Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Official Incursion IIIV Alert and More Animalia Tractor+ooieum

Salutations, the beautiful weather opening the crops buds were met with gifted from NSA and other countries again such as China and Iraq and Egypt the bio-engineered flies replacing those needed for crop-fertilization across many states due to fecal product poisonings by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent miscreants-seoking using engines unpatentable due to low ethics of their burning feces in engines. As last year at this time frame in affected cities, spewing dust that coats with feces dustable in public places, cafes at streetsides and other times. Miscoded by first detection correctly labeling from manure source, but not one legally or likely as manure in the factual burned state. There are also many animals still being poisoned from the wire-wrapped poison 1xtype laced feces-packages in yards and other places, so that over 40,000 more dogs and 60,000 more cats were cleaned and repaired and more welcome still by NASA with its anticipation of plague-attempts or repeats from history to the ability to replace the damage in ecology attacked non-naturally. Also needed now are those who can work closely or aligned to protect and surgically heal or care for the wildlife affected by the same poison attacks, to the tree-work; fully paid by anonymous grants of NSA disbursement for now, as overtime to jobs already held of the fair-market of the applied payrolls of that entailed. Contact the wildlife or rescue for it group near you. The distilled bracken water located as the source of this poison x01 by the Water Works in this San Joaquin County was the solution-source. The perpetrators being self-proclaimed a hoevencove or haven-coven-1 level illegalis in attempt to use a poisons-anyone-formula. By early tea to those working here in Stockton, CA for the French head-of-state and government, alerted on-scene. USMC ARTS/Religions' Abess1 takes in the casework of the overlap of the identity thief of a USMC deceased major general also a Kristin Wall (of the four of the Corp's past) and who is being interrogated now with the illegally acting coven. Who attempted to take over the world at one time in history using a concocted poison that was labeled conservatively at the time in the Roman Empire as a social echelon attack is still a mystery, but the old records exist of it for the viewing and scholarly. Also of interest on the Incursions is the disguised as tanks tractors (4+) co-investigated as they are for attempting to run over corners and midtowns. No military equipment, yet, of it, but the fear of them can be viewed at the EDD list of 23,000 job applicants finding work by military law placement of dread disablement in battlefield a known normal unpredictable reaction so that the new workers get to other work in life respectfully other than soldiering. No rebukes; the Military always glad for their help. The others being sought expected to form rank as 79 missing unknown as individuals militaries not supported by the found 1 pay going to 4 by embezzlers before so that they thought soldiers had no pay, they do according to f. President George W. Bush who arranged their catch-up and regular salaries to match the about $40KUSD starting plus experience amounts annum. Plus battle pay, still at $5500 per such as in this city a ten incursion raid deterrant would be 10 * 5500 dollars, converted to currencies, not to a loss in any country so that the worldwide and any coded military is benefiting and not losing out. Checking in at any airfield or airport worldwide to the security there is today and anytime for these missing on records soldiers well-trained in appearing for battles at tunnels or homes to prevent raids but fearing sex-attacks or other consequences unknown to militaries.

The USNavy Project:Literature is seeking more data on recently found lore and journals and data from eqqus societies and similar about Stockton, CA and other Incursion affected cities. About angels, the logging, races of teams, logos for sportsteams that evolved later with sports events such as a local fair-day event type of travelling competition that had badgers as a team logo. Artwork, etc., please, to be sent to the USAF AirForce1Office.

In the next 80 days, I hope you can participate with the assigned and hired civilians and military personnel to 'save the university' from actions and threats that occur because of noticeable attention by Crime. The deans and advisers at Wharton College, SUNY-FIT and now Stanford are asking for challenges to their degrees daily on nearly any topic for all-expenses of paid by grants they have ready from anonymous. And, also still good for those with the number-900-diamond-grant and the 8 and 4 and 1 at FIT and Wharton. Stanford can use 40 per day, 5 being of the Arts and a project done or nearly if direction clear. Fifty a day for Wharton College and still 800 per day for FIT. The attendance of the court appearance for the schools is for now by invitation. Thank you for all the pro-bono and other work applied to this platonix time frame of news networks mention to use what is here now in the boon it would've been if in better times. The unused grants with even small monies still left in them are being requested to help in various ways. If a grant of your possession is about $2 or under, the Vatican employees would like to assist with applying the money to good things such as the cost of fishing licenses or dyes (even hair toner for service) or other things of basic upkeep or daily living. It takes some know-how to complete the grants offers, as discusses on this blog and other places before. The over-$2 is able to benefit the person or others, also, and those grants underused can be sent by mail, e-systems, or phone log to the FBI office's 'onex' for lagoun (said log-on or lagoon) and HSA and law students to interns to others bonded to work with children, etc., are going to help remove stagnant monies and place them into use or circulation again. By this morning, a triumphant military unit had freed up 50 million USD already from such, to benefit the recipients or those they wish to get benefits such as local clubs or non-profits or into their supplies as they are usually already part of the 81% of the populace working along with the Military now.

The contest reminder today is of the train contest of any type or size that is from the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne. Thank you for submitting. Also, for the about 20 job openings daily now for commercial print models of long-term contracts for part-time for lifetime expectation. If you'd like to see some of the fun cards art or other types of jobs available daily in this type of modeling, contact the HSA 'onex' for the perhaps history making photos and beloved moments of good artistry.

The day for me is the busy topics of degree challenging and reading and writing about the topics, some from obscure annals of historical pasts, and like those you noted on the news networks. I appreciate again being rated the most popular blog worldwide due to your reading it in the years while it was an "OurTimes" type of blog befriending you in return, and now moving into the traverse-as-you-may approved for its being made PhD referential and an official site of the military. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer worldwide (to any on)
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), Finance
USN, Project Literature