Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts of Paced to Fashion Sectors Primordial

Hello to everyone, and I thank you in behalf of the Military and those I interact with by working at levels of emergency services and civilian terrain protections and at this present warfare code-ON (not onward, which would mean moving along after it all but cleaning up properly and so on), as very many of you good readership have assigned yourself good civilian levels of response to arrive to aide and guard affected cities by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents homeland invasion. Still cleaning up the end of Incursion VIII homeland invasion raids with beauty marring incidents to the death assault level and within mostly homes of 60% of America, 40% Europe and 32% England it says. The Military is pleased to have cooperation in replacing the damaged beauty marred tissues and body organs at no cost to the victims and families of them all. The closing of Incursion VIII was of the recent Friday approval to also close and then reopen the autonomoes acts underway inclusive of the 1974, 1997, and nowadays into sixth possible predicted, taking back into our own the military stay, governmental operating systems and otherwise locations and now kingdoms of COMmonalization (common communal civilization often already autorized sovereign for a state known to be voted upon, et al), and now into other arenas of play, but not of gaming or re-enactment at any level condoned or otherwise. The African continent is receiving to combat a 'ribbon' of attack secundus-PLA (plows across horizontal measuring lines from water to water bounds) any paramilitary, mercenaries (mercs) privatized armies and others of club authorized levels that are recent of assault training from NAM on into this third century of reaction to the incursionist-dna-mass-insurgency-insurgent-quaint-to-quite-quieten. Known to maraude and raid as did the Chichen Itza closed-mayan-2nd-calendar civilization which shut down by its own repentant and mournful but lauding accord at the advent system displayed losses of its artful but loss-full calendar focused city within a civilization toured by guides and Conquistadores of fame. The Chichen Itza methods were considered so unethical inside the city walls that were housing for no cost but some fun-money pay the scientists, philosophers, and mathemeticians. Considered prestige to be in the city, however these 2nd-mayan-cult-type clannish subcultures of the king's overview but out of direct line of sight were caught out enslaving blonde-haired blue-eyed neighbors as organ donors illegalis and at the scent of the 2-day prior freed slaves via the city main gate (shrieks were recorded by night owl type scribes camping in the king's fields where he worked, too). And, the Conquistadores rejection of incest-daughters to have been provided by nearly princess ilk status (no female royalty exist in Mayan bloodlines or cultures; closest aligned to are Michoa lineal princess of rank also attacked by Incursionists to enslavement until 2010) proferred for marital alliance. There are many detected levels for casework for Law Enforcement and of their choosing for now 1000 to chain and gang-link away raiders in homes that behaved as the running-about-houses levels of Chichen Itza mayan-2ndary inner-city dwellers did when attacking, but in copycat mode.

The Mayans themselves executed their inner-city-dwellers that were breaking ethical codes of conduct requirements omitted from their famed Mayan calendar expectant upon especially the New Age public awareness for 2012. When the calendar cycles apparently end, but see your local clergy for the USMC Religion updates on archived levels of factual data and factoid level interests about how the calendar actually worked, it having been closed during the 4th day of the festivities surrounding those retaking a city within by the Mayan's who reclaimed its dignity to humanity by eliminating the offenders illegalis. The similarities to the Incursion VIII to VIIII dna-Insurgent homeland invasion raids are astounding to the point that a USMC led and teaching credential required in some courses will be available at the Language Training Center (LTC) near Monterey area California NOW and onwith to all involved. To all being involved and coming up to your boot camp training dates scheduled (ten million per day on immediate schedules thanks to the diligent efforts of early USSF captains in retirement and now reactivated to full time status in the military, and also those still working up to and through now to get the schedules out of impossible), please indicate if you are interested in learning the most ancient language at the LTC as soon as possible as it relates to the singularly calendar of the Maya you've seen of only one of the Mayan cities civilizations. More importantly how this ancient language is still in use by more people found underground than on the surface, in case you wondered where your neighbors went or school friends disappeared to, and similar.

A first language, in recordkeeping by genealogically traceable families whose surnames and regular names link them to creation story times was once thought useless. Times were quiet, nighttime hours were useful and nocturnal living was it; something the Mayan Chichen Itza calendar followers feared greatly by tracking only nighttime hours and not daylight as modernized. The ability to learn this very cuneiform and systematic and charted language of runes, artwork, costume unspoken and spoken and also of numerical scientific sequences that work around superstitions such as of the number 13, 51 (think, Area 51 hysteria triggered) and other non-lineal but documented language coalitions from 5,000 years ago, in tact. Also in tact, the 99 calendars of origin to species humanoid considered at the time to be mankind (varying dna-you'll learn more of akin to the Stanford Medical School organic medicine degrees lists of), and these 99 calendars parented or annexed later ones such as discussed.

Forget about your preconception that the North Pole and its magnets and North Star are dominant, with this most ancient language-UnA. Adding to your learning will be science of basic layering and ciphering that explain why due South East is more important to exacting scientific and mathematical equations sought above the Earth's crust than due North, nautical or otherwise. Showing a student how to set an orienteering compass to due-SE from a magentic pole N radiant equipped gear is just a step. All this to prepare for the USMC Reconnaissance surveillance-live you'll view as the President does of 2-day spaced raids of 80,000 pairs of martial arts superior prostitutes illegalis tossing about many trained military who are brushing up on more hand-to-hand combat techniques at the same time to counter center-of-gravity plays and ploys in attacks. The two-day apart raids on affected cities are acknowledged to be over 2 years in duration at the rate viewable on the live-camera Reconnaissance equipment. The USSS office at your Police Station is scheduling the free shuttle to the LTC. Signs are abundant underground and above now in full use by those from underground arising to protect also our known civilization. They're joining up, a term meaning they're in the military now. Or, again.

Flying a kite in the ancient language-UnA was no harder to calculate in daily cuneiform than to send a survival platform into the orbitting wind zones for a hundred years. Or, to plan an etiquette sensitive dining experience in organza during warfare and knowing how to get to your trampoline for crossing small divides in the garb. Fashion caravans were known to work with the tunnels that are being utilized still in this all as the lineal historic families are bringing in the pertinent trends for worldwide business, as is their scope, thinking of everyone by training from the language-UnA. Light, for example, though, was never listed in writing, and decending darkness to accomplish work was anticipated. You'll recall this carried into the Dark Ages when 8-hour work shifts were discovered first underground from the castles and forts so that by dawn the products were ready for use or for profiteering or other capable quotient for civilized survival. Many a fashion network-historical person I've interviewed about their experience underground helping the unwitting above-Earth's-crust business sectors survive have ownership of an average 8 tugboats each, fleets of free-use vehicles, free-cot places (please leave a tip to help defray clean up from terrors of the night), and well-manufacturered up to the moment trend and location-applicable wear. They use the original creation-story level times fashion guidelines such as now pertinent to a call to arms from those gathering paramilitary recruits into boot camp training: gamine-for-women, think boy-gear dusty toned or abraded and fit to female angles and joints and the equivalent menswear level which is typically gup-training. Akin to little girl colors and shades but in men's ties, shirt motifs, and other shared styles. Similar is the tramp styles such as men's velvet jeans and silky shirts of lighter hearted flower children eras or San Francisco movie chic.

Take a moment to think of how many languages you know or someone you know knows. The Military is granting 9th languages to those working with us at the Incursion affected centers. The City of Denver was hard hit with attacks attempted against all its young girls, so was a city in Nevada, Stockton here in California and many others. The attacks also led to searches for more further back in time and Israel in its sovereignity status chosen lent special help to locate 4,000 more young girl corpses of mostly 3 years old that it brought to the Military here and about receiving points. They are to be thanked but keep in mind how hard hit they were by raiders themselves as they kicked out those attempting to storm them from rooftops after living on them awhile illegally and then caught raiding and attacking Incursion style, and other blogs before as official alerts. The bodies of the victims are identical in modus operandi again and there are more jobs for the present from the military lists available from the clergy offices today or police stations courteously to identify these recent corpses, and some very old. Israel's help also paid off in that other countries such as Haiti sent them help to maintain their governmental offices while their workers there quietly and efficiently exhumed and pre-investigated the worldwide find of a military statistic underknown but now over 80 years of time preventable by information. The USNavy and SS on Friday met in the middle of it all by closing a round of the autonomoe action and reopening it in this next time zone of activity for handling this new information. The cultish repercussions are apparent but not actual, per USMC Religions. Clerics and clergy please retrieve your data on this recent development from the USMC Religion which will be supplying more on the Canaan link to Judaism and loyalties of it all, and the Mayan-2nd calendar fascinations and the Mexican Military handling of routes and systems with Russian Special Forces handling the carrier aspect. Data will be updated as it is expected to be over this week, and more soon.

Thank you all and take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, co-head ARTS
USN, Project:Literature