Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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* blue_grey_ground_green_acres:Fashion of code3 Resort-Economy, it all began; gorgeous_joe, JAUUM, kmwall
* genablium:novelized, not Steve Young '49er again, about his love life, real teeth unseen by potentates, photo decoys, history glares from above; by Steve Young, don, Man, kmwall
* embarassment:how cop got rid of faux pas how not to be in vice squad how a Jennifer McNitt got into the limelight of Police text official included if at or of applied accepted Police Academy any; by cop_joe
* to_dean_with_love:novelized, how judge hid in identity theft by it; by cual2, John Jakes, kmwall
* wan:when you're unwell in marraige; by cardinal_kopeauxsvu of Jamaica Royal RAL
* fun_ware:by dollface_wall
* good_hair_bad_day_overcometh:informative fun media-need requested video level book-2; by Abraxos the USMC official search and rescue bobcat league of also benefits
* very_well_then_1:game, goods; by Abratus the number 2 official search and rescue bear of State of California team oriented training level
* pare_2&3:game, novelized, goods, art made by official number 1 California State's bear of search and rescue team to do it and textile-2 made, of the computers the bears run made for them, a series; by Abracus
* rain_and_galore:grea or look of French Royal Houses to their Courts worn adorning recipient for it all official dyes out of use now for blue of royalty first; by ray_von: and within it from Abracus the bear of State of California search and rescue official team for it animal ware gear same matched; by Abracus [to:gear;regalia]
* jesus_dude:music new kind from CIA promoted California PsyOps aware for it good health wellness campaign abroad-2
* how_to_ride_a_bus_in_royal_gear:by John Grisham
* force_2:lever decal soon a Force new; by USMC, geoff_freeh
* apol:novel; opal evil remxort; by John Nesbitt, kmwall
* drip:by Kerry Killinger
* little_baum:novel; by cop_joe
* twin_u; by boys_next_door, kmwall
* drat; by Angus Young
* happy_day:Norton Utility; by Andrew Norton [of:war]
* one_knight_along:how knights travelled, childrens educational; by kmwall
* rustica:music; by RAT, Edward Cromarty, Dr. of entertainment and music Jim Ricks, kmwall
* i_tried:news about blogger Kristin M Wall as kmwall et al writer now; compiled
* remxort:music by new group CIA promoted
* jakes:by John Jakes
* silver_spoke:bike stop shop guide; by weil_wall_2
* divorce:when they all want one from you but they've never been married to you, identity theft of it; by joe_maum, kmwall
* vos:novel, extraordinnaire, supremo rulership; by Dr. Walther Matthieu of NAM
* rent_video_shore;by its cast: in it all too_early_in_the_morning_to_die [gothicXian;version,of2]
* bayou:novel; by Steve Martini, kmwall
* dimmer:novel, wayward mystery; by John Nesbitt, kmwall
* jennifer_genvieve_jokes_on_women_by_women;by USMC
* 11_doses_of_laudanum:by denver_joan
* hair_and_flair;by Wella
* shrimp_dishes_of:by jack
* mosches;by cual
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