Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making History in Fashion and Incursion IV Alerts

Hello to everyone, and I hope that you are well as this Incursion IV alert meets you; the success to explain is that the Incursions I to III are now completed and Incursion IV driven above the crust of the earth. Since the last blog there are very good statistics for Law Enforcement and Civil Service and others from the Military on the massive migration styled attacks and movements by the millions at a time of homeless behaving miscreants, as defined in an earlier blog. The attacks are still taking a military styled approach in some places, but the same 800,000 affected cities, with fashions being illegally targeted ranging from color systems for future trends and the updating systems for personal or business use being primary. Pets and military animals are also the next major illegal target by the Incursion IV attackers and so there is warfare budget to assist those whose pets were attacked and requiring veterinarian care, for awhile. These pets will likely have been illegally placed on the computerized systems such as the Internet (although it is now safe again) and phone systems that are becoming safer to use by the moment. In the alert is to watch for parasites that are lab-produced and genetically designed to quickly kill a pet or even the elderly or those with extended illnesses; there are records from the Military of how grant-assisted paramilitary animals were attacked with these parasites where I was on sabbatical. You'll recall from blogs years ago by me that I spent part of my sabbatical working with the Military and others to coordinate angelic historical data for the educational levels. There are no supernatural or other-worldly influences in this Incursion IV level, though, which I'll address more below.

The needs to have religions or philosophies that elevate status are a weapon in the hands of the Incursion IV attackers and invaders. Still the same Insurgent dna levels, they are eliminating by their styles of attacks their own leadership of normal backgrounds and perhaps training which has declined their military approach. This is particular to Incursion IV. The types of attacks are still categorical such as selecting victims by alphabetical, or numerical, or some other contrived selection such as all the superstars of one timeframe, all the football players, all the hunting dog owners, and others illegal lists uncovered thus far by the Military and those hired such as the Law Enforcement. The judges have also not stopped investigating and other more private groups are also acting properly in their legal rights to investigate Incursion IV attacks, but I'll explain further.

There are those victimized by being unwitting who are abetting the Incursion IV because the invaders approached and hired in some manner the innocent to do some distractions or research for them, particularly yesterday the faux echelon survey. Don't fall prey by taking your own time or that of your employer to complete false or even legal surveys of in this instance the social echelons. Don't try to interview someone without their agreement about their echelon levels and give such data to anyone else. Notify your law enforcement or military or clergy if you've been approached as this is not legal for many reasons, and those who were found to be filling out such illegal echelon surveys without the interviewee being aware were abetting the attacks upon the animals and homes for them. Many such pets nearly were killed or had their lives threatened more than once during the said survey attempts that kept the otherwise alert people who would've been responsible overly fascinated with the possibilities of the social echelons. Illegal fighting ring attempts or illegal organ donations from unaware pets' owners were very upsetting to uncover. Some of the dogs victimized were hunting dogs rather than fighting style dogs of any past time, and the cats were from movie era breeding lines, for now. There are very good reports already available from the Military and the USSS, whose animals were among those affected. Please be aware if you work in the field of animal care or husbandry and you are requested in a time pinch to assist such an attacked animal that you will not be legally able to be left alone with the animal as during non-warfare timeframes because of the nature of the sudden attacks and wooing of persons on duty by echelon-hunting Incursion IV.

My own pets were among those targeted and so were many of the USSS and affiliate cats, but they are brave and strong and even returned right to work and completed their workshifts. Count Zorro is in training films for this series of Incursion IV events and film clips can be requested to be made if there is enough interest in shorter versions. There are no particular logical plans that the Incursion IV attackers forming into strangely grouped teams are using that are correct to a normal mind so don't worry about trying to anticipate them, even if you are familiar with mental retardation which is preeminent in them; the ability to protect yourself and guard your own is your best focus and course of action again.

There are some very primordial plans that are in graphic format that can be discussed (and again for some) amongst the clergy and law enforcement and school districts from military archives that explain part of the styles of primitive but overly convoluted attack patterns by Incursion IV. Some good things, though, coming out of getting the oldest plans off of the shelves of the darkened archival levels is some things that will be in the coming musical venues in the future. You'll recall I mentioned the Nordic and Egyptian drumming patterns that are similar to other music we label classical for the health benefits in that the cadence of the patterns give a sense of well-being to the listener. Some of these are found in island music such as those colonialized and Polynesian places. The drumbeats are so beneficial that they've been a success when added to any venue and so the USAF is accepting applications for drummers of all musical styles for musical groups and special-operations units forming up. Other types of musicians are also needed, still, and some of the more militant sounding and march style music coming should feel and seem right for your energy levels and well as listening pleasures.

Artistry of the past wars and those associated with artistic or musical styles are noted to be under verbal or social level attacks. Do be aware that it isn't prudent to be attacking others echelons. The Military is exploring how to explain and guard that social echelons that are partly defined by colors and artistry or heraldry. They don't do attacks upon others, themselves, and so their own definitions by art are to guard and guide them, so that they are entitled to use their exclusionary or exclusive artistry or fashions. Those relating to their historic pasts with heraldic artwork you've seem me discuss here on the blog before, and that includes interesting combinations of histories such as the Confederate Heraldry and its memberships that include George Washington and others famed having registered with them. I know of some others forming up by their heraldry of a formal or informal nature as many people are flocking to the Scottish Clans to find more of what interests them now. Many heralds are getting together and comparing notes worldwide -- again, these are the kings by historical responsibility who are responsible for recording in art work the privatized and remilitarized paramilitary units of the past that also do other things such as guild level work. Do be pleased with your selections of whichever you choose to research or even join. The military also has an Office of Heraldic Services that can be somewhat and sometimes available to the public when there is contention or discussion that affects that militaries of the past or present, as again, those attractive family crests and such are from militaries or militarized royal courts or clans, if they are bona fide.

I am still on official vacation for a few more weeks while I work on a short story that is a delightful military assignment. It is in a meeting without me, today, so I am reading and shopping for things that deplete around the house when I am in writing mode. I've heard of such things as piled up dishes to be washed and other signs that writers are busy getting some pages written, first, from many an author. There are many authors braving the public scenes again by requesting to observe everyday or uncommon heroes in the open at their jobs such as civil servants or law enforcement or those from known agencies of the government and this is all fine to request. Their notepads have sometimes been stolen, though, and realize that even such scribbles are not intended for anything but fiction and to devise an entertainment level story. Some such notepads turned up on black markets or were taken from Incursion IV attackers attempting to use the notes for their crimes in planning.

Soon, I'll go over more of the future trends in the Arts and those coming into Fashion expected to make costume history and to be plain enjoyable. There are no bad trends of the actual fashion-trend energies that are harnessed by those who are experts or working with them, at least not in their origin. The best data on this is in PhD level coursework, but quick courses on why this type of group-happy-thought that groups together into trend-spotted ideas are available in some other training films and clips from your fashion schools or the military and clergy. The fact that the human mind can find the same things happy for its collective basis anywhere in the world is why trend spotters such as economists in particular are hired at good salaries to gather the data that once was secreted and not endangering. The fact it is endangering is very very recent as noticed by the Incursions tactics, but has always been suspected in history to be possible. Machiavellian systems are employed at the moment in both sides of what has become battles for this happy-energy-of-the-group-thought or however you'd like to describe it. To repeat myself and others, it is considered officially part of the third protected something on this country's founding documents and more training is available in this focus for those needing it from law enforcement or serious educational pursuits. That, pursuit of happiness. A Project:Happiness is still recruiting at the FBI, for such purpose and similar interest and with pay.

I hope to see you on this blog again in about a week's time, and so until next Thursday, or so, take good care of yourselves and be well.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer