Friday, December 9, 2011


Salutations, official alert coded Homeland Security Agency its homeland-invasion-qc last resort reversed ployful nate/d archive O.E.S. goregion mapped 102,000 homes invaded early 900,000 cities evenly grouped swaths reached; to soldiers illegally charged for working disallowed by all courts worldwide all repaid now/anytime all services to make them pay for getting/doing work cancelled replaced by new/really-old technology USMC Reconnaissance at any courthouse/Police Station global-connect no phonecall to them chargeable to them or message/data/item from command/ingOfficer allowed any soldier anytime. Totes for soldiers into regions affected by Incursion-any/IX able carts-grocer/y allowed to any rolling found enough room as all old ones for it unfound; 160,000 animals torture/extorted illegalis (to-warfare uncommonly now ancien law, most precedence to preeminence automatically, by President and Heads-of-State found); black orbs as suns coded archives O.E.S. now spart_mon as lopsided partial-orb glow control crowd management any area transposed data free from O.E.S. or chargeable back to 'funding' of D.A. Office like dust-glare, tender_loyn day alert terror level from O.E.S. Pentagon approved by its Staff 1st for public of 9/90 days of over/under equator if Northpole not tipped by angle is 90, see seargents'/staff-seargents' sites for it links to. Clothes being attacked in homes raided delivered by scouting unit-style groupings to gas syphoning 10* noted by drivers same repay form last blog, done by Reconnaissance official. Sign-ons any form soldier/ing first call-signs rereserved to use at will, all codes reopened immediate verification 100%-dna done no doubt; all approved. Sudden losses military data onsite handling extra work in affected cities. Of yesterday, 1st-doll made in history was warfare reason attacks for, its face like china-doll of primordial-Cairo-beta site of about 31 location coordinate on archives in county/region/like/O.E.S. Boots delivered/sent today+ to soldiers and all layers renewing attire, most soldiers down to two uniforms most populace again over 8 outfits+, USAF AirForce1 Office pleased to help with it all. See seargent's links of benefits reverified new locations for certain added more/like, to Senate/favored-government office or like it, i.e., D.A. Office lists accounting feature facet who wants to pay soldiers more/of/for office some bases closed other ideals unfound so FFL form as anything for accepted by all now, Police Stations assisting coordinating for soldiers unable to transfer training to sudden messages from underknow command after 4 years illegal forced radio-silence by stroke-victim non-military absconding radio power misthinking she could control arms, confronted with losses due to her presumption non-job to her. Data-chords/accord in Visa Company or AMEX Company president's office/s for extra-training any slept through need for all data trained intended accuracy dictionary level unnecessary to dominate/restore areas affected, timescheduling not prime other tactic added enhancing free training. Enjoy as thanks for all and Good Readership from f. Pres. Teddy Roosevelt's fund found for gift/book/text/data/filmage/
video/sound/music/clips/+ intended, any credit card company known offering 1% lowered interest rate for lode and IRS offer for first 4+ hours of shopping on CIA lines for over 900 listing items part-deduction or 1/2-credit returned now longer/after one-party limit, thanking most applicants in history for any job to their investigator opening overseas/anyplace:
* new_way:music by Xchistus new group CIA approved gothic-xian sound
* nine_lines:novel; NYPD, id-theft, social settings
* dish_up:novel; by Head of Pentagon and Staff
* dracoon:novel; blue news book; by famed as rose_bluh
* one:novelized; game-play war, by Mensa
* drive_on:music/video/ by Kerry Killinger f. Washington Mutual
* denver:novel; by Bob Mackie
* love_in_court:novel, royal history; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* how_to_not_be_mistaken_for_a_number; by joe_maum
* blessing:novel, hell from prophet; by kmwall
* white:novel; by kkcourt FFL, kmwall
* glass_house:novel; by HM King Juan Carlos
* code_s:novel; by Al Gore, Richard Marcinko
* cross_life_aka_lxife:novel true; jailed for another inadequate; by dean
* nezux_roger:novel, scarab stuff jewelry included by IOTA; by CMWall, kmwall
* deux_roger:novelized, Egypt/Nile search and rescue, included running_roger_cadence accurate film/DVD/like-asked-for, inside roger_running music by Metallica, by Stockton Police Department, kmwall [to:joe,encounter]
* mercado:novel; by joaueanen unit_1 of HM a Jamaican King's forces special-ops
* raf:novel; by Justin McCarthy
* denim:how to make one jacket, 20 patterns, etc; by kmwall
* away:novelized; by Steve Martini, Richard Marcenko, S, Reva, dan_dd_man, Jim Plunkett, James Clavell, joe_maum, James Marks, kmwall
* dun:on wear; by Guy Laroche
* soldier_blue:novel; by dave_den
* my_only_one:novel; by Sir Kleenex
* canale_cans:novel; by jorge_u, kmwall
* prinz_selvenga:novel; by King Keighuouamxsycz
* g; by James Marks, kmwall
* dine_4_fine:by doctor of fame walther_of_NAM, Jake Wall, James Marks, kmwall
* gross; novel FBI, by kmwall
Orbs: Non-urgent transfer of black sun orbs or moons coded purple transfer between Moffett Federal Airfield and Travis AFB in other files they are named many things and like captured by NASA predominent in netting amid sky above heads viewings at night sounds some like fireworks undetonated of lettering alphabets taken historically about USD$42+ tour public.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
all Marine Corp its USMC for co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
DEA-#1018-USSS-SS1 SEALs et al