Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alert to Regard Returning Soldiers and Other

Hello to everyone, today, welcome into and through Stockton many soldiers returning and arriving to help defend this and the other 8000 still affected cities under attacks turned raiding-barrage by Incursion IV ending and now Incursion V. More soldiers are arriving on good schedules after today, as well. Please consider helping them with setting up their accounts for where they are, as the Military is providing them their caught-up paramilitary pay, plus a token they'll have in hand, and so those who carry such things and work at financial institutions or investment ones including private ones that are legal may offer this assistance level to those arriving today, already. Bankers, included. They are also receiving forever 'fully assisted' which is their weekly refreshing of personal things that may include those they've ordered or are gifts or simply a toothbrush. You'll recall we sometimes use those, lost in the grasses, for satellites to race and test and search for so mine that went thataway has been replaced also by the fully-assisted. Their housing and food and transportation and clothing (yes, fashionable) are also provided and guaranteed, as we are not tolerating any loses as have happened in attacks on Military and others such as Law Enforcement and professional sports teams and technology communities that were illegally targeted in Incursion I to IV by those who'd tried to foreclose on all of each category at exactly the same time, to time of day, before and during the pattern detection of the attacks. Those working with Law Enforcement and Military and Civil Service and similar may pick up a schedule of reply from the Federal Bureau of Investigation where the director's level gives a schedule of recovering all such illegalis-loses, and with recovery for all abiding legally as best as they could, and other etceteras. Those interested in other ways to help may also apply to join or rejoin military units that may be depleted or have any kind of unexpected opening, as they'll be working in our own areas very much of the time. You'll recall I asked you readership about helping out with the traveling (now) water units, diving or snorkeling or helping examine even dredge areas, and other such necessary tasks, while the special-ops unit might reside specifically in Hawaii but belong also now to your own affected city. Or, one where prevention is being undertaken as you'll notice with some specific movements confidently in your areas by desert special-ops.

Of the prom-date-late attackers I mentioned just previously, all 8,000 cities affected by the Incursion I to IV have cases done and ready to be given out to be processed of attacks by 4,000 such pretend dead teen dates or similar interests who returned to attack the same victims or families. The entertainment and music industry will be benefiting more now as a result of the apprehensions and there are many openings in the music industry forming that you may access at the USMC Arts, and may apply as urban defense special-ops, also, to defend your areas, too, while making beautiful music or planning to, somehow.

The clergy offices have been and continue to be graciously receiving lists from the military and providing them with the available to the public and soldier alike work projects that list the kind and timeline required. They are regular marketplace pay, and schedules for real world projects of business sectors that the military is assisting or restoring, including that of Fashion that I've discussed with you here extensively, lately. Gratitude can't be expressed enough to those of you who helped and are helping with the uniforms for the soldiers for wearing in our own terrain, from donating or loaning your sewing machines and facilities and also to the point of making the complete uniforms for soldiers. Some who sewed up a hundred uniforms each were gladly accepted into more permanent positions by the USAF Air Force One's Project: Fashion, so opportunities are always possible from your volunteerism.

My official vacation is fine and has been even extended again by the military so that I can work more on some changes and enhancements on my project, a Civil War timeframe story underway. The follow-on next time will include a Robert Doherty novel, Area 51, the first one, that I've put on order. It has eluded me because it kept ending up in others hands and leaving with them in unexpected gifts so that they could read on their travels or such, and it is a hard book to get back, so I'll go ahead and look forward to reading with those of you who have been or will join in.

The pets and military animals are being lauded this week for extra heroism in battle defending homes and city limits, as one entire Incursion IV invasion attempt was deterred entirely by and all-canine military unit, and another by another animal military unit. Such are available as filmed by official surveillance for your education purposes or approved entertainment such as nonprofit clubs or churches, etc. for you to request, as before. And, I'm certain if you select to ask a recruiter, they'll be glad to sign you up or help you with volunteerism, or you may inquire at the Justice Department level where health services are provided as many of the counselors are glad to hand such film footage out.

Another round of gratitude goes out to the media which networked itself to assist many, and because of announcing that over a million women attacked by Incursion I to IV or similar could use the benefit of wardrobe planning color recoding the work got done. The USAF Air Force One's Project: Fashion One will continue to have other types of projects similar or more sporadically for those with this type of home business available to us, there. Other thanks continue to go out to those including Law Enforcement, Rangers, Churches and Clubs who are helping the Military with deterring and defending against grand scale home and homeland invasions by the Incursion IV to V miscreant-palatable-by-now (so, you didn't notice them yet is their attitude), and today's official changeover status. This blog will now move along as already said into less schedule detail or location information and continue to keep you updated, and while discussing more of the Fashions and Arts and Literature of its primary focus.

Another volunteerism opportunity for those interested in the work of educational grants to help those that are returning from or involved in warfare protection modes for all of us; they need their paperwork levels processed for their grants and such to help with their passage of time education levels. For example, they're training along the way or getting credit for work in the field of battle or combat of any sort. To speed things along, we need proverbial paper-pushers who are able to help the soldiers organize the documentation for these types of degrees and certifications because more is being required of them. For example, seven languages were a requirement or to be in training of them, now it is eight. And other levels and types.

Until the next blog, I'll look forward to getting more of my writing work done and artwork, and telling you all more soon. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer