Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Salutations, 101 black sun archives expected orbs with cuneiform patterning known arrived on-time through the ozone layers and caught again by NASA dominating with netting specialized, and of same numbering multiplied by ten in 80 raids illegalis into 900,000 cities listed from Police Stations official; soldiers unduly attempted to be retired by no-call-for are unretired immediately and by tomorrow as the raids began anew within 10.5 minutes, and seven years preparation to be done in one year or less by the President of the United States of America's order, housing and other subsitence missed by any benefits level is of additional listings at Mayoral Offices or Housing Urban Development offices worldwide, also. Immediate dna-identification 100% to no soldier missing is being done. FBI reports list of Stockton's instant revalidations in media same warning to visitors/prospective-businesses to read of statistics of locals being compared to Victorian prositution training 'etiquette' unsettling to no-business from outsiders comprehending from Ancient & Royal Society (not royalty official action group, social club dominating, liked in area to esteem) responsible for reported miscomprehended imagery; CIA reports free of worldwide crime-conviction status of any provide assurance to comfort level redefined, no allusion sought. I, blogging of liking city am among many enjoying aspects not of but include writing of the factual history of Stockton underknown and of other places, noting with many colleagues strangeness of Stockton being declared Armageddon by most warfare threats in history against this mayor's office declared (no official militaries may declare war against mayoral offices by protocol) but that affected driving tours of 1/2 million per day through Stockton. Reminding to view traitors executed list anew from U.S. Congress of locals to same groups of Incursion dna-Insurgent attackers into countryside warned officially by Homeland Security Agency of as homeland invasion response to tactic, of. Try the by-CIA longer term promotional of Teddy Roosevelt f. president of U.S.A. teddy bear fund, and of the the IRS's added deductions/credit if assisting schools to meet deadline orders, or matched offer from any credit card company known of 1%-interest rate reduction of its card used on lode, mostly from ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House, USAF/ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House, or USAF other including factual casework to actual anomaly footage, plus:
* infiltrate:novel, look back; by sir_paulus
* boston_arrived_1802:novel series; by kmwall [to:posse-II]
* prinz_homme:novel; by King Keighuouamxsyca
* tren_s:text; by tory of NAM USSF
* deep_ocean:novel; by Judge Anthony in Stockton, kmwall
* how_to_understand_the_job_description_of_a_royal_title:brochure; by USSF's mip, kmwall, mitch_mikaeulumne, mickey
* jaste:novelized, public relations attacks into id-theft-2; by Chico Sons with/+ Abraxus (of Santana)
* neinu:London wine; by Barbara Brant USAF, kmwall
* implore:novel, gain on WWII; by an RAF 'ghost' gone SS as anonymous
* ghost_until:past ghosthunting; by Jesse Dale, Jesse Mark, kmwall
* bulgar:novel; by kmwall
* -an_a_in_an_undereconomy_world; by James Marks, kmwall
* nice_9:all about it; by jouaennex
* noel_song; by Janet Daily
* home_phone; by jan a police officer
* home_spun:by NAIR
* sailor_man; by James Clavell, kmwall
* dutch_on:novel; by FBI RIP Hedrich, kmwall
* heraldry_in_fashion:text; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* 20_is_-a_day_and_u; by King of Spain, kmwall
* yess:novelized tex; by doctor_dde
* bit:novel, no one believed; by shak
* style_thule; by joe_maum
* -a_blah_assignments:workbook; by kmwall
* eleventyish:text, matrix; by RAF's 12 unit, OES
* eleventy_one:text, Fashion; by dean, doeauxna
*ask for by topic

Answers, the public pole surveying asked for clarification on whether ancient to medeival travelers bunking down at castles were required to have sex in exchange for the cost of the stay, and this rumor can be buried as no stay was a cost to travellers who were likely in a workforce needing to travel or visit and of interest is that staying on the lands after sundown when unlikely to get into the castle for an overnight stay was the no-cost tent provided or lean-to on roadside guarded by patrols heard in the topography backdrop. No question too unusual. Tolls and other costs were of other normal business expectations none actually of bodily form or taken from live or living soon animals to livestock herds preserved for return roadtrip using same route only, if left in good health according to the beastiary list requirement (log of military rules to house, feed or care for animals or unusual soldiering, to bee sting requirements, more).
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