Monday, August 15, 2011

Incursion Alerts and Gallery Saves to Bows and Soldier Benefits+

Salutations, the official alert of the Incursions XXIV and earlier results from the over 400,000 homeland invader coded by Homeland Security home invasions attempted to tunneling raids stopped by cooperative Law Enforcement to advanced neighborhood-defense systems and children's scouting groups plus the Military stationed at home, mainly deterred by arrivals fresh from Iraq-2 groupings of soldiers. The wake of which revealed and had halted forever a fake Judas cult following attacking via Mormon groups of social sects only so far, an early a.m. case today that had the Vatican enjoined with the Law Enforcement and USSS and assisting the Military. Again, know from this and other blogs that the term 'assisting' is being misused illegalis again by prostitute led Mormon groups preyed upon for ignorance feeling superior after approaches by fake heavenly mothers resulting from a same and sought Mexican tribe of all prostitutes that formed up on its own to stalk others and had attacked two military families to the extreme law breaking before, solving their deaths by flaying of family or associates that were open cases until today's cracked cases. The fake use of the term assisting is by the impostors made from Mormons following false person's orders was to help remove physical body parts to all of for illegal body organ donations to 'their girls' trying to 'go jog in them' or 'use them because they were becoming them, again' if of mentally ill being treated: it is forever still illegal to warfare already declared permanently by all Heads of State worldwide against removing dna or body parts from anyone, unknowing or in public places or outside hospitals of grounded premises with cornerstones of law-2 in Ancien logs in the orgin of Law at O.E.S. and all County to Civil and Cvvc office buildings today proving no one can steal a body part, of hair scalps today which transfer from live to alive seamlessly if used with salt bags and garbage bags or similar from Mexican fake 'lore' of it being a tradition. Nails were used in past histories, but entirety of the brainstem passing into another body to receive it by surgery were known techniques in destroyed civilizations of the Ancients to Aztec and Mayan (some) who told how to do today in raiding about the hearth. The organic medicine degrees or Vedic medicine degrees in this technique now that takes 40 minutes in hosptial not 2 minutes on road-raids stopped today of prostitutes and para-recruited-Mormons-to-become-prostitution require in modern times now 4 medical degrees from for example Stanford University before one organic medicine degree may be attempted in its higher form (not fabled lower form of medical degree of study). There are over 125 organic medicine degrees of uniqueness available linking back now to the stopping or repairing after the ancient tradition raids of homeland invasion capacity coded discussed here. The 40,000 soldiers arrived into Stockton, CA and premises roundabout are welcomed by the general populace with open to them for free listed rooms for board (housing) from H.U.D. Sacramento, CA director's office asking for it (middle name of his is 'ordnance' to all military). The benefits anew are below, a reminder to those joined up for home defense systems trained by the Senate and bootcamp at home in the completed 8 years plus, done.

Before it, the Military also hoped and hopes to help save a local Tidewater art gallery that is nearing closing within a day, but the police donated half a dollar each to keep open another day. Unable to find any grants right now worldwide that would do the needed task, the Military officially concedes none may be found and hopes that from us at the USMC ARTS/R you may find it in you, the Good Readership to make a token to subscription type donation of daily amounts being about $80/day of most art galleries' needed $100/day to remain open for business. About the amount of one median income household in this country now, for scale. Most galleries can take about 100 donation type phone calls per hour, on such days. Another day to a student or traveller or local business person on lunch hour downtown or music industry official visiting officially in this city today or more child artists as they've displayed also there now. Arturo Vera was one local artist who opened the gallery showings with them awhile back and was willing to do the possible to probable last show for them, all being superb as usual as the civil offices nearby also remained lobby open and had other works shown and small treats. Thank you for any help in advance for the ARTS in these economic rigorous times.

Rigor and vigour are an immediate solution partly to the unusual seismic affect to the ozone hole effect paired with it for normally business trends into Fashion and Resort data daily used now worldwide by the FED and affiliates, but affecting most like a magnifying glass under the sun held over something. The nerve systems for the next scores of days will reflect the over lode on them to ranging thoughts (non-emotive) and non-harmful if not acted upon. Medivacs to other immediacies are available at no cost from an insurance company pool of money grant for the extra stress in Incursion raided world happening now causing more over lode when historically this 80-day time frame would've been guided by the Church to help others stay indoors doing family things to get through. More water of about a 1/4 cup per average person daily is good, now. Slightly different in lobe activity of brain attached to the nervous systems below the equator than above.

Benefits reminder of additional to the soldiers and those helping us are including still the non-cost housing from listed, free food up to delivered and vouchered to accounts for, a transportation new or renewed free into a Tuesday at Police Station nearby free regular car non-ordered no cost for soldier to acquire, clothing free to delivered amounts of normal wardrobe and replenished from the USAF handling Fashion worldwide forever, and military styled meeting amounts such as mine assigned from USSF of a lowest cost cup of coffee or like it out at any place (but some have other requirements and receive the appropriate added meal meeting to movie industry worker site meeting, etc., appropriate to career selected and actual necessity to work in it). The 9th language training and 30the degree of training also no cost from added grants from the public sector (added to what many soldiers qualified for in schooling assistance already), for any soldier; ultra deliveries meaning freshening of supplies from brands and company products already used such as same brand of more soap or soda, typical.

The care and feeding of the California bears now joining the search and rescue animals heraldic soon to actual in the maneuvers to forays to rescue moments are a gift from grants that paid the Law groups who had their special licenses passed and the USD$40Million day in court to make California's bears a household pet to their owner/handler in search and rescue, also to the Native Americans of dna-lines who helped introduce them, too. Small from low environment and caught out defending homes in territories from invasions these granted animals are a new blessed moment for the at-home militaries immediately. Boll bears is their new term, similar to poll cats of the South lored and actual. Boll bears may be repaired with house pet parts after battle well acclimated, play with food and growl at it, climb trees in yards sideways, and slap fish from deltas onto shorelines to feed their friends the house cats and others carnivorous omnivores awaiting, until exhausted. They need lots of attentive hours in close proximity, get along with the bobcats well in same yards to same military search and rescue units, but are vicious even in old age defending even more than the search and rescue dogs despite size difference, and are gentle to all humans having been guarding us without our awareness for some surveillance time satisfying to the world's Law.

Knitting is the latest craze to practical rage again from the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne data collected again. Still up in hobbies is the ghosthunting now merging away from angel lore hunting. Guessing games are going up in purchases such as puzzles to mystery items and other good hobbies. Enjoy. More contests coming soon from the same office, for pay and award to lauded.

Don't forget that Stanford University is accepting five daily challenges for an all-paid cost of gained degree in ARTS possible by contacting any advisor or professor or office there. Several people I know have received them now already. And other gifts to include in your life are the free in Stockton from David Bach show of how to use the renewed from history financial charts and economy systems bolstering Kinsean bell curve activities now for those learning the more it will take to get ahead again in the challenged times, but of noticing that most people work 20 hours per day including for employment at getting ahead economically to repairing nowadays. The IRS is pleased to teach soldiers any of these renewed systems in ploy to process of living for them free without stories of the local persons to personnel succeeding in recovering from nearly total loss after illegalis targetting against them in 'ultra warfare' being of paperwork levels at desktops coded. Taught, too.

Thank you for purchasing through the CIA with the office nearby's credit card for those who need to know or have a use in their valid work with us or from the potential for it the books listed that others and myself put on the market. On the earlier blogs. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, in world-9 effort to warfare codes
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature (paying ahead to authors qualifying)