Thursday, September 15, 2011

Official Incursion XXII Alerts Fashion Books

Salutations, Incursion XXII+ includes a second dna-Insurgent grouping misbred by themselves to trail homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security (CIA) explaining home invasions to businesses breached into identity theft of the principals on down as tactical to embezzle backgrounds for sudden needs by assailants pretending to be military in styles of attack formations that require ethnic purity in any ethnicity to participate in their levels, to threats to lie about documents and not confirm them where official, into schooling records. Monies researched of schooling programs historic to gauge modernizing programs of education by alerted researchers that incited some connected to dna-Insurgents-new about misplaced monies literally spent on the wrong person donated to by families involved donating or transferring to the wrong person or account for one like, usually ending up in a friendly family to or other solveable within family groups. Precaution again in the ozone-seismic high alert days of overlode stress on nervous systems eliciting untoward thoughts not emotions into susceptibility in these internationally news announced and FED to White House addressed confirmed levels of black suns upon the scape of influence into sociological patterns noted historically for thousands of years of logs kept now by 'regions' here counties officially of odd behaviours to strange thoughts not needed to be acted upon sudden hospitalizations to rehydrations no-cost to victims of available at each hospital nearby and of the recovery possible interrupting work though. Black suns were lored into religions of past or revival groups' thought. Normal black sun times apply to economy cycles graphed as final data, of interest to the ancien-ancestral bloodlines leaving data for a future.

IRS announcing its support of the USMC ARTS/R in seeking more art dens to be built has 280 now it agreed to build within proper bounds with donated funds and items for a general populace applying for owner's equity investment into to invest. 1% at about USD$1050 is about expected lowest level investment to those agreed stateside.

More books for purchase by public sector with credit card companies all cooperating allowing an increase to average $220 more per user of card type plus 1% lowered on all interest for items on card now gifted from them for buying in support or any other reason such as scholastic proof the books listed in this manner on this blog but firstly of need-to-know free to this category known by CIA nearby office for its credit card use for instructed on how following:
* a_funder_4_education_onely: how to raise funds outside of education streams, by Board of Education, of a San Joaquin County known, to benefit schooling
* a_queen_of_the_black_logaun: on being a Polynesian royal to ARMY(any)herald, a_grade_gameboard included for Fashion obverse students of Fashion in school systems, about Kay of ARMY(any)heraldry office by HM a Jamaican King

USAF, fashion dir.
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
et al