Thursday, September 22, 2011

Official IncursionXXX0IAlert Poisons to Books CIA Paid Workforce Invited

Salutations, official alerts forewarning today IncursionXXX0i of poisonings of animalia (pets, heraldic units', wildlife), armed-investigators on-sites of archeology official digs around monies-equaled; into home invasions 104,000 evenly numbered raiders of 900,000 cities listed homeland invaded by 'reenactors-illegalis' identity theft groups committing exhtortions 2-imbezzlements 'fortitude-relay'-outlast-opponent-armed/arms to burying effigy-horrendous of senator, directors of agencies, native american chiefs, others of authority known in targetted-illegalis family's aquaintance; to pets of. Missing any records military in CIA official offices today for retreivals of and correct for those of you Good Readership or known-to needing work done/from them. Into RAF records missing in USN's now/still. Terrorizing countryside illegalis from ancient times has terror codes from ancien-level from District Attorney Office or equal of nearby or O.E.S.-region/go/county/+ as today's peanut_terra_haute is terror of coutrier to namebrand to name-household levels to use of with poisonings noted by peanut as solution historical remembered now (peanuts, prior blog listed, stop poisoning effects 3-5 hours most). D.A. Office for ultra-work of warfare of ultra-paperwork to hand-on-hoof/foot (battle to home/land defenses) for those opting to work-ahead; jobs of. IRS has two openings of jobs for post-Revolution called spur work heraldic units trained to; experts needed. ARMY(any)heraldry office again opened 100,000 (minus few filled by reading of) jobs for civilian or military to required to work as part-time economist-fashion-resort with training free of cuneiform-UN (herald's lengual prepaid data-chord VISA/AMEX presidents' offices by for Language Training Center or closer) of picture attacks on public to destruction attempts 20+ times daily forcing Kinsean bell-curve done-data to exhibit picture benign or benevolent of Fashion or Resort onto said bell-curve of done-data irretreivable, recoverable by Law, paying USD$70,000+USD$10,000 annum with the bonus for accepting part-time lode). U.S. Department of State and counterparts of needing workforces of open companies to apply to re-land into relocation into 3rd-World countries for 'ribbon-economy'-of-latitudes-workforces-assisted now to soon applying to Department of State Office of Protocol Service for as entering 9-Economy (of 181-years by Autumn 2011) aka Fashion-Resort-Economy familiar of this blog + seargent's sites or apply to Vatican; employment military guarded well, to profitable business plans into resort lands on-future: 4-Economy waning over 40-years period still useful for workloads of/into it too, apply either.

Black suns of today's Economy also have history-tour of two retreived by Military in conjunction to small orbs landing on surface sized-car-to-house sent to USAF Travis AFB $40-tour-cost/per if signed up for 1 hour after blog recordings allowed as listed; matrix patterns of economy on Trade Winds and more. Taurus moon, plus, seen.

More of books for sale off of presses of ARMY School of Med. Publishing House free by CIA nearby credit-card by asking/contacting for following order instructions given by to purchase from lists said so on this blog and other seargents' sites to need-to-know or equivalent (i.e., school districts, detectives, cvcc, etc.) or available for purchase to own a thing, asking; if using credit-cards (any known) reduces by 1%-interest rate balance held on it; if for schools to reference desks only PhD level to student in level may study from or buy of these books about myself the blog author and others noted, thanks:
* of_extreme_elegance:a-how_to book on royalty, by denver_jaexuevexfsoughdadeugo (jade)
* dialing_4_u; james marks, kmwall
* subsistence_level_support; by joe_maum, kmwall
* 9_alive:USAF's-JointChiefs' official Church of Fashion, like a fashion club in USMC ARTS/R annex; by USSS
* 5_gold:another vulgar purpose, a Swiss bank account number for you included new investment get started on golds; by kmwall
* 11_is_a-hero:code of fashion; by james marks
* to_introduce:a-basic deportment manual on places in world; by Dept. of State's Office of Protocol Serv.
* rare:a-production; by OMAN governing-seat
* 90_days_a_way_to_a_grant; by no_tom
* rant:of fashion code; by dan_o
* opals_opium_opak; by denver_d_na_deaouhenn (dean)
* drama_u:university high wear: by james marks, kmwall
* 2/3_a-day:of income streams of the future; by moron_moron_ea
* p_phenal_robe, by denver_toaumeauh (tom)
* a_man_a_sun_soldier_-un; by denver_unit and men of it
* 23_n_a-day; by , denver_deaouhenn
* 23_n_ace_day; by dan_dia, denver_jaouqueeuax (jack)
* 20_n_wjanu; by don_davlos_w
* drain_and_a-reign; by denver_raaoeughhaughea
* grey_and_a-day: for women of finishing-school-level-grey-codes; by josh cuenmaen
* crxop, kexun5sz3t2: fashion codes; by dan_dan and d_mannaeu (the man)
* 11_to_do:voice control, a music book; by drama_queen
To USAF (any-soon) AirForce1 office or USMC ARTS/R abess send topical interest persons of finance climb-recovered-success-strategy to use in referential material by-request written to referential levels (for schools or other) any level of fame or not exampled judges or street-beat patrol law enforcement or postman or guru or stars-of to founders, et al.

Requests for Q3-reading-list on this blog soon. Thanks to you Good Readership this blog is still most popular worldwide and also has same audiences hounding well for top hour predictably + to CNN's Anderson Cooper and your local news moguls and blog-heroes, plus others of similar. You've impressed 'the brass'. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC & MarineCorp(any), ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance to SS-units
NAVY(any) proj. literature, SEAL
USSS-1018 to DEA et al