Monday, August 29, 2011

Official Alert Incursion (x) // Books and Fashion

Salutations, the recent weekend found out by uncovering to apprehending the 400,000 even number of people being deported fully prosecutable for homeland invasion coded by Homeland Security the U.S.A. and European parts by ancien-region-numbers discussed here and on seargents' blogs as here 'counties' to approach/broach homes in identities of soldiers and heads-of-state re-identified by now. The removal of the home invaders of violent attempt to take over by skinning alive the personnel types or home occupants stopped at businesses open en route to Israel they were attempting to broach next to take over newly refurbished boutique areas, on maps and records equivalent more technically devised attempting to copycat crime wave actions. Crime waves use drawn mapping systems and scripting more often in large swaths, recovery imminent of domains to domiciles: of pedophile files of USAF to US Armed Services to FBI files list sent to FED today en route available soon. The duo-pronged arriving wave of crime activity emulated military styling decorum to petro fuel line-up for civilian wave-spent areas. The gasoline to Military is at no cost or reimbursed fully. By now you know of the flip-flop into 181 years of a Fashion-Resort Economy set of systems returned to foreknowledge to the world by April 2010 when/as accepted by the FED and its affiliated. Recent from a worldwide economy backdrop to Music in then 4 on the new ecology-economy graphs new from the FED available at public library status request from the Library of Congress phone and systems with call center applicable also for such as this interest into USGS for economy optional educational data below also for businesses serious in industries of. The call centers are recent from India from helping still Stockton's area roundabout that was one of the 900,000 affected by sewage attack levels of 100,000 houses even number by women mostly leading in trying again by carrying manure in wombs as example emptying into piping systems and filling sewer systems with more human manure claiming illegalis of occupants causing the clogs into the public facility systems, to four squared-miles about Stockton, CA for repair of sewer systems by USMC and help hired from India accustomed to quick action on such tactics in crowded areas, and thanked for their fast assistance. Data on attacks listed here described above text data to textbook level saves for is delivered at D.A. Offices or equivalent and attempting to 1)use Peruvian-Mayan-Eqyptian fascination hypnotic styled to wave attackers that were from broken up pornography illegalis crime waves in Peru and Bolivia whose heads-of-state were misclaimed to be declaring warfare on this country, distracting from the attackers crimes just done, 2)pretension to a-Danish King's wafare weapons and systems of defense/offensives in archives:lightenedblue2black(as orchid of black shade really ancient to ancien level coded to be provided by a Steven Wall of Law offices of Benoit Too found in regular listings to USAF-a-guide, 3)future by 3-years-away countryside providing levels of workload in Peru of denim work historic to precede Bolivia's next in line work by business trend calculations (most trends arriving 5 to 7 years by data calculation ahead) as only shortened notice trend known in business sectors use/ful, 4)affiliations historic of a-danish-kingship-bound-to-switzerland's-vatican-system-guarding is known of three-linked by agreement: mid-Kenya, Maui,HI(during MU Kingdom), Peru; Incursion (x) (said a-ten-at) was using data to overtake and conquer-attempt substituting Eire-of-Ireland data/timeframe for one mid-Kenya report noted missing in files along a route travelled by Police for school level degreeing information (needed at a home along the way) for trend to arrive. Thank you to the Police Stations again for prompt cooperation tracking the espied normally used abnormally data for schoolwork. Also, thank you to all who helped set up the now resident Office of Emergency Services in each region-historic (counties as here exampled) over the 1700 days of meetings publicly placed to displayed for the concontiguous meetings over many years, firmly uncloseable. Handling data such as of attack ranges listed herein of denim-black-suns-red-moons, black sun days countdown.

Recalling that the gainsayer economy bolstering system approved again for end-result of grants to live upon or pay another with was used recently to establish by private sectors of business and economic concerns that all could be provided for on grants if needed for basic requirements, other data is available for purchase or free from CIA Office nearby credit card again for a time after you the Good Readership have read this blog or the seargents' sites to/of. Cops and audiences with need to know of data in similar fields to law advancement units, etc., may request free copies of the books listed today. First, though, there is an invitation to contact the USGS on a calling in free mode for contact requesting Mr. Dan Kirkman of theirs for his PhD referential and below level of educational 'sightings' of fractal in ecology (especially rock formations, etc.) of any of the 500 fashion code business trends worldwide economy influencing if used (not influenced by) described in earlier blogs, and studied more importantly in educational institutions such as State University of New York giving over its 500 code list for this book-request-bound-data project. Ask for your known code to be bound (custom if liked, in this U-trend blipping daily for university type stuff) such as the topics on international news networks explained like partially viewed/read of 'nerd' code and linked to Nordstroms' conglomerate displayed pleasantly. As all such trends are benevolent to benign, even benificent. Nominal costs to book binding grants to free also by CIA credit card requested to collected for those who want one. Could be your fashion code, too. More books for sale by CIA approved free as stated to need to know and for sale to others:
* horse and wire, an art form, by Jack Rokkr Ricks Wall and RIP a Wall

* feral business, liken economy-resort to rustica decor to honus honest honor work II, by James A Daye, dan_the_man (a call sign military)

* a-business strong, a navajo chiefs viewpoint of an economy ancient, in music industry welcome how to get a music den, NeXT included examples technical data
* gnut, gland, queen's use of: revxort to auld an economy practice, by a solvang unit of kwall, boy_geo_o
* denver wenver read whethers: hot to be a socialite, by cop_wall and in_love (call signs of authors)
* a-socialite is a blue chip chick, by drama_dan and kwall1, forward by a dean
* a-clear choice, how to pick managed career from USAF listed to public to tip points type of collect 10 years of work, by Father Mike's a St. Anne's book
* trend_11, an six, text article form on ...
* an 1100 story of fashion strong, coming from a Navajo chief and SWall and KWall (myself as blog author)
* gxoblena: a fashion code codeing system for men, by (Drake) HM a Jamaican King of Jamaica Palaise Royale

Of these economy bolsters and information from Fashion-Resort Economies there are at least two universities opening degrees is, more later.

Take good care.