Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts and DOD Warnings on News Reiterated

Hello to everyone, this is a saddening day for me to receive negative reviews on the performance of the Army, in general, as least capable and least obedient and least educated and least effective at anything in any history, but the Incursion IX dna-Insurgent homeland invasion raiding miscreants will be stopped. Anyhow. The disobedience of the Army is being handled by the actually excepted Swiss Army which is allowed to shoot upon any impetus any Army personnel or thereof, being their operatives self-proclaimed that are not actual, such as the mentally retarded paranoid schizophrenic hairstylists of any news level or not. Announced by Department of Defense officially on CNN and any other news network previously, fairly warning that no interactions or orders may even in gaming be followed by any of them. Which raided our cities affected of over 1.78 million locales with honed homeless behaving raiding paramilitary trained, dead now. The Incursion IX is focused upon the Fashion and world of it again. Mainly the unusual intolerable details are that there are also distractions of hysteria such as all 900,009 cities yesterday raided by dna-Insurgents also had this city of Stoctkon, CA nearly raided by 1 million; deterred. There was a report of an angel sighting, one falling from the sky to earth; and the subsequent retrieval/extraction is not for public knowledge. White feathers, or not. But there is still not enough data or cause known for why this city is declared since the Victorian era when there was illegal angel seeking testing going on. Recently on the Internet and phone system sent recordings of brutal and illegalis pinning of limbs of supposed angels to gauge for betting whether they'd sever a limb to save a victim from oncoming. Any data about even rumored angel tests or such lore-type attempts to control by misleading to violence any is to be turned in to the actual Police Station. There, you may also inquire to pick up for your own gain work for pay as listed for the public sector of things needed urgently to be completed that the military cannot get done without you in Fashion, ARTS, Literature, or Finance. Inclusive, music, entertainment, signage, et al.

Swiss Victoria, a pairing of words now meaning a new level of costume historical versions of data defined for you the good readership in the area of Costume History as you'd recognize from your collegiate textual levels. But, this is also primordial to the once missing Noble Houses that were cranking out the data and equations for the definitive locations and timelines and exacting frequency of light and sound and therefore color and similar details per trend data-point. A alot to consider? Think upon it in the philosophical manner. There is a way of approaching these PhD level mathematical equations and philosophies already set and prepared since the first meetings between all who would become tribes and royal courts and military 5000 years ago. (After all on earth had been built; catastrophes of defending against miscreants, then, available data also.) Four categories from primordial business being defined, then, as now, as being Fashion and Resort holding all businesses within, capably; in Fashion there are 1)decorum-laden, 2)decor), 3)fashion, 4)lifestyles as the primary mathematically located and predicted (so you won't miss it) trends from the creation-flame. The creation flame is a quantum behaving particle like always non-entropy group of primordial "stuff" that is well defined and listed from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne. This again is PhD level math and philosophy affecting the way cities and businesses are being attacked by the mentally retarded led or herded of the Incursions I to VIII that are the forerunner of something else behind. From underground. Professors and business professionals in these fields may pick up their data from the USAF said offices and then thereby be able to do the calculating. Similar to the economics data statisticians who watch in public places but that are the places of locations equated already by these types of math equations, unlimited in ability. Some are describing constantly moving and non-entropy data-points. A person or any form of life is a data-point of existence. Only one, per person, all born alone, never being more than just them in science or math proven so throw away continually any such negative recruiting to beliefs systems illegalis that state otherwise. Of becoming the same person, you, or your known, to the point of killing off these victims of supposed oneness. Don't fall prey to their recruiting.

Get as your gift your own number of existence in creation that is also your musical note of vibration, your light spectrum existence point and forceful energies transfered between them all. You'll recall that magma sped up becomes the same energy in traceable waves (think, spectrometer output display of wavy visual) that is able to by tweeking become sound or light. Weaponry is able to be done from all this, or building, or music. As the musical translations from fashion color-light-spectrum trends that you read about here recently. That type of work for pay still being available continuing on with each trend. A week, a trend. Peaking on a day of that week. Some other trends last very many years or centuries.

Decoding languages is a topic of many religions but the recent running through of Mormonism by the miscreants (who ran through Judaism, Buddhism, Satanism, Seventh Day Adventists -ism, Jehovah's Witnesses) for monies tracked and backed-out applies interestingly to a little known book and collegiate course on this topic. Attacked by stupidly mimicking nearly to on sounding terms from interpretations by author Joe Sampson of Written by the Finger of God, ISBN#1884312055, two of the book's terms were used to attack in motto style and in victim selecting. Sadly, similar is or has happened as you recall from the Mayan mayan-2 Chichen Itza dead calendar which was ended as the Mayan received the Conquistadores and neighboring cities. There is a wide interest noted in Mayan 2012 that is of this only dead city's calendar and false hope prophecies negated by the very bloodline who is not going to fulfill their fake prophecy, he being a USMC clergy in full service to all countries of the world to defend all from said mayan-2 followers of the abhorrent choices of their incomplete non-religion. Four cuneiform were all they used and six were required for the mind to function healthy and well with the right philosophies to preserve life and to complete their jobs assigned also in chemistry, philosophy, and law and mathematics. Other cuneiforms, typically in modern vernacular called runes, are being objectively analyzed for crowd management to crowd control levels of any future. Known or indeterminable. Nordic being of the type you the good readership snooped about and found that I'd earned from Stanford's Linguistics, for runic road signs and crosses improvised upon from them. Not worshipping a road sign is not a problem, and not having to carve again or remember in oral traditions.

Philosophies were used in ancient languages to encode but not hide the math which confused or was hard to recall without picture forms such as phonetics assisted many learning remedial English. Some of the work for pay openings in these areas include being able to think like a space-conservative time-sensitive ancient focused upon meeting business deadlines on-time, getting paid by the leige. The type of thinking is being able to see a 9s/5th and decipher with lists and charts and cubes of similarlity to rubics cubes or dice which formulas to use to calculate and also how to determine that 9s being close to the 5th thing is including another obvious 9 with it. Becoming 9s/to the 95th. Follow the charts, then, for the right cuneiform data to plug into the remedial level to the Primordials. And then get paid by the commanding officer's USSS Disbursement (at Police Stations near you) or the USAF Air Force One's Project:FashionOne. Pay out, is the terminology. Scientists from laboratories, Jesuits, professors, math clubs, IQ society focused members upon calculating data, Fashion PhDs or students within programs for, and Military trained in USAF styled fashion data, or clergy trained with us along the way in Incursion IX levels. Please apply. It is rather fascinating work. Even includes math formulas that switch between heavy water, and holy water which is an offset of oneth. As most new trends are a one-offset that you've seen.

Sought now in search and rescue are those who were historically to have been providing said and certain data for the on-trend calculations, the twice-removed from data, and the other to be explained in seminars of recruitment. A think-tank of no expected regard in the Fashion world is also available for private or privatized work on a grant from the private sector to study with these ancient systems the concept applied of phenomenal anti-fashion code or non-yours, but that works for the actual need at hand such as a career field. Vitamin of fashion is what it is being called and that is quite of interest to future ventures in an up-hill-push economy. USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne.

Thank you to those of you who responded kindly to defend African terrain and with the paramilitary levels required, with one swath across Africa in a line related to the Tropic of Cancer or Equator being affected. The residents have been mostly all returned to their homes, all known ones.

Salvador Dali's artwork kept me company at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery this past week as a part of a venerable display. Impressive in any light. I hope you'll enjoy your local art gallery, also, soon. Or, museum. Courtesy of the USMC ARTS, pick up your list of participating modern art galleries for starting trends of fashion or decor, as devised by a reactivated co-head, Edward Cromarty, whose wedding gowns many of you became familiar with from this blog.

Last night, after the million attempted to raid Stockton, California, the military and I decended to a cellar level 108 and cleared it out of attackers who'd altered themselves into non-human seeming form. Militaries of the past were hiding there, and their uniforms of their original military were returned and donned by them, subsequently. The militaries escorted them to safety and additional training of more bootcamp coursework is going on. Most I know, or worked with in the past, including myself, attending boot camps prior to computers on desktops. Therefore, much is to be learned, in general. The level-108 was also full of children lurking, and in the deplorable cave conditions left destroyed at every moment by the deformed attackers but defended by the unarmed militaries at hand-to-hand combat levels. Superior in hand-to-hand combat techniques for battle and in array, the children may all be alive and need to be coaxed from hiding places. This is urgent work for any already familiar with the tunnel settings and who are able to follow the rules already given out to extract children from certain danger. There is a one-hour timeline limit to be underground, as a chute was put into place with nearly G-force experience in this form of transportation. Homes and housing for these children are being established at this very moment as the blog is about to go out to you, the good readership.

The mandatory additional training to get the USNavy Seals in particular and the Army renewing into better hand-to-hand combat levels to not be thrown by the duo-prostitute attackers (and then shot) is underway. Check in, all militaries, for the updated training. Pay is with it. The optimistic part of today's official announcement and data to me, the commanding officer worldwide about the Army being the worst in history is that with renewed focus and improvement by further training we are all guaranteed to win the wars declared by the Incursionists I to Any. The fact that a worst Army in history has been holding at bay or recovering at the pace it has been to restore peace systems as soon as possible along with the rest of the militaries is being accounted for. Improvement in training procedures is immediately on the way, also. Ten minutes sleep a day is on the schedules until further notice for all military personnel until there are enough personnel worldwide and also until the training is completed in hand to hand combat update. Severe strictures aside, I'm overall pleased with the Military and its helpful Law Enforcement and the Governments, and thank you again for the vote of hundred percent confidence today.

Sartorially yours,
commanding officer