Saturday, July 2, 2011

Incursion IX Official Alert of Mormons Apprehended Cult

Salutations, the recent raids of homeland invasion coding by the HSA and all countries replies to the Mormon Church offers of cult investigators (of illegal attempts to make cults as attackers of homes and persons) with thanks for their help in the apprehensions of incestuous and pedophile attackers by extortion in recent days in affected cities; sequential, as part of post-macreant but bred-by-dna-Insurgents according to the CIA of this country. And others. The fourth round of them, though, saw fake prophetic-'blessings' of supposed famed but still living persons or bloodlines as the motivation for some asking for Government and Military clarification that had those with the truth-quest followed to verifiable sources for data followed by the stalking cult-attempts. The USMC ARTS/R handles religions worldwide and the checklist to be a legal cult is about the same as for any religion to fit the lawful requirements. Hiding withing the Mormon Church memberships were more of the typical but grouped homeland-invading coded. They are pretending to hire investigators into their own types of crimes, obviousness to the Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement and others such as the DA Offices and more are thanked by U.S. Congress, also, and recorded as is the President of the United States. Gratitude was expressed to the latter, also, for taking time to teach civilians and military that are new how to do the courier types of essential work loads available for pay as an intermittent income stream possibility, and also to explain documentation such as my PhD level course written data on the international news segments as examples of types of data needed now to search as the FED instructed and gauged correctly for missing workforces, and those around them. Although more illegal cult investigations are going on, they are being paid out as Mormon impetus grouping by a DA Office fund from the Military that is one I and others helped fund since bootcamp and also because they were observed underfunded. The funding is reinvested if not used as noted recently. Those still trying to get into this blog for the recent four days posted may do so and also the sergeants' sites. The non-historymaking raids of the affected cities include repeats from several histories of this type of listed invasions that today are cuneiform as then: teradohn for the day and in recent days each a differing form of the root words from tera or tetra and other letters-cuneiform linked that show which types of matrix actions or the medicines that cure the related to crime level actions, again in archives and available along with other sources from the Stockton, CA DA Office's list of 500 cuneiforms once benevolent only being used to attack the public. The actuality of the aftermath of 100,000 raided homes in 100,000 cities affected is the need for emergency plumping assistance in the invaded houses; the Military already has several plumbers hired today to assist from the private sector, and other plumbing companies are invited to apply for the unusual situation as the city mains are affected, too. Other experts are already being flown in to prevent overrun into deltas or such places, respectfully. Paid work. Silmarillion, the book, is still the more prevalent styles of attacks; again, a JRRTolkein book that used factual battles as the fictionally renamed. Three trapped underground 'militaries' though were converted (in cuneiform: cunvorts_ed) from illegal gaming that was torture-battle-scenarios they were told were normal and that talking in civilized conversations in approaches in public places were huge battles; they comprehended immediately the ethical correction and are integrated now into our legal systems and school districts and militaries. Each day's cuneiform terror-level of its in sequential order still from any recorded history is available by about Noon as it is received by the FED for interacting with the Economy. All Governments are in cooperation, and helpful to one another on these matters. Ask at the Abess office of the USMC ARTS/R. For the Churches, also please refer to the USMC ARTS/R clergy data for moving about the monies, again, for funding in the coming weeks and days ahead if needing to comprehend the Economy fluxes that are on normal cycles and can be responded to well. In History, in archival places, are in the gold dust to gold dusten files. Remember that the -GO is the title of the county levels of regions still unchanged since recorded history to find the files. The ARMY(any)heraldryoffice has still more of the economy-cuneiform-picture-attacks-on-public-prevention-fashion-resort-business job openings: 80,000 open to civilians and military alike, still USD$70,000 plus a USD$10,000-for-taking-a-part-time-job.

The UFO and ghost hunting worlds will be interested in turning in sightings worldwide of anomalies of blue-gray-dust formations in the night sky or on land, or perhaps other places. The Military is interested in assisting the investigations of these anomalies, to the transportation and other facilitation. There are no particular warnings away from these sightings, but it is interesting to be attracting from the public to ask for the nominal work, in some instances, being offered; stipend to pay-per-event. Digs not out of the question, as grants provided already if reasonable.

Today, between meetings, I'm working on next Winter's knitting, and have been compiling a suggested reading list which I'll try posting quarterly to help with shipping costs for those who wish especially to share the costs and share the books amongst each other. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
USN, project literature
USSS, USSF, and others of specialty