Thursday, March 24, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts

Salutations, today's official alert from this official military site is about more of the Incursion IX dragging on of miscreant led dna-Insurgents coded homeland invading in their arrays of methodical raids upon the older and newly affected cities, again today mostly attacks in mottoes proclaimed against artists and known arts supporters. Nonsensical as they are, the attackers perpetuate stupid acts, in dialogue of stubbornness and vagueness, leading conversations away from the actual questions and answers, into pretending illegalis that they are defending a home relationship of some kind such as a romance. None of them are actual or factual but are still reenactment illegalis, outside any legal 501c3s actually doing reenactment such as at fair grounds or battle fields guarded by paid police officers, as is required. None ever allowed in public places, continually, declared so by Law including U.S. Congress' and all heads-of-state's declarations of continual warfare against those so breaking these laws. For their extortion, embezzlement, raiding, marauding, tortures, murders, identity theft to the entirety of life and retirements and housing, and more. Adventurism, they've signed on for disgruntled. Deterred successfully yesterday was the attempt (read yesterday's blog for counts of) more cities added by hallucinating military or others at work defending finding themselves in attacks called now dream-awake attacks where the victim thinks due to 'mickeys' slipped that they are actually dreaming and not really in a public place doing what they might to compensate in dreamstate. Even to journaling it all, in a renewing hobby of dream state watching into groups socially meeting in hobby format on... Thank you, Good Readership, for the actual for your patience and responding with your employers' along to defend an additional 2900 cities completely deterred of further Insurgent IX attackers of miscreants, the same. The dream-awake mickeys are detectable on the surveillance equipment fully in use for such purposes. Of particular interest to the attackers is their lack of respectable dna origins again. It is not their purpose, then, to have ever reflected an attempt at other than what they are, just as for the rest of the populace. They're being denied their citizenships worldwide en masse. Comfort, or no, about it all, more funding courses are available to the public but mostly to those who worked for years helping the Military and City Councils and Counties/Regions in what you've heard of about with archival work matching names current to graphics of the past into their signets, etc. Now, thought, the begets lists will be disclosed and the forensics dna irrefutable explaining that the reasons the biblical lists of who was beget by were of the same cousins and same to similar names but located exactingly all throughout history as their fosters in the royal noble house tradition of raising each others children to learn the business or trade school or other system. Returning later to the dna family with their good skills benefiting all in worldwide scope economics. The lists are not plug-and-play from the Bible. The Military and Governments are glad to provide the actual data, now, although it means a lot more work for the genealogists who for years asked what the terms translated meant, relating to lists they used. The original Church and Church's reminded not to overly rely upon data in stories selected for any of the bibles as they were all about things happening to learn from, vicariously, such as the water wars always behind all the backgrounds of all the biblical stories of any religion, until recently. Interesting data. Not for miscreants to attack upon. Not an Age of Knowledge; facts and factoids that are their own proof.

Girl Scouts of America are glad to assist also those needing deliveries from the USAF of clothing, and similar. Reflecting the BSA levels of dedication, and their badges earned will be reflecting their additional focus and community volunteerism. Let's all thank them, along the way, too.

From the USMC ARTS/Religion, too, is more funding courses for funds to defend your own areas, for you. Among them are such as Brittney Spears meeting with the public about reality of musical careers. After the fabulous support of yesterday's blog announcement and from other places about the Music Industry choice of economy-independent ability and training and status soon by their own effort, this type of funding should be good for a go. Other appropriate funding for the reality of today includes financial courses, such as a ROTH recovery one, and other listed.

The USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectOne has many new interesting work for pay listed at your Police Station near you, by request. A newly thought of diagram from the archives is about groups of money and water saving firefighting devices ideal for forestry levels of prevention to straight on firefighting. Old ancient kingdoms equipment diagrammed to be retrofit or redesigned, and such engineering and other types of projects for are available now. Thank you to those who pick up this type of work and get it done, benefiting all. Other work for the technical and mathematical (high, to application of) is still being handed out continually such as the work being picked up by MIT and other universities like Univeristy of Utah, BYU and others, to assist at all levels of information into the reviving of the actual economy. Also, for the wardrobe planners who can make the time for them, 9000 schoolchildren per day are needing lifetime wardrobe and color analyis done for them in exchange for their search and rescue of animals officially, as their pay for helping. This analysis of color and wardrobe for them pays $150 per, and the request is that two be considered being done by the same analyzer, with accommodations and transport to and from by the Military, for. Thank you for checking the other work for pay and funding lists, also, and to Law Enforcement for patiently helping the public sector interested in this level find work through their courteous effort in behalf of.

A wonderful survey officially returned after yesterday's blog and further news network announcements about the Military trained search and rescue bobcats, 120,000 of them, that you, the Good Readership, are willing to foster and house. In a few years they will be added to the military heraldry. Patches, etc. Please consider picking up this type of heraldic artwork ahead of time, about 3 more years away, on a more leisurely timeline than often listed here. For heraldic artists preference, firstly. From the same office listing above. Other similar work includes a class on how to design the Egyptian eye and brow of their historic fashion wardrobe beauty plans, similar to the modernized taught and learned systems of color analysis and wardrobe analysis. In light of Fashion's interest in military styles for the fashionista on the vista, note your local USMC in their metallic foray that is similar to the metals or styles not allowed to become fashion trends, to preserve the uniforms seriousness. Occasionally, some trend analysis leans towards the disallowed, but came close to what would've been the subconscious worldwide trend in mind, after all. Of good use now are the ancien uniforms for women in particular, somewhat disguised in public as uniforms by their appearing regular wear. This is shown in the DVD on how I and others received posts with the USAF in Fashion, and are available again from the Military and school districts.

Other DVDs of training going well are from NASA with Astronaut Alan (sometimes dubbed H.A.L.) about how to earn 4 degrees of education in one year; 8 if done the military-way. Even all can be PhDs. A very good system, and I'm pleased to be using it myself. I hope you'll continue to join me in earning the advanced degrees to defend ourselves in the ultra-warfare (paperwork level) already declared against all known populaces by miscreants choosing homelessness illegalis systems. Take good care of yourselves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
Army (All), Finance
See the for sale now asking USD$1Million original of Le Temp Fuit:Time Flies painting at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery, funding/1