Saturday, January 22, 2011

Incursion VIII Alert and Resorting It and Fashion Tribe

Hello to everyone, I wish to thank all of you good readership and the law enforcement you've contacted for patiently working with the worldwide military for this present Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invasion by mostly MPD-unfriendly to paranoid schizophrenic attackers in duos and attempting to enter cities affected boundaries armed and on attack plans of letter shapes again. Those arriving by the expense covered transportation have United Artists (UA) to thank, and the animals arriving in regular seating areas as K-9 and guide dogs are able to thank MI1 for their effort. Also, Hawaii's ever present FBI SWAT and others that worked to lift for now the quarantines for the military and homeland defense animals needed for the ultra-warfare that includes tunnel apertures and small areas of indeterminable terrain such as strangely corrugated metals where small children or strange laboratory creations await. Trackers of the declared enemy underground of the Incursion VIII that have been arising to the surface by homes attacked used as rendezvous points are in pairs and act as legendary styled fallopian tube children raised to believe they are supra-human soldiers, ala Trojan Horse (White Horse Campaign times). More directly.

The judges today are on a day off of unusual cases that were running overtime and now are able to discuss with city residents what is underway as they take shifts in the various military installations that are cafes. For awhile. This morning merely ten hotel rooms were still vacant but after the housing provided by the USMC and Sacramento HUD office listings for regular and intermittent soldiers working with the USN SS and incoming Ninja and of course the USMC. In our city we are dignified by NATO linked command officers and others similar that are guiding into battle or protection routes and other similar battleground work including by desktops; especially ten percent of the State of California which our Governor is assisting with meeting. This ten percent are already trained for ultra-warfare at home, from anywhere. U.S. Congress today is paying out in cash or any form currency determinable USD$860,000 per apprehended or deceased dna-Insurgent or ilk of attacker or raider upon our affected cities. The payments are usually within minutes and the USSF personnel are today handling the currency transfer and deposits including courier work for those assisting our cities affected by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders. Hundreds of marathoners and runners are welcomed into the City of Stoctkon today who are now in patrol routes in provided paramilitary ultra-light (feather weight) gear, also delivering parcels (think baton races) and food and water to those who are at the perimeters of the cities and counties holding back the invaders. The typical raiding parties are from dna-Insurgent ill-bred stock of prostitution brothel origin by intention to attack cities listed on their plans written and taken away from them in hundred year intervals. Locust, they are not. Many a discussion on trained insects though are at ready today for funding for the medical and assisting communities, again about eleven trained insects that in the field of battle or otherwise perform surgical healing procedures on attack victims, mainly soldiers, including repairing the body, stitching with webs, and others. They are fascinating, and have been in specialized use. There are other synthetic means of nearly instant repair of the body tissue available for demonstration that will help attacked victims including our soldiers of today and future modern times become healed whole completely within one minute, two hours or four days, depending upon the method selected. This is the real Military, and the science and technology is very real, and now in the public view somewhat. More below.

Telephone lines quadranted are starting to be restructured in a repair status for the homes in the City of Stockton by the military guided directive, as the ten thousand illegal(is) switching-boxes that rerouted times four (fourty thousand affected residences being attacked) their victims-intended. These illegal phone switching boxes were of Army notice and detected in their circa time of 1980s. Used primarily by reenactor-illegalis levels of kiddie porno and prostitution illegalis to the point of massacre of children as discussed yesterday. The ones described on this blog site yesterday of one million little girls aged seven to eleven arrived in the City of Stockton jurisdiction range and under military transport that intercepted to their benefit the arriving law enforcement and officials of delivering the casework victims. Thank you to all who are volunteering to work for this case by medically diagnosing and determining causal death proceedings and medical records data to describe family or country of origin. Mexico's officials are in the city, and Spain and Haiti also have top government officials present to assist. Your kindness in the sensitivities of this case from the Santa Barbara, California police files is appreciated. The last time the phone switching boxes were used and against a mapped public sector was then, during that case's timeline.

The USN will also be out and about today various places including cafes or else contact the police departments about the sudden and new seeming opportunity for root-name origin-dna of bloodlines that were organized in round one of Earth's considered creation time that met in tribal type settings for seven years of mutual meetings but these selected now are from the fashion bloodlines. These root names will be discussed, about 20,000 have been contacted and more may be expected to the 30,000 established and still in existence in the business of Fashion in networks of communications and that also tend to work with councils and churches that do regular monitoring of things for the world of fashion including livelihood guarantees of participants. The engineering and technology world has prefabricated virtual reality level living and display areas and working quarters for these business professionals in a regularly guarded forever mode of doing business. The official tribal status will be called Fashion Tribe in various languages, simplicity at stake, and the value is that of regular Native American reservation levels and funds and protections of, and landed opportunities including one-year stays to utilize the benefits of the fashion tribe reservation that can range from rustic to ultra-futuristic, for work.

Expected soon are arriving relief forces from fashionably sounded out similarity such as Seville and Saville Row, soon, developed into temporary groupings of paramilitary units of special-operations quote and capability, formed like a deputized level of special-operations units to explain terminology. If you are of this mind set to be working for Incursion VIII's homeland invasion by dna-Insurgents by fashion coded or encoded groupings, please let your chain of command know or your Armed Forces recruiter at their regular office of signage. Certain uniform alteration is possible by the many tailors and seamstresses picking up these one-time assignments from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion One (UN).

Today, I'm researching the Victorian Era around this county and have to express appreciation for the localized for the time being literary communities and business persons for looking up certain details for me. While I was otherwise engaged. Interest in encampments and historic towns lately has mostly been of the ghost hunting level for the mass market audiences, but of hobby level. Their buying habits are training us in the military to observe that their changes to more than one book or movie per week is a new understanding. Many books lauded in history are flying off the market due to overbuying. This is fine.

Historic details in entertainment will be discussed more on this blog as it is still and from now on a PhD referential site for historic costuming and also an official site of the military worldwide. Thank you for being a good readership and supporting its use in a structure of notification for the best known communications systems now in place to alert, and record in historical annals. Because many of you have requested more information on my personal life and as it goes along, I'm pleased to share that today the country of Spain signed me on for some special work in exchange for them purchasing the cost of another degree for me. This type of work exchange is quite a benefit for many employers and I've welcomed this in the past, including small or large private firms that often find more tax cut benefit and such by helping employees that they can plan ahead with. I'll share more about other escapades noted and questioned friendly style by people I work with all along such as questions of, Where did that leaf on your shoe from Bolivia come from? And other tales that are not as tall as I am, really. The other request granted by the military will be physically accurate details of my own physical appearance to stop the abetting of identity thieves bluffing in error those gullible by lack of knowledge. Others may also do so that work with us in the military and who assist the affected cities attacked by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents homeland invading.

Thank you for reading.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, co-head ARTS
USN, literature
US ARMY, finance