Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Official Incursion IIIV Alert and More Animalia Tractor+ooieum

Salutations, the beautiful weather opening the crops buds were met with gifted from NSA and other countries again such as China and Iraq and Egypt the bio-engineered flies replacing those needed for crop-fertilization across many states due to fecal product poisonings by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent miscreants-seoking using engines unpatentable due to low ethics of their burning feces in engines. As last year at this time frame in affected cities, spewing dust that coats with feces dustable in public places, cafes at streetsides and other times. Miscoded by first detection correctly labeling from manure source, but not one legally or likely as manure in the factual burned state. There are also many animals still being poisoned from the wire-wrapped poison 1xtype laced feces-packages in yards and other places, so that over 40,000 more dogs and 60,000 more cats were cleaned and repaired and more welcome still by NASA with its anticipation of plague-attempts or repeats from history to the ability to replace the damage in ecology attacked non-naturally. Also needed now are those who can work closely or aligned to protect and surgically heal or care for the wildlife affected by the same poison attacks, to the tree-work; fully paid by anonymous grants of NSA disbursement for now, as overtime to jobs already held of the fair-market of the applied payrolls of that entailed. Contact the wildlife or rescue for it group near you. The distilled bracken water located as the source of this poison x01 by the Water Works in this San Joaquin County was the solution-source. The perpetrators being self-proclaimed a hoevencove or haven-coven-1 level illegalis in attempt to use a poisons-anyone-formula. By early tea to those working here in Stockton, CA for the French head-of-state and government, alerted on-scene. USMC ARTS/Religions' Abess1 takes in the casework of the overlap of the identity thief of a USMC deceased major general also a Kristin Wall (of the four of the Corp's past) and who is being interrogated now with the illegally acting coven. Who attempted to take over the world at one time in history using a concocted poison that was labeled conservatively at the time in the Roman Empire as a social echelon attack is still a mystery, but the old records exist of it for the viewing and scholarly. Also of interest on the Incursions is the disguised as tanks tractors (4+) co-investigated as they are for attempting to run over corners and midtowns. No military equipment, yet, of it, but the fear of them can be viewed at the EDD list of 23,000 job applicants finding work by military law placement of dread disablement in battlefield a known normal unpredictable reaction so that the new workers get to other work in life respectfully other than soldiering. No rebukes; the Military always glad for their help. The others being sought expected to form rank as 79 missing unknown as individuals militaries not supported by the found 1 pay going to 4 by embezzlers before so that they thought soldiers had no pay, they do according to f. President George W. Bush who arranged their catch-up and regular salaries to match the about $40KUSD starting plus experience amounts annum. Plus battle pay, still at $5500 per such as in this city a ten incursion raid deterrant would be 10 * 5500 dollars, converted to currencies, not to a loss in any country so that the worldwide and any coded military is benefiting and not losing out. Checking in at any airfield or airport worldwide to the security there is today and anytime for these missing on records soldiers well-trained in appearing for battles at tunnels or homes to prevent raids but fearing sex-attacks or other consequences unknown to militaries.

The USNavy Project:Literature is seeking more data on recently found lore and journals and data from eqqus societies and similar about Stockton, CA and other Incursion affected cities. About angels, the logging, races of teams, logos for sportsteams that evolved later with sports events such as a local fair-day event type of travelling competition that had badgers as a team logo. Artwork, etc., please, to be sent to the USAF AirForce1Office.

In the next 80 days, I hope you can participate with the assigned and hired civilians and military personnel to 'save the university' from actions and threats that occur because of noticeable attention by Crime. The deans and advisers at Wharton College, SUNY-FIT and now Stanford are asking for challenges to their degrees daily on nearly any topic for all-expenses of paid by grants they have ready from anonymous. And, also still good for those with the number-900-diamond-grant and the 8 and 4 and 1 at FIT and Wharton. Stanford can use 40 per day, 5 being of the Arts and a project done or nearly if direction clear. Fifty a day for Wharton College and still 800 per day for FIT. The attendance of the court appearance for the schools is for now by invitation. Thank you for all the pro-bono and other work applied to this platonix time frame of news networks mention to use what is here now in the boon it would've been if in better times. The unused grants with even small monies still left in them are being requested to help in various ways. If a grant of your possession is about $2 or under, the Vatican employees would like to assist with applying the money to good things such as the cost of fishing licenses or dyes (even hair toner for service) or other things of basic upkeep or daily living. It takes some know-how to complete the grants offers, as discusses on this blog and other places before. The over-$2 is able to benefit the person or others, also, and those grants underused can be sent by mail, e-systems, or phone log to the FBI office's 'onex' for lagoun (said log-on or lagoon) and HSA and law students to interns to others bonded to work with children, etc., are going to help remove stagnant monies and place them into use or circulation again. By this morning, a triumphant military unit had freed up 50 million USD already from such, to benefit the recipients or those they wish to get benefits such as local clubs or non-profits or into their supplies as they are usually already part of the 81% of the populace working along with the Military now.

The contest reminder today is of the train contest of any type or size that is from the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne. Thank you for submitting. Also, for the about 20 job openings daily now for commercial print models of long-term contracts for part-time for lifetime expectation. If you'd like to see some of the fun cards art or other types of jobs available daily in this type of modeling, contact the HSA 'onex' for the perhaps history making photos and beloved moments of good artistry.

The day for me is the busy topics of degree challenging and reading and writing about the topics, some from obscure annals of historical pasts, and like those you noted on the news networks. I appreciate again being rated the most popular blog worldwide due to your reading it in the years while it was an "OurTimes" type of blog befriending you in return, and now moving into the traverse-as-you-may approved for its being made PhD referential and an official site of the military. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer worldwide (to any on)
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), Finance
USN, Project Literature

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Incursion IX to Eleventh Hour Animalia

Salutations, I appreciate the many helping with the over 70,000 animals on a recent day poisoned by bracken water distilled poisoning illegally made by unknown persons still; especially the many private veterinarians and Animal Control stations and the Universities called upon that are helping NASA with applying the parts to restore the animals and take care of them at no or reimbursed costs for a public attack attempting by one nearly authenticated threat to the White House level hoping to plague. Many dental assistants are also volunteering for the generalized care and changing of body positions of the animals, and today are needed for the large animals such as the horses being brought in for care and housed often at the universities. Currency-discovery by the USSS and USN coded by law as such are being used to cover the expenses for those with budgets allotted and from my name-funds under Arab consul sys- etc. Thank you for the best motives in the help and secrecy of the animals plight from ignorance will not disqualify their care, nor penalize the owner or person caring for them. Even some of the insects from the poisoned animals are leading the NSA laboratories to them. The counseling for it all is not yet available by the CDC or like it, but it is easiest to know that the poison attacks of this type overly wrought were done in past centuries in attacks upon social echelons, and profiling hasn't been requested yet to determine if there is a link, or not. Just facts about, so far. No military or law enforcement horses are cleared yet today until poison checks are done, as the pain is shaken off by the animals, but camels for endurance rescue scenarios are trained and ready from the USMC desert special-ops delivered to any who need them for rugged terrain or underground in tunnels and apertures where they are acclimated for warfare on down. They are delivered by the USMC very good tempered, and like the cat's water, still, more than their own but the search and rescue cats of the military and law enforcement are fine with them as are the other animals overall.

Thank you also to the Paramedics of Stockton and worldwide who have *900-diamond-grants from the USSS office near them or the Wharton College or SUNY-FIT with currency-discovery to them. They are a thank you still as a gift to me and from me therefore in behalf of an anonymous woman from the Middle East who was helped through life events by the very many of us including during the long fears of 9/11 and aftermaths. Help included the use of the emergency service levels and schooling here, etc. I am glad that you can do this for my set of grants that are meant to help more than me who are being likely targetted illegalis like she thought could happen. For others in other job categories or interests in these schools mentioned, please ask about grants numbered also 1, 4, 8, or 100, also by asking the advisors directly from the schools of interest.

Also, thank you to those of you in the public sending me more schooling grants, and if you have some underused please consider sending them to military-religious or religious clergy registered so that they can help utilize the rest of the monies or benefits left stagnant in them. It has taken some PhD level coursework to track down stagnating monetary concerns. I know several economists and accountants and others who've helped determine the grants status and so this may help you as well. As more are found, the ARMY Finance office that I do some work with will be able to help out with this chore.

The contests are going well and there are many good things that are also happening from the USAF AirForce1Office's Project:FashionOne that has a reminder of the dinner suiting military uniforms contest that pays wins daily.

The firemen today could use a hand recovering from raids on food, if you have a surplus or time to help out as in exchange for asking the Military for sudden supplies, they've been very helpful in volunteering services we couldn't get done ourselves. Don't be afraid to ask your local station. The day is busy for me on education and catching up on reading for manual level study groups and there is a lot of suntan going around from being in and out of the sun already this Spring. I hope you will all find it a better day in any way. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) Finance
USN Project Literature

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Incursion IX Poisoned Zorros and Bank Waters Doused

Salutations, there have been poisonings aimed at animals in the clergy homes again that also work in-service for the militaries and otherwise so that the poison from the 1 A.D. Century that kills the point of contact that then painfully decays to flies and maggots while the animal or person are still alive, done in a sequence by the attackers to social echelons modeled after King Herod's Court's recorded attacks and healings of it and also the Roman Empires tax collectors reports of who was attacked along their routes. The poison uses a distilled fouled water and also a lot of effort to make a contact point; not second contact point, so that venom kits work and removing the maggots as fast as possible, and keeping the victim moving about so that the sat upon or similar spots are not cut off from oxygen or air which dissipates the poison within an hour or more, but the animal particularly may suffer to death within 3 hours if untended. NASA and its novelle9 special-ops paramilitary units that are able to assist with new organic or synthetic replacement parts for the poison victims at no cost. Funding of the transportation was just done and with out of pocket expenses by many of us in the military and law enforcement and similar to afford the sudden transportation costs. Animal Control can also assist with the actual surgeries with the delivered parts. Later, synthetic parts can be replaced if needed by the overly taxed bodies of the victims. The animals in service that need protecting from further attacks of poisoning such as by beebees coated by one can be cared for by the FBI guarding at the USSS facilities for the animals with no cost involved to the law officers. Please refer to the USSS case 101 as this involves concerted threats to Prince Charles of Wales for no apparent reason of logic; logged.

USMC ARTS/Religions Abess has many opportunities for experts to become listed for the emergency timed degrees of education support going on now for over 800 more weeks to deter the threats and help apprehend torturers of educators cared-for. If you can be a referential boldly for the degrees being challenged, please state so for our records. On call, and for how long a forewarning.

The USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne is glad to accept all the gauntlet contest entries of hundreds of thousands now, and also is asking for more of the entries for the fashion design contest for little boys beiges. Please remember also the jobs listings called for such as daily journalism needs for the articles about the public sector of interest to the military categories.

The books I'm reading now are of similarity to the topics on this blog, now and then. The book by M. Levine called Deep Cover, and the novel by J. Crusie and B. Mayer called Don't Look Down are at the top of my next to be read pile. The other books next will likely be historical, and I hope you enjoy the read-a-long.

Thank you to all of you who are sending me educational grants, and I assure you they are very special to me. Of the ones I have to give out, also, are gifts further to the Fire Departments worldwide and their Paramedics, from the 900-diamond-grants to Wharton College or FIT-SUNY that is of the flexibility to requests various entry into graduation programs from any advisors there. This is to thank them for their help to several visiting Arab families during the 9-11 times of focus. They simply have to call or contact the advisor directly. These again are gifts to me from a person who wishes them to be included; modeled after the Military matrix system.

Saratorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Official Incursion IX + Extended 640an Shelled Frenchisms

Salutations, the day is grandly golden and windy all day long this time for a Spring, but unlike the poetically hailed Toulouse region of France that can use private armies again today for some time to stop Incursion XI-type unrelated-dna-to-miscreants-already raids for pay from a U.S.Congress monitored by their working the private military unit's trustfund called /warfare fundes/ (either number shown) and seven iotas if getting in through France's FBI office of the universally linked system. Unknown timeline, but expense reports are prefilled out by the RAF officers of the past world wars to handle any objectives; on. The other 900,000 plus cities being raided by dna-Insurgents miscreant led deviants are officially in at an extended warfare code 640 years from NSA and DOD is newly in residence for unforseen future in Stockton, CA. Already the second largest Homeland Security presence outside of Maryland, and along with scores of military units arriving to answer yesterday's unspoken questions of whether they should also be recalibrated or take the rest of their bootcamp training if missed are mostly in this city. Arriving today, a hidden army of same names or likeness of the clergy names scolded yesterday were retraced to their seating assignments recorded by Mexico and other allies assisting the non-recorded by the U.S. Military by tradition, in ultra-warfare preparations. The newly arriving soldiers are missing their vehicles which are provided unlimited gasoline in a coming priced high time, and so Mexico's and Germany's factories will be supplying some to them that are typical of their need and non-procurement level required but may be customized by overtime employees of the car factories with unusual blends of parts. As is usual in Mexico to see, where extra parts can be added like a customized vehicle. I hope as do others that they will like them while there has become a shortage of autos available after the overabundance of them last year at this time. When Incursion stopping included rounding up the even orangutang driven autos crashed into gulleys cruelly set to it by the assailants and taken in by the various animal rescue and in hidden but tourable facilities at the zoo. Engines spewing burned as gasoline equivalent fecal product matter are again noted not as part of the air quality control issues but again from the non-patentable non-ethical engines that Russian Military and Government alerted myself and others asking about. About 16,000 of them last year rouned up, too.

On the list still are invitations to apply for the civilian or not fashion or resort or economy of jobs, starting at $70,000 annum and applied for from the ARMY(any)HeraldryOffice, where the current raging attacks on the economy noted by the FED and responded to by the RAF are being handled by replies to pictures being formed on the Kinsean affects. Not an after effects level, the ability to respond to the pictures forming up are the actual daily job on schedule signed up for, or as scheduled, with lists from the District Attorney Office and the CIA Factbook pamphlet of cuneiform symbols used in trend detection to mathematical calculation. The MIT Math Lab and those at University of Utah and BYU are still also available for this type of work connection already paid or prepaying as done for these types of job assignments. Already 222,000 economists or similarly trained from Fashion and Resort (including construction trained in the military, or as skilled) and able to be on a schedule. Equipment provided, or site and location of, such as at the houses donated and handled by the States for the animals in service in the military. For four months now that the warfare codes changed from one type of battling to prevent raids in cities to another type, the queenship paramilitary title that came with my job you recall from war effort (information gathering timeframe) by dna-enacted in extended battle conditions unknown calculated by reconnaissaince reliable is back on the shelf and now replaced with a co-job for another title of countessa for a warfare level once only handled by Polynesia's royalty and with keys to handed over to myself already; a co-job for four months of it being now shared with another female soldier able to act from the base daily. After four months the temporary royally entitled title will likely go back on the shelf, too. Those working with new or revived heraldic and titular advantage have job descriptions and tactics that are historic that arrive with each title. As royal courts once ruling or sovereign or annexed to them open and close for business there are many such jobs once listed on rols only as the named titles. The heralds involved are often able to help hobbyists or genealogists with interests in what an historic or modern title involves. Most are not parade levels or entertainment article interest, monitored by the USSS and affiliates. Say hello to Kay then at the Heraldry Office when you apply for economy jobs and be sure to ask how it is to be a temporary paramilitary-titled.

RAF funding for the dogs reached the highest amount worldwide in any funding still, and now is being utilized to pay for search and rescue workers for chicken and egg farms especially needed to volunteer as alerted by Alameda, CA persons. Where the chickens were shoved into a fourth the sized already too small container, and unable to function. Chickens are in the process of receiving more room and only nocturnally laying eggs which makes for healthier eggs that strengthen the heart of humans, helps the chickens remain healthier as they only lay at night or under strangeness duress otherwise, and from NASA and organic medicine degrees underway form the Military closure files the benefits to both animal and food-chain consumer is about ready. By about the time you read this blog, most of you good readership. Please check in with the animal control in your area if you are unfamiliar with how to mobilize to stop wide spreading sudden chicken farm raids rumor-triggered (about price fluctuation). Additionally, 31,000 animals were again tortured and threatened of the educators of Wharton College and FIT SUNY while attempts to conduct classes or give degreeing information were being done, by remote levels of technology were done.

In the Anciently recorded to today shell-economies that are from the nautilus and papua shells, symbols sometimes actually in heraldry or popular for the name or look in logos. The 24 Nautilus health club that I'd joined lost my business you'll recall but in court actions non-monetary but to correct the actual identity theft unchanged errors on my records there, for posterity, had a logo that originally was why I looked into that membership of over a dozen years. There are reasons why certain symbols seen in the night sky were matched up on the shell economies and used as graphic displays and were selected because they seemed benevolents as most cuneiform fashion symbols are. The lists from the DA Office of 500 of them will continue to assist in law enforcement and detecting casework from now on, based upon again the FED accepting worldwide The Language Training Center taught now and Stanford degreeing symbol language. The shells in the economy are about the tracing of the datapoint lines into their full-on shapes that create even in Kinsean at some points shells; or boats. Also known as boat economies, once vernacularly thought to be only the Trade Winds and Tea Company alluding ledgers and documents. But old records of such including bills of lade can be matched up to travels for genealogy or network creating for the interested public. A fund for genealogy to whole-hog training is available now for this type of historic interest, from your clergy or the AirForce1Office's Project:FashionOne. Also a reminder to enter the evening uniform for dinner fashion designing contest from the same office. Daily wins are still happening.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Incursions Official Alert and Unadjusted Clergy Gone

Salutations, I hope that you the good readership are to breath easier in many places where mistrained paramilitary clergy overran your areas they won't return to because they fell prey to the false training by identity theft led groups of pornography illegalis that you notified us of in the military. There is a good amount of sign ups already for the unadjusted (illegal) clergy led units to go back to the missed bootcamp training course for funding required that they are considered on their schedules to have missed and instead walked to other sites to attend pornography illegalis money earning false courses not allowed in the militaries of professional soldiers worldwide. There are jobs they were required to report in for that will come out of it along with those of the other military units being required to work for the Fashion Resort Economy identified by the FED worldwide, that is about 5000 years of history with images of the common past being used from it to attack the economy. Forcing the Kinsean graphs into recognizable pictures from it that are not normal to be had on the graphs, such as last blog's funding invitation to go see a seminar about it. Because tens of thousands of educators families friends and animals have been ritually and strangely tortured over the last several days sent to the educators while in classes or arranging for more educational matter. Sent by remote technologies akin to many in the governments and militaries, by unknowns. There is search and rescue going on to help these victims immediately mostly of FIT -SUNY and Wharton College; police casework is available from all of them as there is not a military declaration about them now. Horses today are being rescued from the tortures and other large animals were overnight. And some friends of the persons threatened direly for both giving out degrees of education and for not giving out degrees of education. Because of this level of escalation many groups will be given an invitation to participate in the grants donated for these schools to challenge degrees or take unusual course sites as an option. These are all linked to the dna-Insurgent led Incursions underway against all the affected cities of over 900,000.

USMC ARTS/Religions is pleased to invite from the public in behalf of those at Stanford University a challenge-an-art-degree fully paid and non-consequential for not winning opportunity. Five per day for now will be given a gift of the degree for any superb artistic project. Any advisor there to contact.

KMWall, CO

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Museum Festive Patch Works

Salutations, on this beautiful day there is amid or due to the Incursion IX of homeland-invasions of dna-Insurgents miscreants-complitacitusum/complicatusoumVs a listable "44 * a power of ten" for both good and bad in the public sector, and answering calls on the economy graphs again noted by the FED for weekend and similar work for economists (ARMY (any) Heraldry Office to apply in time or D.A. Office nearby) of the 440,000 still searching and rescuing animals mostly now in the underground water-boxes built across land masses in North and South America, and of the 44,000 malaria-plant hybrid poisonous laboratory concoction that got away from a student experiment put away when discovered to be unhealthful. A DEA Task Force Equivalent is amassing into the former President George W. Bush's President's Task Force on Identity Theft to solve also: poisoning plants devisive and also the threats today at 40,000-even-tortured pets sent to educators live via phone or Internet or such to higher education meetings mostly who are helping students in classrooms or to get degreeing data such as addresses, etc.; detected today at five to one ratio, emulation of the numeral-1-rune of the cuneiform-UN queen's black logaun symbol-language of the Garden of Eden fabled times from 5000 years of trend tracking and logging useage. This matrix system you'll recall, Good Readership, is being taught still at The Language Training Center near Monterey, CA and is also being degreed as mine in it was from Stanford University. Because of this there is a sudden need for unlimited economists part-time to full-time who can work by adding to the Kinsean graphs a pamphlet level of study from the CIA Factbook on the DA Office free list of 13 or more cuneiform. They rotate simply and predictably on the Kinsean graph, helping to track trends and now relate to a funding of one yesterday of the Mr. Potatoe Head Game that saw its symbols being played by 'attackers' onto the Kinsean graphs, and the funding will help understuanding and also more data on the fun childhood game beginnings and inventors' stories. The Economy does not need games, and is always taken seriously by the reactive from behind by the free economy system, but this series of daily to weekly attacks to form pictures on the Kinsean graphs is following the awareness that Chutes and Ladders a game also I've discussed here and that is the precedent to the noticed economics attacks. My first game, itself. Factual behind the other game the USMC Reconnaissance notified you of on this blog before of the partially burned ancient bazaar travelling board game. Those with chess game tactical and similar experience are also asked to report in from the Militaries to the TLC, especially if honed by the Medeival courtly standards of playing a game before battle to get into the mindset. Hello, then to others being invited by Travis AFB Armory and Division Communications to do public speaking or funding such as Walt Milem of the USMC Recon who came back from Iraq1 with a good story to tell of surviving behind the lines until ... Or others with chess experience who can describe famed tactics or games for pay from the publicly funded grants and the invitations from the credit card companies to help, by contacting their president's offices. Those of you who know 34-chessboard or 56-chessboard games of the past on back to Atlantis the Lost City lore or strategies are also being requested for the information that will assist with deflecting the filmed on Recon attacks on the way into the affected cities by future Incursions raiding by dna-Insurgents.

If you're a police officer please check in for your information updated on how yesterday's announced living funded grants of 900-Daimond are to be distributed after the night meetings, from your watch command or the clergy office, or from the Abess at the USMC Recon. There is a lot of interest in the help with these types of grants intended to stop colleges from closing due to lack of ability of students to pay for degrees such as those from the legal-reenactment-501c3-Esperance who dropped their play guarded on a cordoned field as required to be kept away from public sectors and got our Military and others ahead of the daily requirement to get 840 degrees per day every day for 840 weeks for two of the educational institutions. Those in clubs who'd like to help on a particular schedule interested in qualifying for these grants such as by a whole group on any good day please contact the Moffett Federal Airfield CaPsyOps via Civil Affaires Office. The grants again are for Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY and Wharton College. Because of the additional illegalis Insurgents targetting of the law enforcement and farmers and taxation professionals, these grants are timely to assist these types of groupings at this particular time, detected by the Russian head of state and sovereigns of blood and by their contributing Special Forces.

During the Civil War in America, called the War on Agression often by the South, there were noted battle tactics of traitorism by mentally retarded people not known to be retarded then that repeated later in other wars before mentally retarded persons were no longer able to serve in the Militaries. They one hundred percent appeared to have been contacted by attempts to alter-train them by their response on battlefields when told to turn-Left by a commanding officer. They then turned 8-degrees back and shot at the commanding officers. Running away from the battlefield. Other times in history turned in by the Vatican showed that some military psychiatrists in past miscreant raiding centuries were unhappy that their tactics were not accepted for military training. They interacted before death with lineal workforces curiously who expanded on their battle techniques recently to attempt to get trend data to the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne on time; but by pretending to attack to defy the enemy line between here and there they are being martyrs detected that need to be dissuaded and taken into care for their business survival attempt that may be extreme or can be soothed another way. The USAF is able by funds to take care of their businesses and them as they do business with us from there or in direct approach. The DA Office in any place is also familiar with this and can recognize the first-run trend pattern relaying. To help. Many are still teens trying to do business, and search and rescue is on call at any time any place anywhere still. There have been about a million teens taken into Resort and Fashion bloodline workforce families recently that will still learn and be in this business area with these families aiding and fostering. Data files on these tactics are available from the RAF's HM the Queen's listed and the HM Jamaican Palaise Royale file-on-UN2.

During many past centuries, the quilts were parts of several wars, and the patchwork items on some attire, such that it is expected that the quilts and attire are being found with cuneiform symbols of the trends the persons were working on at the time, or similarly. If there are interesting ones you know of, please send their description or photos to USAF AirForce1OfficeOne's:ProjectFashionOne as some quilts averaged 4 of granny's hidden trends, at least. From anywhere worldwide. Thank you.
Another contest to apply for, also, is one of little or big train designs, thinking of display quality for museum or toy store level, etc., to go on for awhile and monetary awards based upon level of expertise and completeness; to be displayed also at the Moffett Federal Airfield collection of unusual vehicles based upon a bequest, and amounts given on direct contact to the above office.

The United Nations officially is the greeter of ufo-occupants as you might recall from my and other blogs of the past, and there is a good amount of support already for the yesterday's invitation to contact Turin, Italy's civil office on ufo contacts about mistaken landings that were advanced military or private sector equipment. Those interested in helping the animals necessary for the tests and short trips that help learn about accomodating them in travel also are to be thanked today for their gentile response, too. The equipment most often mistaken for ufos is ironically often designed about ufo sightings and intended for search and rescue in the way that a water scooter might be noted for the first time but not be incomprehensible to the observer. The actual greeting persons are sometimes missing from these unusual sites and others have been dispatched by another such as the monkeys not coded to be removed from the jungles yet on equipment and the responders are often disappointed, greatly, even told to fire upon. The housing for those involved by having to hide from the legal landings with ufo based equipment are being cared for by governmental employees who can get through the systems in place to contact despite hacking or similar. Expertise 501c3 clubs such as MUFON which in Northern California has a good history of interacting with both law enforcement and Mexico's Air Force and now Arabia's also have the assistance of NASA's own paramilitary special-ops unit of novelle9 that involves astronauts and others trained for fronts. 1954 is one of the files from the offices in Turin or NASA or Nasau's government to request. Also, the Consul of Arabia, which also has much good data on the Fashion-Resort Economy and cuneiform matrix system underway by May 2011 thanks to the acceptance of these fashion code systems by the FED. (For those working with alter-religions please contact the Abess of the USMC ARTS/Religions for urgent-to-distribute data noted by the D.A. Office for covens especially or those of witchery training, or the DA Office).

Last weekend I found at our local Steelhead Festival on Sunday shades of the Mediterranean in flavors and was delighted with the samplings and literature. I hope you will find some similar things to enjoy. Take good care, and thank you for being a good readership, making my blog again the most popular worldwide, to your credit.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) Finance
USN-SS2 and USSF-USSS-SS1 plus any military
USSS badge 1018plus reactivated by demand

Friday, May 6, 2011

Incursion IX Too and UFO Civil Contact and Funding

Salutations and I hope you are able to enjoy the Springtime even as the Incursions of dna-Insurgents homeland-invading coded in home raids and other systematized attacks on the public in multiples of ten in the 902,818 affected cities (numbers may be increasing based on other data coming in from the statisticians soon from those relayed by the Law Enforcement agencies) are shifting back into a plotline attack system from romances to science-fiction. There is a task force level forming up to join in the President's Task Force on Identity Theft files with: economy, pets (cats of over 60,000 educators tortured while they were at work in attempts to stop the work of educating) and others soon: please volunteer at your local clergy office or through the postal inspector for applications, if unaware of how to do so through the governmental systems. Some successes include apprehensions of the DEA casework for #403 that is of an attempt to attack 400,000 persons or places with a malaria plant hybrid, one that imitates a malaria symptomology. There are the other usual needs for responsiveness that you, the Good Readership of 81% of the known populace contacted by the Military and FBI and others have been keepin up on terrifically. And don't forget to thank the law officer near you for giving up their 'lunch money' earnings per case to investigate the tunnels with us for the missing children and animals being reported in to the military. So that there is by this morning 450Million grants of education of the special category emulating the military system called 900-Diamond that from FIT-SUNY and Wharton College is for pushing forward regular support into a savings as the grant covers basic food housing and transportation and meeting money guaged in order for the attempt to challenge or co-challenge or take coursework to a degree program for the colleges to be done; they are gracious of our help from the Military, now, also.

Please check in with the Turin, Italy UFO office (civil) also, for recent NASA data on ufo cases, not e.t.s and unfriendly friendly fire.

Take care,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Incursion VII Haunts and Plants

Salutations, while I'm thanking the New York editors who stopped in to input my blog for a few weeks time while I was on-call for the private sector with NASA in my mascot slot, meaning the earthworm type or food platform type you are aware of as a general and good readership, the D.A. Office is now supplying intermittent memo-writers as I need, to military communicators and the budget for those utilizing their DA connection is available from another of my warfare special-ops trust funds that U.S. Congress in their hired 1 hour overtime per day do reinvestments for me to use with the populace needs. Potatoes, today, are up as the opera societies in their 501c3s are about to do the generosity of helping with supplying some out of their extra funds, okayed by the IRS and taxing bodies, and along with training courses if needed on how to use potatoes in a travel or readiness situation. The Mormon Battalion being still and reactivated in the Military worldwide has readiness with potatoes data from the Irish Royal Households working now in such areas. The low yeilds so far on vegetables is due to raids and other irregularities to farmers, and so traditionally the grape is the food that opens the bodies ability to absorb more nutrients from less vegetables, more grapes should be coming your way. The jar of jam or glass of wine are enough. The 800,000 persons who responded onsite to the request on this blog for unnamed terrain search and rescue are also thanked, including the two law enforcement and RAF retired who led as well as the USSF veterans coming out of retirement, so that their 40 persons were able to be fully assisted there in the water and muck boxes underground in strange belting across South America. Cattle are still being pulled from the boxes, and other animals. 240 persons mistaken for soldiers by assailants who trapped them were what alerted HM the Queen of England to send her personnel. Oddly enough, the RAF records were missing, not in action, and so all RAF personnel known and not in records possibly hacked or hindered are now in the US Department of the Navy. Go ahead and ask for them. Back to the watery undercourses: they are also around Maryland, Minnetonka, and elsewhere, for those who wish to do more searching and perhaps rescuing, from the D.A. Office dispatching or deployment level near you. RAF style is fine if by your unit commander alottment level, such as showing up at the chain of command and asking for permission to go there without stopping anywhere along the way, and being checked in for the medical exam immediate at the military installation no cost near you, or stop in at your local Veterans Affaires offices for a quick a-pployment gig style in jargons. Some generals are still there to greet and defense orient, on site. The transportation is the official military, and if you need the military office near you can find you suitable systems of arrival and return. Many of the victims of the underground watercourse that have been stuck are appreciative and aftermath help is also needed for those who can bathe and groom and do routine exams. Any information on who built the strange wooden formations is also needed.

The Lord Lyons today officially removed all the Avalon Kingdom listings as the only heraldic body outside of the one unit in the Army with a faux patchwork of that used this kingdom that was not actual royalty and was formed as an option type readiness level that was akin to Boy Scouts of America or similar in readiness. There are no actual bloodlines left of them detected for the homeland preparedness intention of the Kingdom of Avalon system, and those removed were caught in animal pit fighting instead of in animal search and rescue training, etc., which of course breaks the laws of the royal households and militaries, at large. No association with the scouting groups as an analogy of what this faux but needed kingdom of readiness should've been is intended, except as a comparison of what the scouts do as good for the public. The scouts thanked already. The Avalon heraldry being defunct now and records caught up in the very busy heraldry offices. Those from Avalon Kingdom groupings that are retrainable have ethics training and testing to do, and may be salvageable in some instances, but not being returned to allusion of royal courts or systems of noble orders. Simply a chance for the real world again. The bobcats of the militaries therefore will no longer be compared to them and are still only in the RAF level of animal search and rescue training and accomplishment, such as your readership awareness showed you were conscious of by supplying the world's largest amount of funding on record to day with the RAF dogs donations.

The USMC ARTS/Religions is pleased to be working on the ARTeWorld of the future. One new task that has many job openings for the public sector, as well. The Abess Office can take applications. The traditional Art World as an economic sector you learned does a remunerative multiplication over the years while it plans for the 'granddaughters' retirement (boys included too) and the grandson's education (girl's included, also) is from a tradition in codex form going back beyond Ancient Peru. There are also a certain amount of economist steps along the way. One effort leads to a sideline of remuneration that supplies openings for those who care for this addition to the economy, not to be mistaken for anything but an elective system for additional in household or personal financial bolstering, it is not actually a retirement fund that competes with your own. What it does is provide in 80 years or more the amounts added to an economy of base in any area, those levels of monies usually partitioned into those categories. All having to be invested along the way, as any retirement fund carefully watched would and is. A bit of philosophy for those not able to comprehend that the funding near you is able to address. Charts for perspetive included from the Abess office of the USMC ARTS/R.

The USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne is pleased with the results of nearly a million yodel contest applicants, already. Please also consider still the upcoming Victorian era vehicle with any motor that is not harmful to the public contest as the submissions are already being accepted with transportation paid by a bequest for the contest to be in underground facilities of Moffett Federal Airfield in Northern California.

On my reading list today is a romantic adventure by JoAnn Ross titled Roarke: The Adventurer, isbn#0373257384. New Orleans in it. I'll also mention some more of my studty materials as I'm challenging fashion degrees in a hurry in a battle formation effort from other wars of the past that will help universities and colleges meet their combined requirements of graduations. Go ahead and ask your military recruiter or your college advisor near you how to find out which programs of graduation they have knowledge of or on a list that need to be fulfilled soon to prevent negative repurcussions to the schools. Closing them down because not enough of the impacted attendance can afford graduation is the moment happening. Grants abound now for this alleigance of effort from the good-hearted public sector; ask for one, or an unused one from the Mormon Church Offices who wish to thank for their extra attention while being overtly targetted by miscreants of dna-Insurgents in the Incursion homeland invasion attacks worldwide. The RAF again is spotlighted today as this is a typical past World War ploy by homeland invasion abetting groupings, to threaten universities. Less get turned down in degreeing than you might think with these challenges so that if a school usually turns down 45% of degrees in a tough topic, about 8% in the challenges might be, due to the direct contact for missing textbook data and also the USMC Reconnaissance systems in many places to help the writing of the challenge degrees to be an acceptable manner. Many grants pay the writer now if the degree is accepted. About 80 minutes is needed to do the data transfer and communication for most collegiate level staff, on a schedule acceptable to all. I hope you can help with this good project, while it is a time for it and awareness on it has found much in education monies and equivalents suddenly for the masses.

On my costume study moment going on today, I'm reading through quilting books again, and you'll recall from earlier blogs about the European quilt that was done in the same manner as the Underground Railroad quilts that at one time originally were maps of tunnels and escape routes for all. The quilts were cut apart and done into squares and such. The European one had not been touched until some possible prankster got a hold of it, and the Military or USSS office near you can handle questions on the interesting routes of the past provided to the general populaces. Usually a queen's route, on a king's road. The quilts of the Victorian Age and even earlier to it seem to be coming in with some parts of them holding the fabrics or patterns within them of fashion trends of the time. Perhaps stuck ones in some instances. Up to about four per quilt may be expected. Perhaps more forensics data from this of the workforces or their dna lines can be traced, such as the FED requested be done encompassing recently, opening up still awaiting 76,000 more world-class economists job openings. Apply to the ARMY (any) Heraldry Office, pay ranges from about USD$70,000annum, private and public sector welcomed to firms of for a position among them, such as those with hourly billing that can schedule in the daily amounts. Battle to fend off economic attacks are the order of the day, and may alleviate or remain in warfare tactical stance for any amount of time. The cuneiform approaches are explained in free training by the CIA of any country. I hope you enjoy these positions.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, ARMY(any) finanance, USNavySEALs, USSS