Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Funders and Scarab Art and Black Suns


More of the funder items for your areas' ultra-protections are listed here; may they be an enjoyment as you request them from sites listed or on the pop-up menu or by asking at bookstores' reference desks of these distributed by USAF Publishing House:
* onex:music:sogno; by CREAM
* rxover_x:done jobs of communication, 2-lever, refer to; by Alananus an official bear of State of California writing guiding
* table_ware__book:tells history; by official state bear of search and rescue response teams Alaexux
* how_to_handle_a_ceo:manual, tirade; by Shel Israel, Army 3
* try_as_you_might_1; book; by Alabanus an official bear of State of California search and rescue team
* happenance_of_ARTS_trend:brochure, follow Fashion; by Alabanus an official bear of State of California search and rescue and kmwall
* max_mouse_ii:manual 2 level; only art trend known to follow Fashion Industry; by kmwall
* mayflower_homes:by church_clergy_one
* gieve:novellized I believe; by Chet of USSS
*stuffed_rats:gift by Alabacus a bear for your pet dog
* asking for any by topic of education military alike
Art, lesson free requested again by poll. Scarab from Egyptian art was used first on buttons and wares with a same sized guaged now with the button of modern times. Internet icons sized as avatars being similar. The artwork was once a legal mark of identification and considered filed with the beauty industry items and data such as wardrobe plans in file for scarabs.
Black Suns, 30 orbs and 31 expected in next two days, peaceful. For tours schedule through Moffett a Federal AFB by office in of Civil Affaires to the food needs also of soldiers there at-places; for list to free for soldiering as at UOP in Stockton CA at the culinary site there assigned, gourmet-2+. Gladdening.
Kristin-Marie Wall co-writing as kmwall\
& those listing:
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its omc and as co-head of the USMC ARTS/R
ARMY(any/finance and USSF a special-ops unit member
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_one member
chaplain Fashion Industry of legwear hosiery alike
minister Ministry of Fashion
knight FFL
RAF+ all Military any commanding officer or for clear
SAS officiator
herald USN
below beginning soon ask for invitation to it at frontpage
on display my artwork at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton CA of 2 8x10 watercolors tryptch styled priced separately at USD$1Million and USD$800,000 by asking with this printout of site a government impressed document guarantor will allow the 9-month payment of the asking set price to the gallery if while hung to sell view while on show.