Thursday, December 8, 2011


Salutations, official alert from Homeland Security Agency and its Agencies of the 900,000 cities homeland invaded coded correctly by homeless behaving by choice to trespasser races defined by all courthouses yesterday that were removed from castles on down on trespassing schedules some pretending to tours for money yesterday and jewelry and forms of repay have been filled out by Police Station personnel as a favor to allow all embezzled this week to extreme gas syphoning in rows/lettering-attempts satellite presumed by found viewpoints and of able to verify on its loss on any system global; imposterism pretending by entering illegally anytime table that they are now owner or actual occupant as tried in Middle Ages when caught by returning to homes and courthouse equal reopened for day, today the main way of attacking by entering homes illegalis to business-2/34(travel/sales-type) and of attacks by accusations sensationalized to Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) response to stop pretenses of laughter for fun outside-2 levels of attacks to impersonating today a Delta Force known imposters of removed officially this country acting with others; terrorism levels explained by population in O.E.S. #800-daimond grants and others to preparing for 860 years warfare declared against all surface planet by raiding parties illegalis, food main question of soldiers and others as noted by those not linked in and seen leaving military premises misclaiming military adds in bestiality as morning oblations which is not allowed last animal hurt claimed in training was 1920s this country stopped with bullets fired upon order followers since finance/fund-training was being missed AWOL level noted by those following orders to go to animal-harm training, bootcamp instructors notes on have been novelized and filmed for those with security clearance or of this Good Readership, justification of always doing wrong by hiding small task of attempt by enemy to 'cookie' public with recruitment/reinforcement. Free by CIA promotional this and seargents/staff-seargents'-sites of f. President Teddy Roosevelt for book/gift/+; all credit card companies giving lowered by 1%-interest rate on lode of its card used, or IRS offer of party for tax credit or deduction exchanged for assisting purchase of from list to schools on their forms:
* 4_and_6:novel; by bluh and kmwall
* 4_and_6:novels, dover; nauvouxm;
* 40_and_60_inverse:novel; by tu-Tu', kmwall
* 4_and_60_inversal:novel; by d.e.w. White House's photographer for 1st Lady, archival
* mista:novel; of wist, game answer, by a soldier
* ducks:novel; FBI, performing arts, RENT music in; by Dr. Kissss
* zoom:novel, animal; by crandall, S, spuu, all USNavy, kmwall
* bunuelos:novel; by John Jakes, Richard Marcinko
* christos:novel; by joe_maum, kmwall
* pamphlet[408]:beauty aides ancien Egyptian in faultily executed White Lioness Cult of Beauty returned data from the Church all wellness designs for tall-headed social echelon 'beauty' prescriptives of their time
* textile_parade:textbook comprehensive textiles (minus Yoruba Tribe's separate text commissioned)
* I_is_and_I_isn't:glamor book big people who blew it to Kristin Wall of this blog, fund-2 donation by its purchase
* not_a_lot:Xmas at home, 2011, video or media-requested; by Michael Bolton
* r.e.i.t.s._by_8a.m.; by joe_maum, kmwall
* gene_pool_mix_ups:novelized at birth mix ups by authorities now corrected; by HM a Jamaican King's special-ops unit with kmwall member of it unit_1
* benji_a_wharthog:economic signals; by over_east
* zoun:novelized, zoo, away to soldier, pedigree; inside zoo_zoun_tune inside by Jim Ricks; by professor_J, kmwall
* dog_kills:novel; by dde, kmwall
* tornado_in_new_burrough_one:novelized, in explanation of unit_1; by lisle, Lisa Sysombath, and Government of Spain
* tdama:song and overnarration; sung by Julio Iglesia
* grand_glace:novel, perditions, loss, Arab crown princess, Clan Xian; RENT musical new in; by Andy Marken, kmwall
* genralissima:novel; by kmwall
* swank:d_trends, text; by pross_d
* france:novel; by Stephen A. Kissinger
* jen:novel, she failed arithmetic but succeeded larger embezzlement lode; by Michael Levine, James Clavell, Richard Marcinko, Bob Mayer (of .org), Jim Plunkett, and Michael Fitzgerald columnist, John Jakes, James Marks, joe_maum, and others with kmwall
* copernicus:novelized; by don_g
* frank_pence:novel, humor; by john_G_eo
* samarosa:novel, ho vitims got away from kidnappers of from porno-illegalis; [to:Mexico, south America] by Jim Plunkett, James Clavell, Richard Marcinki, Michael Levine, James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* change_-go:novelized search and rescue; by James Ricks Dr. of entertainment, kmwall
* 51_marble_street:novel; regular murder/ by unit 404/51s and jon_doe and kmwall
* off:novel of par; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* demon_point:novel; by James Clavell, Michael Levine, James Marks, Jim Plunkett, James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* 4_yore:text;artwor no reason wear/ware, by a_david
* james:novel, U-code, Fashion-II, mystery; by kmwall
* obscene:novel; employed in Hollywood, ufo contact simple, charity runaways; by John Nesbitt, kmwall
* red:novel, conquered, red hair, prophecy incomplete; by John Nesbitt
* freak_ops:I-VI; by snow_mein
* vulgar:novel by King of Spain HM Juan Carlos
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