Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Official Alerts of Incursions,Piglets,Hope funding, 103

Salutations, the official alert today includes the piglets counted poisoned by invaders at 230,000 to be repaired as ecology-level attacked by NASA free, plus 10,000 more poisoned kittens to wildcats, already today; please take them to the nearest veterinarian service that can be reimbursed by NASA often same-day, or to the military installations mostly cafes to restaurants-with-bars. The attacks were gauged to another false attempt at a heavenly-mother church outlawed by laws already in place called 'adjusting' by USMC ARTS/R. Welcome Algeria in counted among the helpers to stop the attacks in homes and on dogs in assignment level today here in Stockton, CA, one of the affected-by-IncursionIV-XXI-attempted. Also requested by NASA and AirForce Bases is social-club level interaction for answering anomaly calls to investigate cases for a tax write off from the IRS grace on Schedule A to other line item if explaining to agent Foxur on phone or so; to assist USAF over-calls-on normally going over to NASA for investigation that requires of-100 same type anomalies of danger to citizenry or communal abodes to establishments of business and are now serious to ghosthunting so that those anomaly calls don't have to wait until a hundred: are considered official search and rescue level work such as many affected cities already do, to daily. The data will be accessed first by the Mexican Air Force or Police accustomed to the handling of anomalies within civilized areas less fearful and interested in facts. Others recruiting for more help are the Yoruba-2 Tribe in U.S.A. that is fashioned after the original African one, all returned to Africa historically. Yoruba-2 has good lore and leadership in clergy from USSF. Needing to have 74,000 part-time into the work of the tribe that accepts only persons of color by governmental documentation; i.e., at social club level or tribal designation legalized, such as Indic not color by countries' any longer. More work opportunities listed below in this blog. But before then, it is good to mention to you, the Good Readership, that there is a new abnormal amount of attacks on the Kinsean economy graph daily in attempts to form pictures on the graph detrimental to any or all for its appearance. Twenty picture attacks were countered today by the combined militaries with others who accepted positions already from the ARMY(any)heraldry office for economy-cuneiform-fashion-resort; more openings still.

The USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne is glad to mention the FED's requested 40 workforces for a entirety of Economy is able to be accessed now in the new categories. If participating in the extra-cloth trend levels, also trying your regular non-extra cloth with an extra dye or contrast level than your normal is also recommended.

Alleviating stresses and effects of home-invasions attempted at homeland invasion coded levels according to the HSA is helped with funding activities by the Churches. The counter to is a funding grouping and types like it from many religions: Hope, the breaker of, funding for non-lds catholic background to upbringing into counter-funds; new of Mormon Church by their Headquarters is Teflon(c) personality of a queen of a logaun for equivalent of funding. Another funding is at some of the New Age to Alternative bookstores for whole-earth-type-foods, and from a grouping of Churches (ask yours) on Vegan-training of dining (Vegan being the original Naval medical styles for longevity to correct healing methods with food included, non associatable with sound-alike names or terms in recent convicts of pornography removed from citizenship in Israel).

Some of you have asked me in the past what I'm working on, and that includes new investments into the ARTS at art den levels. Some opportunity for many of you, also, from the IRS assisting you to do something similar to help open or re-open 240 needed by the USMC ARTS/R to the 800 listed wanted by the Mormon Church and IRS offering monetary backing to assistance with 'comp' a new style of investing tax-free for the long-run and that IRS agents can handle making the investment transfer for you to a sudden investment in an art den. Building or reopening art dens that can be offered for purchase are fine, also. It came about, this opportunity, Platonix philosophy of opportunity for monetary way-full-gain now is because I co-invested by buying into a quarter percentage of the BlackWaterCafe in Stockton, here that you've seen on this blog before, one of about 30 or more surviving art dens of '30ish' on fashion-resort-matrixes some of you know. The other non-secretive investor who hopes to make more friends back after an overly long seeming officially acknowledged and still in-service after it about forever mission from the Military is Bobo B, you can contact via www.bobmayer.org or your usual military system called regime by many. The first ownership wishing to remain secret to the populace. Of others to buy into and purchase partly or fully to some level, there were for example 80 people arriving with word of mouth offerings of monies and legal documents for to buy into one or more art dens. Then many more expressed interest. That is how the reminiscense of what art dens are about comes to this blog today: typically the art den is of certain squared dimensions since Sherwood Forest and the Arabian Knights timeframes, little changed since then, and a bit Spartan, and that have on the same avenue flavor places (two is good) such as a liquor to liquer or cider stand or lemonade one, etc., plus a type of Saigon sounding or typed like it restaurant or more, and a bookstore often expressed in some formal quandry such as lost books of types and as by the BlackwaterCafe the next door neighbor formerly Port City now Yosemite St Bookstore with stylish-sought and caravan thoughts of gifts for attire. Usually such places blend in with a big name place such as University of Reknown or Vacation Central, or other hybrid types of places. Many of the 34 known art dens are soon to be driving-toured by around August, a typical time for such things. The DA Office has been especially useful lately protecting my and others' interests in art dens and our new owners' equity levels as they assist the USMC ARTS/R directly. There are many others being thanked with deliveries of coffee from them for errand and quick response to them such as Police, Sheriffs, Fire Departments, USSS or equivalents, and Campus or School Police, and perhaps soon others as they have also brought good business in along the way. It is a type of form from gainsayer economy structures of the Ancients that are on plans at the Office of Emergency Services near you, the county office designated to handle crowd management to crowd control as the gap between the two areas, and encouraging many to learn German or other worldwide movements underway.

Most Ancient Kingdoms are not going to be thought of as missing, soon. Those of lists that said lost and to be found are located, and for Economy purposes to high-educational there is some information available from the Military and the CIA office near you. There is for example located by again DA Office searches requested by the FED to find missing workforces that bank of El Dorado the fabled city of gold located with good information on the currency exchange system. No religion of the fabled city, but it is alive in lore and more within a still existing if non-landed for now official royal kingdom: to USSS caseloaded 111/-. In Ancient El Dorado, the First Language was unchanged, still spoken, and the language many of you learned recently by The Language Training Center nearby Monterey, CA is on the information permissable to those with a pass-4. Military to those with a good reason to learn of exchange systems of the past, into how a government stays alive in the unlanded state such as a real kingdom. Please contact the White House switchboard to be transferred for this opportunity to the financial communities interacting with government interests.

The War Department work is again available; please see your usual source book for or contact USAF AirForce1Office...

commanding officer
USAF fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
NAVY(any) project literature
USSS-1018plus, USSF