Thursday, March 31, 2011

Official Alerts of Incursion IX to XX and Days of Contests

Salutations, there are a number of consistent reports of official data to the Military being turned in by all for the search and rescue underway of the now being placed little Jane-Doe-dna girls, 9, of yesterday's blog alert that were rescued near Stockton, CA, U.S.A. by USSS guard cats and others volunteering. Remembering they were baptized Mormon by a parent then abducted to be tortured on illegal broadcasts, they will be ideally placed in Mormon households as opposed to the other children and minors rescued often by their own volition who are placed automatically into their care and to adoptions in the Fashion and Resort lineal bloodline families similar to their own lost ones. These 9 girls are in the U.S. Sheriff's case work and some others also, underway, who followed USSS animals trained to do just what they've done by leading to safety, any. The first family applying, with sympathies, to adopt one of them, has had a loss by sudden death from health complications, normal. I hope more will be able to help, with the added assistance provided by the USAF for these charges who had only baptismal font dna traceable and no school or health or birth records anyplace known, worldwide. They are being made citizens of Mexico, and can list residence in Stockton, CA, granted by the Office of the Mayor for their recognized valiant efforts to guard this city in the tunnel apertures along the route into; from the Victorian era. More volunteers into paid organizations are needed, still, to feed and allow 9-minute breaks to these USSS animals who refuse to leave the tunnels until the children they sense, or other rescues, are extracted. There are two types of animals also needing grooming care for the warming weather, and so those who would like a security clearance as groomers for the wildlife that work part-time with the USMC and U.S. Sheriff's Office's may request via the Animal Control nearby. Other timely but less urgent matters for the USAF AirForce1 Office's: Project Fashion One include getting clothing to the people who still have less than 8 outfits of attire; the usual benefit of ultra-deliveries for the ultra warfare declared in retaliation to those threatening, including declared by our President and other heads-of-state. The Red Cross is the place to request more from, or to offer assistance by delivering such as if a Girls Scouts of America troupe or similar 501c3 group, currently operating. Many rewards exist such as book signings by beloved authors of all types, and more.
The Red Cross, you may recall from my years ago blog on a non-profit site or more recently agrees that most people need 2 weeks of outfits to function minimally, and can use more.

Onto the other places in the world, Japan's recent repairs include for them now the repair of their artwork benefit for them, meaning jobs offered to those who can do so such as photographers who can repair a portrait, or painters who can touch up or clean a painting. Etc. Again, please apply for this job type through the Red Cross today or soon, as the USAF AirForce1 Office is busy today with the contest matters and other parts of their job. For now. The Police Stations have also been normally able to find this type of job for pay for you, the good readership, but most of them have been going into the tunnels and other locales to do search and rescue or prepare for the future interactions there. Gratitude goes out to them for helping with these work for pay listings all along for the Military to give jobs to the public sector.

Recently, the general public and especially many victim's families delivered numerous grants to the Military and often to myself, the commanding officer. Handling them is a small matter. There are average 30 or more grants for schooling or training of any legal type available to those who work with us, still, as a benefit from our Public. This type of boon to or through the economy has been a type of exchange, of a sort, appreciated. There is now more coming out with boosting to careers of those in the Fashion and Resort and others aligned, which all do, eventually, in the most primeval system of economies that restarted the planet after cataclysms in the past in common. The contests will be coming out to the public for some time, with entries being rewarded with letters of reference suitable for job applicants that demonstrate willingness to work in a career or avocation at all times, whether employed for pay, or not. In the future, about 5 months or more from now will be a contest of Mauritanian 'race cars' which will require early sign up and delivered to the participants educational material and data about. This is not unlike the contest underway now for four more days of the Victorian transport converted to engine driven, any, even into spare parts levels, or for fun and funniness, allowed. The costs of transporting the vehicles for entries to the Moffett Federal Air Base are covered in the grant from a public anonymous person wishing for the educational and creative-arts aspect of their human ingenuity studies before the bequest. During the Victorian Age, many patent applicants disappeared, or many patents did not actually get built, and some are so ingenious and appropriate that even low-working times for the paramilitary units often find them there. Or in places like NASA's library for the public where creative inventions can be housed, used for research and theses, even if not constructed. The Performing Arts special-ops paramilitary unit I've joined used the Victorian patents unused, crime case files from then, also, and similar, to construct things for modern times usage. Very interesting work for us. Between these two contests will be another one, designing your own special caboose. I hope many of you will participate. And don't forget the daily fashion design contests of women's military ilk dinner suits. Another contest begins tomorrow for poetry, so please send to any base attention USN Project Literature. For six entry days, 2 USD$50 prizes will be given to the winners. Panegyric Arabic styled to bleight poetry is the contest subject. USMC ARTS/Religion has another art contest that is open now for artwork of a metamorphosing dragonfly, from either a butterfly or a snail or a worm into a dragonfly. It relates to astronomical skywatching of the Ancients historically, and soon, stories or lore about them will be requested. An interrupted artistic project of an ancestral past, reviving for this current contest. In mode, as the dragonfly became a selected symbol for an Americanism of Native American beauty. For those interested in more details.

Guatemala, Mexico is a luxe ecological environment that has drawn many to reside there. Often, though, they've asked USSF to assist them in removing from homes and businesses home-invaders that refused to leave, overtaxing the law enforcement (which often now assists affected cities by the Incursions dna-Insurgent led by miscreants, there, too. Guatamela has also seen many abducted babies from cribs past decades ago return to the world of the living, grouped by tribal clergy underground or in remote parts into their saved groups. Ready to be reunited with bloodlines or join up in the military to help others in such areas, they have interesting stories to tell. Those who wish to use their real life stories in fictional accounts even to transposing them into other times and places my apply for this to the USN Project:Literature via any Law Enforcement phone number. Today or soon. Journalists or majors in this field are encouraged to apply. Documenting their return is a military statistic, but so is their human aspect of their recoveries remaining private and closely-held.

Travails in the ARTS was mentioned in yesterday's blog, and so questions arose about it. A simple explanation is that travails in artwork are things preceding known downfalls to tragedies soon to happen, for example, in historical literature or arts. It is, of course, the ghost in the attic, into the ghost artwork that arrived, with gratitude to those who sent them. An example is a portrait featured in a moment in time of the Sun King but the audience knows of the French Revolution, but the happy face in the portrait without a care, didn't. That simple. The request now from the USAF is for UFO artwork of practicably any practical venue or type able to be transferred or delivered. Like the ghost art, in its charmed-snake in the economy moments, the ufo artwork is coming into its own as an indicator. Please send to the air base near you, or your favorite one. Thank you, in advance.

Arts texts are one of the places my special-ops paramilitary units sell much text and material to, for funding, especially since the collegiate level texts are following requirements to refresh or provide new texts on the market at two-year intervals. Addressing the art directions, and other guiding factors. Among new texts being recommended for their recent acceptance into textbook category for school systems worldwide are two new ones, a good thing for this PhD referential site of Costume and the history of: The Judgement of Paris by Ross King, isbn#0802714668, and John Adams by David Mccullough, isbn#0446363669. Other things needed for future historical education and also for the Fed are of any lore or legend or data on Venuvian cultures or histories, known or remembered. Please send to the USMC ARTS/Religions, any base. Of the recent request in urgency for any of the four missing Victorian Age trends -- detected by recalculations of the systematized mathematical equations by MIT and Univerisity of Utah and BYU to aide in search and rescue even if only forensically satisfied of the workforce persons who were working on them, then, or their bloodlines into present -- two have arrived. A red and white mushroom shaped project, and a musical trend similar to jazz meeting the Garden of Eden music. Both have been delivered into their respective fields that can still use them. As you'll recall from this blog, trends unstuck will still abet an economy, anytime. Always a dam to what would've followed behind. Illogical or logical, it is based upon the systems of language and cuneiform calculations that you've relearned or remembered in your dna levels as well as consciously these energizing systems in our lives. The other two trends are still desperately sought.

Another call to the public in recruiting, today, into the USAF is for millinery paramilitary units, assisting Fashion, the field of. And donning head coverings of nearly any style as part of the uniform suit in public places. Thank you for applying to John at the USAF AirForce1 Office. Or via any recruiter of the Armed Forces at official hours-open-only locations, for part-time or full-time work with the military in Fashion and Resort.

For those interested in crowd management to crowd control, please request from your registered clergy the recent sermon from the USMC ARTS/Religions on the translation of the biblical term, Word, as wyrd, and other deciphering of its parts. The lesson leaked into the groupings of many and has pleased and energized correctly their masses of participants, to the point of hopeful gain in their religious moments. It also helps them comprehend behaviors in public places, intuitively, and further.

Again, thank you to all, for making this site one of function by the use from Law Enforcement assisting the Military in search and rescue rather constantly and others, and also to you the Good Readership, for making it a PhD referential site in Costume History with your support of it over the years. I'll blog again soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN Project Literature
Army (all) Finance
USSS-USSF-SS1, USN-SS2, USSS badge reactivated

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Resorts to Rescue Fashion Workforces

Salutations, there has been much good headway made in the search and rescue of workforces driven out of homes or factories or businesses of the dna-lineal workforces, today and for the last few days those being rescued and guarded underground by the USSS cats and K-9 dogs, including the USMC wolves and the Sheriff's Departments four (plus a pup) in this county. There are many children being found whose parents had baptized them Mormons, then dragged them below ground into torture scenarious embezzling a greater populace such as reported in by AT&T today with their own investigators. These children are listed deceases under Jane Doe and alive are ready soon to be placed for foster and adoption again, and my executive order is enacted on view at all Police Stations to aide these children being placed in their own religion. Those specifically of the Fashion and Resort Economies from the Garden of Eden reckoning are still being placed insted in those types of generational family settings that are of these same businesses. Usually grouped into thousands still, or just tens of them. The others found needing placement are all little girls, aged ten, of Mormonism exposure and training, escaping by fleeing and considering themselves to be defending in the tunnels the cities targeted by the Incursion IX to XI, of threats of fair jugglers or herbalists lists turned modern into bookkeepers and hairstylists as your local courthouse and morgue lists correctly recorded. Thanks are going out to the rescuers, and mayors worldwide are arriving in their paramilitary gear today to assist the rescue efforts, with quiet heroics, in their usual respectful manner. The basic styles of attacks on these children has been in home-settings, thus far, such as an illegal show broadcast to extorht called the Garage. Victims of it have their garage broken into, strangers trespass to attack them and burgle or steal point-blank with beaten residents, and then the attackers have been set up on a blind date, with love motives. Next steps for them are noted on USMC Reconnaissance Surveillance to be progressing into other warfare declared against them levels-of.

On a less urgent vein, there is a new contest from the USMC ARTS/Religions and the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne that asks for you who work on autos or transports to consider a new contest. Two prizes, USD$50,000 or USD$40,000, and of the auto shop at school to hobbyist to professional mechanic on own time. Take any Victorian Age small transport (up to train car) size equipment and convert it into a combustive or similar type engine, for locomotion. The money for the contest was donated by a citizen, and it has passed approval, and these Victorian converted vehicles will be transported and housed near Moffett Federal Airfield in California.

Thank you again for sending in your ghost art, and the USMC ARTS has completed that worldwide prohect and the analysis of it all and the donations of them helped with funding the defense of your neighborhoods. Millions of international soldiers were able to view the artwork, particularly, as it was analyzed for its component in a now happening travails in the Arts.

KMWall, commanding officer, worldwide

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Seismic Search and Rescue in Fashion

Salutations, official alerts again go out about Incursion IX to XX in particular that are illegalis targeting the 900,000 plus cities worldwide affected by the homeland invasion coded raids by dna-Insurgents miscreant led, once again. Still, at about 100,000 more or less raiding attempts to homes and workplaces including public settings in each. Yesterday and the day before yielded up over 400 children from search and rescue efforts fleeing from attackers, a military statistic and not one of city crime reports just yet, but available from the Police Station from the Military. And thank you again to the Law Enforcement and their K-9 and other search and rescue workers for this, some responding suddenly from an early morning cup of coffee break without advance notice. The USSS search and rescue cats such as Count Zorro (please spare the Fire Department phone calls on now) are being fed in the tunnels where they won't relent any more than any other USSS agent will, that being never due to training, and as they search for children hiding and to defend them bodily. Several of these cats are also repaired already surgically by the military veterinarians from these tunnel rescues. Also found, about 1 million more teens organizing themselves into their genealogical tree workforces, or dna-lineal ones, by training or avocation, respectively. They are from Resort to Resort Fashion economy workforces who were interrupted by harm while learning at home their familial businesses. Since the Garden of Eden times, or 5,000 years ago. Of the older times before destruction on the planet, 90,000 years ago and 9 million years ago records of similar, none have been noted to be using, for now. Religions, inclusive, due to requirements to keep lawful (termed, adjusted, in USMC ARTS/Religions). Arrivals into the affected cities is welcomed from businesses which will be compensated, such as AmericanExpress, VISA, Gruen, and others that are bringing more people to help the cities recover and also with search and rescue. Also, if colonial-paramilitary lines, please report in for assignments, again.

The lists of similar attacks happening by nearly identical plans from the 4 B.C., 1 B.C., 4 A.D., 1 A.D., and in the Victorian Era with the lists of types of attackers such as faire jugglers then listed on earlier blogs. An era is typically about a decade or so, and an Age is close to a century, for the purposes of this PhD referential blog on History of Costume and as it is also an official site of the military for Costume:History,of. Definitions may change over time, to be adjusted. Fashion, the field of, has been getting attacked noticeably with a timing of trends defined by those in the profession to detect trends for humans that wish to enjoy them in their lives, somehow. Energy to success at business sense of accomplishment is what is sought by trend adopting, and later on will be a sense of happiness and of course a good amount of wellness even after that. In the Victorian Age, trend discussions were done weekly and in an attempt to head-count also any who might be missing in a link of social travel. If someone didn't get their trend data that week from a usual source, there was up to a posse organized to go find the person. There were also weekly trends organized, slightly incorrect as actual trends based upon human thought by electricity in the brain and also by the revolving planet and other celestial bodies such as the Uranus 'shepherd moon' and Io. The Victorian Era is missing 4 trends, therefore, not noted to be missing, and none of the people that would've been delivering these trends mentioned as do modern trend makers deliver them to the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne. Those being asked to sign up for search and rescue for even the forensics data line of fact gathering into tunnels and apertures unknown is also being rewarded whether volunteering or as a job with the military or law enforcement, fire department, etc., for the typically now being found dna-offshoots or family bloodlines of those who were in the trend business, then. A contest, not disrespectful of the process of gathering and exchanging data during the 19th Century is devised for helping with this particular project, perhaps to uncover more data as hoped to be used in the search and rescue effort. Short, or on-going. The contest out of the USAF AirForce1 Office's:Project Fashion One is for gathering trend data of the weekly or other levels from the Victorian Age. In the attic, then, or perhaps the cellar plaques, may be the clue for this real life scenario unfolding. When MIT detected that four trends in particular never made it all the way to the head count, they were to be used for as well as for actual retailing level and sociable trends. Please be prepared if winning this contest to accept a gift of donation or perhaps more than one from the general public such as classic cars, boats, attire, jewelry, etc.

Thank you for also entering the other contests listed by the USAF AirForce1 Office's
Project: FashionOne, mostly of the designing nature. Please consider also a ballet costume designing contest for any age or gender performer, from an annexed agency to the USMC ARTS of ballet. Out of the historical archives of the USMC ARTS is more data from Babylon's Arts, after the previous blog data on its education system and inclusive of art training. The costumes closely aligned to Shakespearean-timed and modern-preserving ballet costumes may be easily tracked into Babylon's stage performances. Lots of flags and draping were attached to the performers costumes, similar to some ballet costumes. These performances were about triumph. Into Shakespeare's time, ballet held a focus of lovelorn art.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
Army (any), Finance
USSF/SS1, USN/SS2, USSS/badge-reactivated

Friday, March 25, 2011

Incursion IX to XXii Official Alerts and Gratitude Work for Pay

Salutations, the successes of deterring the daily declared enmity-warfare raids on cities by Incursion IX to XXII dna-Insurgents miscreant led and at average 100,000 attacking affected cities is all about you, the Good Readership, in your accurate to timely response to retaliation. The Military thanks again the Law Enforcement sending us the new recruits for catching up on military thought, jargon, explanation of links and worldwide interconnecting, since the Law Enforcement and Civil and Public Service groups you know have been marked on the calendar as co-trained in boot camps officially over the past 8 years, where they were or are. Defending the cities and offensives in the military stay in the military statistics and files, less affecting the cities crime reports unless data is needed in up to omnipresent-seeming data-points pinpointing for case work whatever is needed, especially for pay systems in place. The fact that Fashion is again getting targeted illegalis has new Law Enforcement and others seeking data on why; 'creepiness' is what one new officer declared it. Compared to the recent attack waves on any city where a person had won an art contest anywhere, any place, but recently noticed. The Federal-Military-Martial-Law in effect extended worldwide through the 18th as by our affiliated FBI German and Military Russian, therefore is also about these types of violent attacks to the death or embezzlement and extortion of up to full retirements and housing absconded. Etc. In ancient civilizations that were attacked by the same miscreants as dna-Insurgents defined recently by my and other military personnel's' one-hundred percent accurate data reading equipment, into microscopic and not just the data-devices plugging into the ready on-hand equipment, the Ancients kept track by immediately self-correcting any situation, stopping everything while law enforcement equivalent then recorded. Known are the repeating tactics of, especially in Mesopotamia, and interesting are the archives of information available for many. New to these incursion raids coded accurately homeland-invasion at NSA levels officially is the return from Mesopotamian times the fire-snatching food-grabbers. Once these food thieves were called grubbers, and the palms of their hands thickened to the wrist level by calluses from grabbing food in containers in fire places to campfires was their mark. Someone or something from the past has mistrained them to restart this ancient false system, not unlike other tribes annihilated in the past for similar home invasion waves, in history. The militaries that were trapped underground in collapses or by the choosing of their leaders are in tandem with those above ground where the ethics codes of the past were kept in tact up to the Garden of Eden or creation story time frame, and often even farther back. The codes of ethics are necessity, of course. The dove-grey of the USMC meeting up one day on foot on-land in affected cities, meeting in similar tactics to defend the cities. Handshakes or similar greetings universally acceptable ensued. Notated in the files were the same shade of uniform selected, the newcomers to the surface crust of the Earth calling their color of uniform dove-brown to the other groups dubbing of dove-grey. Humor was good, in a moment.

The USMC ARTS/Religions offers through the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne the now appropriate work for pay to help restore art and photos and some keepsakes of similar quality for museum piece to business displays in Japan as part of the aftermath assistance to. The other aftermath work level requiring some calligraphy to penmanship honed skills is from the Department of State to send thank you notes to those who helped deliver food worldwide including into Stockton, CA one day to feed the many arriving to assist and even into houses overly raided to deletions not able to repurchase goods and sundries in time enough. The sensitivity of this latter one is of the nature that persons news bound for now that delivered food here to thank include Saleh and Qaddafi and some others known in leadership, favored or favorable or in-play in news notation events, or not. Countries such as Egypt and China volunteering all of their food for a day, also, delivering their extra supplies, too, being the only parts needed by the affected cities. Sensitive in nature, then, and recorded duly by the USMC Reconnaissance. Also from the same offices as work for pay is a group of pleasant assignments ... read on.

In the 711 A.D. time frames and thereabouts, the home decor and personal fashion decor was still using pottery pieces with some type of personalized color and wardrobe to decor code built-in. The angle of a seating or a shine on a cosmetic, or other ideals for basic and acceptable wardrobe or color analysis are still needed again in pottery form. Think of your local pottery guilds and how working in conjunction with them on a joint project, or if you can do both, terrific, will earn a $100 per completed pottery item (mugs are fine) or $50 for the wardrobe or decor or color code systematically applied so that the next artisan can complete it all. Adding to yesterday's list of wardrobe planning and color analysis for a lifetime system for childrens' rewards who have been doing animal search and rescue with the military, please consider again that now 9000 more students are being added each day to this list of work for pay, $150 per student, and also with accommodations and flights or transport offered to the military of the unused seating and room-blocks for this type of work; defined at the time of picking up the work order, please. Please see the lists at your Police Station at no cost, asking courteously, of course.

Grants are still being donated and delivered in a response-to-funding trend-like cycle for a funding or grant-prepaid coursework now available, to show one or any all the about-now or about-town as it was called economics of warfare-to-implement-of-saving-society-plus. Meaning, how in vernacular popularized, what goes around comes around but not in direct results, often in cycles of gratitude, courage, or usefulness that now effect economies in a formal wellness step of said Economy in a future aligned. The course will explain sociological approaches, mathematical implements, military impetus, educational responses-emergence-levels (divine deliverance as dubbed by Mission College in Santa Clara, CA for degreeing purposes equivalent), and more of all this. Two days worth, good extra to crucial now data if working with Fed data or economic or budget work requiring data input. Please see your School District Finance Office, or mayor's office and be prepared to speak to the mayoral candidates of the past not in office put to work to handle the registrations.

Thank you, Good Readership, for again supporting the DVDs listed yesterday about how I and others received worldwide posts in the USAF in Fashion, and how the astronauts and NASA are teaching multiple-degrees of education a year approach to use the grants available now, reflecting these times. The head of the air forces that hired me mentioned that of the many Arts and fashion designated categories, I am listed by them as a Fashion-Art type person. Not by garb donned, by avocation or training depending upon what is under scrutiny at the time. What I'm doing today and for awhile is recruiting, in public but for the USMC worldwide modeling agency that links by its requirement to all the modeling agencies worldwide, models and trend-setters. Trend setting pays, and is a recurring part-time job. Requires aptitude and focus including timing and filling out questionnaires or other participation. These types of jobs are also listed at the Police Station lists, as above. Also about my own interests for your interest levels expressed is that I'm looking again into gauntlets, that show up in my dna-bloodline historical fashion codes of my on genealogy trees. Required by certain militaries and part of my and others future fashion codes inclusive of our uniforms for public places that you received lists of from the cafes and restaurants coded as military installations. Since I had worn these items and gloves while hand-modeling by contract when returning to college again after you'll recall the local bank moved a large facility to Florida, I thought to open another contest for you, daily, along with the others you are familiar with in fashion design. From the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne, again. At USD$5 each contest win, one per day available, please design a gauntlet of some form suitable in daily wear into evening as a piece of regular clothing (think, embellishment to functional accessorizing) and of the propriety to walk into regular restaurants or cafes or businesses for meetings at hand. The gauntlets may be of any level of design. Thank you for entering and a letter of reference will arrive later to the winners and participants for your extra effort in my own and others behalf. The ability to participate will be assisted by the Military and school systems to the gathering of data into the regular pouches system of the military or by asking your local Postal Worker about {see inspector data list, of..}

Take care, and thank you again, Good Readership, for selecting my finishing-school-level gift item for yourselves for funding of the Time Flies tile at 16 million orders per minute, yesterday. This boon in funding to defend your areas helps.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide militaries (known)
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, project literature
Army (any), finance
USSF-SS1, USN-SS2, USSS (badge reactivated fully)
*see Le Temp Fuit:Time Flies watercolor USD$1Million at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts

Salutations, today's official alert from this official military site is about more of the Incursion IX dragging on of miscreant led dna-Insurgents coded homeland invading in their arrays of methodical raids upon the older and newly affected cities, again today mostly attacks in mottoes proclaimed against artists and known arts supporters. Nonsensical as they are, the attackers perpetuate stupid acts, in dialogue of stubbornness and vagueness, leading conversations away from the actual questions and answers, into pretending illegalis that they are defending a home relationship of some kind such as a romance. None of them are actual or factual but are still reenactment illegalis, outside any legal 501c3s actually doing reenactment such as at fair grounds or battle fields guarded by paid police officers, as is required. None ever allowed in public places, continually, declared so by Law including U.S. Congress' and all heads-of-state's declarations of continual warfare against those so breaking these laws. For their extortion, embezzlement, raiding, marauding, tortures, murders, identity theft to the entirety of life and retirements and housing, and more. Adventurism, they've signed on for disgruntled. Deterred successfully yesterday was the attempt (read yesterday's blog for counts of) more cities added by hallucinating military or others at work defending finding themselves in attacks called now dream-awake attacks where the victim thinks due to 'mickeys' slipped that they are actually dreaming and not really in a public place doing what they might to compensate in dreamstate. Even to journaling it all, in a renewing hobby of dream state watching into groups socially meeting in hobby format on... Thank you, Good Readership, for the actual for your patience and responding with your employers' along to defend an additional 2900 cities completely deterred of further Insurgent IX attackers of miscreants, the same. The dream-awake mickeys are detectable on the surveillance equipment fully in use for such purposes. Of particular interest to the attackers is their lack of respectable dna origins again. It is not their purpose, then, to have ever reflected an attempt at other than what they are, just as for the rest of the populace. They're being denied their citizenships worldwide en masse. Comfort, or no, about it all, more funding courses are available to the public but mostly to those who worked for years helping the Military and City Councils and Counties/Regions in what you've heard of about with archival work matching names current to graphics of the past into their signets, etc. Now, thought, the begets lists will be disclosed and the forensics dna irrefutable explaining that the reasons the biblical lists of who was beget by were of the same cousins and same to similar names but located exactingly all throughout history as their fosters in the royal noble house tradition of raising each others children to learn the business or trade school or other system. Returning later to the dna family with their good skills benefiting all in worldwide scope economics. The lists are not plug-and-play from the Bible. The Military and Governments are glad to provide the actual data, now, although it means a lot more work for the genealogists who for years asked what the terms translated meant, relating to lists they used. The original Church and Church's reminded not to overly rely upon data in stories selected for any of the bibles as they were all about things happening to learn from, vicariously, such as the water wars always behind all the backgrounds of all the biblical stories of any religion, until recently. Interesting data. Not for miscreants to attack upon. Not an Age of Knowledge; facts and factoids that are their own proof.

Girl Scouts of America are glad to assist also those needing deliveries from the USAF of clothing, and similar. Reflecting the BSA levels of dedication, and their badges earned will be reflecting their additional focus and community volunteerism. Let's all thank them, along the way, too.

From the USMC ARTS/Religion, too, is more funding courses for funds to defend your own areas, for you. Among them are such as Brittney Spears meeting with the public about reality of musical careers. After the fabulous support of yesterday's blog announcement and from other places about the Music Industry choice of economy-independent ability and training and status soon by their own effort, this type of funding should be good for a go. Other appropriate funding for the reality of today includes financial courses, such as a ROTH recovery one, and other listed.

The USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectOne has many new interesting work for pay listed at your Police Station near you, by request. A newly thought of diagram from the archives is about groups of money and water saving firefighting devices ideal for forestry levels of prevention to straight on firefighting. Old ancient kingdoms equipment diagrammed to be retrofit or redesigned, and such engineering and other types of projects for are available now. Thank you to those who pick up this type of work and get it done, benefiting all. Other work for the technical and mathematical (high, to application of) is still being handed out continually such as the work being picked up by MIT and other universities like Univeristy of Utah, BYU and others, to assist at all levels of information into the reviving of the actual economy. Also, for the wardrobe planners who can make the time for them, 9000 schoolchildren per day are needing lifetime wardrobe and color analyis done for them in exchange for their search and rescue of animals officially, as their pay for helping. This analysis of color and wardrobe for them pays $150 per, and the request is that two be considered being done by the same analyzer, with accommodations and transport to and from by the Military, for. Thank you for checking the other work for pay and funding lists, also, and to Law Enforcement for patiently helping the public sector interested in this level find work through their courteous effort in behalf of.

A wonderful survey officially returned after yesterday's blog and further news network announcements about the Military trained search and rescue bobcats, 120,000 of them, that you, the Good Readership, are willing to foster and house. In a few years they will be added to the military heraldry. Patches, etc. Please consider picking up this type of heraldic artwork ahead of time, about 3 more years away, on a more leisurely timeline than often listed here. For heraldic artists preference, firstly. From the same office listing above. Other similar work includes a class on how to design the Egyptian eye and brow of their historic fashion wardrobe beauty plans, similar to the modernized taught and learned systems of color analysis and wardrobe analysis. In light of Fashion's interest in military styles for the fashionista on the vista, note your local USMC in their metallic foray that is similar to the metals or styles not allowed to become fashion trends, to preserve the uniforms seriousness. Occasionally, some trend analysis leans towards the disallowed, but came close to what would've been the subconscious worldwide trend in mind, after all. Of good use now are the ancien uniforms for women in particular, somewhat disguised in public as uniforms by their appearing regular wear. This is shown in the DVD on how I and others received posts with the USAF in Fashion, and are available again from the Military and school districts.

Other DVDs of training going well are from NASA with Astronaut Alan (sometimes dubbed H.A.L.) about how to earn 4 degrees of education in one year; 8 if done the military-way. Even all can be PhDs. A very good system, and I'm pleased to be using it myself. I hope you'll continue to join me in earning the advanced degrees to defend ourselves in the ultra-warfare (paperwork level) already declared against all known populaces by miscreants choosing homelessness illegalis systems. Take good care of yourselves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
Army (All), Finance
See the for sale now asking USD$1Million original of Le Temp Fuit:Time Flies painting at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery, funding/1

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Ancient Economies

Salutations, the proverbial good and bad news together with the Incursion IX of dna-Insurgents miscreant led homeland-invading coded attackers upon cities affected, now 918,707 affected cities worldwide due sadly mostly to duped persons and personnel suddenly hoping to be following any kind of omniscient deified possibly sudden goddess or heavenly-mother-ala-Mormonism (et al). The personnel affected by the hallucinogen moments are under strict psychiatric care and medical know how and have to re-apply to the military in the typical formula steps of reams of paperwork to explain their suddenly taking to a (possible) 1)bear that hugged them and converted them to .... or 2)alien-carrying u.f.o.-crafted by-design to takeover any planet superiority influenza-fort.... This was not unanticipated, but is equivalent to someone walking away dazed in movie-form of apocalyptic essence amazement at something coming down from above or arising from below beyond humankind's thinking. Noting that the earliest Incursions I to IX and so on were able to completely restore to full military guard and deflect the homeland invasion attempts from non-landed groupings of attackers in swarming letter-forms across the globe when viewed from, say, satellite-angles, with 890,000+ cities being restored already ... some hope. Nine-hundred thousand cities newly added in later raids by underground attackers and their attempts to put 30% to 34% of their own back washed identity theft groups above ground for the catching in the act of is simply fact. There have also since been millions of returning workforces from the Fashion and Resort economies of the past 5,000 years ago, and not all children now. Mostly ready to work. Explaining their horrors from real life attacks that drove them underground to hide with factory and home business systems they refused to relinquish. And their systems of doing historic business with all, including the USAF in Fashion are helping the Fed to worldwide now get the business sectors re-planned. Even as the FBI gets the classified security clearances now permanently required for any full-time work loads or assignments in Fashion, the business sector. Other businesses that rely upon the success of business sectors are aligning already and reporting in to the Military, at-ready. The fact that 70% of the populace you view about you are the known Good Readership of anyone with an actual legal background from birth or assigned now by the Department of State. And thank you to the most of you signed up again after 8 years of continual training boot camp for more of it where you are on the U.S. Congressional funded daily private trust fund accounts, mostly my own assigned to defend the status quo and countries and governments, et al, in Warfare Funded. As real military, known. The other thirty percent of the populace may be identifiable as the non-citizens of anyplace that they are recording at on USMC Reconnaissance. Again, nine more military personnel besides myself have come out to the public in stating that all places are covered with the microscopic full-time omnipresent-seeming technology recording even thoughts, directly sent to the courthouses and Police Stations and with any law enforcement officer internationally. Anytime. Not just to protect the ARTS, Fashion or other trend businesses as it started out, once upon a time.

The cuneiform-first-language-UN that is being taught at The Language Training Center nearby to Monterey, CA, U.S.A. is still the decided upon international new communication level for economic restructuring and restoration. Of the chosen economic systems studied in the schoolrooms, it assists. Of the instant solutions, it is not, but is reliable and always explanatory of the fractal patterns in place in the actual world that spins on unchanging motions and therefore is describable. Don't forget that if you are working with us in the Military or in civic or civil work of any form that you automatically qualify for consideration grants from the victim's families donated for such. Post-doctoral work on down to any training school level or specialization training accredited coursework covered fully from food and housing and clothing and medical care by the military system automatic being fully mobile but not spending money. Some partially fulfilled grants are also being returned unaudited deserted by death or anticipation of, and in the interest of expedient time are re gifted to the Good Readership of this blog. Being worldwide networked already. Many topics unusual but appropriate to the present are being chosen; regular degrees are available, but the others are terrific choices. Think of things such as the walled-in cities attacked in the past histories, such as in Mauritania and Mesopotamia. Their costume history alone is fantastic to learn of. Their teeth gleamed, for example, on terrarium grown oranges and cherries, both with natural gentle cleaning abilities. They then chewed upon leaves and culinary flowers for added breath control. Modernistas think in terms of one tube of a solution that does both. These ancient but modern thinking ancestors left all their documentation on how they survived the miscreants raids and were protected by the wildlife that chose to enter the cities and defend them from miscreants who'd destroyed the wildlife habitats. Explaining again the earlier years' topics on this official military site blog, while it was becoming an official one, about how good all of you were with the USMC tests of patrolling unmuzzled wolves throughout the threatened by then cities, affected. The Sheriff's Department here houses and has patrolling in vehicles and on foot four trained wolves alongside the other K-9 and M.I. trained animals, canines included. The USMC has bred nearly 200,000 guarding and defending anyplace wolves fully trained for any K-9 to our own specialized levels in the military ... from the befriending wolves again you'll recall fed by the USMC during land-sheep-domain crises years back with petitions successful the Wintertime feeding wolves from our trucks with dog food. The bobcats will be added to the military heraldry for paramilitary, too, in a few years time. Now, appearing with tails added by the USMC officially for their forays to defend again in our affected cities. The bobcats are described as a fun-loving animal that is able to acclimate and like the wolves come and go and return again on their own schedules to work like sheep dogs and other working-dogs. They have no known natural enemies in any food chain. They like the scent of military, and more sociologists-animal-husbandry grants are available for those with the patient acumen to determine scientifically what a soldier smells like and how to detect it. On technology. Since these animals can and come straight to any for a quick pat on the head or snack from the hand. They also bring their litters straightaway for medical care, to the veterinarians in the military. Which you'll recall from the (Ayer)Vedic medical degrees of training required in the Military include veterinarian degree credentials as well as for humans.

There is more from our ancestry in Mauritania and Mesopotamia that became at one time coined as Maupitanians by their grouping. Many having traversed between the two, genetically. Moping, an Americanism that made dictionaries if not popular lingoes often was derived from these cities when they were affected by miscreants. The soldier languor that you learned about and many non-military are being led through in affected cities by you local judges from your own known judicial systems, and courthouses-regular, is what was referred to. Sleeping very little, therefore, on timed military regimens of food and activity level (physical motion of the body) in order to cause sleeplessness that is productive and de-ageing. It is a military system, and the information on how to do this has been handed out courteously from military installations, and may be obtained from the AMA. Or, specialized charities and non-profits that handle growing concerns of medical care or may have time, simply. During the awake-hours in the ancient affected cities, the similar escape routes were designed around runic and heraldic routes. One I chose when it was my job to select one for a large grouping has a predecessor from those cities, looking nearly the same, on a similar signet type of keeping. Not much is original in the offing. Predictable, sadly, but not very original. But, comprehensible.

One of the many things that people did in the times affected by miscreants raiding in massive numbers from 'down below' historically was tale-telling. Entertainment level. In story and song and stage play equivalent. The USAF Air Force1 Office's Project:FashionOne has another contest for you to consider, besides the fashion design contests daily for heraldic to glamorous but professional evening wear women's dinner uniforms and children's shoes and socks. The new contest is asking for an essay or a story in any form typical to creative and legal to tell how the musical symbols for treble and bass cleff came to be had and held by humanity. Many species make music. In the Garden of Eden times, as they're thought of, or choose your own creation story time frame, music was an early implementation. Used to announce when the fed and name wildlife and house pets returned home in the evening for their daily feeding, a gift from the caretakers, then vegans. Living through a jungle system of routes and what became a humorous child's game later, Chutes and Ladders in imitation of. The music is being found, also, in many musical renderings nowadays as the historic lineal Music Industry professionals take to their archives, also. Sounds. Rythms. Keys. Transpositions. All useful, again. From crowd-management control levels of calming and energizing to wellness sensations a general public. And, along that train of thought, the Music Industry by representation has asked for its own economic-'boat' . Willing to become by hard work and dedication an independent economic cycles. If you are interested, Good Readership, in careers in music, please see also the office above for testing in many new enduring levels of musical career. Star-back-up is one that comes out of lip synching, but now with a trained voice, also, shared careers (like job sharing you're familiar with) going on tours but not interacting as a decoy with the public and job references of. There are many more new types of musical careers available, too, and traditional ones. Think of the grants mentioned here again. Up to thirty to forty available to each or any participant, for now. Honoring the victims and their beloveds, behind them. And "for you."

Once again, thank you to the Law Enforcement that particularly is working alongside the Military handling the deterring of miscreant raids listed officially here and on international news networks. And thank you again, all, for your patronage of this blog site allowing it to become a PhD referential site for History, of Costume. And similarly an official site of the military for Costume, history of ...

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC, ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
Army (all), Finance

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Fashion a sUNflower

Salutations, I have heard that already you, Good Readership, is at-ready for the 9,300 new attacked-by-Incursion-IX dna-Insurgents as homeland invaders miscreant led underway, another statistic becoming military that doesn't affect the cities own regular crime statistics, exceptions being some of their own choosing for their pay or fundable and income source levels, regularly. Of course, the Military is glad to provide that data for any type of case load as requested or anticipated. Based upon USMC Reconnaissance, fully, any time place date of (et al), at the court houses worldwide already or now at any Police Station. Remember, there is no reenactment or game-playing of warfare or like levels in public allowed, falling fully into the illegalis level declared by our President of the United States of America. As the Fed is still collecting more data on the most ancient -UN cuneiform language offered and taught now at The Language Training Center nearby to Monterey, CA, USA, there is also an opportunity to sign-on/up early for the classified security clearances to be able to work in the field of Fashion, any level of its business if full-time, necessarily as you know by your all-known by birth certificates legal and verified and non-identity theft infiltrated or suspect of (one or two excepted, in person, etc., denying invitations for reasons of busyness) of the Tribe Fashion, AC, with full rights to landed reservation granted. This brought to mind my conversations with leaders and those studying Fashion from the Hmong Tribe, always available historically and continually and working now again with the cuneiform as others of the genealogical bloodlines from Fashion and Resort will, that they were not in a genetic land for some reason. Many countries and leaders found sovereign reigns fine by their place in the world, others changed, of course. No actual warfare declared against the worldwide populace is of the nature of a country trying to rise but of those trying to take over to take identities and retirements and backgrounds after stalking for lengths of time ... if you would like to interrogate for study these types of miscreants held en masse by the Military, please ask at the Sheriff Office near you. Certain data is critical to some professionals in the relevant fields. For example, the usual attempt historically to take over a village or modern town was to go through the mail system or equivalent. You'll recall the rescuing of the bloodline of the kidnapped king's courier (mistaken for the king, carrying the official seal for return reply and notary level recordings, of then). And, so the recent attempts of the miscreants to take over two towns entirely by tunneling by the Post Office were uncovered by regular methods of detection. While the USN researched the plot points submitted for committee approval of one of my own manuscripts to suggest for a mystery that one town could be taken over, such, or nearly so. I explained this before on the blog about that story line, waiting.

Less confusing, this type of data, surprisingly, than the context and thought of how the world once ran its currency on jewelry as the exchange. Comstocks and mother lodes aside, it is available in some funding courses in the future. Typed to comprehension of: jewelry cut to a dimensional style and of weight measurements to be discussed, and more, were all equal currency exchange basis to keep economies afloat. The regal traditions about the processional flow of the said monies will also be learned. After the course work has been made available, I'll notate more on this blog for the PhD referential level designation. Of other funding now is the Shoreline - tiger/ess and please bring a mitt, skein, potential toy ... For the children, funding course on making your own language cuneiform from a staple. Yes, a staple, which began in Chichen Itza, where the first staples were found and used within their language systems during math and fashion equations. A third level of funding course is available for blank-philosophy (Fashion/Resort/Economy-plugs/Trends-any). Coming soon will be next a semantics of cuneiform for the moss to green hue technical tactical detail to faux pas corrective not cover up as is the arising sociological tradition dna-level formed up already from Mesopotamian culture. Also, you'll find out about their terrorizing fashion shows, and much much more; please be prepared to be entertained at all the funding listed on today's blog, and official site of the military, always. Please attend well-garbed to any of these funding proceedings for the USAF to prepare your own shoes in your typed style, from your official Military and Governments.

Artists are needed for various businesses and business sectors for in addition to lobby or boardroom artwork, and in addition to logo work still being listed regularly, for the USMC ARTS (see Police Station lists of work from USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne, for) because many of our talented Marine Corp are too busy today and for a while in search and rescue preparations, and in action to do so, so that they need help getting artistic renderings into classical forms for that industry or business sector. For companies to use, or businesses; to last longer than the trend-use, but to portray concepts of this and more. A short course will be provided no-cost for the conceptual grasping of how the Ancients to Medieval did this while disguising their business within the Fine Arts, cleverly. Forwards of live questions and answers at this training by a regularly seen Princess Michael of Kent, or others you'll know from your entertainment awareness volunteering. The work load is anticipated to be for some foreseeable future, any.

Types of artwork useful but also considered nearly mystical to some in the past, for no real reason other than availability of symbols, were flowers representing peaks and lows in the economic affecting trend cycles and other sociological progressions, expressing. The lotus flower was the personal finance symbol and the with it is close kin the color indigo. Historically, too, are the sunflower in Fashion for a peak and a dandelion for a turnaround or low-point, still gaining momentum. Recall that like an effect of a downward roller coaster, the energy sensation is there and part of the experience. Once, upon a time, a restaurant or two appeared at locations where fashion coordinates landed upon the globe. Discussions of ... fashion ... happened at such locales, known by caravans and travellers and even vacationing to be available. Orchids that are blue-black and 'en budd' still budding were for Resort, Housing, Food. No low symbol. Paramilitary economies arrived on scene with artichokes of a primordial nature, nearly thistle like if you think Scots.

More on Scottish. Once a glut of happy economic additions during certain economies, many have expressed to the Military a wish and a hope for more gluts, but alas and alack they are not predictable by trends, only describable by mathematics of higher learning and welcomed. In nostalgia, though, the worldwide network of nearly conglomerating Scottish memorabilia stores wish to make available a special deal to you, Good Readership. Of particular interest to those with museum level pieces of tartan, please consider turning in for the replica available for wear and use, instead. Or, try purchase of a tartan item in value ranges for uniforms at-from home, official, with an addition of a pair of newly devised official and ancient styled (delegated to but real uniform for special-ops or advisory levels) pants. With purchase gifts such as scotch and tasting of, advise level and gift listings (thing registered for weddings).

Fans of Lisa Sysombath's jewelry having made her the most popular search on the Internet the day I mentioned her work on this blog will find that the USAF Air Force1 Office's Fun File is supplying decals to cloth regalia for her 'following' but be forewarned it has a greenish hue of the recently sighted success of an 8-day trend. Based upon the historic tradition of 8-days being the minimum 'weekly' trend of actuating cuneiform-UN (first language, Garden of Eden or Creation Story, any) level. Suggested uses are on the nail-art, book covers, and allowed even on official military uniforms. Also, please do continue to pick up from any Police Station, yours, too, if you're not too 'impersonal' to them, the USAF AirForce1 Office's:Project FashionOne work-for-pay (not only for a day) listings of work in the fields of Fashion, ARTS, Literature (some) and Finance, as well as spaceman level work such as the astronauts unretiring have been picking up to get done.

Thank you for participating in the where you are training of boot camp, official, provided by prepaid credit card charges from a general public known for 10 million persons signed up per minute to train, also funded by U.S. Congress, known, and from Warfare Funded, my account personal for warfare of this type, stated.

Remember that the Federal Military Martial Law is on through the 24th, from the 24th of February, non-reenactment and no-game/s\z.... See FBI or desk of at Police Stations by you for codes of various countries that use specified symbols to codes.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide militaries
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religion, co-head
USN, Project Literature
Army (any) Finance
front-line-level-1 funding for special-ops units entailed with USD$1Million, Le Temp Fuit at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery, Stockton, CA, USA
accompanying card-level gift items still funding worldwide official militaries and churches registered

Friday, March 18, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Windows Washed

Salutations, the rainy weather follows an artful city's Saint Patrick's Day that still saw like its other fellow-affected cities by the Incursions I to XX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders raiding in now at least 90,000 even numbers of paramilitary armed attackers in home raids. There is a second attempting wave of attackers, think of the letter Y formations, of unknown but directly verbally attacking swaths of disgruntled-with-thee sanctimonious parsimonious inching-closer degrading attackers. Plenty of time to exercise your rights under the warfare acts declared daily in each city by executive orders, 8 in this city, alone, for worldwide, on view at the Police Stations' terminals and not able to be cancelled; and also for the through the 24th declaration of Federal Military Martial Law enacted worldwide by our FBI German affiliates and Russian Military. There are 180 million soldiers, foreign, additionally in this country alone to protect the status quo and homes and residents, and also familiar with the Arts, or Fashion-Art. In case you didn't know that so very many were trained on these subjects in our Military. Yesterday, I enjoyed a day of volunteering at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery and also attended the artist's reception at the University of the Pacific's Reynold's Gallery. William S. Rice, a resident in this area albeit after the Victorian Era who painted local scapes and with watercolor and woodcuts being displayed. After, I sipped a cup of Jaimaican blue coffee and worked further on the data for the Fed that is still needed urgently to locate missing workforces being searched and rescued and also to develop the rising by pushing it up hill economy in the directions genetically feasibly, as well as by selections. The cuneiform-UN language being accessed is the one being deciphered for the locations and the methods of doing business to help find the large groups, over half a million located again and in appropriate care returning to their fields of Fashion and Resort. Another business plan of the Ancients included as the #4 type of economy for this world a third or less of it being one of jewels and jewelery as currency. Interestingly, it works in many situations, including warfare, and was useful in redeeming many illegal foreclosures without harming those ignorant by not knowing the laws about military houses and locations required to remain held by the same military and persons from their lines continually. To protect the world in the established grids of response, among other reasons. Thanks to other military heads the rest of the data for the Fed has arrived despite their vacations and other calendar events, and of the cuneiform-UN of the already organized Fashion-Resort Economy (ours, again, being established off of the Fashion-1 of 3rd and 4th workforces and not all seven or including the Economy-2 enjoined necessary or the Resort economy needed). Alerted, now, already, are you the Good Readership of all known persons of backgrounds that include a birth certificate or baptismal certificate or similar legal records about the found groups certain they were military and involved in declaring warfare during ignorant moments against known leaders or prominent persons such as mayors, journalists, etc., even today. They, the threateners illegalis, it turns out, were in incomplete and improper boot camps, partially correct in data, and then veering them off into wrong camps. Wrongful ethics and techniques were taught, and please read on to determine how to get them into boot camp again as you the Good Readership have been completing on the U.S. Congress and other governments over the past eight years, now a-ready. The said Congress paying out in immediacy in person the over USD$30Million per apprehension or body bag of Incursion I to Any invaders and raiders; meet your congressmember personally for the payout if you'd like. At official offices, not during breaktimes posted.

If, having found a "Lunch Hour Close" sign posted, and a person within who accepted you or one you know into an official recruiter for the Armed Services/Forces office during that time, you are to go back to boot camp for actual training, not the imposterism one of the lunch hour invader. No systems are up and running during the closed hours posted, unless a State of Emergency or Federal one such as underway, with details on how to check on such as at the Police Station and then verification through the regular Judicial System for stamps then, and other tracking data in technology form, nowadays, if necessary to be completed in task before that posted hour was up. A proper recruitment should be about 4 hours long, wiht a return trip to some office of official signage known looked up at a Library or similar where documentation prepared in entirety that designates even your shoe size and sock color and pay grade insigniaed all over it or something similarly noted to designate your class group at the boot camp. Etc. Not under half an hour, certainly. And if your intent was to go into the actual Military, the return boot camp is fully paid for with no job loss possible for attending and an ethics exam will be taken, first. The Good Readership and therefore general populace are ready and able to help. These matters are not light hearted at all, as especially dire situations are being corrected now and recently such as finding and closing five faux Guantanamoes. Done work, and good work to all who participated. Other ways to know if you need to know if you need to go back to boot camp and haven't been contacted yet, knowing that all the military are attending continual and continuing bootcamp training any day any place as needed. For anything. That would be such as USMC Reconnaissance (Recon) that were mistaught terms for intelligence work (spying) once only for behind enemy lines. All USMC are Recconnaissance, now, all therefore trained already in intelligence work within and without any country border. As a glass house was once not for novels or other public dictionary making party jargon before, and had meant in the 007 decades a house covered by full-time surveillance to protect the dweller, even if absent, by hidden cameras particularly favored (glass being on the cameras, relating to the glass house term, as it seemed as though all the walls of the house were not solid due to the amount of surveillance). Not four walls or nearly so altered in houses to actually be glass by some demands of military, and those who were told to put up overly coded glass walled houses have turned in the lists for analysis of why they weren't while in Top Secret security clearances as required for most Silicon Valley or technology jobs in design into implementation or marketing have been.... Go, now, and get your actual boot camp done, then. As the glass house term for protected persons during security clearance (and all soldiers have a security clearance) included things such as you've read on this blog of soldiers or USSS or similar law enforcement being able to enter a premise so protected in order to remove for instance a black widow across the baby's crib. Anytime, any day. Any is the type of warfare training you should have received by now over 8 years, just so that I've stopped being the only person trained worldwide on it as a form of warfare on this actual planet.

Back to jewelery and economies that like it. For a hiatus. A coalition, or two, is invited to form up if it will help those in this profession. One by USN-USMC and of Jewelers and Resort. Two by USAF and see Notes: Alone A Head of, head to, Tu-tu Clan of, USSF (not USSS who had a said named file but were known to decorate it with kings in tutus for ballet season, albeit).

Autonomoes and the official actions from all heads of state are in pincer-moves to close about each needed sector illegalis targetted by miscreants or those they lead into forays. Even still calling them games. High crimes of automatic treason convictions and the morgue lists do list for no charge the persons often not surprisingly found on them from this gathering military statistic that cities' affected do not deserve.

Verving back to last night's social function on the holiday, I was pleased to learn that Stanford University's personnel were also taking time to view the show, and gabbing about their ability to help students get more than one degree per year. They notified me, to my glee of a small moment, that I'm the first to be going for four degrees in one year in their scholastic programs. Since I touted the NASA funding DVD and/or training available demonstrating the typical astronaut technique of tactical approaches to be able to get 4 or even 8 degrees of education per annum. Astronaut Alan offered to teach this subject. Remember that if you are working with the military or governments or otherwise to deter Incursions in any and the affected cities by, then you likely qualify for up to 30 or 40 degree grants fully paying (except spending money) from mostly the families of victims who'd put aside the school grants intended for their own children, left incapacitated by the home invasions and homeland invader raids as so coded. Joy not being the moment in the gratitude to them, over 80 million already in one case with 40 million children still alive after attacks: see Santa Barbara Police's case and of the USSS case 103/4, or just ask where they've moved it. Over 80 years of case work now available against the Incursions dna-Insurgent miscreant led attacking into Resort and Fashion gene pools, but not only.

A thought from the USMC ARTS/Religions for definition: art decor is to interior decor as fine and decorative art is to commercial-vogue. If you have more definitions for making quizzes into games for work for pay projects, please send them to the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:Fashion, or ask for the list from it for work for pay in many to any area, including Fashion, Arts.

USAF, fashion director

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Alerts and Philosophical in Fashion

Salutations, the Incursion IX to XX alerts are fully on as the internationally declared Federal Military Martial Law from the 24th of February to March 24th, as set in place by the German FBI and the Russian Military, enforced. For the 909,007 affected cities now, that have been redeclared warfare against by a new grouping underground homeless choosing and organized against the surface dwellers of a 90 year declaration from them. The 88 year warfare declaring dna-Insurgents of miscreant led raiding homeland invading parties in Incursions I to IX presently underway were dominated and destroyed in attempts to swarm to the surface in a swell of combat armed attacks. The good humor you'll notice in your local Law Enforcement is possibly due to their active participation in this halting officially of the 88-year declaring groups that warred with the surface in their minds and by actions until today. Some of these among others are now training for space level actions, such as being able to defend a food growing platform such as the one I and other NASA lunchtime paramilitary groups had put into space level as you've read on this blog. The Department of State is out and in places public still helping those arising from the under neath of our known world to get regular backgrounds and avoid pitfalls of not becoming identity theives in worlds that don't know them. Where dna is instantaneous any public place and is required for verifying everyone anywhere or anyone everywhere, non-contact non-invasive and one hundred percent correct always. The law enforcement and court houses have this data technology on them, already, and others are receiving the technology parts for their regular equipment against. The workforces sought desperately for the sake of their lives by the order of the Fed with search and rescue culminating a phase of success today, now for the next round of, but that gave our world back another 25,000 persons in each workforce category. From economy charts of the 5,000 years ago Garden of Eden times or equivalent planning meetings that had Fashion and Resort containing all economic and business sectors, known. Seven sectors of the Fashion and nine of the Resort. Nearly a quarter million more people were found as a result of the Fed order that will now be returned to these fields of business. A film is available from the funding sources and libraries in banks and from your civil service offices of the recent rescue efforts underground last night. Quoting police officers chasing down toddlers (tots) that were carrying their last known family members craft representation of their work assignment in Fashion or Resort, and fleeing and hiding, some of the dialogue filmed live is touching. "... trend about to occur? Ask a tot." a quote, direct, from the police involved. Sadly for many, no animals were retrieved owned by the trapped underground victims in last night's search and rescue, having been food sources.

From the world of jewelry making, once an entire economic sector in an ancient economy in and of itself, Astronaut Al would like to teach you how to achieve 4 advanced degrees of training per year, or even 8 if doing so in the military manner, even to PhDs for all. Astronauts now have 97 degrees as I've mentioned on this blog before for you the good readership that have been keeping up, and they continue to earn more speedily and that are quite able to have lives well lived and do presentations to the public. Please call NASA for registration, or a DVD.

Some businesses do have legal and legitimate presences underground just as some laboratories do, and there is a good amount of meetings legal to attend there to known and registered businesses. Do respect their ways of being amid danger that include a friendly snack of food, sometimes unusual. Left at locations on known routes, the bits of food are about the right amount of calories needed to sustain a person through regular sitting meetings. Such as an egg on the guiding piece such as a sundial or windchime near a link to the tunnels. There, a courteous regular fare to them such as their unique vegetable dish will be offered, usually vegetarian or vegan.

Soon on this blog I'll go over some recent data added to the data on ancient kingdoms, hopefully of interest to you. I started looking into my own interest in the fact that Ancient Kingdoms listed all the known cures to diseases as being all from the rainforest in availability. Many a fact have come in. Meanwhile, I've added to my reading list a cookbook called Herbaceous by Sara Baker, isbn#1592231713. Delightful with quips and quoths quite like philosophies of the ancients.

Philosophy and economics have been promised to be returned into the school rooms in more dosages of, in the future. Needed now, too, the churches are beginning to offer some economic philosophy training including Saint Anne's here in Stockton, CA that is teaching some of the cuneiform-first-language and not waiting upon the school systems burden to include again more, internationally.

One of the philosophical money-think books I'm reading now is Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and if you like the type of positive thinking approach of manifesting by focusing on thoughts and emotions, then note a small correction from the Government for your philosophy: on page xxix, line 5, "The man-made laws of money include financial planning, time management, cash flow management, market-place, taxation and funds, and business plan expertise." This preceding is my own clergy and government revision for your own use if training from this book as a manual or text in school systems, otherwise the book wording is fine for overall enjoyment in reading. An official snippet of information for you from the USMC Religions.

Since the Fed is still here in Stockton, working since last weekend in now laundered evening attire from their interrupted ball, more data is suddenly available from the Ancient cuneiform-first-language being used again more fully in Fashion and Resort workforces, any size of business. From this type of work, many grateful persons are again donating grants for degrees using this data and its type, so that you feel gratitude for the extra effort of working with the Military and others needing to use this data, now. Again. From similar situations, I'm pleased to have one of my PhDs added to for the first time in post-doctoral work, a new level of accomplishment for me that I'm pleased to share with you good readership. Having asked for more drops of data about my own life. (Since the Fire Department was overinundated with calls about the cats employed by them, too, I thought to encourage other directions of research.) Soon, again, I'll list more home based businesses in the economic sectors in usual or unusual ways that came across my path in life that are working and still working, as some exampled philosophical approaches. Maybe some ideas will continue to come to you and yours, similarly. Meanwhile, I'm showing the original artwork for Le Temp Fuit at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton, CA, listing at USD$1Million.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, commanding officer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Incursion IX and XX Alerts and Streams in Fashion

Salutations, as the weekend saw to the Fed rushing away in black garb doing justice to Pygmallian movie storytelling refinement and maintaining their good manners as they landed in cities including Stockton, CA seeking more data to find workforces missing from Fashion and Resort. Success is underway, and more children and adults are now being restored to their bloodline groupings to learn in family style groups of their genetic interest in those professions. Since they were attempting to learn and carry them on, anyhow, that will be considered superb focus for those assisting them and also giving them the gift of extra training after regular curriculumns. Do recall that while many of you are aligning your schedules to add extra work loads to your own to deter the Incursion I to XX raiding homeland invader dna-Insurgents miscreant led that you have available to the many of you grants for education at most costs except spending money (fun money, in my day) and for quick and even Ivy League and advanced training. The raids upon the affected cities still in military formation or attempts to do so with paramilitary styled weapons are still being deterred daily in amounts around 90,000 plus invaders and who have grouped homeless style or recruited from away places from identity theives. The data is available from the Military, in stylized reports reduceable to your own organizational or business needs from most registered clergy or any Military official recruitment office. Since last blog, the raids on cities affected, all 909,007 worldwide repeatedly targetted illegalis are still at a taxpayer cost to defend and deter to destruction of an enemy oncoming, any, at USD$110Billion each raid. The money was put ahead from military personnel planning after the advanced casework from the Police that you'll recall, also watched for by the Department of State with USMC Reconnaissance appropriate to the levels discussed here also available. As usual, at any court house worldwide, and civil service offices. What is happening now is an attempt by the invaders to also attack those who protect actively Fashion and the Arts and similarly Literature and Resort by approaching directly in traffic or into homes in a strangeness of blaming the potential victim for the death so claimed of an unknown homeless person the attacker didn't defend to the death in some recent scenario. Called Code Fashion, for the mental health field interacting with the CDC at Justice Department levels, psychologists to request and not the psychiatrists, please, for.

The Fed working this weekend is also reminding that while we find many to bring them travel kit deliveries and help make them comfortable until they can return home, that the future of pushing our economy uphill means that the future will likely require 5 to 8 streams of income, per person to household to group of persons working and living in like linked manner called estate-living. Many tiered businesses of commission orientation are succeeding at the predictable levels and although often steady, such as Avon that you noted helped from this blog with special high orders to emergency funding, and others like the Kroll and other identity theft and law package solutions are still able to with additional protections from military systems now reinforced make some work from home most feasable. A future becomes more known, then. Some of those active in their fields will be finding they're sought out now by the Military and Government for fast response for extra work contracts going out now and for a long forseeable future, especially in areas that make comprehending and using the new and returning data on economics and philosophy and how it now layers more into the trend-sensitive workforce returning world, again. Over a quarter million computer science programmers that work from home as part-time businesses in addition to their regular profession are being contacted to help with new business in the Arts and also in the trend areas connecting into Fashion and Resort, which according to the emergency charts being used now by the Fed and Search and Rescue workers, too, include all normal and legal business sectors in those two groupings. Somehow. With more women in history, in Mexico mostly enrolled, attending computer science coursework, there may be obvious need detected by you, the good readership. The types of home businesses that are likely to gain work overtime considered projects, unique to continuing, are like those you noted in music from Andy Pope that was on this blog before as he composed symphonic music for European opera houses, from a background of Silicon Valley computer program musical compositions. I searched for his site on the Internet, but it is behind lots of others with the same or similar names but many of you bookmarked him, anyhow. Another link you may recall from the other search engine blog is, who was going to school for advanced degrees and advertised her part time consulting home business in similar. When one of the vest patterns she'd sold to USSF one day was used by one of the travelling USSF members I was meeting with for OES, I asked him why he'd selected her design. "He liked it," with a smile, was enough. The other home business site that is of consulting business level consistently available when asked to help with worldwide or individual concerns is from Marshall Masters that you probably bookmarked, also, at The quick responses on even calculations needed for determining black-sun arrivals or asteroid collisions is of the professionalism quality expected from his CNN science editor background, plus NSA experiential interaction. Over time, I'll list more business sites at home for those who are regularly able to organize their time to meet a market or customer satisfaction with their product, whether a game or literature or analysis, and more.

Meanwhile, as the good readership that you are having ascribed to and officially signed up for the largest tribe now, Tribe Fashion AC which includes about all known to have birth certificates or baptismal ones or school records verified, etc., I count on you to remember to ask your Police Station for the no cost listing from USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne that includes work for pay available for the public in Fashion, Arts, Decor, Finance and Literature. Also, spacefaring items (and especially balooning and dirrigibles today).

About the economic topics being a renewed focus for the many on this blog and through the news networks and your schooling systems nowadays, there is more about the recent blog introduction today about the charmed-cobra economics. Although positive gluts are being sought, most would not be possible until after 2012 and not more than about a decade apart. Charmed-snake economies, where the cobra on the Egyptian heraldry and crown came from is of the somewhat familiar foot-tread or foot-pad onto a bell-curve tracked economy. Pushing aside and not destroying, this type of foot-inserted, heel coming down with a leg of pouring in data-points for awhile adds good things to economies. Once the data-points tracked stop pouring in, it is still a good thing as the economy twirls and twists the economic impetus spikes to then reformulate. They appear when mathematically charted to be the charmed-cobra. Your amusing moment with the economy under discussion as a good readership made a good impression on the powers-that-be with your largest purchase of chocolate in history during a day and a half. Your other interest of a hobby of ghosthunting is still considered a healthful to helpful one in official analysis reiterated, and if it becomes a charmed-cobra from its tippie-toeing into the economy pushed uphill into a rise again by all, then it may be fine for all involved. Based upon historical data. If in your similar interest of finishing-school level training underway in equally massive numbers are also interested in my showing USD$1Million original of the ghost tea called Le Temp Fuit: Time Flies, it is at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in this city for a present show.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, C.O.
USAF, fashion director

Friday, March 11, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Alerts and Fashion Cobra Charmed Economic from Footpad on Graphs

Salutations, today more Incursion IX to XX alerts officially are out with the 24th to 24th international Military Martial Law enacted by the German FBI and Russian Military, supported fully as homeland defense against homeless behaving raiding dna-Insurgents miscreant led. Bonding overly with their mentally retardent retarded appointed leadership based upon a false schoolplay from the Dark Ages of a low-witted person rulling the planet, yet one more worldwide attempt to take over by now a preforming gang not of a guild from the royal courts of Europe as were others defined here before now. The gang attempt has cuneiform from the Garden of Eden(s) of fable or of the 70 of fact that I listed my Thanksgiving Cousinhood as being able to address to particularly mormon-sympathsizing audiences needing to know why genealogical heiroglyph non-phonetics names of bloodlines, once called name-lines then, are being used to attack charted areas. At 909,007 cities still under attacks of about 100,000 a day deterred, they detection from Law Enforcement from the Military also has professional and serious novice genealogists live and on piped-in television circuits ready at this moment to work on tracing the cuneiform-UN language you now are familiarized with used in the field of Fashion and Decor and Resort, and housed already in the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne. Today, after the rash of raids worldwide, still, in a Y-formation or a runic Algiz-formation, and now also broken apart into a V for first etiquette bowl rite of passage cuneiform into official heraldry (also for some often female genitalia, listed in Lord Lyons of (London still then) Scotland records as femitalia being genitals into traits of the female maternal), and an I as a sans-serif bar or I-beam, and similar. Used to impersonate successful gangs of the past to attack now, with Chicago's mayoral offices and assistants including the modern lines of the Chicago-land gang bloodlines of the past which became hired by that city's office of the mayor. Some examples of what to look for and how to approach the fact-finding, so to help all of us in search and rescue modes officially track the animals and children and elderly mostly being found, and also their guarding soldiering groups from historic paramilitary heraldically defined units.

Delving into the archival vaults of the past was once not for everyone or much of anyone, and I went word by mouth to the few who helped put in place a structure of safety measures from work-goggles into computerized pads with scanning equipment to trace the picturesque and graphic art equivalent records. Once seeming just a matter of art or hobby geneaology, the archives are among the crucial data now. The type of things that will be encountered that are being impersonated in the gang attempting to form up on film by USMC Reconnaissance requestable at your local Police Station, once cuneiform enStatoun, will show of it all. Think again of the terms of surnames in color, recalling that no physical feature was listed in descriptions but their tradeschool avocation or familial profession was, indeed. White, a dye of an example that brought in income to its family groups of vendors on regular trend cycles, was one of a type of fashion code that repeated nearly around bark browns and blackening shades and added sometimes to fashion wardrobe plans of the ancient. A vendor of the white, really a greyish hue, not the beige (beagin) you know would have a likely surname listing amongst the 50 for males and 23 to 40 for females on their official records. Birthing certifications were done, too, to watch for: . the period mark as a designation of one to a 5th if eugenics bloodline from weddings and "vaus" (vows, being also feminine vowels in use).

For these searches, the wedding ring symbol appears in the records and aligns with threats to the populaces of fabled weddings, into the dozens of attempted divorces stopped in each affected city daily of non-aquainted persons. The ring symbol looks like an upside down 8. Meaning also fidelis, and like its genome listed counterpart, valor, it was noted. And recorded. The ability to do the philosophical approach to these records searches as the loving forward thinking ancestors did is a matter of teaching and learning it. Terms also affecting in the global approach are those like Dow from financial markets being easily recognized from translated cuneiforms such as Ddtau. Traced on further to their origins, as Vanguard's Vanga-gurt(en) they responded with are some picture style letters and numbers that are not story form as Kanji. They do link into that, with use as a professional storytelling tool (like an abacus or sliding letter signage) for travelling or even ancient blockbusters, which there were.

Also of these cuneiform searches, the sayings or phrases of Fashion or Wardrobe listed in surnames to watch for, exampled. A Phrase from Garden of Eden(s): Day light by morning white, somewhat translated correctly into Roman numerals and letters as, Dayexsle-lei--leight biouxy Amournnengh-whiieAght. Some A or E or similar capital letters designated which cypher or key-code to refer to for that family group if recording or reading data which had no actual direct translation. A backwards large-e might look strange and not up to par of the translator's 'e' so that bloodline's letters were preserved by linking them to a more exact version of their own letter-number-cuneiform. Being a group A, of Alpha or A.ll (a cosmonaut guard equivalent, recalling all the Tradewinds and astronomy and ancient cities were in texts found you can view from the USSS office, by request, case load(ed) 10/4..). Therefore, an "A" would be inserted instead of the strangely shaped little-e overly big. Other similar phrases often logged by birth certificate data, of family businesses noted, are like: "by night light, a flop", a fashion code used to sell by caravan systems or boating to neighboring destinations the discussed here fashion-frump ala choirboy styles for double-jointed persons that include mop-hair, or floppy looking waves of hair locks, and that don't often buy the night-light fashion color wardrobe plan successes of others (think of color by season color analysis systems) and by direct inference this family line exampled sold alternatives to those, mainstream. Not includable in a family name, as it could be their employer's instead.

On the cuneiform ... The key-codes and matrixes are available to those working today and for the timeline to detect and apprehend the gang forming up worldwide attempting a Garden of Eden link. The keycodes and ciphers and matrixes evolved from them later to also solve math and predict economically the trends as well as tracking the night sky affecting Fashion and Resort. Adjusted for modern useage by a psychiatrist-psychologist who works with the USMC ARTS after direct contact with the para-forming gang recruits, it should be a puzzle for the classified security clearance and those minded of able to pick up the work for pay listing courteously from the Police Station in behalf of the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne.

This cuneiform presently is helping to locate mostly tens of thousands of children who've learned parts of this type of family genealogical secret for business for five thousand years. Nine year olds today, mostly males. Animals of all types rescued. Male soldiers especially found and recruited today, also. Thank you to all.

KMWall, C.O., worldwide
fashion director, USAF

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Official Alerts Incursion IX to XX and Economic Foot Tread

Salutations, with the alerts high under the Federal-Military-Martial-Law declared by the German FBI and Russian Military supported fully by all against the Incursion IX underway and from the 24th of February to the 24th of March, alerts are of the uncertainty in the unpredictable added to the already repeating patterns of about 100,000 raids of homeland invasion coding by dna-Insurgents miscreant led, in 900,007 affected cities. The dna-Insurgent homeland invaders as correctly coded that had especially ancestry that swung by a brothel and picked up battle records against the world in the Victorian era are using mottos to attack with of, S/He's dead you're not: meaning they are using that sing song in the wrong context sound to attack you unawares in any place including your homes, again. Mostly expelled from places now they thought they were part of in careers on sneeaking into buildings at lunch hours while real employees are gone, or at the courthouse type of raids at night for a minute to declare fake things on false records. Including being expelled as underway from their revamped churches and social groups, including recovering a newly reported Presbyterial Congregation worldwide stating the miscreants ran through them intending to deplete and destroy them, nearly doing so, also. Recent successes in search and rescue are in the retrieval by extraction of the military and law enforcement of returning missing segments of the work forces. As defined by the Fed workforces to be missing, and located by the cuneiform structures from the creation level stories of the past. When the entirety of the economy, worldwide already, was considered to have all business sectors fitting into either Fashion or Resort. Those being recovered and resituated, including the tens of thousands of children orphaned from their families in these family lines of business, genealogically, were indeed using what they'd learned from homelife about these sectors from the Garden of Eden or similar stories. They will be getting paid for now for their work continuing and reviving from the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne and often their new military pay status schedules. And of those work for pay status lists from the same office, the change has happened today already of now the full-time work listed requiring a classified security clearance and for the half-day work for pay listing as non-security clearance level. Even the children have been able to comprehend and complete these listed projects, which are added to daily and courteously available for no cost of the listing at any Police Station. By career field or interest. Such as the astronaut coming out of retirement who took the project off the list to do of putting a space platform terrarium of food in place, or of the school girls who agreed to knit procurement type requests of socks with described patterning at two per day to fund their extra social ventures (they convinced me or other officers they're serious about their future profession). The response since the actual Military Martial Law was declared this time was the largest economic leg of chocolate purchases in history, perhaps matched in the early 1920s. In response, I'll describe what is noted by your group wide worldwide actions below. The children are from these search and rescue places all very well placed again already to be able to go into their fields of choice, if still so choosing, in Fashion and Resort. In a future being determined again by the many. I am as proud of them as I am with you, the good readership for all your help.

There is an impressive combined effort of you, the good readership and the populace you contact in networking, to communicate your own cohesiveness and willingness to move the Economy ahead by your creating and responding to foot treads on the economic bell curve data you've been studying together. Linked by the Military as all the known persons with backgrounds of birth certificates or similar, verified. Sixty one million of you per minute on this blog at seven minutes online with it, each time, before the military servers lead you to the sergeant's sites. The day you can read of my meandering about yesterday for Tribe Fashion AC over the shopping mall crime wave worldwide against women in pink polish had a response from the Country of Spain with one day of it following donning the same shade in new trend by all women possible, one day. Notifying us, in the military of it all, after our concern, and then back to their own unique color choices the following day. The chocolate purchasing is not a binge, or an economic or trend 'glut' (spelled any manner in history, to cuneiform for) which although good for everyone, as part of the definition, is a hope expressed by the many. Of its type, there is not a glut, either, (my spelling being shortest, of the term type, for the sake of this blog) in the ghost in the artwork phenomenon happening nowadays. With sixty percent of Americans (a moment with an Americanism, first in with hobby data to me this year) being in ghosthunting hobbies and thirty percent into hobby knitting, or thirty percent at hobby sewing.

The ancient cuneiform that the D.A.'s office is decoding in order to assist with law enforcement and military actions against all of the Incursionists described has some new helpers to the decoding and explaining. From the military, two of my Thanksgiving relatives are being good enough to offer to help the public sector learn and comprehend, especially from the overtly Mormonism concern (after the brothel genealogical disasters to some who've expressed such feelings about descending from instead of directly from royal courtiers, after all), can do teaching into lectures and perhaps online. Cousins Ian and Steven Wall (not my sibling or a lawyer in Texas, please) that worked behind the Iron Curtain, in the same facility concerned with lingual and cryptological data, have decoded for the public consumption the Garden of Eden language levels. Both are Mormon, have been in the military or still work in it, and are good at lectures to humorous teaching. And have a good sense of humor. Inquiries can be made about their version of one and perhaps another of the 70 creation sites five thousand years ago that are perhaps the most associated with the sudden Biblic Garden of Eden lore and relate it factually into the ancient cuneiform discussed. As taught by those of you who took the opportunity to go to The Language Training Center recently. Or, learned in your boot camp training officially paid for, daily, by donations covering all costs from the general populace (mostly on their credit cards, not an economic foot print). Please contact the Armory at Travis AFB or any other that you can reach to request and schedule your accomodating requests. As for this week's announced other special and direct contact lectures at resorts to the found royals working in these fields trapped underground, the first fifty thousand attendees are approved and many already meeting and learning. The accreditation is available at the three days on up timeframe and the fees for it are donating into a worldwide Library Fund.

Please remember to read of course the prior days of blogs as you may that are about the progressing moments of the Incursions as homeland invasions coded correctly by all countries and governments worldwide. About the fast response from educators to get accredited programs and adjust the underway ones for groups such as MIT that used an heraldic deliverance to arrive in Stockton, CA with work. About the entirety of Police worldwide joining the Military, part-time, at least. About the school children at teen age all joining up (joining the military) at ten million a day scheduled along with others of you at ten million per day entering boot camp known. And other moments with the children and the animals rescued. Also, of my pleasure albeit with a remarked upon in public ennui of placing the original of Le Temp Fuit aka Time Flies watercolor displayed at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery asking USD$1Million, as part of the ghost in the art glut-hope footpad in the economy response. There are good things ahead with the extra education coming to the many of you working with the Military and those leading.