Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Salutations, tallying day's data of terr-apase official terror-alert Homeland Security Agency listing of plaguerism-leading to capture data from authorships/publishers/artists in sway Incursion Xi-toXX underground/way:tomorrow+, remorse attacks of new to all by dna-Insurgents afoot/amok telling their rule to remorse-solo-only; soon to soldiering/Office Emergency Services (O.E.S.-go/region/counties/it). Below scroll: f. President "Teddy" Roosevelt's teddy bear fund providing topical of recipient freely or gift to or assisted-purchase to school order for IRS tax deduction of parties hosted reward, optional purchases offered lowered 1%-interest rate on any credit card known lode used for it. Cats of delta regions attacked by apprehended trank stealing women deported all for tortures of search and rescue animals allowed to roam as Wildlife tagged on schedules with USMC and others for official search and rescue, foray-ifIVy, to reports duo shooting paramilitary onto and escapes of pet-like wildlife reports to USAF direct+; he/it being same cat blogged about this blog by years repaired emergency levels many times including donations by House of Representative member's and many others including my token, he/it daily guarding locations noticed swam across delta nightly mid-foray to fish like bear clawing into water for feeding on surveillance USMC Recon of accurately 24 cats and kittens once there, now naval boat recovered; forewarned cat type can toss naval personnel topside overboard 2-funny film not funny but submarine look-up for requesting from O.E.S.; he/it revived 44 times over 4.4 million dollars granted funds already aready for used not responding permanently, vigil into worldwide Police Station's reports for beauty marring incident reports on. . Days-of blogs continue; data soon on 900,000 attempting breach again of 'The Vault' since noted after high/treason-deaths announced of weapons designer attacking public unawares unauthorized tiny equipment heartattacks/bowel-genital-discomforts/animal-deaths-by. 109 orbs in black sun files logged, data accurate incomplete still of daily tallying no math labs on today for it request into FED tomorrow or soon for ecology-economy data patterning affects demographic reserved.
* a_tall_forest:novel, coper; by Al Gore, Richard Marcinko
* a_tall_forst_II:novel, by John Jakes
* bolden_bleu_tuu-:novel, JAM, by poet awarded/laureate jean_ga
* toulouse:an ancien history, lavendar, firsts fashions, 1864 focal of Merovignian court archive; by kmwall
* Nickelback_RAF:official platitude musical to H.M. a Jamaican King's naval in-service to Solvang and City of Stockton, CA; to stop remorse-attacked by attackers saying to, by it.
* grandess:novel of grandeur; by Dept. of State, F, unit of denver_one, and klas (a unit alone)
* johnson: mormono novel horror, because every one wanted to do one to get to god wedding, new special_ops unit forming froming from; with man_of_ray:novelization his rescue, resucitation, 2-medical drama + casework by apprehenders
* glxace:novel, by ship_low
* spy:novel, of special_ops, by the_heckler
* hatred:novel, by USSS agent callsign me
* helm:novel, by jim robinson
* revelle:novel, good gods, system, found evil [at cause;of]
* gods_are_dead:novel, by joe_maum, kmwall
* dome:novella, by James Clavell
* solver:novel, id-theft, taskforce proportion Victorian times; by John Nesbitt, kmwall
* dine_4_fine:by Dr. Walther of NAM fame
* fashion_compendium; by star_boy, kmwall
* draken:novel, dragon, Pern; by Anne McCaffrey
* mona_lisa_76:novel, evolved; by kkcqourtt (FFL)
* glare:novel, NORAD bear amissed; by John Stoker
* vau:text; by snow_mein
* 10_daily_things_a_bear_will_do:omu; by Xchris (redland group), kmwall
* less_than_this_is_a_mess:alum bear story, by Sigma Force
* iz's_work_for:musical with rave days of; by RENT Broadway musical cast
* litl_bos; by Bonnie Raitt, Michael Voyeur

Omu, topic of bears of State of California's ancien Califii legends 2/3 appropriate children into Atlantis-4 of archives daily search and rescue animals anew as were into cave-time data for into them living with luxuries plus bear resident that sociologists/behaviorists accurately state considered human/+ in its territory allowed mostly as housepet equal. Topical to Arab States hidden caves akin to 'The Vault' of historic security measures/breaches. Where I found a hidden USSF unit one day as they counted treasure stashes fabled levels in after stopping round-Incursion-I.

kmwall aka
Kristin-MarieWall, c.o.
USAF, art/fashion director, designer
all Marine Corp to USMC ARTS/R as co-head (it)
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
USSS-SS1+#101+ DEA SEAL et al