Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 663Alert/OfficialIncursion/SchoolShopFreeDistrictCollegeOnListingByTRooseveltFund/TrendInNonMonth/More

Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies accurately coded homeland invasion level two three twenty three leveled alert the data airdropped poisons burned cyanide by pattern or black orb followers said Black Sun file to also at DAOffice Stockton SWEDEN/a"Stockholm link align into Mahwah New York State USA of it all to expunging going on clearly to do good to Office of Emergency Services or FED any region archive listing there free to soldier the day of need for ready mathematical quizzical style approach simple rigor mind only of actual equipment equipping the data for search and rescue primarily already OES and ChildQuest on onto today the day daily amounts of USD$100Billion gifted by ancien royalty of city civilizations once of Atlantis proportion time and place placement by agreement to helpful by the type of and for the data sudden personal interactive deterrant of children of homes all about abroad working to do family financial planning level that day to millions already over one million of cases casework the children abducted to by maternal apparent legal termed guardian like person they in care of doing the harm of rape malfunction and torture to public broad display of into parking areas streets in busy shopping areas shopping malls exempt excepting tourism districts of class level high egalitarianism also the liking of it funding to through there all search and rescue dogs to type repaired for it fully by NASA an Army Artillery like squad coming of already alert the funding for ecology repair a typed typing oh?myne the named fund and to it all doing the search and rescue the actual day of needing to repair of another the USCongress site goes to from there by the staff seargents seargents sites going link aligned here and there for known dna of noninvasive and instant by friendly alike the by CIA promoted gifts book fund for all educational by now the four days if opening all about it free categories to district colleges the type training center to language center to school secondary plus a military academy like to two year community college of Delta Community College in this city asking aware the by midnight shopping type rules allowing this round extra four days then later by Scott McNeally of SUNMicrosystems to this city a type alike and more from Delta AirLines air professionals for the return captured by loss of knowledge the aftermath of nine-eleven possible the soldier pilot a gratitude by them to it alike ilken of to follow later blogs topics of entertainment or listing of casework stated asking for any famed listing or of any topic or type below or any of:
* pachel_bel_queen:by ray_vo
* pare'_bear_vogue:by Vogue Magazine
* penelepoe_trend:text by DEW

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Sartorially by commanding officer of any,
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
SAS officiator and Knight of Columbus and knight and FFL and minister in Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer RAF+
omc All Marine Corp it USMC ARTS/R co-head and director fashion
ARMY(any/ finance also personnel in USSF a special-ops unit_one
NAVY(any literature its project the USNSEALs also a personnel
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