Thursday, March 1, 2012

Funding Day Items


Funding items distributed by the USAF Publishing House: Thanking those helping and of gifts books and more provided by generosity of former President Teddy Roosevelt USA to grace this site and the staff seargents' seargents' sites aligned for it, official plus of any military purposeful; student shopping spree over. Asking for by topic one per person a likely free book gift to entire library of it the topic possible on the site from the fund disclosed managed by the CIA nearby American Mexican offices, of repaying any foreign other alike it as noted on this international blog:
* wolf_brothers: movie-book; by Steven Barry, kmwall
* wolfe_sence: novel; by James Marks
* wolf_sence_2: novel; by cual
* wolf_science: text by Dr. Skullhead
* ask for by topic of choice and of previous blogs

Work, ask for from USAF AirForce1 Office's free sort called 'worklisted' the international furniture day in history being funture day back to Atlantis and the school room nearby needing your machine shop ability to assembling for it to the making of a gaming chair.

Enjoy the gifts on the blog.


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