threat is to tell the nearest law officer or military personnel near you. And the rescue will be done immediately. Over the last few days, yesterday's attack victims were about 40,000; the day before about 3400 and the day before 2300 and the day before 1. 40 of them being elementary school educators, also, perhaps all parents of accelerated children.

Of today, I am painting a scheduled watercolor and working with advice of another art teacher on how to complete it later. Like much in the ARTS, there are steps that are always able to be added. Later today, I'm challenging again some of the FIT degrees to assist in the tally described above, and also to further my own preparations for my job as the USAF fashion director. I'm also pleased to be looking into the additions of art direction pieces for textbooks, so that if you also have some that are worth the study, please submit them through the USAF Air Force One's Office. Like with the contests. More of which will be listed later.

For those in the UFO or Angelology or Demonology studies to Ghosthunting work, there is more of interest that you can contact USSF again about through the Northern California MUFON, or the Air Force of Mexico. Or, in your own region. There are good things happening and new tools available and even some new life forms to study or work with. Especially if you are able to do search and rescue of the functional set up and workload of a NASA contact level by the special-ops unit novelle9, ARMY and now linked to all militaries. The interesting footage and direct progress made overlap avocations of hobbies to those applying for new jobs even if about 'what I hoped to do with extraterrestrial contact' since childhood.

I hope you will all be well and able to continue in the prepaid for continual bootcamp training for those of you who are the 81% of the public sector already put through bootcamp at home or nearby that is succeeding in deterring the Incursions of dna-Insurgents attempting the coded homeland invasion. I've been pleased to hear back at your alertness, to the superiority now of those who thought they were working at bases or military offices but told to only show up at a short limited interval, rather than the usual of using their facility 24/7, standard procedure. Worldwide. There are many who are in equipment they thought for example was real and theirs but was not of the military, and who are able to now enter bootcamp for the first time. Not during after hours or dinner hour when everyone else was gone, etc., as you've read about on this blog and the news before. More importantly, insist that your 11% of the populace friends are no longer fooled by the reenactment illegalis going on as the reason, that is actually the list of crimes to the death you're already familiar with. If it breaks the laws in the religious areas, then you are likely to have found the reenactment illegalis today, or of today's versions. Remember, though, the groups such as the USMC ARTS/Religions does actual warfare of real religions so the fake religions I just mentioned don't elicit religious warfare action, but are treated as the street crimes they are. Today coded by the Office of Emergency Services in your local region/county officially at crowd management.

To those working on the green movements abounding, and who would like extra fertilizer to have bushier and deeper colored blooms, please contact the FBI desk at the local Police Station near you for free supplies. The garden near you will take on a different proportion. Your new design. And thank them for their extra effort, of course, as I know you always have been by their reporting back to the military.
Of other interest if you are in Northern California and have a security clearance, there are some tours underground of the sand scapes made for camelback rides of the newest search and rescue animal teams because the group attempting to pile sand over the entire growing lands of this State were apprehended. There is a survey underway about it all to find out if this is a good future income tour for the municipalities accepted.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USARMY (any) finance, USN literature
USSS badge reactivated from retirement 1018 (plus additional detail)
*showing at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery near you the watercolor USD$1Million Le Temps Fuit, a Victorian tea moment