Monday, December 5, 2011


Salutations, official day 442 of 860 years declared against all countrysides by dna-Insurgents (attack either) of arts/wear day/daily-2-special, for USMC noted ARMY Reserves gets first stuff free givings below all gear already in for use anyhow 0-cost to soldier by District Attorney Office of like it nearby:funding; of raids to homes paramilitary-styled passing for authorized; blocks at "The Vault" most secure site on earth raided again others of 40-400 groupings for dead person unknown anti-American, neo-Jamaican troops deterring by HM a Jamaican King's special-ops currently best of planet rated. Geared soldier to Office of Emergency Service (O.E.S.) can report to base, any, any condition for it or call to get tote/tow-to/from for it:each soldier daily ten of their own trained-for to deter/fight in affected cities:900,000; bi-USMC Reconnaissance data all for free at any Police Station to Court House legal system there non-reenactment non-game accurate data of raids on way to. Treasons continue see previous data listing/news international for of listed nearing 955,000 convictions worldwide by category noted today alert of "bad girl" calling herself Internet wise see FBI: Al Gore data from any vice presidential campaign elective column for link or White House switchboard for casework affecting populaces overfascinated with bad better than good. For Law Enforcement a book for each prepared no-cost of 'black and blue a true for you' type decoded encryption attempts of The First Language (O.E.S. for or The Language Training Center) lists of symbols from Fashion Economy of ancien Resort World, Atlantis of legends applied to do work-worse Atlantis-Aragon-Arthurian. Scroll to history data; of. CIA found f. Pres. Teddy Roosevelt's personal fund multiplied, his wish, all to have book/gift-bear/like in down time; now is promotional 10 months about, your Good Readership topic free to get known mostly by non-invasive technology tele-micro style of like (of blogs earlier) read-data-energy of mind-thought plus dna-skills plus 100%-dna accuracy of contact any media/technology all about announced by international news systems reminded again over year and Springtime ago, benefits now as listed; any credit card company known lowers interest on its used's lode by 1% for purchases this/seargent's/staff-seargent's sites/blogs linked/for-it, IRS offers tax deduction party systemized too if legal for help to schools to get stuff of this promotional by choices/funders/referrals:
* princess_po_to_u.k.:children's adventure, murder cases; by James Clavell, Steve Martini, John Jakes, Jim Plunkett, Michael Levine, joe_maum, kmwall
* oh_nine:Fashion compendim, by Prince Charles of Wales and his Princes William and Harry
* game_of_lxoufe:game in;
* coke_pier:power by fad, cookies with chips recruited illegalis, public retaliated chocolate spike; by CIA free to Law Enforcement
* glyph:novelized, gladiator modern. by CWMarks
* cope:novel, space cadet; by kmwall
* fourth:novel; by House of Windsor's Prince William
* force:novel; by House of Windsor's Prince William
* House_of_Worth:manual; text; by lee
* amass:economic bad time wellness of it anyhow; by Jim Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* jgxoard:novelized, a Cherokee, a Beauty, home planning war to God baloreaux; by Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, James Clavell, John Jakes, Bob Mayer, Nick Nolte, kmwall,
* -a_gift_to_you:Fashion economic, how-to; by Jim Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* spike_in_economy_graph:text; by Jim Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* swawstika:new heraldry book & other missing gold; cases within/ by Saint Andrews Society
* drama_red:compendium, Fashion; by USMC's Dr. Edward Cromarty, kmwall
* ranger_one:novel; by devon
* 12_huts:novel; by eleven_wings
* dryness:skin guide, homeopathic medicine level; by kmwall
* great_outdoor_complexions:look Native, ageless; by source_kleenex
* dze_n_confuse:by daque
* dressed_to_kill:novel, light romance, all age appropriate, film-2+ included(any media format), high-drama; editor Victoria Curran comment; by kmwall [to:mysterious]
* korp_corp:novell, Yoruba leader's video astounded, german officer business African attacked by subject; music in by KORN + fourex_stone (new, recommended by CIA for gothic+trends)
* final:novel, ufo commune; by kmwall
* sorted:novel, Nora Roberts
Data: Aztecs sent to Chichen-Itza failed clergy attempt to reform pre-closure:city, by neighbors when Conquistadores opened gates; over-mauraded victims won; blonde slaves freed. Mayan dna-clergy-lines modern misthought of princess-soon to arrive to reform it, but not. Ditto crimes of Chichen-Itza from archives Aztec civilizations clergy of only archivists non-deity led, and today, Incursion attacks on countrysides imitate but land 711 A.D. Mediterranean non-linked; hobby new to public moor-seek. Lore + new market/interest of prepared for it now public-known/contacted by 81% already trained at-home 9.5+ years as Good Readership, by Senate, USAF, extra of USSF i.e. food for immediate needs any quantity to daily banks also for it: drop/delivered 1day/1wwk/month/year. Holiday's switched as ancien Military tradition for feed-overs.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall, c.o.
USAF, director fashion/art, designer
all Marine Corp its USMC, of ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/ finance
NAVY(any/ project literature