Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beauty Marring Illegalis Surgeries Arts Alert

Hello to everyone, and I hope you are well and I thank you in behalf of our militaries and governments and all for your support of the mind-reading computer chips placed at every street corner and public place to guard all, and suggesting silent restaurants with them in use is fine play. Remember that the attacking Incursion I to V have been pretending in lies to any that they are simply interested in playing games, called The Game as destroyed by the Church and Military in Mexico, or Reenactment Illegalis now as warfare officially declared permanently against by all countries and churches. The notable details for you today are about illegalis surgeries on the public and its animals by Incursion V as well as those before that surpass beauty marring incidents discussed here and in other official news worldwide. This other level of attacks is in information available from the Surgeon General and the Attorney General; you may contact the White House from anyplace or through your own systems to request the illegalis surgical diagrams and official explanation. They include disillusionment that the soul or the person or any other term of use for "you" resides in a heart or a brain mass, rather you are resident as a being in your own brainstem, and the brainstem is transferable by the enemy in attacks in about two minutes, and we now have caught up to them in under one minute to transfer brainstems to organic recipients. Stanford University is one of the educational institutions supplying PhDs in this focus called organic medicine. The diagrams and explanation from the White House Administration should be enough to get going on your case work, along with the FDA and other equipment I explained here on the blog that verifies one hundred percent accurately whether the brainstem or other parts in a body are the actual person to identify. The cost is no-charge for the verification and ranges again from one minute to instant, and is available at military installations and to all the concerned civil servant and public servant facilities. I hope this will set your mind at ease, as Congress has declared already full restoration to beauty marring and other attack victims from Incursions I to VIII. Eight hundred cities are still affected with one hundred new copycats, with up to eighty battles outlying cities or into homes typed and expected in any city, as we are now prepared for with the military and its cooperative law enforcement hires and others.

Tomorrow I'll be gone all day in San Francisco and exploring art museums with others on a short tour. Please check the prior blog or two for the list of benefits coming to the returning soldiers and those signing on in your area that you know while as the international news announced the worldwide accountants are helping us in the military search for the embezzled paychecks of the returning military personnel. Take care of yourselves and I'll be on the blog again with you, soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer