Friday, August 6, 2010

Incursion V Alert and of Mind Control Recording Devices and Fashion

Hello to all of you and I know not all have had time to read the last couple of days blogs but today's is deemed timely for the urgency of alerting the public sectors on Incursion V's difference requiring ultra-advancements in technology from your governments and Military that protect you now by recording the electrically readable thoughts and hormones emitted. At the military installations are installed invisible to detection computer chip systems and also along the streets of the affected cities by Incursion I to IV attacks. The identity thieves are among the boldest waves of attackers in groups that maraud through cities and attempt to impersonate with illegal surgical changes and other alterations. This is official and NASA and space affiliates such as SETI that are accustomed to the public who will be glad to offer training filmage or courses for those wishing to learn about the Boolean logic in the computer systems that read your mind, now, literally, word for word if and as you think a sentence and self-talk, so that plans of the self-declared enemies who've declared warfare upon any and all countries and even the mayor of the city where I live, Stockton, CA. Law Enforcement's equipment is being retrofitted with this type of computer chip that is ideal for their work and others out places, and ride-alongs are a low cost that would allow them to demonstrate their use and the job that overlaps with our military urban defense systems in place that are now called Emergency Services by city council budgets and groups. In the next few days I'll go more into more about the Incursion V and the historical notations of Incursions I to IV relating to archeology and motivations drawn from it. For now, there are 800 affected cities being dubbed 'the 800 club' by our military today and also 100 more cities of copycat attackers in marauding form and formal gang like approaches to homes and businesses in sequence of form. Fifty thousand Incursion V invaders attempted to enter Stockton, CA in the wee hours this morning, and between 28,000 to 80,000 in others of the 800 club dubbed affected cities worldwide. Everyone involved in stopping the invasion raids are to be thanked, again, including the animals that help in the forward defense above or underground in tunnels and with their own paramilitary gear on.

Due to the very violent wave of attacks upon the public sector for motives of having gotten their wardrobe planning or decor color systems analyzed and updated or other fashionable options, these telepathic or psychic types of categories of analyzing the public are now being implemented. Utilizing the NASA and black-ops levels of funded technologies, you may've imagined in entertainment or movies and fiction before now how exciting new technologies could protect and change your life. This doesn't change your lifestyle except in your personal and group awareness how you behave in your mind control level and interact with others, in courtesy or in giving orders if you are in law enforcement or military or civil servants of public office. So that you are aware of this successful and infallible technology that resulted from the advance-casework from the lady officer's input here and then others data and information. This allowed our Military and my own teams of data and storage experts from my past interactions and business worlds to use Technology to in entirety create at speeds of light these and other needed steps to protect us all. The FDA reading equipment is also from these space technologies that help us detect exactly who's DNA is in your own body, or upon it, perfectly. If you had two brains in one skull of yours, it would show up immediately for law enforcement and emergency workers and similar, and within one minute at most leisure or recreation places for the public. These are hand-in-hand technologies, and complementary. I know you'll be pleased by this confidence level with the public and the fact that this level of protection is good for us all, now.

As we mind our proverbial P's & Q's while in public places, anyhow. There are many finishing schools and their equivalent that help with their constant complementary training systems. The fact that Fashion and Decor and those attempting to apply its benefits to their lives have been attacked in homes and businesses for such is untenable, but no one need hide in fear. Courage is for our times. There is a singular opportunity for those with verifiable backgrounds that can be verified at a security clearance level or style by the military that protect an online school where I co-moderate and sometimes teach. You may apply if you're a young lady or a lady with the interests of learning what you might've at another time in your life, send your request to

There are many soldier and returning soldier benefits I listed yesterday also available to all and any law enforcement and those in urban defense stance or vulnerable to public takedown attempts, i.e., fire departments, civil offices, etc. You may also have available from the USSF and Civil Affaires offices food, if you are among these lists or in businesses affected by Incursions, primarily, or as a result of, etc., that is private monies provided to and through USSF to help in extended warfare levels as now declared by all governments and those with executive orders of such. This option is delivery of food on this schedule, only, and may be in addition to your other lifestyle implements: one day's amount, one week's then one month's then one year's, and after that we'll see how we are all doing. The office to contact directly or in your groups or someone such as your neighborly minister or city worker, for example, is Civil Affaires. I enjoyed being part of the planning process when this gift was presented to the now-called Emergency Services. There is plenty of food for all, it is a matter of getting it to the right times and places, and that is a specialty of Civil Affaires.

My vacation is rolling along and I'm pleased to be doing some fashion studies on my own again for my historic manuscript and also my own upgraded wardrobe plans. My part-time continual profession with the USAF that I've shared with you as their Fashion Director controlling worldwide fashion by the military protections and guarantees of our governments usually includes daily cafe meetings or similar. In twenty minutes a day, the entirety of the world of fashion was redesigned around our military systems and now the day may include for those of us in these official jobs up to half a business day. I'll share more on the new styles of business links added to this field as I go along, and thank you again to the many of you who've applied for work with the USAF directly for your careers in or overlapping this historically enjoyable career choice.

Have a good day, and I'll be on this blog again with you, soon, as the Military courteously added more servers to help the traffic on the blog and to protect the readership from hackers and i.d. thieves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer