Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashionably Fashionable and Incursion V Alert of 5 Minute Alert

Good morning everyone, I hope you are fine this Autumn day as I discuss more Incursion V alerts and other items of more fashionable thought, while warning again of 90,000 still affected cities directly attacked and raided by homeless-behaving or the similarly illegalis focused on using identity theives to replace persons known. Remembering that the miscreant defined includes the Victorian era definition officially given in warfare and added to for the Insurgent-dna Incursionists-V, remain overly cautious against the illegal recruiting to supposedly suddenly become someone else or their saint or their prophecied falsely future self of a deity or some such. The five-minute alert to those in the militaries past is familiar to be meaning that heads-of-state are now mobile with weapons in hand and travelling to destinations admittedly not in their offices; they'll be spotted doing things that help the affected cities such as those seen driving into cities gasoline tankers and unloading them for extra storage and those giving flying lessons to pilots from the private sector to learn to handle war planes including our own, etc. Mentioning airplanes, thanks to everyone who is helping with donation purchases of gift items that are pulling B-17s for the 909 squadrons out of the museums and putting them into a most immediate service. The feedback from new pilots to them such as crop dusters off-season and similar is very positive. Realize that many grants are available now for those who wish to participate in these types of non-reenactment skill training.

This blog is now officially coded, finally, as an 'official' military site, along with being rewarded the designation of being a PhD referential site for those interested in it for educational coursework. You may certainly use anything you record from this blog or print for example for your own business or schooling or to take to a military recruiter office for any of the Armed Forces, for example; or to clergy, especially most affected such as the worst hit by Incursions I to V being the Jehovah's Witnesses, then the Seventh Day Adventists, and Thirdly the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and certain others. Over the years, many in the media have responded kindly to their own errors in data about myself or my supposed appearances on television, and recall I've never actually interviewed on any talk shows or news shows, but have only had to handle with an executive order enacted on the air actual emergencies affecting governments and worldwide protections, as is historic now. There are no times when I've worked for, say, the Mormon church or taken any salary from it; occasionally they've had clerks notify me of the identity thieves in their midst attempting to work for that church or to attend social events there using my name. Many years ago, two royal-guarline ladies had the same name, both deceased now, and also a cousin whose name changed by legal choice at the time of marraige. Otherwise, many of you will reactivating in our worldwide militaries or joining up from governmental sectors or vendors of them will be saddened that I'm not the other previous non-mormons with the same name who've passed on from natural causes; I'm not 'the nice one' after all, but am the real and only commanding officer of this continual warfare deployed at home, and with so many of you working from home and taking your work with you to public places such as the military installations at cafes, etc., within earshot of the public and recorded on my computer chips that record those electrical impulses of yours called thoughts and unstoppably. For those interested in Project:Happiness just recently hosted at the FBI you may inquire as to where it is now housed for its focus upon Fashion.

Deity defined throughout history other than a monotheistic form has always been another term for clergy, the work of clergy, and in angelic cultures deity is the same original term for archangel-level of work-defined by its current culture. There is much that happens wrong in vulnerable minds who misunderstand a possibly well meaning seer type or psychic or religious counselor who might offer them a futuristic insightful path in sight of their human minds for whatever purpose be it ethical or not. There is usually money exchanged, so it therefore becomes a business purchase subject to laws of the land meaning country which is the same above ground and below the surface crust and even up into space. Only maretime law has some less effect for only those participating in the water travel and port entries, and for that time being. I am looking over reports that are from the real militaries and the real governments about those in groups I know have been illegally targetted by reenactment-illegalis, the main culprits of identity theft that murders an average of 27 to 29 per person who moves into an abode and as another person's legal identity. Several fake versions of churches were denuded and officially legally denied an ability to exist in our world, now, and from now on for breaking laws about what I'm discussing in this blog; each legal church has only one church charter and on file now and participating in the USMC guarded worldwide united group of churches considered one church or any of them as their own identity as needed and fully guarded by the military in its continual job to do so. This is a good thing that I mentioned recently, and is in alignment with all governments and law enforcement and all civil service and similar offices and departments being united already and all part of the same computer systems and payrolls and such. There is not going to be a change to this despite the Incursion I - V invaders and raiders being vocal about proclaiming falsely that no laws apply to them or anyone else after only a moment or one hour plus one day or any other historically recorded prostitution tactic. Some few participants, about 11,000 or so didn't know they were being led illegally into prostitution dominated identity theft crime groupings by being sorted into hopefuls, again, for suddenly royal titles or positions which doesn't happen in this real world. There are no actual missing royal courts being sought; not to be confused for the sake of comprehending trends in entertainment such as novels and archetypal heroic storylines that are about royals or nobles or their equivalents in behavior.

Children contacting others seeking genealogy with stupendous ideas that they are such missing tribal royal lines are being just this week (over eighty of them, at ten to twelve years of age) misleading tens of thousands of once again Mormons herded off into homes where they are being adopted to be raised as the regular people they are decended from and also to go first to private schools to learn comportment and etiquette and other proper behaviors reentering a real world. Do catch your breath if you've been contacted by similar and decided to jump into planes or trains or automobiles to follow suddenly revealing adolescents on anything, including royal claims which won't be correct.

You may expect to collect from U.S. Congress the cash or equivalent for apprehending and executing such persons I just described if they continue to be illegalis in this manner around you or even the first time you detect them around you and in a regular job that is legal, especially. Eighty million USD$ is still the amount paid for the illegalis person caught in a good job hiding in the public sector if you help to apprehend them or assist the military and government to proceed to get these illegalis types into the courts for treason convictions. And, more. The law enforcement is still being actively recruited to help with this continual and official deployment at home. I'll list the included benefits besides more salary if they choose or you choose to sign up with the military and work on this regularly, but even if as law enforcement or such they don't have time for regular work with us, the Military, they and many others qualify for these benefits, also:

*salary upgrades commensurate and to the January of 2009 when kicking in, and all back pay and retroactive salary due and with $50 per battle as coded during this in between phase of crowd management to crowd control level for each answer to the coded and paid one week after each additional to any other monies earned
*continual food, with deliveries of recipes to accompany
*transportation, choosing one new one which can be an old or collectible or military
*housing, deferring by opting to use one's own with guarantees or one provided, extroverts together and an animal on premises suffices for extrovert qualifications
*fully restorative fully mobile medical servicing, including no cost at military hospitals or with other benefits to cover the cost incurred at public hospitals where if military only the military doctors will be treating this patient
*continual provided clothing, fashionable and designed for each individual
*9th language certification and of this one may be unwritten and two unspoken
*unlimited work projects with military reference provided from heads on down
*30th credential of degree meaning certifications including those such as diving or for weapons that logically come to mind and also scholastic degrees of business or any topic, with approval by the credentialling body and topics applicable to the present warfare declared level and any future; consider topics relating to sectors of the economies down and in precarious positioning
*other benefits to come, and recall that an untrained soldier just signing up anew makes about $40,000USD before training, but also receives in peace times 27 body bags delivered to their abode daily for regularly anticipated attacks upon any soldier in regular populaces by those who may now also be involved in Incursion V raids

The world of Fashion and the Arts is continuing on and I hope you'll be noting new styles that you enjoy from the many Fashion Weeks. I was asked about little items such as in London with apocalyptic leaning styles from plaid corners of the isles being labeled with violent terms for the collections. These terms and times pass, although I would've substituted the terms for things like Rape of Scotland with words like Ravishment of ... Or, other less harsh terms, but considering the climate of the very difficult markets, lately, vernacular has become very regularly strong, of late. I appreciated those who came forward to help with the higher education degree in Fashion for the HM the Queen in this interesting country; the work was completed and scheduled very expediantly.

Many of you have asked how to be of further benefit and aide and donating educational grants to the soldiers that help them with their qualifying number required is a pleasing way you've come up with, so thank you.

I will look forward to blogging with you, again, soon.

Sartoriall yours,
K.-Marie Wall, C.O.