Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Salutations, thirteen raids into Police Station listing handed to Military of 900,000 cities of 1st Language to planet is of Y+triprong as partial numeral-1 used in swathed attacks into homes ultra-violent 20,000 genetics to recovery work for immediate volunteers to revival-1 of from and release of prisoners trained by Military demanded by work paid-for to do as USAF's/Travis AFB is doing and Chicago Mayor's Office and NASA's library/call-in to get paper forms done manually/like approved 4-hours workloads if trained once all good prisoners ready and ten can be replacing them in judicial expediting into reforming-system of awaiting to 'do the garden there' raising own food stuff focus of to free military trained to defend homeland permanent releases to early for, no special-ops can ever be incarcerated any country by Law and forms to correct for 'missed on spell-check level testing procedures due-normal excepting in timeframe urgent excusing of' no hardship intended to those/these; military trained can follow orders of command accurately is explanatory: closure war-on of-clothes and added xwomp summer camp in summer novel reading season Wintertime terror levels at Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) terra_aux-fyirme of tortures of considered into Law descriptions of populace to steal dna or wear as exampled scalp/nose-cartilage ripped from applied surgically to daughters shopping for it all from other places, leaders demise of thinking of it as raid-plans not enough to deter; noted awards to like of USMC its Col. Michael Ontiveros and others of his lead in ultra-performance in obeying commanding officers and other awards the like going out as time alots in ancien tradition of king in battlefields awarding and logging on day/time at-it-all cash for or ultra-investments agreed dropped into regular accounts for now or opened for in Scottrade or like it trading holding accounts official gift having input by actual from united militaries again and Senate reviewing lists it worked for training to homeland invasion prevention in costume history a way of it warfare declared against all normalcy in archives ancien normancy misqeued; trespasser-race newly coded of persons behaving illegalis raiding too trying to avoid paying hotels stealing identities to do mentally retarded led and mentally ill officially all grouped to inanity of fun being reason they tried to enter illegally any premise historically not allowed mistaken for castle residents actual guards only on premises kept real royalty courts away from to USSS all matters pertaining to the royalty for lists of to be found. Big ultra soldiers arriving in cities not to fear of any gear and all gear immediate to fully garbed free with at any location by satellites for warfare 100%-dna identifying to even a spliced brain-cell attempt level found of enemy to fool technology and around it the gear is being delivered level-7+free-to-soldier unlimited quantities and of offense level-2 already in, resting assured populace already acclimated by 9.5+ years bootcamp at home by Senate and USAF+Naval-if-timed; Arab Navy in dominance for some two-three levels, four of USMC/Korp-to all for homeland defense anywhere of lettering to spell attacks into same places. [Thanking still at work defending cities invaded by dna-Insurgents-b/B all militaries civic/civil/government reporting in for, weary.] By-CIA free for 11-months + of listing on this/seargents'/staff-seargents'-sites from f. President Teddy Roosevelt Fund found and #800-diamond-grants from U.S. Government to cover all cost any to get/shop/email/commanding-officer-message/+benefits-listings-prior-blogs-to-get-benefits-to-soldiering+emergency-worker; any credit card company is lowering by 1% interest rate on its lode-card used for these promotional purchases, IRS half-credits or fully tax deduction allows your legal party if helping school system time burdened order/buy from promotional [scroll to history recommended below]:
* racing_stones:novel; by H.M. a Jamaican King
*doughnut_sun:text of economic finance of today's; by H.M. a Jamaican King
* tv_land; by General Short and Sons
* inca_king:novel; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* inca_queen:novel; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* inca_count:novel; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
*astute:novel; by ashante_unit_1
* a_glee_unit:novel of hope; film or media of requestable; by Austrialia's Police Departments
* blam_game:novel of hope; by editor Victoria Curan, Matthew Voyeur
* i_peter:novel, historical, preview available to film/score/media-requestable; by kmwall
* i_pater:novel, historical, order early, of first Pope historical into military archives and art of; by kmwall
* fish:10 detective novels; by Xchris of Ancient and Royal Society
* bellow:music by roxm recommended by CIA for gothic underlying trend wellness
* thorn:Spain rocks music; by KORN
* heather_dead:novelized, extreme id-theft 2-violence level, to warn children of, Los Angeles, LAPD and San Diego, CA, casework added in for requesting Law Enforcement; by DAD
* zapatan_quer:novel; by kmwall
* nomad's_land-un:music by Jethro Tull
* sanitarium:novel; by Dick Francis
* transferred_out; by David Bach
* requests by topic
History: all bed sheets originated in black and of under-ironed, worldwide traditions; to bundled until 1901 Euro-Spain added white (it started sheet trend use) of 1910 America added lore to sheets or as white originating shot-gun wedding gowns in white time repeated from prior blog link-to for trailing wedding etiquette-2; add-on four2six1_one/yo:go ..24th,to
Recommended: books by Dr. Hulda Clark today as Cure for All Cancers of type to heal own teeth by removing parasites again overloading immune systems accurate to types vitamins absorbing correctly for on-going care to heal living teeth as bone reknits comparision same bodily systems to do. Thanks also for making my first romance to public sold-out to collectible now, and of others also
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