Friday, October 28, 2011


Salutations, officially Incursion IIIIVX to XXVI(th/into any overlapping in up to 5-pronged triad-leaf-print approach to countryside-raided by dna-Insurgents (other version of) misbred by attackers after war's battle done for arguement as in abroad but attacking by appearing to be either or both of battles' armed forces, have still claiming by motto calls that prostitutes of mental retardation are leading them forth, attacking into 2 deaths of their identity theft victims selected to be at least two attackers end result conquered, one hairstylist one clientele; of 844,000 evenly numbered attacking mentally retarded illegally trained on taxpayer dollars for careers to touch by apprehended already as embezzlers and more, killing by air-duct fecal product poisoning into nostrils upward to brain soft tissue found sliding into choking of breathing apparatus, other victims of helped by now; second attempt to by truckload wave off into sunset moded strangeness attack at countryside-a-yellow-type-coded from ancien logs/archives of powdered feces attacks: see USSS files 1018's 101-109 11 if FBI for. All Churches a coded day of reckoned recordings into recorders of county-line/region-any of ancien to now is happening, guarded for records handed over into the annual log mistaken for a day-of-reckoning-by-apocalyptic-enforcement to enhancement of belief system by energy of sudden work day, once called a workaday the only work of one day only length in human hours (most mostly in minutes for logs to modern law office practices advertising agencies and other similar charging by minute still) of business proportion data of records sudden updated to court systems of justice and law immediately (not of/for royal courts). Thanking the other states and cities and countries arriving to help get records in correctly not interrupting a flu-bound city here about 2-days of food transferred, helpers from Vermont and Sweden and Nativos if familiar with recent posting of books/music/film of Native Americans and others grouping for warfare coding to peaceful music demonstrations and other systems of a past approved for their time use by their councils and others of law authorizing. Thanking also the Military and Law Enforcement and Civil and Public Servants and CVCC ones and others such as the ready National Guard and State equals of, into Scouting units already trained/approved for more war/readiness/emergencies/distribution, care of all known by records of now. Into finding by dna-instant testing from almost anywhere nearby the data of who is unknown to underknown to thought buried and gone, also of animals increasing in arrived for search and rescue by State of California trained or by USMC or Arabia or similar. Feeding and care of the many into housebound short while has charities for already checked in by their own early time schedule at-ready, thanking volunteerism also. Continuing to thank you a Good Readership by free from CIA-nearby buying you books of this blog listing by myself and other authors listed and from listing on seargents' sites also for about 10 months more scheduled, then less of and still planned to. Also all credit card companies known excepting new to do a project only for credit cards privatized-annexed for their good to main known credit card companies which offer bonus discount of 1%-lowered rate of interest charged to customer of all lode carried on it the card used if buying any of these listings: immediately below, followed by historic data of Fashion History or Costume History or History on, of for PhD referential site and also official site of Military known non-reenactment all.
* mud_and_roll:novelized of red sea of yore unknown; by joe_maum, kmwall
* musc_and_roll:novelized a treason konwn 1st convicted to death since Benedict Arnold, death-mode novel, some casework included; by kmwall
* barge_one:novel of horses; by stanlee_oun
* horse_mouth; novel by stanlee_oun
avenger_4:USMC novel of hatred and revenge against populace attacked, avenging angels story within, included Rob Zombie music & t.v. personality's work, CD,DVD,plus or minus technology requested as available of entitled day_100_score:about incursions, horrors of them; by kmwall
*novel series by john_wall, dave_an_fbi, kmwall
yeongel:book one novel from eden to human race ended with a proto-Chichen Itza
yeow_soup:novel about soup kitchens and the super human race within, police work novel; [to warfare: code 2]
yeovah_yew:novel, FBI never knew an X-file could be like this, dolphin fable, it walked talked; [to warfare: code 4]
yeoh_yew:novel of plastic man come to life by bio-engineering a new formula prosthetic regrowing into bibilica biological weaponry takeover from, [to code: warfare 5]
yeow_yew:novel, the manual of artwalk and savante set the animal-next-to-human free to roam about putting mentally ill mentally retarded in charged, the YEOH/W have to win battle ahead (from school plays medeival to ancien re-lored)
* wind_ward: novel mormono of young man, Mormon prose, Incursion 2 [to warfare: code 10]
* b.y.o._eugenics:about for tough cops law enforcement, identity theft topic, sequel casework; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
*-a_rune; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* 20_and_a_day:how to make it; by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* bixt:teauveouvouszoozee an 11-war won on finance, new war; by Dr. James Marks, and doctor of warfare battlefield surgeon military psychiatrist as kmwall
* esther:a compendium, book by a mormon prophet and USMC ARTS/R
* encounter:about ufology 101; by USSS

Myself thanking of many future co-written novels with myself: Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcenko, James Clavell; for their esteemed prestige added to the work.

It was the Churches that designated many marks used in metals and logs into modern logos or branded names, .925 being recent and of use in defining crime logs before of the ancients. Heralds logs used averaged out symbols for patterns and raised embroidery was grouped into metalwork records and white metals were also white the color of dyes not absence of color. Some attacked by welts from violence escaping recently to anciently were asking why they were attacked and the patterns afflicted were of such logged data misconstrued by attackers to be similar to their proclaimed important alternate data instead. Such as misunderstanding a trend in blue stripes and attacking by welting anyone of the moment of white polka dot cruelly. Some trends were delayed as caused by, as of this writing posting 120 new cases conglomerated compiled can be reached via a USAF-linked online computer-station at any actual Police Station of signage above ground no known below ground claims for other than lost persons attempting to regroup not in links, some police may be on foot for. Data was once hosted in Ancien Museum of Erosion, so called: oddities real for places and 4 existed worldwide in Gnome, AK, USA; a Discovery Bay; a ufo-sighting-lake system near Carlsbad, CA, USA; a genome [studies] area (see genes schedules of all known histories onwards at Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) being added back in textbooks modern. Take care.

Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature