Monday, August 8, 2011

Incursion Official Alert of 23 to CIA from free books 4

Salutations, the Incursion XXIII alert is officially from the last blog back into now own defense from and Economy War 1 from 11 A.D. recoded as Incursion XXI into Denver, CO's nearly on it atomic clocking moment of a point-zero-one level number for sync of clocks being used in found-cases-closed/ing of missing persons where the difference in lag of surveillance was that number: plus a war of 11 for a few more hours declared by inferrence by homeland invasion raids as coded by Homeland Security to stop Y-prong off attacks into homes 180,000 even numbered yesterday evenly in 900,000 cities worldwide (per Police Station lists; free of). Delays were noted in on-off to binary systems from computer science. Ten thousands cats poisoned also by intentional poison stabbing, also, repaired by NASA and private and military veterinarians. This reasoning, as back to warfare of tens or power of declared within and 9-Economy of Ancien social science level plans available from any O.E.S. county level or D.A. office worldwide; often derived from similar to discussed on this blog of girl-scouting-type campsite plans from 11 A.D. used to attack city homes taken away from invaders; studied into greens and yellows on. So, CIA any office will provide to need-to-know personnel including law enforcement free books about systems 'en'-play by enemy (e for prewar to pre-ware, n for queen's war/s) on and/or about: not of this quarter's recreational reading list, but light enough for home (of security to not let slip out...) by calling the CIA office again for the credit card number to enter into 'buy now' space to spacebar after (instead of yes/no); plus others from soldiers marginal to: fons, by Jim Ricks and myself (listed previous blog); Top Boy, by Jim Marks and myself, a codex of men's equilibrium (decourm + a-finishing school level); grants_n_jane, by bloejoe and with wallaceten (myself aka) gainsayer economy of ancien now; spo~nr (or sponr), by john_r_doughno and footnote wall (myself) remxort verses great grant theorems of prestige to Economy-4 of best-boat-on-bellcurve to warfare soon enough "any" to standards (heraldry and only military; drugs_and_ammunition, by other soldiers, about any warfare and other unusual; tens elevens nines countdowns, by other soldiers; beauty marks and you: a saint, by Jim Marks and myself (beauty marring incidents as warfare done by 2011-2); bob and borrowed, by denver_ten paramilitary unit Jamaica Royale (a place known, of HM a Jamaican King), how to buy beauty industry; from/for Tribe Fashion (officially given tribal to landed status): A Sociology Pare, Jim and Jane Wahl, a sociology pair; 21 interest, from FBI's douse, grey and grey paramilitary unit. Number-800-diamond-grant from "me" from Governmnent via White House Administration (call switchboard operator) for pre-war to warfare preparations to education-neutral-need-4 data for repayment of said cost/ings. Lest forgetting THANKYOU to all who helped with Economy War-1 of Incursions I-XXI declared ended but up to 7 years still backwash attack effects round-about preparing for. Of things: remxort in-trend miscomprehended to enmity & as big-screen-movie type tragic end for performing arts grouping trends influencing, i.e., Joan of Arc movies. Egypto data requested to USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne as sancto to warfare c-f's to bigfoot likes. Below on economy fashion resort. Stockton, CA persons in get chance to attend David Bach's free show-seminar on how locals having handful of $ only in April '11 made into big marks areas by ancien economic plans of now to avoid as his gift due to his featured students being illegalis targetted by Incursion I to homelessness after attention; for soldiers see IRS free training of exacting steps to, not stories. --preparing to economy war-4 of 9 being pestilence undertranslated from i.d.-theft histories egypto it looks like wife/child but is not accompanying attempt daily to: about everywhere. Meanwhile thanking Egypt the country for its well-planned space platform of food able to feed planet if needed, too, crops yielding now.

USMC ARTS/R and USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne the FED's international economy data of a flopping into new Fortean11 phase after since Fortune1999 of stockmarket supreme/supressed patterns-socio being in since 1999, on the last week's announced by News networks thanked low-bull-market-day of ending phased. Double-cosine wave of Fortean11 patterns of futures and Spain's paramilitary/resort economy packaging centralized momentary study fitting patterns historically studied and sine-waved stocks and type data. Of/in above books listed for sale/use. Considered graduating into for archival researches: grad_u/a ,et al. Treble cleff axis forms up for alernate economics data that lists existence markets. Double-cosine-wave bullmarket-now is offset from eachother's by 4.

Noted to contact the USSS or equivalent and ARMY(any)heraldry office for is reopening of Aegeon (of 23 spelling version of name) royal court historical into now functional of one person but inviting 27,750 job applicants to apply for as necessary to worldwide economic and fashion-resort economy. Recall the workforces for new/next economies take 10+ years training specialized and free from CDC or equal department taking spaces from counseling slots to do. Other groups of interest include here mentioned D.A.R. for later data soon.

ARMY finance
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head