Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Salutations, black sun orbs again matching some homeland invasion coded by Homeland Security Agency correctly 103 orbs netted by NASA last night linked by homeless behaving temporarily by choice dna-Insurgents of Incursions XXi a.m. today at 103,000 of raiders/invaders into homes/cars/parks/settings/home-office-2 of rapes/syphons/harm/fake-military/food(lack). CIA promotional gifts/books/data/texts/sound/video/film/media-asked-for-in below, of 11 months now see other blogs or seargents'/staff-seargents'sites: of it all; plus historical data to scroll to, soldiers get #800-daimond grant to pay costs unheralded of commanding officer messages or their emails not allowed to be costing them anything, all credit card companies are lowering lode on any of their card used as it for CIA promotionals/this-blog-or-seargent's-sites/staff-seargents'-data, schools needing help to get books on their order forms by you get IRS deduction immediate to 1/2-credit option pre-filing of party costs regular/legal non-denied yet if legal. 1921-9 Oakland of California by same linked Incursion ii-XiI for it halted. "The Vault" most secure place on planet of governments breached 9 times today by attempts of ancien kingdom equipment equated to time-travel stories but of g-force trained persons using, data from NASA labs via its library switchboard for it; 9 being the Fashion Economy of history archival number code plus in militaries known to be now by FED announced and of its 181 years arrived by Autumn a Fashion-Resort-Ecology-Economy; of Atlantis codes see yesterday. Thank you to reporting in soldiers and law enforcement and civic/civil employed to non-profits immediately to assist in sudden costs 400,000 hungry each of affected cities mostly by IncursionsI-XXIX. Boots+ delivered today by Girl Scouts of America to soldiers missing gear, from USAF gifted by overage from FBI made paid through USSS mandatory routed no alike requests honored, of other country form allowed. Gear going to ARMY Reserves first of level-7 plus training of new.
* sandanista_sun:by USMC journalist and KORN music for it in
* groxm:novel, music by Scandal in; by Richard Marcinko, kmwall
* 1884:novel; by King tu-Tu', kmwall
* homme:music by Korn of Incursion alert/aware
* g_nome:novel,
* dam:novel; by USMC's Col. Michael Ontiveros
*umbrella:novella; kmwall
History: Moons in ancien files were of Office of Emergency Services now data on transposed into actual computer decoded graphic points for: fashion details, glare, collar points cuff curves.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
USAF director art/fashion, designer
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY (any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
artwork: for sale 2 displayed $181,000 and up for 8/10 watercolors prices set by Stanford University and University California at Santa Cruz and State University of New York